About The Organic Gardening Catalogue. New for 2020! Dwarf French bean 'Montano' is a very versatile bean: it is fast growing and can be used for both early and late cultivation. Pencil shaped and very straight this variety is tasty and tolerates heavy soils better than most. High yields of good quality beans. You are free to manage these via your browser settings at any time. and virtually stringless. Sowing Time: Sow May onwards. French beans are very easy to grow and give excellent yields for the small amount of space and time needed to grow them. How to harvest. Quantity. Your best bet is to sow dwarf french bean seeds in pots in a greenhouse in April for planting out in May as your first crop. 6 Replies 1633 Views April 30, 2017, 02:32 by m1ckz : french dwarf beans Started by marion on Grow Your Own. Sowing Time: Sow May onwards. Information provided for guidance only, as cultural practices and climatic circumstances vary. It was awarded a RHS AGM in 2010 and is a late cropper which allows you to extend the French Bean cropping season. 150 seeds £2.35 Item code:11940. Traditionally sown in rows, dwarf beans also grow well 'broadcast' or scattered over an area. French Bean (Dwarf) Sonesta AGM Seeds. They're in potting mix, I recently sprayed them with iron chelate, they get about 5 hours good sun daily. For late crops sow direct up to early July. and virtually stringless. This is a very productive variety that we recommend highly being tolerant of Bean Common Mosaic Virus. Good resistance to bolting. Add to Wish List. Dwarf French Beans . High yields of good quality beans. Plant height typically 50cm. Sowing Instructions: Sow May onwards in situ, 5cm deep 22cm apart in staggered rows. Highly prolific on compact plants. Sowing Time: Sow May onwards. These beans are resistant to … French Bean (Dwarf) Safari AGM Seeds. Online Catalogue | Vegetable Seeds | Bean Seeds | French Bean Seeds | Dwarf French Bean Seeds Capitano Ref: S/DB010 Yellow, flat-podded Romano type. Sowing Instructions: Space the seeds 2cm apart in trays or individually in modules under glass at 18°C... A versatile variety suitable for sowing from March to September, and October-December under glass. 11 Replies 1203 Views March 19, 2019, 07:09 by DHM : French dwarf beans Started by mdjlucan on Grow Your Own. Price €3.39  Quick view Montano - Bean. In Stock - Heavy Duty Plastic White Plant / Seed Labels 4 Inch (50 Labels), In Stock - Plastic Seeds Widger Seedlings Dibber Transplanting Tools Set. Dwarf French Bean Montano is a white seeded, pencil podded type, pods 15cm x 12mm, suited to May sowing. https://www.simplyseed.co.uk/what-to-sow-in-july/montano.html Beetroot Boltardy is the most popular variety for early and..... French Breakfast is a vigorous, fast growing radish..... We use cookies on this website. French Bean Seeds. Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen. Very sweet flavour with tender texture to grains. ‘Montano’ produces a significant yield of extremely tasty, stringless beans. Just scatter the seed (don't worry about the odd ones which are close up). Dwarf French Bean … It is a dwarf / bush variety growing 40 cm tall and suitable for pots and containers. Ideal for open field and protected growing. Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Montano dwarf French bean’ (French bean). Nature always provides a means of keeping a balance and it’s no different in the garden. Sowing Time: Sow May onwards. Advertisement. £0.99. Dwarf French Bean Montano,White seeded, pencil podded type, pods 15cm x 12mm, suited to May sowing. Medium green pods, 14cm x 10mm in size. Ideal for pots. A dwarf / bush variety growing 40 cm tall and suitable for pots and containers. Sow outdoors Mid April to July, in final position. Dwarf French Bean - Montano . Customers who bought this item also bought. French beans give you two crops for the price of one: enjoy the pods when they’re young and tender, or leave them to dry on the plant for use as haricot beans. They are traditionally used to make fresh broad bean soup. They are easy to grow and withstand dry conditions perhaps better than any other crop, and they leave the soil in very good if not better condition after cropping because of the nitrogen built up on the roots. Sow French beans towards the end of May in 7cm 6 cell modules. The beans are stringless when picked young. It makes delicious beans, eaten raw or cooked. Approximately 60 seeds. If you don’… The beans also stay stringless as they get to full size and it makes a fantastic normal french bean, with a particularly good flavour raw.

dwarf french bean montano

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