Due to the high water tolerance of the fortnight lily, you won’t have to worry about some light flooding damaging your flowers. The fortnight lily is considered a fire-resistant flower. Water the fertilizer into the soil immediately after applying. However after 5 – 6 years, the clumps can become congested and need a tidy up. Although tolerant of tough conditions, Dietes will perform best in well-drained soil, rich in organic material. wide (7 cm), consists of 3 outer and 3 inner segments, the latter being adorned with yellow-orange blotches and a few orange marks at their base. This African native can tolerate virtually any soil conditions from drought to moist soil found at the water’s edge. After some time, the leaves of the plant will start to yellow and may start to fall off. When growing fortnight lilies, it is best to keep the soil moist as a general rule. Although not fire-proof, the fortnight lily can withstand the environment that comes along with fire such as high temperatures and smoke. Although most of the dead flowers will fall off on their own, pruning off the spent flowers will reserve energy for new blooms and will make your plant look nicer overall. It grows in both sun or partial shade, and is also tolerant of both moderate frost and drought. Divide oversized or crowded clumps of plants in the late winter, before spring growth begins. To use the website as intended please  For more beautiful flowers to grow, check this page: florgeous.com/types-of-flowers. It has long dark green sword like leaves. When planting your fortnight lilies for the first time, it is a good idea to work some organic materials into the soil for added nutrients. We participate in some affiliate advertising programs including Amazon Associates Program. Although it may not look pretty after cutting it, beautiful new leaves and flowers are sure to follow. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Removing the above-ground portion of the plant will give it a chance to reset itself—in a way—and start over fresh. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. D. grandiflora has dark, brownish markings on the inner tepals but D. iridioides does not. ... All care is taken with packaging to ensure plants arrive with minimal damage. Flower stems should not be removed after flowering. Soak them with water to … Planting in garden beds also allows you to add in the best possible potting soil that will provide the nutrients that the fortnight lilies thrive on. Seed pods are formed after flowering on the stems where the flowers were. Their slowly increasing clumps of narrow, sword-like foliage usually remain green through the winter unless burnt by temperatures below 25F. Clumps will … Dietes iridioides (African iris) will reach a height of 0.6m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years. Do not remove flower stems as they continue to flower for several years. Dietes bicolor B utterfly, or African iris are composed of several species of the genus Dietes, and have been used extensively in zones 8b and upwards for landscaping and water garden accents in recent years. Larger plant than the similar-looking iridiodes, with longer-lasting larger flowers. It is a good idea to watch children and pets that are around your fortnight lilies to ensure they don’t eat the plants. Posted by OldGardener (So Cal - Zone 10b) on Jul 16, 2014 9:27 AM. Care: Grow in full sun or part shade. There are a few reasons and ways to prune your fortnight lily to keep it healthy and to get the highest number of blooms. Suggested uses. Care. Start with Routine Maintenance. If the flowers or foliage of your fortnight lily are singed, the plant can be cut back and should regrow itself the following season. Tip. The same goes for the foliage, any dead or yellowing foliage can be cut off at the base to reserve energy for new growth. Your fortnight lilies may also require some additional nutrients when planted in containers, as there won’t be as much soil to pull nutrients from. Native to eastern and southern Africa, Dietes iridioides (Fortnight Lily) is a rhizomatous evergreen perennial with attractive flowers resembling small Japanese Irises.

dietes iridioides care

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