Since writing this, Brinsea has now come out with a new line – the Ovation, which has a 28-egg auto-turning incubator that’s about the same price I originally paid for this manual turn model (this is the Ovation one I’m talking about BRINSEA Couveuse Brinsea Octagon 20 Éco automatique 24 oeufs: Animalerie. Retournement des œufs : automatique par balancement du berceau. The Brinsea octagon 20 Eco incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator using the same tough insulated cabinet as the octagon 20 Advance coupled to a simple proven electronic Temperature Control to give reliable hatching results of a wide range of species with minimum fuss. I carefully keep tucking eggs directly into the tray, until I can’t fit any more. And even after hatching hundreds of chicks, ducklings, and quail chicks, the yellow plastic body of my 4 year old Octagon still looks new. Hatching season is in full swing right now, even here in chilly Maine. Quantity: ADD TO BASKET. Bielle et biellette berceau de retournement Octagon. In stock. 1-321-267-6090 - Email: Complete Product Guide and Brochures available for download, Highly accurate proportional band temperature control, Temperature factory preset at 99.5 F with easy tamper-proof adjustment, Flashing temperature indicator and conventional but accurate liquid in glass thermometer, Fresh air controlled with a vent slider and humidity provided by water in two reservoirs in the base, Robust hygienic ABS construction for easy cleaning, Insulated cabinet for low energy use and optimal temperature distribution, 24 hen eggs capacity but suitable for a wide range of egg sizes (adjustable dividers). Octagon 20 Eco egg incubator User instructions Contents Section Subject Page 1 Introduction 2 2 Unpacking 2 3 Location, Installation and Temperature 3 4 Storage of eggs 5 5 Humidity and Ventilation 5 6 Egg setting 8 7 Egg turning 8 8 Hatching 8 9 Cleaning up 9 10 Servicing 9 I’ve never worked with another incubator that can fit so many eggs in such a slim space. 2 Comments, Wondering if the Brinsea Octagon ECO 20 incubator would be a good fit for your hatching needs? It has a transparent chamber that allows clear visibility to the eggs in the incubator. La couveuse Maxi II Éco de Brinsea est la dernière née de la gamme de couveuses Brinsea. Some experimentation may be necessary to maximise capacity. Until lockdown, I find that if I simply leave out the middle “flat” position when turning the incubator, and rotate it only from one “side tilt” position to the other, it increases the surface area of the water in the channels enough to bump up the humidity a little bit. Extrêmement simple d’ utilisation, la couveuse Octagon 20 automatique vous assure des résultats parfaits quels que soient les œufs que vous incubez. Please ensure you order the correct part. $15.00 shipping. It’s a great little workhorse! Price: €2.46. Brinsea Ova-Easy. The Octagon does not handle cold temperatures well. I’ve hatched hundreds of ducklings and chicks in mine, and really do love it. If you’ve ever accidentally bumped a temperature control knob on your incubator and not noticed, or had a cat batting at a finely-tuned wafer thermostat adjustment peg in the night – you’ll appreciate this feature as much as I do. Read Next: Hatching Supplies to Buy at the Dollar Store. This is an incubator for the cost-conscious and … Currently unavailable. I breed pure and rare poultry and have been using Brinsea Octagon 20’s for nearly 20 years. ... Octagon 20 Eco/Advance incubator fan guard. Thank you for helping me to fit my tubing, you saved me the long drive, I got home and it's bang on 65% - very well done - thanks a million. Hatching season also means that on most days, my inbox is packed with hatching questions – some from friends, or folks that I’ve sold hatching eggs to. And congrats on getting your first incubator!! BRINSEA Octagon 20 ECO Incubator (WITH CRADLE) (FULLY AUTOMATIC) (Poultry, Eggs) £199.99. Brinsea Octagon 20 ECO Auto Turn Egg Incubator . The Brinsea Octagon ECO 20 Incubator. Find a distributor; Shop products; 40 years of experience goes into every Brinsea product . Brinsea Products Ltd. will not be liable for and loss or damage associated with incorrect fitting of spare parts. Idéale pour l ’éleveur amateur comme chevronné, c’ est la référence du marché pour une incubation réussie. Which is the best tabletop incubator? Copyright © 2020 Salt in my Coffee on the Seasoned Pro Theme, « Salted Maple Honey Caramels {NO Corn Syrup}. 54,50€ En stock. It’s a great incubator that has an automatic rotation feature to save you a bunch of trouble and it also has a preset temperature specifically set to be perfect for incubating eggs. Icelandic eggs are a bit on the small side, as chicken eggs go, but it definitely makes a difference. My understanding is that Brinsea is recently phasing out the Octagon models in favor of their new Ovation series, so I suspect those may have some design improvements if you’re looking for a brand new incubator. The Octagon 20 will only hold about 24 eggs, Of course the Hova with the turner will hold 42. It’s not difficult, and I don’t find the extra effort frustrating. The chicks are done. S'abonner. In my house, that means we have all three incubators running in the kitchen. Yellow replacement base part for the new Octagon 20 Eco or Advance egg incubator models. In stock. We do not accept returns of spare parts. For automatic hourly egg turning see the Octagon 20 Eco Autoturn cradle sold separately. Description. 1 Set of four bolts . Many of those questions are about incubators. Doing this makes it possible to run the Octagon in the early hatching season when nights still get very cold, without too much dip in temperature. Brinsea TLC 40/50 Eco. Optional Autoturn Cradle:-2 Base bars . Does it rotate the eggs as needed or do you need to do it manually? Leave your email to receive new posts and cute farm pictures in your inbox. That said – if I ever see a good buy on a used Octagon, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat. Quote:I have the Brinsea Octagon Eco 20 and though I don't have humidity stuggles (I incubate my duck eggs like in the 40ish range then up to the 60s for hatching and they do well, although those are my own duck eggs, not shipped eggs), I will say that you should adjust the temp. Electronic Temperature Control - Octagon 20 Eco . Octagon 20/40 incubators egg dividers. 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