Genesis 6:3 “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” Here God is … They will even have such extra expenses allotted in their budget because they believe the lack of romance can lead to a quick death in any relationship, especially one challenged by the stars. Caesar, moreover, says that the clans or kindreds to whom the lands were allotted changed their abodes also from year to year - a statement which gives a certain amount of colour to Strabo's description of the Germani as quasi-nomadic. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the It finishes a sentence or any allotted time (6) crossword clue. Under the' provisions of a Land Settlements Ordinance of 1902 over 1,500,000 acres of crown land had been by 1907 allotted, and in September 1909 there were 642 families, of whom over 570 were British, settled on the land. It was allotted to the Levites, but its original inhabitants were not driven out until the time of Solomon, when "Pharaoh, king of Egypt" took the city and gave it as a dowry to his daughter, Solomon's wife (1 Kings ix. For sentences of twelve months and one day or longer, a client is eligible for good time credit of up to 15 percent, as long as there have been no disciplinary problems. Examples of Diurnal in a sentence. Besides 10,000 men are annually allotted to the Austrian Landwehr, and 12,500 to the Hungarian Honveds. In the competitive examination for the Indian civil service, places are allotted on the aggregate of marks obtained in a number of subjects selected by the candidate from a list of thirty-two. Nineteen of these, comprising 22,180 acres, were to have been allotted to the church, and forty-two, amounting to 55,620 acres, to English and Scottish colonists, servitors, native Irish and four corporate towns - the swordsmen to be dispersed throughout Connaught and Munster. They are effected chiefly by some alteration in the description of the root-crop, and perhaps by the introduction of the potato crop; by growing a different cereal, or it may be more than one cereal consecutively; by the growth of some other leguminous crop than clover, since " clover-sickness " may result if that crop is grown at too short intervals, or the intermixture of grass seeds with the clover, and perhaps by the extension by one or more years of the period allotted to this member of the rotation. This will include renunciation of rights for shares or debentures provisionally allotted on a renounceable allotment letter in a rights issue. Learn about plans in the area you live in by simply typing your zip code in the allotted search field. the troops had reached their allotted positions. Excess vitamins and minerals can actually be fatal for dogs, as some become toxic in dosages that go over the daily allotted amount. ‘They were allotted three meals a day, but there was a catch: their hands never came out of restraints.’ ‘In all the big swing states, electors are allotted on a winner-take-all basis.’ ‘The first floor is thought to have housed a communal dormitory, with each vicar allotted a bay.’ Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. fishbowl activity takes place after students have had a chance to consider the documents and prepare to justify their allotted statement. enclosure of the commons, in 1814, there were about 300 acres of land allotted in lieu of the tithes. Examples of allotted time in a sentence, how to use it. The Bible does not clearly specify an allotted life span. frailty such as O ' Connell is allotted his rightful place, but the obvious frailties of his approach are raised. The Bible does not clearly specify an allotted life span. If one of these adopted Islam, Omar permitted him to leave his place, which had been strictly forbidden by I.Iajjaj in Irak and the eastern provinces, because by it many hands were withdrawn from the tilling of the ground, and those who remained were unable to pay the allotted amount. There he took another wife, as the Jewess allotted him by Vespasian after the fall of Caesarea had forsaken him, and returned to attend Titus and to act as intermediary between him and the Jews who still held Jerusalem. I'm finally to meet the hallowed geisha - but by now, my allotted time has shrunk to a mere ten minutes. About 12,000 carriers were collected, the load allotted to each being 50 1b. As viewers try to make the most of the allotted 15-minute time slots, their sense of time might get warped. In compliance with this feeling a royal edict (January 18, 1409) was issued, by which, in alleged conformity with Paris usage, and with the original charter of the university, the Bohemian "nation" received three votes, while only one was allotted to the other three "nations" combined; whereupon all the foreigners, to the number of several thousands, almost immediately withdrew from Prague, an occurrence which led to the formation shortly afterwards of the university of Leipzig. Allotted quotes from YourDictionary: The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) stood up, i.e. The girl's name was__________" At this point, the first person on each team should write an allotted amount, typically two or three sentences. However, if work continues, the worker loses benefits each week she works past the allotted 10 KIT days. The circuit courts consist of twenty-nine circuit judges, acting iji nine judicial circuits, while to each circuit there is also allotted one of the justices of the Supreme Court. To the Cyclopidae six genera are allotted by Giesbrecht in 1900. The proceeds of the sale of the suppressed convents and monasteries were partly converted into pensions for monks and nuns, and partly allotted to the municipal charity boards which had undertaken the educational and charitable functions formerly exercised by the religious orders. B= Both my mom and dad love pizza. It has come to be fully accepted that when we use such a phrase as "the age of the world" we are dealing with a period that must be measured not in thousands but in millions of years; and that to the age of man must be allotted a period some hundreds of times as great as the five thousand and odd years allowed by the old chronologists. 1- I'm within the time allotted to me, he told a news conference." A part of the revenue of confiscated church lands was allotted to the maintenance of schools, and the question of national education was seriously taken in hand by the Commonwealth. The actual distribution of arable land, forests and meadows, in European Russia and Poland is shown in the following table The land in European Russia and Poland (Caucasia being excluded) is divided amongst the different classes of owners as follows Down to January 1st 1903, the peasants had actually redeemed out of the land allotted to them in 1861 a total of 280,530,516 acres.. Much as she wanted to work on it, Carmen found it difficult to spend any of the money Alex had allotted to her account. Time is also allotted to develop subject knowledge through independent study. We were allotted a house to live in. 2- The purpose of AVRTeleConference is to achieve secure, permanent abstinence (total recovery) within the time allotted. search engine that allows you to find carpet showrooms and dealers near you by simply entering your address or zip code in the allotted field and clicking on the "search" icon. If you qualify, a card is given to you once a month with an allotted amount of money for certain groceries. 🔊 John found it hard to work a diurnal job after being on the night shift for fifteen years. The seats allotted to each province are determined by its number of European male adults as ascertained by a quinquennial census, the quota for a constituency being obtained by dividing the total number of such adults in the Union as ascertained at the 1904 census by the number of members at the establishment of the Union. Allotted definition is - assigned or distributed as a portion, share, or lot. The old plan allotted points based more on calories rather than on the type of food. run out of time phrase. When the captives were allotted, Andromache fell to Neoptolemus (Pyrrhus), the son of Achilles, whom she accompanied to Epirus, and to whom she bore three sons.

allotted time in a sentence

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