. The 10 Easiest A-Level Subjects In 2021 (Ranked) In A-Level by Think Student Editor May 19, 2019 14 Comments. Pure mathematics is the basis of almost every discipline of science. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are some tips to pick the right GCSE subjects... GCSE options do matter Dig about a bit into the entry requirements of most university courses and there, sitting quietly alongside the A-level or other advanced course grades you need, will probably be a section on specific GCSE conditions. Moreover, if you receive a grade lower than a C or a 4, it is compulsory for you to sit for a retake. I had successfully bipassed the igcse examinations of 7subjects(phy,chem,bio,maths,ENG,ARB,ICT). A few notes about how we’ve found the ‘easiest’ IB subject combination: The subjects have to be relatively popular – with other 7,000 students electing to take them – for them to be included. Get your answers by asking now. If you’re a student in the United Kingdom or Wales looking to earn some extra credit by taking on another subject, this list of the easiest GCSE subjects to pass may just be the one for you. Things went very smooth and well. Geography is the study of the world that we live in, every other subject that we learn about has something to do with geography. This will give you the greatest choice when it comes to applying for university. If you are a kind of the easiest problem-solver first, we truly recommend to check out our article on 10 Easiest GCSE Subjects to Pass. Log In Sign Up. You can also practice for them with relative certainty of what will happen, therefore it is much easier to score highly in these than in exams. How to Best Use Insider Monkey to Increase Your Returns, 6 Things You Didn't Know About Hedge Funds. I need help choosing subjects. For example, in science, there might be questions about a practical that are asked on the final exam paper. All text and design is copyright ©2020 Koala Guide LLC. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. I am currently doing my a levels. Nothing is easy in IGCSE.. Everything needs hardwork!! For example, in Pearson’s iGCSE in English language, the proportion of pupils achieving a grade 7 or A was a massive 25 percentage points higher than expected, while achievement in English literature, mathematics, Spanish and German was between eight and 13 percentage points higher. Education Consultant, Karan Gupta, takes you through the different subject combinations of the IGCSE and IBDP boards. Whilst it may seem like there is a lot of content to learn for GCSE Religious Studies, it is actually one of the easiest subjects to pass. Learn more about the different Cambridge IGCSE syllabuses to find the right alternative to the Cambridge O Level subjects that you offer. But I got a B in urdu already so I want to give two more subjects along with it. 10. Subject Group All Creative and professional English language and literature Humanities and social sciences Languages Mathematics Sciences Umm heyy I am a science student and took ict as an extra subject. Whether it be because of lack of talent, or maybe you just want an easier journey through college, you’re looking for the safest A-Level picks. Sorry, no results has been found matching your query. For the benefit of these very students we lay out a compilation of the easiest subjects they can take. Posted by 1 month ago. 10 Easiest College Majors That Will Earn Your Money Back10 Easiest GCSE Subjects to Passart and design subjects gcsechanges in gcseclassical subjects gcsegcses with the highest pass rateis the art and design gcse easyis the classics gcse easyis the drama gcse easyis the english literature gcse easyis the german gcse easyis the music gcse easyis the religious studies gcse easyis the spanish gcse easyis the welsh second language gcse easyList XFinanceother modern languages gcsepass rate in gcseSlideshowwelsh second language gcseWhich GCSE subjects are the easiestwhich gcses are the easiest, 10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Germany, 10 Top Companies and Best Jobs for Industrial Engineers, 10 Countries that Allow Homeschooling in the World, 10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into Out of State, 5 Easiest to Use DVD and Blu-ray Players for Seniors and Elderly, 7 Untraceable Drugs and Poisons That Cause Death in Humans, 6 Life Improving Classes You Can Take in NYC, 10 Best Selling Consumer Products in Canada, 15 Countries with the Most Handsome Men in the World. We averaged the pass rate (A* to C) over the past three years and ranked the subjects accordingly. So, here is a list of top 10 most difficult subjects to study and in case you develop any interest for any of these subjects(if not already) don’t forget to feed your mind! Mathematics. Exam Fees … Favorite Answer. Assessment & Grading 3. Easiest College Majors That Will Earn Your Money Back. Answer to this question is, it totally depends on the student only. To answer broadly, subjects that are considered easy to some students include Modern foreign languages as it has a pass rate of almost 90%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is made by piecing the parts of syllabuses of Chemistry, Physics and Biology together. An umbrella of subjects is offered to students, ranging from Construction to Classical Civilization, and their knowledge is tested at the end of year 11, typically at the age of 16. The Easiest IGCSE Subjects to Pass by levelapp admin | Mar 3, 2020 | Career Planning With the constant stress of school, it’s not uncommon to want a GCSE … Let’s Celebrate Our Trainers this Teacher’s Day! We did not consider compulsory sciences or advanced subjects such as additional mathematics; we also did not take into account those in which the total number of entered students was less than ten thousand. The public is yet to see how far the new changes will penetrate the current system, and whether a positive renovation will result, but nonetheless it is inevitable that most students will continue to take these mainstream examinations as part of their academic journey. Download a free copy of our newsletter and see the details inside! General Question. Third on my list of the top 10 easiest GCSEs is GCSE Film Studies. The IGCSE refers to a test utilized in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas as a standardized test, equivalent to the high school GED of America. Designed and Developed By. Most subjects in IGCSE have no coursework or controlled assessment, but this just means that the particular assessment objective is tackled in the exam rather than a separate test. As long as you put in the work to learn the content initially, you should be fine once it comes to answering exam questions. This is a perfect subject for anyone who as ever asked ‘why?’ something happens, as geography often has an understandable explanation. This GCSE is so easy, it makes other subjects on this list look like pre-school. While our countdown below highlights the most popular subjects uni students took, your own passions and future goals should ultimately be at the heart of your decision. As the exams are based around your interpretation of the texts, there is considerably more leniency than in other subjects. It is an extremely enticing subject which essentially explores both natural, and manmade phenomenons on earth. 0 0. The pass rate for GCSE Film Studies is only 64.7% in 2018, but there is a reason for this. The only reason that this threatens a fair evaluation of students’ abilities in various disciplines is due to the fact that it will be implemented in steps, so for a couple of years pupils’ results will contain a myriad of letters and numbers. Still have questions? Cambridge IGCSE subjects We provide a wide range of teaching support and resource materials for each Cambridge IGCSE subject. by levelapp admin | Mar 3, 2020 | Career Planning | 0 comments. With the constant stress of school, it’s not uncommon to want a GCSE where you can pass without worrying too much. This IGCSE guide will help you in understanding how the curriculums work, the differences, examination timings and fees, results, retakes and post examination options.

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