(1) use protractor with horizontal line flush to table top/freestanding or clamped protractor. 5 7 customer reviews. You could be asked about this in your exams. Preview. The following organisations have recently recommended these resources to support students who are learning from home during the Covid-19 crisis. For example, you record the values for current (I) using the ammeter. Although the wording will look different in many places, the teaching content remains largely the same 2. updated the list of command words and their meanings to help learners know what's expected of them in the exam. The line drawn must be extended beyond the points to occupy full graph. Now after this discussion of what are the features of a nice table, lets move on to : HOW to draw the table? clamp the board, fix the supporting block to the bench with tape/blu-tack, Rejected: Board is rough/there is friction between the block and the board/use a smoother surface/references to oil/lubricants, Error: Conduct experiment in dark room. If the points are not visible due to sharp lead then cross them or encircle them. A-LEVEL. This means you’ll need to perform well in your practical exams If you want to ace Physics. In that case, your significant figures for the calculated quantity (in the example, value ‘d’), must be equal to the smallest number of significant figures in the raw data or 1 more than that. So even if your practical work is not very accurate you should move to the tables, graph and working without wasting time in making it more accurate. (5) Method to improve measurement of d e.g. DO NOT panic if your data has some flaws; inform the supervisor and if he gives replacement of some instrument carry on or if he doesn’t, hit him with the same instrument!! The numerical labels must be regularly spaced. Learn more about the 'lobf' and the 'walobf' in this video (not proper physics terms). Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Physics . Improvement: To find gradient. * Below is the animation, showing: How to use Micrometer Screw Guage? What if you can't find your question in our library? So simple even small children can understand! Therefore, the graph you draw must cover ATLEAST 4 boxes horizontally and 6 boxes vertically – appropriate scales must be chosen to ensure this. Light gates. specification. Ask yourself whether the improvement is practical or not. Read it below! Writing “L m” or “temperature K” is not accepted. Practical skills are assessed in a timetabled practical examination. These values of resistance must cover the whole range possible, like from minimum to maximum value possible (here keeping the difference between individual values of resistance for different combinations common is not necessary!). Circuits and Practical Electric Circuitry Categories O Level Tags American high school diploma , O Level Leave a comment Post navigation Questions For Kinematics (JC) Set 2U Geez is some good ass notes… good luck to everyone tomorrow. use system of pulley and weights or sand*/use force sensor with datalogger or computer*, Rejected: Video to take reading/digital (electronic) newton meter/parallax related to newton meter/difficult to measure force/issue of viewing ruler and meter simultaneously/zero error in newton-meter/just a pulley. We really hope it proves useful. (4) Difficult to take measurements because the ruler moves / is not vertical The axes must be labeled with their appropriate units (same as the headings of table). Thankyou so much this was really helpful. (3) Wires not straight. mark one section) (1) Sensible method to ensure ruler vertical (1) Method to ensure force is parallel to ruler e.g. Have some awesome study resources for CAIEs? Info. Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics … You will have to design your own experiments at A Level. Thanks a lot hey. AS-Physics-Waves-Questions-Edexcel : Download AS-Physics-Waves-Answers-Edexcel : Download Partials. A method mark and a accuracy mark for the new calculated value. Error: (2) Put coloured paper behind (object) /Description of method of reducing parallax error requiring additional equipment, e.g. At the start of this guide for question 2, we mentioned this : “Throughout this question you should think: Why I am feeling that this is difficult? then a calculation follows which requires you to substitute the values obtained in previous calculation of gradient and intercept. Collins AQA A-level Physics Buy products in this series Find out more New and updated editions fully matched 2015 AQA A-level Science specification. Scale markings should be no more than three large squares apart so to be on the safe side label all the A consistent unit must be quoted with the appropriate number of significant figures. The scale must not be odd such as each 1 cm block = 3 N. Appropriate scales are 1,2 and 5 units = 1 block. Don’t get me wrong though. The data must be up to to the same precision. This video introduces some of the essential terminology you need to understand as you complete practical work at A level for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. In this video I show you the correct choice of scales, the labels and also the way to draw in a perfect line of best fit. A ‘nice’ table should have these features: Largest possible range is required. 1. (4) Resistor continues to give out heat when switched off/ temperature continues to rise after switching off, Improvement: This last part is worth 6 marks which asks you to describe four sources of error and suggest the appropriate remedies. After measurements follow the calculations for finding out the uncertainty in the readings or calculating another value using a given formula by putting in the measure values. Loading... Save for later. Now, before starting on the tips to ace the Physics Practical Paper 3, you should keep this thing in mind that most of the marks are for working, presentation and conclusions.So even if your practical work is not very accurate you should move to the tables, graph and working without wasting time in making it … Reject reaction time ideas/difficult to release from the same point each time. This is a recap of the variables that you will have used at GCSE. You can then calculate the velocity from these readings. By best-fit we mean ‘average of all points‘ line. 2 of 149 This is the Physics version of this practical handbook. 1. thanks a ton Please add a pdf file containing the notes, If we r given a value to calculate by given formula …and the value we calculate is wrong…but we r demanded to use that value in our further calculations and the method we do is alright… Get it right from the start and your practical experiments will be a breeze. of swings,not ‘repeated readings’, not just ‘use computer/data logger’, Difficult to release from same point each time/human error/reaction time/unqualified use of light gates/sensors, Error: Each heading will have the name or symbol of quantity with it’s standard units in brackets of after slash such as “L /m” or “Temperature (K)”. Biology A AS/Year 1. Could you explain question 2 for that please, or at least add the errors and such to the list here? It requires candidates to identify the problems faced in experiment and suggest improvements that can be made. For Year 1 only (if you're in Year 12), book Day 1, for Year 2 only book Day 2, or book both days (Year 1 & Year 2). The example question involved only ONE measured quantity; what if there are more than one? On the graph grid provided, there are about 8 big boxes horizontally & 12 big boxes vertically (when the paper is viewed in portrait form). Help with GCSE Physics, AQA syllabus A AS Level and A2 Level physics. Have a look as this is really important across all of the course. (2) Thermometer with specified better precision, e.g. Let’s take an example here (using May/June 2018 Paper 3 Variant 3, Question 2 as an example): In the example question, you are initially asked to measure angle A in part b(i). All points in the table (minimum 5) must be plotted for this mark to be scored. So set a sensible criterion. There are two questions in each paper. (1) Method of preventing rule hitting bench, e.g. PHYSICS. How to use a micrometer is something that you may find useful at some point when measuring small distances. Improvement: All points must be within 2 cm (to scale) in x direction of a straight line. . Teach with confidence, the Student Books for Year 1 and Year 2 are approved by AQA. For details about online course see how an Online Course works. You have to know how to present your data in an appropriate manner. Suppose the values of ‘k’ you calculate come out to be : Percentage difference between these values of ‘k’ is: % difference = (k2-k1)/k1 * 100 = (0.461-0.456)/0.456 * 100 = 1.09% (which is <10%). This is a very brief (and simplified) summary of the scientific process. Physics-Required-Practical-Questions. these are a great reference! Or: Check read-off of intercept directly from graph. Then the calculated form (1/I) must have same number of sf, i.e. A-level Physics Online Revision Course 21-22 December 2020: Year 1 & Year 2. That 1/I is calculated from I. travelling microscope (1) Hard to see water surface due to refraction effects/ meniscus effect Glass may affect magnetic force / effect of surrounding magnetic materials, Improvement: Use a variety of materials to separate magnets and test if material affects results, Rejected: Reference to Earth’s field/Move object further away, K) Bench/ Ramp (Surface) related experiment, Error: Labelled values of mass may not be accurate. Also remember to add appropriate units along with the individual readings you measure. (2) Inconsistent bounce, Improvement: Same applies if you have set of resistors and you are asked to make different combinations of resistors to yield different values of resistances. The graph is a straight line. Preparing for A Level Practical Chemistry Questions. (1) Clean contacts Easy to solve using one of two methods. Finally, a relationship is usually suggested between the values you calculated in previous parts, and you are required to find 2 different values of a constant ‘k’ for the respective data sets using the given relationship. (1) Rule hits bench For finding the percentage/absolute uncertainty, keep in mind the following rules: After calculations involving a given formula to find a certain value, the candidate is usually asked to ‘justify the number of significant figures‘ in the final answer to the value you were asked to calculate. for ‘A‘ were 2. (2) Board tends to slip/board not stable/supporting block can topple, Improvement: When you take repeated measurements you need to work out the percentage uncertainty in a different way. If you thought about these points while performing, you would have definitely no problem dealing with this part of the question. Stuck on a tricky physics problem? Uploaded by : Thomas Uploaded on : 15/09/2017 Subject : Physics. newton meter with a ‘max hold’ facility/video and playback or freeze frame/ use system of pulley and weights or sand to measure F*/ use force sensor and data logger or computer* This video looks at 'Absolute Uncertainty' which is really important as you complete practical work at A Level for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Usually the absolute uncertainty is the least count of the device, but in most cases it is greater – for example, the least count of a digital stop watch is 0.01s, but it will not make sense if you quote the absolute uncertainty to be 0.01 s because human error is quite large here; therefore, you must write a sensible value (a range of values is given in the marking scheme, in most of the cases 0.2s to 0.5s – but once again it totally depends on the experiment. (2) Low precision of thermometer How can I modify it to take better readings? Lines must not be kinked. Plzz help I need it really. We also follow progress from the ideas of Copernicus to the predictions and explanations that followed Newton's theory of gravitation. These values of L you have cover almost the whole range of values possible from minimum to maximum. The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path. Author: Created by TRJ. Thanks have this paper in 2 hours, after seeing this I think my teachers don’t know how to teach, thanks a lot these notes are really helpfull ☺☺, It was great….I have paper tomorrow…Hope it proves useful…It was a good resource, can anyone tell me some years to practice so I can cover up all the types of practicals. How many marks we will lose if we get the very first part of the question WRONG and it’s values are used in remaining parts of question i.e (Table and Graph)? You must be able to draw a graph: to show the relationship between two quantities and then to work out physics constants. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. (3) Mount ruler in stand There must be even distribution of points above and below the line. Find the absolute uncertainty & percentage uncertainty in c. absolute uncertainty in c = 0.2 + 0.3  = 0.5, percentage uncertainty in c = 0.5/7 * 100 = 7.14% (up to 3 sf. (2) Make hole bigger/bush or bearing idea There is a lot here: from how the scientific process works, variables, techniques, errors and so on. This allows you to collect repeatable and reproducable results that allow you to see the link between two separate factors. As this is pulled through the machine it leaves a series of dots. The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject, a section on some current applications of physics, and a strong emphasis on advanced practical skills. We include observations of the night sky and demonstrations of the models which have been proposed to explain them. I hope I’ll clutch all the 8 marks for question 2 today! You will draw one single table with headings. guide for rod. Created: Jan 6, 2017. The ones you decide to change, what they have an effect on and also what you need to control to ensure a fair test. (2) Friction at pulley Perhaps the most significant change to the A Level Chemistry course, other than the shift from modular to linear exams, is the replacement of coursework assessments (PSA, ISA, EMPA etc) with the Required/Assessed Practical regime. (2) (Object) falls at an angle due to wind.-Light object Personally, I recommend using small crosses instead of dots (points), because  blobs (points with diameter > 0.5 small square) are not accepted. This is a walk through of a students paper 3 (Part 1) that gained the full 20 marks. Afterwards, use this data to calculate other quantities. when powers are involved in the given expressions, we find the uncertainties in the same way as above, with just a small change: we multiply the power with the fractional uncertainty of the value which is raised to that power. A Level Physics. However, setting a criterion like <50%  difference for the relationship to be valid is totally stupid. This is a collection of old spec ISA-style questions, relevant to the new AQA specification content covered in Paper 3 of the A Level, with the mark scheme. Our specifications allow you to choose the context and applications to bring physics to life in the way that best suits the needs of your students. How can I modify it to take better readings? probe) Free. Quiz For Static Electricity, Current Electricity, D.C. (2) Use waterproof labels/ink, Error: (2) Ruler slips on support, Improvement: Straight forward sensors you attach to a data logger and computer to record the time the IR/visible light beam is broken for. project end of cylinder over bench or elevate apparatus. These number of significant figures for calculated quantity should be kept same throught out the colum for that quantity. In September 2015, practical work in A-Level Physics stopped being assessed through examination – but was still a core part of the curriculum. If the value of the quantity measured is very small, can write increase the magnitude of the quantity of the independent variable. (1) Heat lost through sides and /or Bottom Zero Error doesn't mean there is no error. (2) Method to make uniform spheres/discs e.g. Any type of malfunctioning of instrument will be reported to CIE and you are not penalized for it as your practical skills are being assessed here. Reading a vernier scale takes patience but once you get the hang of it is isn't so bad. They also offer practice sessions a week or two before the exam. The following collections of astronomy experiments show how science explanations can be built from careful and systematic observations. Try to include most or all of the following … I hope it clears up the confusion. For example: Two readings are not enough to draw a (valid) conclusion.

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