You will help with preparing patients, sterilizing instruments, setting up rooms, and some dental hygiene tasks. More information can be found on the Dental Board of Australia website CAN I APPLY FOR SKILLED MIGRATION ENTRY OR SPONSORSHIP? • performing any irreversible procedure on the human teeth or jaw or associated structures You will also need to hold a current Australian First Aid Certificate before you can complete the Australian Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Each document has the following dedicated sections included: Our job descriptions are clear, well written, ready to use and will help you to recruit the best talent as well as measure and manage your employee’s performance. Come work at Acme Corp, the leader in our field. Dental assistants prepare patients for oral examination and assist other dental workers, such as We conduct Many private dental practices will pay above award rates. yes - at least Certificate III in Dental Assisting as a minimum, yes - Infection Prevention & Sterilisation units only, no - training on the job by other staff is adequate, no - training by practitioner is adequate. Example dental assistant job description Our busy family dental office is seeking an organized and detail-oriented individual to fill the open role of dental assistant. Dental assistants should be well-organized with great attention to detail. If you are not planning to be in the country for a reasonable length of time, please be honest with your prospective employer to avoid conflict. HOW DOES THE JOB ROLE DIFFER BETWEEN COUNTRIES? The dental assistant is responsible for getting treatment rooms ready for patients, cleaning dental tools and keeping a clean office environment. Go from a blank page to a professional job description in an instant! Where. Dental Assistant, Dental Receptionist and more on Safe travelling and we would love to hear from you when you arrive! We are seeking to hire a Dental Assistant to join our team. The number of people working as Dental Assistants (in their main job) grew very strongly over 5 years: from 17,100 in 2014 to 31,900 in 2019.. Many overseas dental assistants join our membership ranks to ensure they meet the continuing professional criteria to maintain their registration upon returning to their home town. The dental assistant performs many tasks requiring both interpersonal and technical skills. Although there is no official recognition, your qualification and study will be accepted as an indication of your advanced knowledge and clinical experience, so it is advisable to bring a copy of your certificate and transcript with you if you intend to apply for work. Sponsorship is extremely difficult to obtain and we are aware of very few successful cases where UK and Phillipino dental assistants have been approved to work in this country under sponsorship arrangements. • Dental assistants (also known as dental nurses) are members of the dental team. The main duty in a dental assistant's job description is to prepare a dental office for patient visits. Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists must be registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency before working in Australia as a hygienist or Oral Health Therapist. You will not be allowed to operate radiography equipment or expose radiographs unless you hold a current EPA license (Australia) – only available to students who complete accredited Australian radiography courses. Dental Assistant Job Description Template. Search Results - Dental Assistant Jobs in Western Australia. You do not need a qualification or a certificate or registration with any organization in order to work as a chairside assistant in this country, although if you have a qualification, you may be paid a higher rate than an unqualified assistant On successful completion of this course, dental assistants are classified as “qualified” and are entitled to a level 4 or qualified assistant level of pay in the award rates which apply to dentistry in private practice. Search and apply for the latest Dental assistant jobs in Northern Territory. • nationally recognized training qualifications, An overseas radiography qualification will not comply. When you arrive in Australia, we recommend you register with a temp agency for temporary or part time and relief positions. Of these few, most applications were made by related family members who were dental practitioners operating a surgery and offering secure employment and sponsorship to their relative. You are welcome to contact us for advice on your workplace or employment offer. 13,381 Dental Assistant jobs available on What. We're pleased to have a 4.5 rating on Glassdoor. Dental Assistant jobs Filter. The Dental Assistant will prepare treatment room, patient, instruments, and materials ready as per patient plans and treating Dentists instructions. Orthodontic dental assisting courses are available in Australia and are run privately through the supply companies – it is not a qualification course. The Certificates III and IV in Dental Assisting are offered at registered training organisations throughout Western Australia. The duties of a dental assistant are among the most comprehensive and varied in the dental office. We are a busy dental practice located in the Perth Hills. Each document has the following dedicated sections included: Position Summary Responsibilities Key Accountabilities Indicators of Effectiveness Critical Skills & Attributes Scheduled Tasks Our job… Welcome to a beautiful country where the people are warm and friendly, the attitude is easy going and relaxed, and the scenery is exquisite – be prepared to travel and explore!! • Dental assisting is classed as a support service and a copy of this award can be downloaded from Sydney will pay higher average rates than Perth. (c) 2020 Dental Assistants Professional Association Inc Back. Our Dental Assistant Job description templates are much more than just a list of duties. Application is made to the Australian Dental Council . 50km. You must be able to identify different dental tools and know how to clean and sanitize each one. Back Refine Clear. Dental Assistant Jobs In Australia. You can download a generic sample job description using the button below. You’ll ensure excellent customer service and lift administrative and basic dental tasks off the dentist’s shoulders. Of course, you will have expenses, and working as a dental assistant in a part-time or casual position would be your first choice so here are some details which you may find helpful. The job description includes chairside & clinical assisting during dental procedures, cleaning and preparing the surgery (clinic), cleaning and processing re-usable instruments and equipment, organizing appointments, invoicing and processing payments and reception duties. Visit PayScale to research dental assistant hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Buy our Dental Assistant Job Description Template right now and you will be on your way to getting the best out of your work force. In Australia there are no requirements for dental assistants to have a qualification or be certified in order to work in this profession. To do well in this role you should have a dental x-ray certification and provide a great level of patient care. Dental Assistants are NOT required to REGISTER or be ACCREDITED by any overseeing body. • ENSURE YOU HAVE A VISA WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO UNDERTAKE PAID WORK IN AUSTRALIA. Overseas dental assistants cannot expose radiographs on a patient without undertaking an Australian accredited radiography course and holding registration with EPA. Some states require Dental Assistants who conduct X-rays, apply sealant or fluoride to be licensed. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 84.000+ postings in Northern Territory and other big cities in Australia. These maternity leave positions are usually for 3- 12 months to cover for a permanent staff member who has taken parental time off and intends to return to work. Dental Assistant Job Description Template. • an annual dental assistant conference, A high school diploma or GED is also usually required. Email. The first thing you should do is find out the requirements of the city or state where you want to work as a Dental Assistant. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Apply today! Broome Dental Clinic - Broome WA - Dental Assistant Receptionist. One of the main job responsibilities of dental assistants is the sterilization of dental equipment. Find your new job at the best companies now hiring. During procedures the Dental Assistant will perform general assistant duties; passing instruments and materials, performing all duties in compliance with the health and safety procedures and relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice. Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant and more on Phone: (02) 9569 3220 | Privacy policy. Search online through ... Emphasise your personal strengths and achievements in your resume and target your cover letter to the job description listed. The average wage will vary depending on the location of your workplace. Western Australia. Dental Assistants work as part of a wider dental team, primarily with Dentists, but also with Dental Specialists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Prosthetists. Dental Assistants are generally required to have completed an accredited training program. This is a popular pathway for overseas trained DA’s to “test the water” for work in Australia. They work under the supervision of dentists and beside dental hygienists. As certification is not mandatory for a dental assistant, there is no guarantee of employment if, and when, you do qualify for your certificate so this could be an unnecessary expense. Dental Assistant Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities. HEALTH PRACTITIONER REGULATION NATIONAL LAW (NSW) - SECT 121 WILL MY QUALIFICATION BE RECOGNISED IN AUSTRALIA? ... Australian dental hygienists must register with the Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia. It is an expensive process and does not guarantee a successful outcome. In Australia, the term dental assistant is used rather than dental nurse. You may need to keep a record of your CPD points to maintain your own registration when returning home. Job email alerts. Dental employment agencies are able to assist with temporary positions and they will ensure you are paid correctly. Dental Assisting is not included on the skilled migration list. So, you’re planning to travel to Australia? Often these positions can lead to more permanent positions. There are two main employment options for dental assistants – However, these extended duties can only be performed by a student who has undertaken an approved Qld course. You will need to possess existing character traits such as patience, whilst also developing new, job-ready skills that will help you enter the career successfully. Written by professionals | Created for Australian businesses | Completely customisable. Dental Assistant jobs now available. A dental assistant's credentials and professional competence are recognised in employment compensation and positions when they achieve their certificate qualifications. Army Dental Assistants belong to the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps (RAADC). Distance. If you are not planning to remain in Australia and apply for permanent residency, this process is not recommended. So coronal polishing, application of fluoride, adjustment of restorations in the mouth are not allowed under Australian law. You may be required to pour models, create bleaching trays (but not issue them to patients), fabricate temporary crowns, assist with oral hygiene instruction under supervision and assist the operator in all operative procedures. Verified employers. • correcting malposition’s of the human teeth or jaw or associated structures; You must have good communication and excellent verbal English skills to be employed in this field. Public health clinics sometimes require maternity leave positions, however a qualification will be required to work in the public health sector and immunization is mandatory. • employment advice and assistance, There is no reciprocal arrangement between Australia and any other country to recognize any dental assisting qualifications. Confirm Remind later. There will be a “gap” identified in your knowledge which relates to Australian Law and Infection Control Standards, and you will need to complete some assignment work to update that knowledge. If you're serious about your next job… If you have not fulfilled some of the requirements, delay the job search and do what is necessary to make sure you can comply. There will be some Saturday work going forward (7.30am - 12 pm approx. It’s a working document that can be used to: We have over 300 ready-to-use job descriptions templates available for immediate purchase on our website. The RAADC is responsible for providing dental healthcare to Australian Defence Force personnel. Certified Canadian Dental Assistants are well regarded in Australia for their high standard of care. Position Description This Family Dental clinic is looing for 2 x Dental Assistant Trainees to commence a Cert III in Dental Assisting. As a Dental Assistant you will need a varied suite of skills that will ensure you can carry out the role properly. Dental assistants are pivotal to the smooth running of dental practices. The Corps is made up of highly trained professionals who are often called upon to work in barrack and field conditions. As Dental Assisting is not a registered profession, training courses are not mandatory, however, there is a large uptake of dental assistants who complete the national basic level course – Certificate III in Dental Assisting for their own professional development. What. Pay rates will generally be slightly above the award rate, but will vary between States and Territories. Potential to increase days. The DAPA can direct you to a reputable Orthodontic Course depending on where you locate in Australia. Only certain Australian courses are accredited to allow students to apply for registration with the EPA. Registration Dental assistants working in Queensland are not required to be registered. We currently have two dentists working full time, three dental assistants and a practice manager, with another full-time dentist beginning early 2021. The only exception which applies here is to dental assistants who have completed a Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Radiography) and must hold a license to expose radiographs with the Australian Environment Protection Authority. Australian Dental Association – Bowen Hills Campus or by Distance Mode Certificate III in Dental Assisting, 1 year full-time. You will find the duties in Australia are limited as it is not a registered profession. This dental assistant job description sample can assist you in creating a job application that will attract candidates who are qualified for your open position. Although many practices use digital technology, some still manually process dental films and you will be required to develop dental radiographic images or operate computer equipment to display images. Dental Assistant Job Seeking Tips. • fitting or intra-orally adjusting artificial teeth or corrective or restorative dental appliances for a person; Please email WHAT TRAINING DOES AN AUSTRALIAN DENTAL ASSISTANT UNDERTAKE? Certificate IV in Dental Assisting is the next level up and offers the specialty units which include- radiography or oral hygiene promotion or dental practice management. To many individuals, the job of a dental assistant serves as a bridge that connects basic and entry-level training with more advanced and higher income dentistry occupations. The standard deviation of salaries for the results of this search is 39,747. WHAT IS DENTAL ASSISTANT? In Australia, the term dental assistant is used rather than dental nurse. Training organisations who offer the national Certificate III in Dental Assisting (HLT31812) must be accredited by ASQA or the relevant State Vocational Training Accreditation Board. In order to work in the Health Profession, you will be required to hold current immunization in Measles, Mumps, Diptheria, Varicella, Tetanus and Hepatitis B. Don't ask again. Apply to Dental Assistant, Receptionist and more! This can be done by applying for “RPL” (recognition of prior learning) with a registered training organization such as Tafe or DAPA. Caution: The Australian jobs market is changing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. CAN I ATTEND ANY COURSES OR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT? Thinking of becoming a Dental Assistant? Job brief. View all our dental assistant vacancies now with new jobs added daily! The DAPA also holds an annual dental assisting conference in October usually in Sydney. • private dental practices or WHO CAN PROVIDE ADVICE OR ASSISTANCE FOR ME? Back. The average hourly pay for a Dental Assistant in Australia is AU$23.95. Where. They may support a dental operator (such as a dentist or other treating dental auxiliary) in providing more efficient dental treatment. Dental assistants held about 332,000 jobs in 2016. If you choose to undertake a qualification, make sure you enroll with a registered training organization who offer a nationally recognized qualification. We are looking for a Dental Assistant to join our team. Written by professionals | Created for Australian businesses | Completely customisable Our Dental Assistant Job description templates are much more than just a list of duties. You can also undertake a traineeship in Dental Assisting (Level 3) or (Level 4). City private practices would pay an average of $25 per hour, country practices would be less. Competitive salary. Most employers will advertise through newspapers, career websites or through the DAPA website. Do you believe a training qualification should be mandatory for dental assistants? Find your ideal job at SEEK with 1,837 dental assistant jobs found in All Australia. The job description includes chairside & clinical assisting during dental procedures, cleaning and preparing the surgery (clinic), cleaning and processing re-usable instruments and equipment, organizing appointments, invoicing and processing payments and reception duties. WHAT ARE THE PAY RATES? Dental Assistant jobs in Australia Filter. These include: Dental assistant/receptionist. The Dental Assistants Professional Association is the membership body and national voice of the dental assistant. A restricted dental act means: HOW WILL I FIND WORK? What Does a Dental Assistant Do? This applies to all States and Territories EXCEPT Queensland, where extended duties for dental assistants applies. Back Refine Clear. Private practitioners usually prefer long term employees as it takes considerable staff time and cost to train a dental assistant, a wasted investment if they do not stay with the practice. Most private dental practices employ under the Modern Award for Health Professionals and Support Services (MA000027). The largest category under which open Dental Assistant jobs are listed is Healthcare & Nursing Jobs, followed by Other/General Jobs. Job Overview. We are hiring a Dental Assistant for our busy dental practice. We can provide you with a letter of good character for your return home, once you notify us of your employment details and these are confirmed. To become a dental assistant, you usually need to gain a qualification in dental assisting. If your business is in a state that requires a license, note this in your job description. We are looking for a competent dental assistant who will make the dentist’s office more efficient and pleasant for patients. Learn more about the role including real reviews and ratings from current Dental Assistants, common tasks and duties, how much Dental Assistants earn in your state, the skills current Employers are looking for and common education and career pathways. Many are simply “trained on the job” and hold no qualifications. Any other questions? If you are planning to remain in Australia and apply for residency, then the DAPA (Dental Assistants Professional Association) would be happy to assess your prior qualification and knowledge – we have many UK and Canadian applicants who successfully complete this procedure. • networking events. These estimates do not take account of the impact of COVID-19. Sort by Relevance Date Job type Any job type Full time Part time Casual/Temporary permanent Contract Listed date Any time Last 24 hours Last 7 days Last 14 days Last 30 days. Companies presently offering Dental Assistant job vacancies in Australia include Dental Corporation, HCF, Queensland Government.. Australia Dental Assistant jobs now available. The role is for Tuesdays (7 .30-5.30 pm), Wednesdays (8.00 am - 7.00 pm) and Thursdays (7.30am -5.15 pm). Do not assume you will be able to secure sponsorship to remain once you enter the country. 5 top mistakes new and seasoned business owners do when hiring staff, STARTING STEPS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 2019 (QLD), State the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Measure your employee’s performance with firm Indicators of Effectiveness. page 14 will give you the minimum wage levels – a qualified dental assistant with a Certificate III in Dental Assisting would be a level 4 employee. RECOGNITION OF YOUR PRIOR LEARNING OR EXPERIENCE There are many private institutions who offer “Certificates in Dental Assisting” : but are not Registered Training Organisations and their courses are often quite expensive and not recognized as National Qualifications. Our Job description templates are much more than just a list of duties. It is not a requirement for dental assistants to hold a dental radiography license and as an overseas visitor, you should not be expected to apply for this license. A typical day As part of a team of dental professionals, your day will encompass a diverse range of activities that will usually be determined by the needs of your particular practice. • performing any irreversible procedure on, or the giving of any treatment or advice to, a person that is preparatory to or for the purpose of fitting, inserting, adjusting, fixing, constructing, repairing or renewing artificial dentures or a restorative dental appliance. You must have undertaken a Certificate III before you can enroll into Certificate IV units, so you would not be able to enroll in a radiography stream of Cert IV before you had completed all eight units of the Certificate III course. You are welcome to register with the DAPA to receive email alerts and we will advise you of upcoming events. Dental Assistants are not allowed to perform any “restricted dental act”. • professional development courses, Maternity leave positions are often advertised and provide an excellent short term employment opportunity. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific duties and requirements, including any unique details of your clinic or dental … Some visitors have asked about having their overseas qualification recognized or mapped against the Australian Qualification with the possibility of then attaining the Australian Certificate III in Dental Assisting.

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