Refers to an HVAC technician’s work before the final heat inspection. Contractors use as-built drawings to record changes that may affect the main building plan, such as relocating ductwork, plumbing, or electrical. Fitting together the main skeleton of a structure with materials like wood or steel. The higher the R value, the better the insulation performance and typically the thicker the insulation. © 2020 BigRentz, Inc. All rights reserved. The easiest way is to use a dovetail jig to carve joints quickly, cleanly, and accurately. The electrical trim happens after the rough-in and before the final inspection. 1 0 obj The thickness and R values of insulation vary widely depending on where the structure is located and the overall local weather patterns. The inspector considers the makeup of the soil and form of the structure, then sets a requirement for the appropriate foundation, such as footers or stem walls. Developing the Building Plan 2. Addendum (Addenda) Written information adding to, clarifying or modifying the bidding documents. Construction Glossary of Building Terms ABUTMENT That part of a pier or wall either end of an arch, beam, or bridge which resists the pressure of a load. These are available as either electric or cordless. CIVIL ENGINEERS CAREER 101 FOR DUMMIES 2. The measure of heat transfer rates for insulation. Dovetail joints are one of the h3est and most beautiful looking joints in woodwork. Here are some common terms you’ll come across when building or renovating your home. Use safety goggles to protect the eyes from wood splinters flying about and earmuffs for the noise. A building authority or inspector must perform a final inspection before issuing an occupancy permit. Analysing the Finance 3. They almost always result in increased costs. They are placed on top of a table surface and are smaller and lighter than heavy-duty table saws. Let’s begin! A visual showing the scheduled activities for a project. The main difference will be who controls the funds from any claim. It does rip cutting — lengthwise along the grain, and crosscutting — against the grain. They plan to work like the layout of a space, location of furniture, fabric types, and color schemes. General contractors often purchase builder’s risk insurance, but owners can also buy it. Strickland, Amanda. Cancel Unsubscribe. Foundations are usually made of brick, stone, concrete, wood, steel or combination. Soil engineers and inspectors perform percolation tests or “perc tests” to determine whether a builder can install a leach field septic system on the property. An NTE can be moved up or down throughout the build, and contractors are responsible for overruns unless the NTE has been formally raised to adjust for the added costs. Backouts require a penalty payment unless a stipulated time period exists where they’re allowed. The trick is basically to make Parallel Distributed Computing for Dummies, if you will. Construction technology terms. At this point, acceptance of the work is complete, and the owner’s contractual rights regarding repairs or changes are much more limited. A sewer tap is a process of connecting your property’s sewer line to the public sewer main. Loading... Unsubscribe from Tom Dontigny? Addenda alter the agreement with the contractor and subcontractors before construction begins and the contract is signed. Dummies helps everyone be more knowledgeable and confident in applying what they know. The inspector will ensure the structure meets the municipal building code, testing lights and outlets, plumbing hookups, smoke detectors, HVAC, electrical systems, appliance connections, and insulation requirements. How to Design a Millennial-Friendly Workplace, Floating Cities: Your Guide to the Future of Urban Construction, Easy-to-Use Construction Bid Template (Free Downloadable). x��\[o��~7�����@,*�Kry��4) ��A�>�%�����Ώ?�͒�dr[AZ��,��rfg���̲��x�����7»�7onş�C���_�����S2* �4I��k�_^|�A,./�~��Ĵ���� LŔ���n"��w�TD~�"I�D������8��OL-���JѰ0�o$}��O�O�3�o?ފ�׫��d� Power tools such as circular saws, jigsaws, and reciprocating saws will cut through materials like lumber, plastic, steel, and PVC. A sewage system that uses a septic tank to collect solids and leach field to disperse liquids. Interior and exterior trim such as cabinet moldings, window sashes, cornices, wall crowns, and baseboard moldings are all examples of millwork. An amount of money allocated in the construction contract for specific items. Also known as a remodel, an alteration to a structure is any change to its interior. Dimension: A dimension is used in the planning stage and refers to a measure between two points. A detailed payment schedule for a construction project. Contractors combine managing, planning, and designing all in one. Back to the top. Insulation for single story floors requires lower R values (R13) and walls somewhere in between (R25). Sometimes called a “punch out” or inspection list, a punch list is a document created by the owner that outlines any construction work not completed or conforming to the contract specifications. The bid bond is guaranteed and issued by a third party called a surety. A stipulation in the construction contract that gives the contractor the option to choose specific materials, methods, or systems from an approved list without needing to change the contract sum. The owner confirms the final acceptance after he or she makes the final payment to the contractor. 2 0 obj For minor home renovations, you’ll need basic tools including a hammer, screwdrivers, a drill or driver, extension ladder, various pliers such as lineman’s and locking pliers, a pry bar, a level, wrenches, chisels, utility knife, and portable workbench. Property insurance is covering any loss during construction.

construction terminology for dummies

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