The best advice I can offer to the novice collector is, "READ BOOKS." If you are wanting to buy antique or collectible knives, please visit our From shop ArcheryLeather. Big savings. 5 out of 5 stars (978) 978 reviews $ 12.00. Quite a few readers could easily identify October’s mystery tool. Selecting old pocket knives on eBay. Knives have been made for thousands of years by people of all cultures, each with a style indicative of the culture of origin. Recognizing the danger of relying solely on friction to … If you’re looking to add to your collection or simply want to start one, make it happen with Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Help us keep this Identification Service alive. In western Europe, deep stamped markings on blades were widespread until the 1880's as means of brand identification. You become an Instant Expert. Antique knives, antique kukris have had a few spellings, most common are kukri and khukuri, but basically it’s a mid-length curved knife comprising a distinctive Cho (notch) that is the national knife of Nepal. German "Hunting Sword" or "Gentleman's" Hanger (aka Dagger), German "Nazi" Government Official's Dagger, German "Nazi" Navy "Kriegsmarine" Dagger, 1st Model, German "Nazi" Navy "Kriegsmarine" Dagger, 2nd Model, Spanish Military Knife/Machete, circa 1870, British Commonwealth Chindit (India) V-44 Survival Knife, Mexican Military Knife/Machete, circa 1900, James Rogers, Sheffield (England) "Bowie" Style Knife, circa 1850, George Wostenholm, Sheffield (England) "Bowie" Style Knife, circa 1860, Royal Navy Diver's Knife (England), circa WWII, Sykes-Fairbarn Commando Knife (England), circa WWII, Civil War Confederate "Arkansas Toothpick" Side Knife, Civil War Confederate "D-Guard Bowie" Knife, Collins "Legitimus", Knife/Machete, circa 1880, "CORN" or "CANE" Knife made from a Civil War era Cavalry Saber, US Model 1942 USMC "Bolo" or "Smatchet" Knife, US Model 1917 "Knuckle-Duster" Trench Knife, US "Knuckle-Duster" Commando/Ranger Knife, US Air Force Folding Bail-Out/Survival Knife/Machete, US Navy "Jet" Pilots' Bail-Out/Survival Knife. Re: help identifying antique Marbles knife Post by Paladin » Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:54 pm OK, Blueglassbottle,, there needs to be a good story that goes with a knife like that one. The only markings I can find are on the blade side of the hilt. Automatic Knives. From shop MADVintology. (other than my efforts to assist you, however minimal the result may actually be). One side is stamped England and the other is stamped with and I and an arrow. Look for symbols or words that might be clues. The rarer a vintage pocket knife is, the more valuable it generally is. If you are looking for a deal on a rare James Swan draw knife, Pexto draw knife, or other vintage draw knifes from Witherby, Keen Kutter and more, you have come to the right place! The History Store Folding Knives. QUEEN STEEL BONE SENATORS (EQUAL END) POCKET KNIFE EARLY 80’s NEAR MINT # 6135 If you choose to snail-mail images, please make sure you have copies or your originals retained for yourself. Shop Today! Please do not send single e-mail image files larger than 250kb, or no larger But folding knives predate the blades made by either of these venerable companies. Box 160 Hi There we have recently acquired this Randall Knife along with sheath and sharpening stone. We offer free shipping on all antique and custom knives over $75. I have written numerous books and articles on knives, including Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values, the standard reference in the field. Due to overwhelming response to this website, I may not answer directly; I may simply post new material on the website in hope that a published response will answer your question(s). antique 8294 unmarked draw knife: 8294: $25.00: 1910-1911. once again, I will not open them. Read books to learn as much as you can. Filter By. Many types and variations have developed over time. Check out the Olsen knives page and the Randall knives page as well. Go to Shows and Collectors Clubs Looking at the different types of knives and talking to experienced collectors are two of the benefits of getting involved in a local club or heading to a local knife … ZZK-0005-WPN 1950s Vintage Hunters Pal Knife Our Price: $129.95 Item #29677. Keeping the Blade Open: The Slip Joint Knife. Age, rarity, condition and demand all play a roll. Many are early Case (Case Brothers, WR Case, Tested XX & XX) but some are Remington, Winchester and Sheffield folding Bowie knives. You may just find that knife you have been looking for! Searchable appraisal guide to current market values for Pocket Knives. Ames Double Dog Head Bowie Knife (K1823) $4,750.00. Vintage Knives for Sale | Olde Towne Cutlery Narrow your possibilities down to a geographical origin. Before the invention of stainless steel, sterling silver and silver-plated items were found in every home. Ames Double Dog Head Bowie Knife. Antique Knife Rests. Age: The use of folding pocket knives can be traced all the way back to Syrian Damascus in the 1500s. antique draw knife measures approx. 4.0 out of 5 stars 22. The marks allowed the owner to “claim” the victim as a personal victory. Throughout the 1980’s, Case used the same dating system as the 70’s. All the Style of an MSA Knife Wide Red Was ...Click for more info You may find your knife on the website or you may just be able to narrow down the possibilities. If you have a specific identification question, please see our Look for symbols or words that might be clues. ; also knife-related material such as advertising and display items, books, catalogs, and paper. We have limited editions and antique knives from brands like Case, Remington, Buck, Boker, and Schrade. Pocket Knives Price Guide. P.O. Do not send images in compressed file format(s) such as ZIP extension files; We do not return images in any format and they become the property of Arms to Armor - The History Store without compensation to you for any use - past, present, or future. With iGuide, you buy smarter and sell smarter. 1980-1989. I will add to this from time to time - mainly upon request - when identification of a certain knife is requested. SMKW is unique in that we purchase collections of vintage knives and then we turn around and make them available to you online. Antique Draw Knives Vintage draw knives on sale! How Much Are Old Gustav Emil Ern Butcher Knives Worth? With so many knives in existence, identifying an antique knife may be challenging. There are several steps involved in identifying an antique. Dear Diva Readers, W hen I entertain at home, one of my favorite things to do is set the table using beautiful antique pieces I’ve collected. When choosing vintage pocket knives, it is important to consider several factors, such as what … This number tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. JWK-0051WPN WWII Japanese Arisaka Bayonet with Scabbard Our Price: $149.95 Item #29612. Knives for Sale page. Proceeds and commissions from these sales - in part - go towards the purchase of additional reference materials and acquisition expenses. LAST MONTH'S TOOL: A FARRIER KNIFE. Check an antiques catalog for a guide to various antique knives, one of which may be your knife. Vintage Knife with Primitive Handle Vintage Carved Knife 11'' Knife Old Knive Butcher Cutting Knife Kitchen Bar Tool Wall Hanger Home Decor lloydstreasures. Knives have been made for thousands of years by people of all cultures, each with a style indicative of the culture of origin. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on other websites. Circa. Vintage Antique Retro Estate Case Knives Advertising Large Shooter Marble MADVintology. JWK-0055WPN WWII Japanese Late War Type 30 Bayonet with Scabbard Our Price: $199.95 Item #29625. Examine the material of the knife. 18 offers from $14.11. Please note - buying an item or sending funds does not guarantee a response. To help our collectors identify the various patterns, we developed a unique numbering system. Paperback. What kind of Case do you own? You can find the Case knife pattern number stamped on the tang of your knife’s blade. There are a number of wonderful books available and below I have listed some of my favorites. Flip the knife on its flat side and check for the "USMC" symbol on the leather handle of the knife. Books for Sale pages. If they are unable to identify your knife, the curator or collector should be able to refer you to a colleague who specializes in antique knives. Additionally, if there is anything that you would like to see on the following pages - in a weaponry Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Some are not just antiques but actual artifacts. handles have some cracks, but still has a tight fit. Below are the images of selected knives used in selected countries. tool has no markings. Pocket knives bearing the mark of M.S.A. An important part of collecting is being able to identify the age of a pocket knife. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Knives have been around for a very long time. The International Blade Collectors Association Price Guide to Antique Knives J. Bruce Voyles. A former cake decorator and competitive horticulturist, Amelia Allonsy is most at home in the kitchen or with her hands in the dirt. Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. These knives are either exceptionally rare or in great shape… The book is a reprint of the first few years of the author's monthly "What Izzit" columns in "Knife World" about knife identification: Delightful reading and wonderful documentation of the state of collecting in the era. than 500kb total for multiple images; I will not open them. 1980 knives have 10 dots, and one is removed each year. If sending a check or money order, please mail, payable to: In the more recent historic period of Biblical history, arrowheads have been found with marks said to identify the owner. You can also order this service online from our Identification Request Page or send a check or money order with your identification request or as a token of gratitude if this site has proven to be helpful to you. Antique collectors and museum curators may know something about your knife. American "Patch" Knife, mid1800s Civil War Confederate "Arkansas Toothpick" Side Knife Civil War Confederate "D-Guard Bowie" Knife Collins "Legitimus", Knife/Machete, circa 1880 "CORN" or "CANE" Knife made from a Civil War era Cavalry Saber US Model 1873 Entrenching Knife/Tool US Model 1890 Hunting Knife, circa 1892 She received her Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. Knives have been around for more than 5,000 years. We have researched and still can not quiet come up with when this knife was made. Not a lot is known about these knives. In the decades since, books have been published with a lot more and better information than was available then. JWK-0054WPN WWII Japanese Army Parade Sword Paperback. We also buy antique knives! Your local library likely has a book with great pictures waiting for you to check it out. These are knives that we have acquired from collectors, or knives that have been discontinued long ago but somehow showed up on our shelves. Even today, silver-plated picture frames and other decorative items are popular gifts. Co are exceedingly rare and were rumored to have been contract knives from Case Bros. Recommended Book: "The Knife Identification and Value Guide;" Bernard R. Levine and C. Houston Price; 1981. Vintage Knives and Rare Finds. identification sense - please feel free to request such and I will try to add additional information as soon as possible. Research materials I have available are quite substantial; however, on some items, information within those materials might be quite sparse.

antique knife identification

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