Make liquid and dry fertilizer at the same time. The high quality design makes it easy to use, and allows you to make nutrient rich compost with little effort, and incredible speed. For a composter that is easy to fill and simple to maintain, the Envirocycle Composting Tumbler is a great option for a single chamber composter. The compost tumbler drum rotates on top of the base to create solid compost, while and the base allows you to collect the excess liquid from the drum as liquid fertiliser. The Envirocycle compost tumbler is a good looking unit, compact enough for a small garden or back yard. Available in either a 17 or 35-gallon drum size, users love how easy it is to assemble this composter. This is the perfect opportunity to invest in another composter, and take advantage of the alternating principle. WIth the Envirocycle Composter, the elegantly designed tumbler drum rotates on top of a base to create solid compost. Simply continue to turn the composter approx. It holds up to 52 gallons of dry matter, and 3.5 gallons of liquid in the base. Though it comes equipped with some excellent features, The Envirocycle is likely to cause problems if you decide to compost toilet paper or waste in it. If you produce enough organic waste, at a certain point, the composter will fill up, and there will be a pile of organic waste that will slowly build up. How Do I Use a Tumbling Composter?. 2 in 1 functionality. We've even seen some connected to a motor to turn regularly using an electric supply, although this would perhaps be a little industrial for us. Turning a compost heap is one of the most physically demanding aspects of making compost on a medium or large … Since the tumbler is a beautiful design, it looks great anywhere in a garden and can be placed in the most convenient location for easy access to it. Some users have complained of the door latch being of poor quality, causing the door to open and the waste/compost to fall out when packed to full capacity. The innovative design allows liquid compost tea to gather in the base. 3 times, every 3 days, but do not continue to add material to it. Envirocycle The Cutest Composter in the World ... For instance there are lots of instructions to be found on the net showing how to build a composter from trash or garbage cans.

envirocycle composter instructions

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