If you have venting questions please contact us. all are new.for use with lp or natural gas.home hearth technologies brand, slp venting system.this style is used on gas stove gas fireplace brands heat glo , heatilator , quadrafire , harmon , majestic ,vermont castings , dutch west , and monessen. Quick view Add to Cart. INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS a. Only certain direct vent fireplaces use vent pipe so make sure you are ordering correctly. Majestic SLP vent is used on Majestic fireplaces and Fireplaces manufactured by HHT (Hearth and Home Technologies. Installation of direct venting is fairly easy, but more costly than the B-vent type. D 4/10 B. The Majestic SLP series vent pipe is for direct-vent gas fireplaces that require vent only. Offering highest quality and best prices on Gas Vents for Direct Vent Units. 5" x 8" 4" x 6 5/8" 4.5" x 7.5" 8" x 11" SLP; DVP; SL300; SL1100; 12" Wood Burning; 8" Wood Burning; Monessen Venting; FMI Venting; Empire Venting; Superior; Majestic; Fireplace Parts and Accessories. 2 Hearth & Home Technologies Power Vent Inline (PVI-SLP) Instructions 2196-900 Rev. Venting. I would also really think about what kind of setting you see yourself in. Buy the Majestic SLP 4"x 6-5/8" Direct Vent 90 Degree Elbow Venting Component for Gas Fireplaces and Gas Stoves. Majestic Wall Firestop - (DVP Venting) $67.00 $78.00. Hearth & Home Technologies • Power Vent Low Profile (PVLP-SLP) Instructions • 4052-900 Rev. for sale several pieces of 4 double wall gas venting pipe. For more information call 1-877-228-5012. ... Venting Pipe. I was looking at some Heat n Glo SLP type direct vent pipe (for a gas fireplace / stove) unit. Refer to Section 2.B for more information regarding venting … • Unauthorized modification of the venting system (Do not cut or alter vent compo-nents). For use with SLP/DVP-Trap; Related Products. 6 SLP Vent Pipe (4 x 6 5/8) - Monessen. Previous Next Consistently the first to market with new innovations in venting systems, DuraVent has captured a leadership position in emerging markets. Black SLP Venting; DuraChimney II Venting; Decorative Termination Caps and Shrouds; DVP Venting; Flex Venting; Gas Insert Venting; Outside Air Kits; Power Venting; SLP Venting; SL1100 Series Venting; SL300 Series Venting; VCG Power Vent; Options & Accessories. Vent Information and Diagrams A. Direct Vent Pro chimney systems feature state of the art engineering and manufacturing. Parts. See Table 2.1. Vent Pipe for Venting wood stoves, gas fireplaces, tankless water heaters, and chimneys at ventingpipe.com Safety inspection of the venting system should be performed before and after installation of this The PVI-SLP is certified to use with many Heat & Glo and Heatilator direct vent gas fireplaces. • Installation other than as instructed by these instructions. Refer to Sec- tion 16B for vent component information. Converts a 8" SLP venting pipe to a 6 5/8" DVP venting pipe * Venting Requirements: This unit requires venting pipe with an inner diameter of 4 Inches. The DVP-2SL adapts from 5 in. A DVP-SLP24 may also be used to transition from a DVP to SLP pipe when using this cap. That's not to say you'll get bored as an SLP - there's plenty of variety but OT definitely has the upper hand. These venting system components have been tested for use with direct vent fireplaces and stoves. Majestic Ceiling Firestop - (DVP Venting) $47.00 $55.00. Hearth & Home Technologies is the world’s leading provider of whole hearth systems including fireplaces, stoves and inserts, as well as furnaces that utilize biomass fuels. Majestic SLP-TB1 Horizontal snorkel cap for basement applications for use with Majestic SLP pipe. About Hearth & Home Technologies Inc. A label on that pipe indicated 3" of clearance from the top, and 1" at the sides and bottom. If you're looking for the best-flowing, meanest-sounding exhausts in the business, then SLP Performance Loud Mouth exhaust systems are for you. DVP-2SL Adapter Convers DVP to SLP 8 Inch Pipe to 6 5/8" Direct Vent Pipe DVP-2SL Your Discount Price: $75.96 SLK-SNKD Snorkel Cap SL Direct Vent Pipe Hearth Home Technologies Either SLP or DVP venting may be used throughout the vent run except on certain models that require DVP pipe. Black SLP Venting; DuraChimney II Venting; Decorative Termination Caps and Shrouds; DVP Venting; Flex Venting; Gas Insert Venting; Outside Air Kits; Power Venting; SLP Venting; SL1100 Series Venting; SL300 Series Venting; VCG Power Vent; Options & Accessories. DVP series starting collars to 4 in. PROPOSITION 65: CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY The DVP-2SL adapts from 5 in. Use Majestic Horizontal termination cap-DVP-TRAP1 multi-purpose cap to finish off any Direct Vent gas fireplace or stove. / 6-5/8 in. Installation of PVI-SLP 1. TS345P, DVP-TV/DVP-TVHW and SLP-TVHW) LDS46 (For use with TR344/TR342, TR11/TR11T, TS345/ TS345P, DVP-TV/DVP-TVHW and SLP-TVHW) VerTical VenTing wood TerminaTion cap Square Termination Cap Solid construction, a square design and a black or stainless steel finish provide function and utility for any wood fireplace. Failure to install, operate, and maintain the power venting system in accordance with manufacturer's instructions will result in conditions which may produce bodily injury and/or property damage. TCG375 (for direct vent and b-vent gas, must be used with DVP-TV, DVP-TVHW or SLP-TVHW) TCT375 (For use with SL300 Series pipe) TCT1175 (For wood use with SL1100 Series pipe) VERTICAL VENTING GAS OR wOOD SHROuD Decorative Shroud Cloak a round termination cap with this bold decorative shroud for classic style. / 8 in. ... Duravent DuraTech 6″ All-fuel double-wall chimney system. 4 SLP Vent Pipe (4 x 6 5/8) - Monessen. SLP Performance Loudmouth Exhaust Systems. / 6-5/8 in. Majestic. on your venting system: • Installation of any damaged venting com-ponent. Duravent DuraTech 8″ All-fuel double-wall chimney system. Shrouds are also available to blend with siding materials or for enhanced safety. Empire Heating Systems DV40E High Efficiency Direct Vent Furnace, Thermistor, Electronic Ignition, 40,000 Btu. Direct vent systems have versatility to their installation that natural vents do not. Page 24: Use Of Flex Vent DO NOT mix pipe, fi ttings or joining methods from differ- ent manufacturers. If you need help designing the venting system let us know with an email or a phone call and we can assemble a custom solution for your situation. Please note that we are an independent retailer, and NOT the manufacturer. SLP series vent pipe. The Quartz 42 is typically vented using Majestic's DVP venting components if venting from the rear or Majestic SLP venting if venting from the top. I think a lot of SLPs overestimate how wide our scope is - you can specialize to a degree, but not nearly as much as an OT can. We prioritize maintaining highest quality products, and providing excellent service to our end customers, and our distributors. 4 inside diameter , 6 58 outside diameter.slp 4 4length $20 ea. Simpson's Direct Vent Pro pipe (same 6 & 5/8" size) appears to defer the clearance to combustibles to the Stove / Fireplace manufacture's install instructions, which lists 1" of clearance period. Empire Heating Systems DV40E Direct Vent Furnace using advanced technology makes these heaters more than 80 percent efficient A.F.U.E. • Installation of any component part not manufactured or approved by FMI PROD-UCTS, LLC. Majestic. Napoleon Direct Vent Firestop/Vent Sleeve Assembly - For Use with 4 Inch x 7 Inch Venting Systems; Napoleon Direct Vent Roof Termination - For Direct Vent Stoves and 4 Inch x 7 Inch Venting Systems; Majestic SLP-RF6 0/12 to 6/12 Roof Flashing - 4 Inch Diameter DVP series starting collars to 4 in. Either SLP or DVP venting may be used throughout the vent run except on certain models that require DVP pipe. run. Majestic SLP vent is easy to assemble and provides a safe venting system for Majestic and HHT branded fireplaces. b. Part: Majestic SLP90. run. The Majestic SLP-HSFTK Horizontal Vent Termination Kit Including Adjustable Termination Cap, 1 Inch Firestop, 42 Inch Flex and Adapters - 4 Inch Diameter has it all, and you won't have to go looking for extra parts like adapters and firestops. Tight inner connections offer superb performance without the use of gaskets or sealants (unless specified by the appliance manufacturer) making Direct Vent Pro not only an … Majestic Authorized Dealer. At North Country Fire we strive to provide the best customer care including industry leading technical support. OTs just work with more systems. Shop our entire line of direct vent pipe including DuraVent DirectVent PRO and Metabest Direct-Temp. Venting. This device must be installed by a quali fi ed installer in accordance with these instructions. Please see the Venting Components section on this page if available for venting pipe that must be used with this unit. Please note that we are an independent retailer, and NOT the manufacturer. For venting direct vent gas appliances listed or certified for use with AmeriVent Direct Vent. / 8 in. Also, no chimney is needed regardless of whether horizontal or vertical installation is used. Approved Pipe This appliance is approved for use with Hearth & Home Technologies DVP or SLP venting systems. Quick view Add to Cart. Many models use a specially designed resonator instead of a traditional muffler, allowing them to provide unmatched power increases and a wicked "wide-open" sound. SLP series vent pipe. See Table 2.1. Find info on price, dimensions, installation and accessories. Call 800.218.4947 today For information on venting gas appliances having draft hoods and other appliances listed to be used with Type B Gas Vent, request our Type B Gas Vent Catalog. Quick view Add to Cart. Majestic DVP Direct Vent Pipe;

dvp or slp venting systems

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