Again though, this is standard for this price point in the market these days and does not serve as a unique selling point or advantage over the competition for the Brave 6. AKASO V50 Pro If you're looking for an action camera, something similar to a GoPro, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for with the AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera. The front screen … Click here to compare. Better battery life As we touched on earlier, the digital upscaling on the Brave 6 rapidly eats its battery life when using 4k with the Apeman Trawo offering almost double the battery life of the Brave 6 for 4k video. Telegram. 5 Easy Sony A6000 Tips And Tricks To Solve Common Problems! Just in their 4K action camera ranges, they have the Brave, EK, and V series. AKASO is a Chinese company that has been making some of the best GoPro alternatives. This allows you to use your hands as required to maximize your safety during your action sport of choice. PROS & CONS OF USING ACTION CAMERA They copy some of the core features of GoPros but at a much more affordable price. The camera also supports a number of popular camera modes too that include burst photo/ self timer/ time-lapse video/ diving mode/ special effects/ white balance/ loop recording/ driving mode/ and motion detection. Again, another ara where Apeman are leaving Akaso for dust. Another area where the Apeman Trawo blows the Akaso Brave 6 out of the water is when it comes to its maximum battery life. It does as ever come in a waterproof housing which is kept closed by a single lever lock on the top. Those include voice commands, advanced electronic image stabilization and 6x digital zoom. The Apeman Trawo also has one of the best reputations amongst the cheap action cameras that is just getting stronger with each passing month. V50 Pro (The Endless Summer) V50X Best Pick. Linkedin. Higher video frame rates 2. The lighter the camera the better when used with a gimbal to help ensure that you get the best quality image stabilization possible without running into issues. 13 Ways To Stop Your Sony A6300 Overheating! AKASO Outdoor Sports Action Camera Accessories Kit 14 in 1 for AKASO EK7000/ EK7000 Plus/ EK7000 Pro/Brave 4/ V50/ V50 Pro/ V50 Elite/CAMPARK/Go Pro Hero 5 in Swimming Any Other Outdoor Sports 4.4 out of 5 stars 744 The Brave 6 also comes with a number of popular camera modes as well as full voice activation with commands such as “Akaso, Take Photo” or “Akaso, Video Start” helping you control the camera without having to touch it. As the Akaso Brave 6 also supports wireless technology a wireless remote control wrist strap is also included with your purchase. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Wifi Action Camera Review - Best Action Camera Under $100, Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera Review & Sample Videos - Real 4K, Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera | Unboxing , Review, AKASO V50 PRO 4K Action Camera // Full Review + Footage, Akaso Brave 4, the cheaper option, tends to get, Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, Find the best action camera in Action Camera Finder. Better microphone 4. GETTING STARTED To turn on Wi-Fi Welcome to your AKASO V50 Pro SE. V50 Pro: Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.25 inches (60 x 41 x 32 mm) V50 Elite: Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches (61 x 41 x 31 mm) V50X: Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches (61 x 41 x 31 mm) On the flip side of this, the Apeman Trawo supports native 4k video that in turn allows for a longer battery life and less heat to be generated. Although we doubt many of our readers will be using all of these camera modes, a number of them can be very useful and help add that extra level to your content or make your life easier. Forum. Both cameras also offer 2k at thirty frames per second as well as 1080p at sixty frames per second too offering some middle ground between resolution and battery life while recording. Don't know how to choose? (888) 466-9222(US) Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST) We also have our article going over what we feel is the best action camera for less than $100 too that you may find helpful if you are in the market for an entry-level action camera.

akaso brave 6 vs v50 pro

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