[42], The durian is a seasonal fruit, unlike some other non-seasonal tropical fruits such as the papaya which are available throughout the year. However, the biochemical pathway by which the plant produces ethanethiol remained unclear such as the enzyme that releases ethanethiol. Inside there are five things like elongated oranges, and resembling thick butter, with a combination of flavours. A durian that falls off the tree continues to ripen for two to four days, but after five or six days most would consider it overripe and unpalatable,[3] although some Thais proceed from that point to cook it with palm sugar, creating a dessert called durian (or thurian) guan.[59]. Usually, durian is either loved at first taste or immediately hated. It can be smelled from yards away. Nutritional benefits of durian. [10] Since the bases of the scales develop into spines as the fruit matures, sometimes spineless durians are produced artificially by scraping scales off immature fruits. Uncooked durian seeds are potentially toxic due to cyclopropene fatty acids and should not be ingested. In the species name, zibethinus refers to the Indian civet, Viverra zibetha. [27], The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry started to register varieties of durian in 1934. Sprinkled with some salt (in moderation). Durian can be eaten fresh or used to make … In 1929, J. D. Gimlette wrote in his Malay Poisons and Charm Cures that the durian fruit must not be eaten with brandy. A rich custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. Some genera possess these characters, but others do not. Durian is primarily harvested in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, but the unusual fruit has become popular throughout Asia and can be found in Asian markets in the United States. [31] Another common variety is "Udang merah", or red shrimp, found in the states of Pahang and Johor. I also love raw cacao! Nutritional content of durian per 100 grams (about 3 fruits with seed) Then, mix and churn it under a running water until it foams. In addition, the fruit is highly appetising to diverse animals, including squirrels, mouse deer, pigs, sun bear, orangutan, elephants, and even carnivorous tigers. [10] Durian consumers express preferences for specific cultivars, which fetch higher prices in the market.[23]. [77] Nevertheless, signs warning people not to linger under durian trees are found in Indonesia. This waste is potential of value-added such as seed gum. Here is a few more tips and information for you so you could try and have fun making these at home! [43] The increasing popularity of the fruit also saw the price of the Malaysian variety Musang King rise considerably; durian farmers would see the prices they get increasing from two ringgit per kilogram to 60 ringgit per kilo by 2018, which made it a far more lucrative than palm oil or rubber, leading to an increase in durian plantation. I love durian! It has been called the \"king of fruits\" because of its enormous size (about 1 foot long), weight, and the large volume of edible flesh it contains. [10] Its shape ranges from oblong to round, the colour of its husk green to brown, and its flesh pale-yellow to red, depending on the species. [3] The petals of durian flowers are eaten in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia and Sarawak of Malaysia, while in the Moluccas islands the husk of the durian fruit is used as fuel to smoke fish. The custard-like, fleshy layer surrounding the large seeds has a unique, buttery sweet favor. [3][4] Durio zibethinus is the only species available in the international market: other species are sold in their local regions. Despite its great local popularity, the raw fruit is forbidden from some establishments such as hotels, subways and airports, including public transportation in Southeast Asia. You can boil jackfruit seeds … [3] Among the varieties of D. zibethinus, Thai varieties are sweeter in flavour and less odorous than Malay ones. [20], Durian flowers are large and feathery with copious nectar, and give off a heavy, sour, and buttery odour. A typical durian tree can bear fruit after four or five years. [50][53] Ethyl 2-methylbutanoate had the highest content among esters in a study of several varieties. The authors of these studies hypothesise that monothecate anthers have most likely evolved convergently in Durioneae and in the Malvatheca clade (comprising Malvaceae s.l. [5] Ikan brengkes tempoyak is fish cooked in a durian-based sauce, traditional in Sumatra. Peel off the skin of the seed and separates it from the insides. prepared from raw durian seed (DS), char durian seed (char DS) and activated durian seed (DSAC) were studied using scanning electron microscopy, Fourier transform infra red spectroscopy, proximate analysis and adsorption of nitro-gen techniques, respectively. [16][17], A draft genome analysis of durian indicates it has about 46,000 coding and non-coding genes, among which a class called methionine gamma lyases – which regulate the odour of organosulfur compounds – may be primarily responsible for the distinct durian odour. [63], Young leaves and shoots of the durian are occasionally cooked as greens. Tempoyak refers to fermented durian, usually made from lower quality durian unsuitable for direct consumption. Durian Seeds can be gained by feeding a Durian to Birds in a Birdcage, which can produce 1–2 Durian Seeds as well as a 50% chance to get normal Seeds. All content is informational purpose only, DrHealthbenefits.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The hugely fatty golden pods of a D15 durian at Eric Chong’s farm signify a Thai origin. Durian trees are large, growing to 25–50 metres (80–165 feet) in height depending on the species. Malaysia negotiated a deal with China to export the whole fruit frozen for the first time to China starting in 2019, previously only Thailand was permitted to export the whole fruit to China. [19] During the early stages of its taxonomical study, there was some confusion between durian and the soursop (Annona muricata), for both of these species had thorny green fruit. Boiled it for 10 minutes in boiling water. Some individuals are unable to differentiate these smells and find this fruit noxious, whereas others find it pleasant and appealing. In Java, the seeds are sliced thin and cooked with sugar as a confection. The durian symbolised the subjective nature of ugliness and beauty in Hong Kong director Fruit Chan's 2000 film Durian Durian (榴槤飄飄, lau lin piu piu), and was a nickname for the reckless but lovable protagonist of the eponymous Singaporean TV comedy Durian King played by Adrian Pang. [27], By 2007, Thai government scientist Songpol Somsri had crossbred more than ninety varieties of durian to create Chantaburi No. The most recent molecular evidence (on which the most recent, well-supported circumscription of Durioneae is based) therefore refutes Corner's Durian Theory. [61] Red-fleshed durian is traditionally added to sayur, an Indonesian soup made from freshwater fish. Different durian varieties from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia vary in their carbohydrate content by 16-29%, fat content by 2-5%, protein content by 2-4%, dietary fibre content by 1-4%, and caloric value by 84-185 kcal per 100 grams. [3] The most complete description of the medicinal use of the durian as remedies for fevers is a Malay prescription, collected by Burkill and Haniff in 1930. 10 Unique Health Benefits and Uses of Durian Seeds, Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Take out the seed and separates it from the aril (flesh of the fruits) nicely. Although the durian is not native to Thailand, Thailand is ranked the world's number one exporter of durian, producing around 700,000 tonnes of durian per year, 400,000 tonnes of which are exported to mainland China and Hong Kong. [80][81], In Malaysia, a decoction of the leaves and roots used to be prescribed as an antipyretic. The flowers are produced in three to thirty clusters together on large branches and directly on the trunk with each flower having a calyx (sepals) and five (rarely four or six) petals. The unusual flavour and odour of the fruit have prompted many people to express diverse and passionate views ranging from deep appreciation to intense disgust. [10], A common local belief is that the durian is harmful when eaten with coffee[44] or alcoholic beverages. But If you delve into its deliciousness you will most likely find it hard to be out of this addictive taste. [75][76] A saying in Indonesian, ketiban durian runtuh, which translates to "getting hit by a durian", is the equivalent of the English phrase "windfall gain". Only 1/3 of durian is edible, whereas the seeds are thrown away. The first seedlings were sent from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to Auguste Saint-Arroman of Dominica in 1884. Having its name derived from local Malaysian-Indonesian language, “Duri” that means “spike(s)” with additional of suffix “-an” which conclude the naming meaning as “having a lot of spikes”. "[47] Despite having tried many foods that are arguably more eccentric, Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, was unable to finish a durian upon sampling it, due to his intolerance of its strong taste. The most cultivated species is Durio zibethinus. Not only is the flesh on different seeds within the same fruit sweet and bitter, the levels of bitter sweet flavour within the same seed are simply astonishing. In fact, durian is known as the world’s smelliest fruit, and it has even been banned in some public spaces because of its smell. The 6 additional species included in Durio s.l. The persistence of its odour, which may linger for several days, led certain hotels and public transportation services in Southeast Asia to ban the fruit. Sambal Tempoyak is a Malay dish made from the fermented durian fruit, coconut milk, and a collection of spicy ingredients known as sambal. [29], Popular cultivars in Malaysia and Singapore (Singapore imports most of its durians from Malaysia, hence the varieties are similar although there may be slight variation in the names) include "D24", which is a popular variety known for its bittersweet taste; "XO", which has a pale colour, thick flesh with a tinge of alcoholic fermentation; "Chook Kiok" (Cantonese meaning: bamboo leg) which has a distinctive yellowish core in the inner stem; and "Musang King" ('musang' is the Malay word for palm civet) which is usually the priciest of all cultivars. Novelist Anthony Burgess writes that eating durian is "like eating sweet raspberry blancmange in the lavatory". subfamilies Malvoideae and Bombacoideae). [28][84], The Javanese believe durian to have aphrodisiac qualities, and impose a set of rules on what may or may not be consumed with it or shortly thereafter. Looking somewhat like a sea urchin, durian is a unique tropical fruit mainly found in Asian countries. The flesh is thick, not solid, yellow coloured, and has a sweet taste. Up to 40 percent of a D15 is edible, while some other local durians have a ratio as low as 10 percent. Slice the seeds with 2 to 3 millimeters thickness each. Those substances, while being toxic, are also suspected to be of a carcinogenic nature, which might cause cancerous disease development later in life. Rinse until the slime is reduced and drained. Detox, detox, detox!Put down your açaí-kale-gogi-maca-chia seed smoothie and crack open a durian. Since this species is open-pollinated, it shows considerable diversity in fruit colour and odour, size of flesh and seed, and tree phenology. Mayonnaise is o/w emulsion based product use egg yolk as an emulsifier, but in this research, durian seed gum (2,5%, 3%, 3,5%, 4%, and 4,5%) has been used to replace on egg yolk in making vegan mayonnaise. Being a fruit much loved by a variety of wild beasts, the durian sometimes signifies the long-forgotten animalistic aspect of humans, as in the legend of Orang Mawas, the Malaysian version of Bigfoot, and Orang Pendek, its Sumatran version, both of which have been claimed to feast on durians. Mix and churn it under running water until it foams. It produces no nausea or other bad effect, and the more you eat of it the less you feel inclined to stop. [28] On 22 May 2012, two other cultivars from Thailand that also lack the usual odour, Long Laplae and Lin Laplae, were presented to the public by Yothin Samutkhiri, governor of Uttaradit Province from where these cultivars were developed locally, while he announced the dates for the annual durian fair of Laplae District, and the name given to each cultivar. [62] Dried durian flesh can be made into kripik durian (durian chips). It is reported that cyclopropene fatty acids including sterculic, dihydrosterculic and malvalic acids were present in the uncooked durian seeds but not in … It was called "Durian Botak" ('Bald Durian'). Different cultivars may be distinguished to some extent by variations in the fruit shape, such as the shape of the spines. The aim of this work was to develop biodegradable films based on durian seed starch (DSS) and to characterize their water barrier, microscopic and mechanical properties.

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