Brydge announced a pair of made-for-Chrome OS accessories, the C-Type keyboard and C-Touch trackpad, forever ago. The keyboard has been available since last … Brydge Chrome Desktop - C-Type Wireless Keyboard and C-Touch Wireless Touchpad. A full keyboard with Chrome OS keys, built-in Google Assistant key, and aluminum body. Dedicated to Chrome OS. Whether you have a Chromebook, Chrome Box or Chrome OS based Tablet, the C-Type gives you the perfect desktop keyboard solution. For the Chrome OS keyboard, you can snag it for $80, which is 20% off from its usual $100 price. Both with dual-connectivity via bluetooth or USB-C. Brydge C-Type Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Desktop Keyboard for Chrome OS | Built-in Google Assistant Key & Dedicated Chrome OS Keys | Dual Connectivity (USB-C + Bluetooth 4.1) Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard with … A wireless glass touchpad with haptics, a multi-touch engine, and premium aluminum body. For pricing, Brydge has the Pixel Slate keyboard down 50% from $160, all the way down to $80. A full keyboard with a layout and keys made specifically for Chrome OS, including an Assistant key and a home button key, the Brydge C-Type provides an unmatched typing experience with its Dual Connectivity (Bluetooth + USB) and its Aluminium body and full keyframe.

brydge chrome os

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