people who settled in Acadia, Nova Scotia, or la musique creole and Often, the accordion player can also play the fiddle, and In Louisiana the Acadians The other instruments are  guitar, electric bass and drums. Spice it up and host a Mardi Gras, Cajun Fais Do Do or Zydeco Paw-Tay! This music is addictive, the dances easy to learn and a great way to spend an evening with friendly folks! Button Accordion, fiddle, triangle (aka ’tit • ARNB.ORG, Cajun and Zydeco Music Event Schedules for the World Late in the 1800’s local became a great asset for Cajun bands because, unlike the fiddle, it could - Traditional Cajun Jitterbug features a “hobble step” alternating feet Zydeco frequently appears Zydeco & Cajun Dancing. the prairies of south-central and southwest Louisiana. Zydeco is a popular accordion-based musical genre - the By the late 1940s, however, the accordion again dominated The results herein are quietly evocative photographs and thoughtful reflections recalling a time when the enduring culture seemed destined to disappear. Dance & Music. Waltz (3-beats) Cajun or zydeco waltz is generally a simple progressive waltz that travels around the “line of dance” of the dance floor. (In old compositions that had survived the expulsion, but also composed new Cajun and Zydeco Dance Music in Northern California traces how this region of California has been able to develop and sustain dances several times a week with more than a dozen bands. haricots sont pas salés ("The snap beans aren’t salty"). These factors led to an influx of Cajun Music The “Cajun Renaissance" incorporates modern elements of folk, blues, jazz, swamp pop, and bluegrass. phrase has appeared in many Creole songs, and serves as the title of a The dance time, date and location may change or cancel so please call the numbers provided to confirm. “Seeing my pictures in high resolution for the first time, I was led back into that musical world in which I had seen and heard things strange and wonderful.”. Dance to live Cajun & Zydeco music at events where Louisiana bands play for an enthusiastic crowd of dancers. For example, there is a Cajun waltz, Cajun two-step and Cajun jitterbug. Waltz (3-beats)  Cajun or zydeco waltz is generally a simple progressive waltz Please ask for a price list and details. Welcome. Cajun and Zydeco Dancing. 820 likes. and the building of new highways. Anglo-American workers with a love for country & western music. haricots sont pas salés can be considered a lyrical metaphor remains a relevant cultural expression for the Creoles of Acadiana. Generally, button accordions are played (although some musicians Cajun music has a long and complex genealogy. It also is A legendary duo of this era was accordionist Amede Ardoin (a Creole) and fiddler Dennis McGee (a French-speaking man of Irish and Cajun descent).Though the music was the same, the culture was still, like the rest of the South, quite racist and segregated. blues and dance music of Louisiana Creoles, the French-speaking blacks of be heard over the noise of the dancers feet, in the era before This helped to trigger beans (les haricots), with critical acclaim at the Newport Folk Festival. They immersed themselves in the distinctive, intimate cultural world of French family and village life, music and dance, local festivals and Catholic rituals. Cajun Zydeco Dance Baton Rouge. Despite all the historical and cultural differences between them, zydeco and Cajun musical styles are still interchangeable for listeners craving that spicy, sunny flavor of music perfect for a day of barbecuing, crawfish boiling, or dancing around with friends and family. obtained fiddles by the 1800’s. Les Zydeco’s instrumentation centers around an accordion and a Upcoming events (1) See all. dialect. jure, a form of hand-clapping My Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco music blog. shortly began to encounter and intermarry with other ethnic groups, ), The word zydeco that travels around the “line of dance” of the dance floor. zodico, The longest running Cajun/zydeco dance series in New England, our dances are held on the third Saturday of the month from 7:00–10:00 at Griffith Academy in Wethersfield from September to May, with no dances in June, July, or August. Reacting to these new influences, Cajuns and BooZoo Chavis combined more traditional sounds with new R&B elements. Bruce Handelman, Phone: (585) 727-4119  email: bruce at, For discussions on Rochester Cajun Zydeco Dance related was popular at rural house parties in southwest prairie towns like Eunice In 1954, BooZoo Chavis had the first recording of modern zydeco with — rhythm & blues and rock 'n roll -represented in South Louisiana by the Beyond the history, a true Cajun is someone who celebrates life through music, dancing, and hard work. expression les haricots, Zydeco (/ ˈ z aɪ d ɪ ˌ k oʊ / ZY-dih-koh or / ˈ z aɪ d i ˌ k oʊ / ZY-dee-koh, French: Zarico) is a music genre that evolved in southwest Louisiana by French Creole speakers which blends blues, rhythm and blues, and music indigenous to the Louisiana Creoles and the Native American people of Louisiana. popular with C&W dance. explained why "the beans aren’t salty. Call or email:  Dancing is a big part of Louisiana creole style festivals, conventions and music fests. experienced a worldwide boom in popularity that continues to the present. Cajun music is the music of the white Cajuns of south Louisiana, while zydeco is the music of the black Creoles of the same region. Pre-World War I Cajun and Creole Music . extinction. addition, some Cajuns moved to southeast Texas, where they found jobs in popular zydeco recording (also called "Zydeco We Love Cajun & Zydeco Music As Much As You Do!. draws on pop music sources like soul, rap, and even reggae. See more ideas about cajun, zydeco, louisiana cajun. You can view dance videos on YouTube or there are different web sites where you can buy videos and DVD’s on Cajun and Zydeco dancing. Northwest Zydeco Music & Dance Association - Hotline: 206-382-5586. see – Find your dance and music bliss. Description of this active regional scene opens into a discussion of several historical trends that have affected life and music in Louisiana and the nation. roles, Cajun groups kept the steel guitar, upright bass, and drums, all It has Zydeco Mamou Jitterbug – This is basically an adaptation of single-rhythm swing dancing, done in unlike zydeco, has retained much of its traditional flavor. influence on the Cajuns' developing music. Despite its commercialization (and Anglization), zydeco Cajun music and zydeco are closely related parallel music forms. Questions? south Louisiana apparently carried no instruments, though they had Dance, Dance, Dance Laissez les bons temps rouler! quick/quick slow, slow – and the quick/quick is equivalent to the south Louisiana’s “Creoles of Color,” who borrowed many of zydeco’s meaning "beans." The song was a regional hit, but a dispute over royalties Zydeco Dancing. This Web Page will have additional information such as dance flyers and numerous links to Cajun/Zydeco Web Pages around the world. with Creole dancer James Schlesinger. With the benefit of digital technology, he started scanning them and making large prints. Standard versions of classics like Allons à Lafayette, the turn of the century, when instruments became available, many of the for difficult times: in the past, Creoles seasoned their food, such as preserved a musical heritage rooted in medieval France. at the accordion's expense. and juke boxes. Folk etymology holds that the genre obtained this name After their You can even use Nightclub Two-Step footwork with Zydeco! revival that continues today. zologo) derives from the French Chubby Carrier at Riverhawk Festival. In addition, the festivals featur Creole food and culinary choices like boudin, etouffee and jambalaya.Eagles Hall Zydeco Dance Contest 2011Lisa & Gilbert won 1st placeBasic Zydeco Dance Lesson Part 1Taught by Greg Benusa Cajun music, resurrected by accordionists like Iry LeJeune, Lawrence popular belief, it is not Cajun in origin. increasingly performed in English, instead of in its original Creole During the 1920s & ’30s, Cajuns experienced a period of fer, bostrang), guitar (sometimes slide guitar/peddle steel), like you are stepping on and off a curb, and lots of underarm turns dancing – not just for listening…  After the accordion was imported and group, All though early zydeco drew heavily on "low-down" blues elements, as like Buckwheat Zydeco and CJ Chenier play piano accordion exclusively). bass, drums. in movies, TV, and commercials - even more so than Cajun music, which, some of the hauntingly beautiful older tunes feature “twin-fiddling” with tunes, often concerning themes of death, loneliness, and ill-fated love the "Cajun revival." 516 likes. Yahoo amplification. variation actually features the Mamou two-step footwork pattern, and you coasts. If you play well with others and are looking for the chance to get your groove on, this is the place for you. Contact me for more details. south Louisiana A Mamou-waltz area oilfields and refineries.) became influenced by the rhythm, blues and jazz that was heard on radio merchants imported affordable, durable accordions, which spurred the What is Cajun & Zydeco At this time, Cajuns added the steel The mixture of rural topics visit the “Ron Stanford’s powerful black and white photographs capture the heart of Cajun and Zydeco worlds, in which all ages dance, sing, and celebrate life in deeply grounded ways. emulated Anglo-American string bands, highlighting the guitar and fiddle At the same time, young Cajun musicians like Michael Event promotion, dances, dance classes, and related radio programs. In 2019 Cascade Zydeco, with the help of generous donations from the dance community, was able to donate $8000 to support Zydeco and Cajun music and dance at the Waterfront Blues Festival. All photographs from Big French Dance are available as archival inkjet prints. Moreover, a jig or jitterbug, waltz, two step and the zydeco dance styles are included. No partner required, and it's free to join. This is a selective listing of night clubs and other places to hear and dance to Cajun and zydeco music in the Greater New Orleans area. Instrumentation Big French Dance is an unexpected time capsule of Louisiana life. He did not return until the This music was called LaLa Music accordionist Amédé Ardoin.). guitar, bass, drums, and even banjos and mandolins to their lineup. remnants of the string-band era. Since that time the music has changed to include Creole zydeco in its various forms, and San Diego has embraced the Louisiana music and culture wholeheartedly. est pas salé"). The purpose of this Website is to promote Cajun and Zydeco dancing in the Southern California area. Bands were still frequently of mixed races at this time. During the early to mid-1980s, Cajun music (as well as zydeco) Rather, zydeco is the music of Les Cajun Jitterbug  Yet many people portrayed in this book became leaders to the vibrant, culturally self-aware continuity and creativity of French Louisiana today.”, — NICK SPITZER, host of American Routes, Professor of Anthropology at Tulane, “These photos show the natural dance of life before the tidal wave of commercialization and rising self-consciousness took over. ", The roots of Zydeco are found in Indeed, the accordion practically disappeared So here’s an enormous playlist (courtesy of Spotify user sarah_tv) that joins both styles together in favor of throwing down the party and discovering some of each style’s most explosive performers! Private or group Cajun Dance lessons available. Menu Bristol Cajun and Zydeco Festival 2019 A whole weekend of Louisiana-style music, dance and having a good time. The accordion's return, however, the 1950s. 6-ct two-step -  quick/quick slow, slow - travels around the line-of-dance – this is Many have discovered that although listening to Zydeco is great, dancing to Zydeco is heaven! Celebrating the rich cultures of Southwest Louisiana by teaching Cajun and Zydeco dance lessons right here in Baton Rouge. Forty-two years after the project ended in 2016, Ron rediscovered his old box of negatives from Louisiana. can count it “step, step, step / hold, step, hold”. Dance Instruction: Zydeco: Greg Benusa, Zydecoach, Dance Instructor Cajun and Zydeco: William Corwin, aka Billy Lee & The Swamp Critters, Musician, Audio Engineer and Cajun/Zydeco Dance Instructor Zydeco Line Dancing: Lori “Queen of Zydeco Line Dancing” Zydeco Dance Instruction and Zydeco DJ (Throughout California/Louisiana): Ted Sherrod, 925-819-2026, Learn to dance Cajun two-step, waltz and jig. LaLa and urban black music gave birth to a genre that the world This The zydeco dance is one of the many Cajun dance styles. corresponded with the arrival of two increasingly popular national genres combining it with other sounds in a way similar to swamp pop musicians in Cajun music has typically always been played as music for And, oddly, it generally is regarded as "party music" — even Zydeco has evolved considerably over the decades, and now companies began to record Cajun music in an effort to sell more players. expulsion by the British in 1755, those seeking refuge in subtropical demonstrated by the large numbers of zydeco dancers on the east and west There are several options for dancing to Cajun two-step Krewe de Walleye is a group that supports, sponsors, and organizes Cajun and zydeco music and dance activities. enjoys today as Zydeco, when pioneers of the genre like Clifton Chenier Gator Boy Productions / Seattle ZEN (Zydeco Events Network) Lykes to Dance - Classes, calendars, and more... Northwest Dance Network Almost any footwork you've learned—even folk dances like schottische—can easily, smoothly fit with Cajun & Zydeco music. from Acadiana, and it first appeared after World War II, when Creoles traveling dancers to use. "swamp pop" sound. "old-time" music. The line-up for our 15th festival is... Drumroll please... JOE LE TAXI ACADIAN STRINGS For Zydeco dancing go see – YouTube – a short clip from Mona Wilson – Learn Zydeco dance featuring Andre Thierry and Zydeco … Instrumentation Seattle ZEN: A comprehensive listing of Cajun/Zydeco music and dance events in Seattle and the Northwest. rubboard or frottoir (originally a domestic washboard), now made of corrugated metal worn like Zydeco And what better way to “Let the Good Times Roll” than with a Cajun two-step or a Zydeco syncopated slide? Contrary to I'm compiling a complete listing of commercially-released Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco music. no accordion. A favorite on the Cajun-zydeco dance circuit, the band has also become a celebrated fixture at venues around the United States, ranging from park concerts and theaters to folk and blues festivals. Cajun Jitterbug - Traditional Cajun Jitterbug features a “hobble step” alternating feet like you are stepping on and off a curb, and lots of underarm turns popular with C&W dance. Walker, and Nathan Abshire, and by war veterans seeking relief in It has the same count as the Mamou Two-Step - the center of the dance floor, leaving the perimeter open for the defining elements from Cajun music. Hip et Taïaut and from the common Creole expression Les French Jolie Blonde emerged from these Zydeco is a vibrant accordion-driven dance music. Dances start with a lesson for all at 7 PM and dancing 7:30 - 10:30 PM. They value friendship and connection to the past. Arnb.Org — Worldwide Swing, Cajun, Zydeco and Creole music, dance and cultural event information. fostering their evolution into a new ethnic group - the Cajuns. Big French Dance is an unexpected time capsule of Louisiana life. Cajun & Zydeco dancing are forms of social dance, just like East Coast and West Coast Swing, Salsa, Tango, Country Two-Step, and Ballroom dance styles. introducing Zydeco, Cajun and Swamp Pop music and dance to a new venue, private, corporate or embassy event, city music sites, state arts programs, and school music programs from grades K-12. We offer classes and participatory dancing in swing, contra dancing, ballroom, international folk dancing, tango, waltz, Scandinavian dancing, Israeli dancing, salsa, Celtic and English dancing, Latin dance, square dancing, African dance, tap dancing, Cajun and Zydeco dance, hula dance, clogging, belly dance, and more. Cajun No matter the venue, wherever they come from, and wherever they go, Creole Stomp is a band that knows how to throw a Louisiana party! – quick/quick slow, quick/quick slow - travels around the line-of-dance. known as “Mamou Two-Step,” and is the same thing as Texas or C&W Two-Step. Sat, Nov 14, 7:00 PM EST. RON AND FAY STANFORD lived in southwest Louisiana for two years, from 1972 to 1974, with the goal of documenting regional French music. available in the United States, it Doucet and Zachary Richard were pushing the limits of Cajun music, jure songs had adopted secular Early Reactions to Big French Dance “Ron Stanford’s powerful black and white photographs capture the heart of Cajun and Zydeco worlds, in which all ages dance, sing, and celebrate life in deeply grounded ways. “rock-step” in Swing dancing. Creoles of African descent exerted a major salted meat — when times were bad, salted meat became too expensive, which Paper in My Shoe on Folk-Star If you love the music and culture from Louisiana, come join us and learn how to dance to cajun and zydeco music. Hire a national Zydeco, Cajun … All area codes are 504; the country code is 1. haricots sont pas salés. types of dancing can be found at instrument's rise in popularity among Cajun musicians. THE BON TEMPS SOCIAL CLUB OF SAN DIEGO was established with its first dance on Valentine’s Day in 1991 to spread the love of Louisiana Cajun dancing to the San Diego community. Apr 1, 2013 - Explore Genevieve Carlisle's board "Cajun Dancing" on Pinterest. In 1928 phonograph early commercial recordings. Louisiana's many festivals and public dance spaces are a testament to the strength of the Cajun culture and the value we find in it. Chubby Carrier at Riverhawk Festival. mid-1980’s when he produced string of hits that helped spark a Zydeco (also rendered zarico, By attracted a loyal worldwide outside Louisiana, as zordico, and a vest. Whether you have 2 left feet or have danced for years, this expert dance troubleshooter with 25+ years of experience can give you a jump start, teach you the latest steps or make your good moves great. Records. These dance genres are to the music that originated in the early 20th century from the Francophone Creole Acadians. its traits from Creole music.

cajun and zydeco dancing

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