Since November 2013 our commitment has gone beyond the certification scheme through our palm oil Charter, which lists Principles based on the respect of human rights and protection of forests that we expect our suppliers to meet. Ferrero believes that Cocoa Action’s strength lies in combining community development and farmer productivity with the intention of raising farm-level incomes, an approach that should see change in cocoa-growing communities and a reduction in the use of child labor in West Africa. Given the relevance and sensitivity of the topics raised, meetings on monthly-basis have been planned in 2016 in order to continue in working closely on improvements and to provide support. Aware of the responsibility that comes with having leading global Brands, we are committed to leveraging this position to transform and innovate the palm oil industry. • Ferrero Near Deal to Buy Nestle’s U.S. Chocolate Unit [Bloomberg]• Nestle Wants Out of the American Chocolate Industry [E]• Nestle Buys Hipster Coffee Brand Blue Bottle [E], The freshest news from the food world every day, Nutella Maker Ferrero Buys Nestle’s Chocolate Business for $2.8 Billion, Sign up for the Greenpeace International has released its latest scorecard, and Ferrero has been categorized as ‘on track’. Nestle's popular candy brands In 2016 Ferrero chose to modify its palm oil supply base, Ferrero’s position on child labour within the cocoa supply chain. To summarize, currently, Ferrero's supply chain may essentially be impacted by weak labor conditions and inappropriate small holder practices. 182. After this evaluation, an action plan was agreed with each supplier in order to support the transformation of their practices with our Charter.A further step forward on our journey to responsible palm was our membership with the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) in November 2015. As part of its responsible sourcing practices, Ferrero decided to implement a simple process to monitor and rate the environmental, social, and ethical performance of suppliers through the EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Assessment Platform. What to know about Nutella makers Ferrero, which has agreed to pay $2.8 billion for Nestle's U.S. confectionary business In fact, by identifying the specific plantations we can monitor how our suppliers are implementing our requests and then engage them in improvement actions when gaps are detected. Ferrero has a “Zero tolerance approach” towards child labour and is committed to protect children’s rights... FERRERO SUPPORTS POIG PUBLICATION “PALM OIL INNOVATIONS: LABOUR RIGHTS”. In April 2015, Ferrero endorsed the HCS Approach (HCSA), a methodology launched by a large platform of stakeholders enabling companies to understand forest areas for protection from degraded lands with low carbon and biodiversity values that may be developed. The allegations made by The Sun contradict Ferrero Group’s strict quality, social and ethical requirements which all our contractual partners must comply with. If Ferrero buys the Nestle business, it will become the third-biggest US confectionery business, trailing only Hershey and Mars. Global confectionery group Ferrero and its affiliated companies have completed the acquisition of Nestlé USA’s confectionery business for $2.8bn. Suppliers unprepared to engage or address compliance issues will be cut out of Ferrero’s supply chain. This explains why there is an increasing consensus for a widely agreed upon standard for fair labor principles in the palm oil sector towards improving the conditions of all workers, including casual, migrant and women workers. Ferrero, together with other eleven world's leading cocoa and chocolate companies, signed a statement of collective intent committing to work together so as to end deforestation and forest degradation in the global cocoa supply chain, with an initial focus on Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. Having surveyed 14 global consumer goods manufacturers with ‘no deforestation’ policies in place, Greenpeace has analyzed how they are progressing in the implementation of their policies and their direct impact on the ground. 2014 – November –Ferrero acknowledges some remaining issues in the plantations it sources from and agree on action plan with its suppliers. By Eric Sylvers and Saabira Chaudhuri - Fairtrade Child Labour Prevention Programme “It takes a Village to Protect a Child”: Supplier ECOOKIM’s engaged in programme to prevent child labour in cocoa communities and promote the well-being of children, through the establishment of a Child Labour committee to conduct awareness-raising activities, develop a child protection policy as well as improve child education. The Ferrero Group will pay US$2.8bn (€2.28bn) in … This year Ferrero is again the first company in the food industry. It is the confirmation that 'quality first' is the real key to success ". "We strive to help Ferrero combine EcoVadis ratings with their proactive collaboration with suppliers to improve performance across all corporate social responsibility topics, and drive positive change in the communities from which they source. Remote sensing technologies available today are able to differentiate between replanting and deforestation. The company is strongly committed to sustainability and is convinced that dedication from suppliers is key to achieving sustainable supply chains. In December 2015 Ferrero achieved 99.5% traceability to the plantations, with TFT’s support. In 2015, the Group completed the purchase of all of the equity interest in the Oltan Group, a market leader in the supply, processing and sale of hazelnuts, with an annual turnover of around 500 million US Dollars. The document was released in March 2015 by a wide alliance of international human rights and environmental organizations gathering around a common platform as it pertains to fair labor working conditions. In the future we want to invest our Premium in projects such as schools for our children and drinking water supply in the communities.”Fairtrade also provides cooperatives with inclusive training on gender equality and child rights. However, in line with its tradition of continuous improvement, since 2013 Ferrero has been engaged in a process of review of all the packaging materials used, in order to guarantee the best quality delivery to consumers. For this reason Ferrero is working with its partner, TFT, to reach full traceability to the palm oil plantations we source from. All our products are subject to the most stringent safety and quality checks before being marketed. Once aware of the origin of the palm oil we buy, together with TFT, we were able to conduct desktop evaluations of the performance of identified plantation companies in relation to forest protection, peat soils management and other environmental and social factors. We, at Ferrero, launched our Palm Oil Charter in November 2013 in order to bring palm oil production towards responsible practices which protects and maintains High Carbon Stock forest and key habitats (High Conservation Value areas and peat lands), as well as respecting human rights. Specifically, we recorded 63 mills and 301 plantations. This document provides a common point of reference on what constitutes free and fair labor in palm oil production based on the frameworks enshrined in ILO core conventions and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and it builds on the existing standard established by the RSPO. This result derives from having met our certification objective in January 2015, ensuring that the final product physically contains 100% RSPO Segregated palm oil, as well as from its additional sustainability actions. We aim to collect and consider all feedback to then launch the Verification Protocol during the first quarter of 2016. The Ferrero Group and its affiliated companies (“Ferrero”), a global confectionary group, today announced a definitive agreement pursuant to which it will acquire the U.S. confectionary business from Nestlé for $2.8 billion in cash. The transaction is expected to close around the end of the first quarter of 2018 following the completion of customary approvals and closing conditions. Ferrero buys Nestle's US candy business for $2.8 billion. Ferrero, also known for its Tic Tac candies and Rocher chocolates, announced in January the acquisition of Nestlé’s US candy business for $2.8 billion in cash. However, this traceability achievement was threatened by the recent developments that have compelled Ferrero to largely revise its supply chain. Moreover, Ferrero collaborates with non-profit and farmer organizations to address agricultural, social, environmental and business issues in cocoa farming. 2015 – January – all Ferrero products worldwide are RSPO certified under the Segregated supply chain – which means that they physically contain sustainable palm oil from certified.2015 – April – Ferrero endorses the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach the toolkit on how to identify tropical forests for conservation and degraded lands for potential plantation development.2015 – October – Ferrero knows the mills and related plantations of origin for 99.5 % of the palm oil products it buys.2015 – November – Ferrero becomes Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) member. Additionally, Ferrero will enter into a strategic commercial partnership agreement, to be signed on or before the transaction close, to include selected Ferrero and Fannie May products in 1-800-Flowers gift baskets, towers and on e-commerce sites.Ferrero and Fannie May share long histories and strong track records of growing premium confectionery brands with loyal followings.Fannie May is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and confections and was founded in 1920 in Chicago, Illinois. The Fairtrade Cocoa Program enables small-scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cocoa as Fairtrade. This charter works for Ferrero as a well-established tool for bringing our suppliers closer to better practices. The level of visibility of the supply chain's performance that Ferrero has acquired since the publication of the charter allows us to take a further step forward on our journey to responsible palm oil. The Ferrero Group continued to strengthen its presence in the hazelnut market in order to guarantee and improve the quality of this fundamental raw material and to provide a unique taste in products such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. It also advises the RSPO on how to reinforce its current Principles & Criteria on this topic in the upcoming review. Furthermore, Ferrero’s membership with the POIG in November 2015 represented a further step to carry out its sustainability commitments and actions on a credible and innovative platform. Endorsed respectively in April 2015 and April 2016, both of these toolkits provide practical guidance for our suppliers in addressing our ‘no deforestation-no exploitation’ Charter requirements. Baking for others is a delightful pursuit. THE FERRERO GROUP APPROVED THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2014/2015, Ferrero International S.A., parent company of the Ferrero Group, approved the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Group as of and for the year ending August 31, 2015. Ferrero endorses the following Principles extracted from “The Free and Fair Labor in Palm oil Production: Principles”:1. There is cocoa farming happening in High Conservation Value (HCV) areas in West Africa, where farmers have been growing cocoa for many years.Ferrero is committed to working on the challenges to end deforestation in the cocoa sector, as well as implement key principles and strategies that underpin socially and environmentally sustainable cocoa production.Ferrero signed the New York Declaration on Forests by the United Nations and endorsed the HCS Approach (HCSA), a methodology enabling companies to understand forest areas to be protected for their high carbon and biodiversity values.Additionally, Ferrero signed the Cocoa and Forests Initiative letter of intent in March 2017. Ferrero is pleased to inform that on 28th November the POIG – Palm Oil Innovation Group - released the publication... Ferrero’s dedication to a deforestation-free Global Cocoa Supply Chain. For more information: Q&A Palm Oil Q&A Palm Oil in Ferrero products. In 2016 Ferrero will continue this initiated work with our suppliers in order to launch such initiative. After its success, Ferrero confirms its commitment to adopt the EcoVadis Assessment Model as the tool to assess and improve its suppliers’ sustainability performance. Moreover, Ferrero already strongly supports the protection of the rights of children all over the world, through the objectives indicated in the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, to which the Ferrero Group has officially adhered. Since 2013, the partnership with TFT allows us to turn our commitments into grounded actions, such as conducting field visits in the plantations we source from. Ferrero has always given the utmost importance to offering consumers products of the highest quality and food safety. Reputation Institute's Global RepTrak® 100 has uncovered the world's most reputable companies confirming Ferrero... New traceability to the plantationsIn 2016 Ferrero chose to modify its palm oil supply base. We are very excited about the acquisition of Nestle’s U.S. confectionery business, which has an outstanding portfolio of iconic brands with rich histories and tremendous awareness. We plan to build on the Fannie May organization to support the growth of the Fannie May and Harry London brands. 2015 – January – all Ferrero products worldwide are RSPO certified under the Segregated supply chain – which means that they physically contain sustainable palm oil from certified.2015 – April – Ferrero endorses the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach the toolkit on how to identify tropical forests for conservation and degraded lands for potential plantation development.2015 – October – Ferrero knows the mills and related plantations of origin for 99.5 % of the palm oil products it buys.2015 – November – Ferrero becomes Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) member. Product Portfolio with Comprehensive Range of Premium Chocolate ProductsFerrero to Build on Fannie May’s Existing U.S. Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Platform to Grow the BrandFerrero International S.A. (“Ferrero”), the Italian confectionery group, today announced a definitive agreement pursuant to which Ferrero will acquire Fannie May Confections Brands (“Fannie May”), a U.S. premium chocolate confectionery manufacturer of the Fannie May and Harry London brands, from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLWS) (“1-800-Flowers”). Additional information: • Ferrero 1st palm oil progress report • Ferrero 2nd palm oil progress report • Ferrero 3rd palm oil progress report • www.tft-earth.orgFAQ 1. In line with our Charter’s aim to better understand our supply chain and consequently protect the forests and peoples’ rights, we have worked with TFT to engage with our suppliers and to build visibility on the palm oil mills and the plantations we are buying from. "Ferrero's sustainable procurement initiative is off to a great start with a 67% participation rate from direct commodity suppliers " said Pierre-Francois Thaler, Co-CEO of EcoVadis. At that time our first strategy involved sourcing RSPO certified as segregated palm oil. Nestle is selling its U.S. confectionery business to Italian chocolate and candy maker Ferrero for an estimated $2.8 billion, the company said … Of note: The sale excludes KitKat and Toll House. The candy brands have been on the market publicly since last June. Italian chocolate giant Ferrero has agreed to buy rival Nestlé's American sweet and chocolate brands for $2.8 billion (€2.29 billion) in cash. “Ferrero’s long-term commitment means cocoa farmers in Cote D’Ivoire and sugar farmers in countries such as Costa Rica are going to benefit from secured sales and the additional Fairtrade Premium.” said Marina Vanin, Global Cocoa Director at Fairtrade International. Nestlé’s 2016 U.S. confectionery sales reached about USD 900 million. Ferrero Buys Nestlé’s Candy Business In The U.S. For $ 2.8 Billion. This affirms the positive and effective progress of Ferrero’s long term and multifaceted palm oil strategy, through which Ferrero is dedicated to only sourcing palm oil that aims to protect forests, their biodiversity and people who get a living from them. Certifications and Standards Currently, the Group is working with the following certification standards: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and Fairtrade. In November 2016 this document then led to the launch of the POIG Publication “Palm Oil innovations: Labour Rights”, which Ferrero, as a POIG member, integrated into its Charter. Supporting smallholders towards better livelihood and responsible practices One of the pillars of the Palm Oil Charter is the inclusion of smallholder farmers in our supply chains. Boost for cocoa and sugar farmers as Ferrero increases its Fairtrade commitment. The revised HCSA toolkit, available in early 2017, will give indications on how to delink deforestation from the palm oil production. Dive Brief: In its long-awaited exit out of the category, Nestle agreed to sell its U.S. confectionary business to Ferrero Group for $2.8 billion, according to a … From our analysis 6.34% of the palm oil volumes we buy are coming from approximately 20,941 smallholders or small farmers.The Charter: a comprehensive tool to face the whole range of challenges. The first step in this process of increased visibility is full traceability. We, at Ferrero, share the POIG’s vision to “break the link between palm oil and deforestation, and human, land and labour rights violations.”( It has proved to be an extremely powerful tool because it enables us to determine the status of our action plan. Ferrero plans to maintain Fannie May’s plant in Ohio, as well as its distribution centers in Ohio and Illinois. By Il Globo Editorial Team Published January 17, 2018 Italian confectioner giant Ferrero announced on Tuesday that it has bought Nestle’s US candy business for US$2.8 billion in cash. Furthermore, by 2018 Ferrero will have mapped 100% of its cocoa supply chain to farm-gate level (we are perfectly on track with our targets and today already over 50% is mapped). It will help determine if our suppliers are effectively meeting the Ferrero Palm Oil Charter requirements to protect forests, biodiversity, local communities and workers’ rights.• The Ferrero Palm Oil Dashboard: traceability data, progress with our suppliers, maps and assessments will be assembled to create the “Ferrero Palm Oil Dashboard”, as part of our journey towards transparency. The hygienic conditions described in The Sun article by no means correspond to Ferrero’s strict quality regulations and standards. The U.S. is an important growth market for Ferrero and we are excited about the opportunity to support and grow a great American brand as we continue to expand our presence in the U.S.”Mr. Nestle’s confectionery division includes numerous iconic candy bars such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, and Nestle Crunch. • Oil palm production accounts for 6 % of all cultivated land for vegetable oils globally, but has the highest output, producing 32 % of all oils and fats. Furthermore, we have systematically started collecting the maps of plantations, where data was available from official sources. The key objective of monitoring suppliers’ sustainability performance is to verify excellence in their activities and, where necessary, leverage on the influence of Ferrero’s supply chains to encourage a better performance. This was achieved in January 2015 according to the RSPO Segregated supply chain. Ferrero guarantees its products are safe for consumers. Nutella maker Ferrero has completed the acquisition of Nestlé’s US confectionery business, including more than 20 of its brands such as Butterfinger, BabyRuth, Crunch, and SweeTarts. Ferrero intends to work with the existing Fannie May management team on a go-forward basis.Ferrero will maintain its U.S. headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey and its assembly and packaging facility in Somerset, New Jersey.The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, and is expected to close by the end of May.Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP served as legal counsel to Ferrero. Nutella- and Tic Tac-maker Ferrero Group, a global confectionery conglomerate, entered into a definitive agreement on 16 January to purchase Nestle’s US confectionery business for US$2.8bn. Beside Peninsula Malaysia, desktop evaluations for Indonesia, Insular Malaysia, Guatemala, PNG, have been carried out this year and the conclusion was that field visit aren't needed before launching the Verification Protocol. While the investigation continues, no evidence of child labor has been found to date. The company operates a production facility in Ohio and distribution centers in Ohio and Illinois, and employs 750 people full-time, with additional seasonal hires.Founded in 1946, Ferrero is the third-largest company in the global chocolate confectionery market, with expected global sales overcoming $11 billion, distribution across over 160 countries, and a workforce of more than 30,000 people across 53 countries.Ferrero entered the U.S. in 1969 with Tic Tac® breath mints, which have become an icon in the U.S. breath mint market. The traceability to the plantations means we know the name of the estates and of the parent companies which manage it, as well as their GPS coordinates. Giovanni Ferrero. The problem affects the packaging of virtually all foods: indeed, minimal traces of mineral oils occur everywhere in the environment. The POIG binds non-governmental-organisations, consumer companies and palm oil producers to a comprehensive action plan through new business practices that protect wildlife, forests and peatlands, as well preventing the violation of local communities and workers. At the end of each visit, a meeting was held with the suppliers to advise them of any issues found related to our Charter, and to establish and discuss a time-bound action plan with each grower. Bloomberg notes that Nestle rival Hershey has also made moves to diversify its business, recently coughing up more than $900 million to buy the snack brand that produces SkinnyPop popcorn. The next step will involve third party verification of the implementation of the Charter requirements. These are the recipes Eater editors reach for when cookies are in the cards. Paul Chibe, President and CEO of Ferrero North America, said, “Fannie May brings great people and a valuable manufacturing, distribution and retail network to Ferrero’s expanding U.S. presence. It is a monitoring system that is specifically designed to take into consideration the general weaknesses in our supply chain as well as in the palm oil industry. The first steps will include trialing the various means of monitoring for each of the Charter's principles and building a comprehensive communication tool to provide transparency to our activities on the ground. LUXEMBOURG — The Ferrero Group has completed its acquisition of Nestle USA's confectionery business, adding to its portfolio more than 20 … These two countries together account for around 85 to 90 percent of total global palm oil production.This sector is labor intensive and the palm oil industry is one of the most significant employers in Indonesia and Malaysia.It is important to be sure that fair labor practices and labor rights are embedded in palm oil production. Despite already achieving this 100% RSPO segregated certified palm oil objective in 2015, we didn't stop there. No exploitation: update In order to provide our suppliers with effective guidelines to comply with the ‘no exploitation’ requirements of the Ferrero Charter, in April 2016 Ferrero endorsed the "Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance“. Finally, the result achieved in the WWF Scorecard is relevant to us because it underpins the importance of our journey towards responsible palm oil, further fueling our determination to succeed and renew our commitment in this direction.We at Ferrero are celebrating our 70th Anniversary. A pilot assessment project covering approximately 60 strategic suppliers was completed in mid-2016. Key recommendations include- Paying a decent living wage, as agreed through the participation of workers and independent unions;- No fees or costs are charged to workers, directly or indirectly, for recruitment or employment services;- No retention of passports, other government issued identification and any personal valuables;- Limiting precarious work by ensuring that casual, temporary and day labour is limited to jobs that are genuinely temporary or seasonal, and account for no more than 20% of the workforce;- Providing access to accessible, equitable and legitimate grievance mechanisms.In 2013, Ferrero launched its Palm Oil Charter to also address the possible violations of labour rights in the plantations it supplies from. Why does Ferrero use palm oil? A living wage is paid.5. The complexity of these issues does not allow for one-size-fits-all solution. The English version is available and can be downloaded at “The Fairtrade cocoa program is a key component of reaching our objective of 100 percent certified sustainable cocoa by 2020”, says Aldo Cristiano, who is responsible for Ferrero’s sustainability programs. Further discussions with the fourth supplier have been carried out in order to finalize the priorities in the action plan within a defined deadline. Ferrero indeed requires its suppliers to act consistently in a sustainable manner. What are the Ferrero milestones towards responsible palm oil?2005 – January- Ferrero becomes RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member2013 – November – Ferrero launches the Palm Oil Charter and becomes a member of The Forest Trust.2014 – May - Ferrero publishes its first progresses’ report about the Charter’s implementation 2014 – November – Ferrero becomes Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) supporter. The Kinder surprise eggs are filled, under proper hygienic conditions, by staff in the plants (see photos). There were rumors last week that Ferrero was going to buy the Nestle U.S. confectionary unit, and the speculation is now over as the deal officially went through, as of today. The International Labor Organization (ILO) Core Conventions are upheld.2. Current Ferrero state of the art The Ferrero’s Charter launched on 2013 November 11th, also includes specific requirements regarding the working conditions topic in the plantations we source from. Ferrero is pleased to inform that on 28th November the POIG – Palm Oil Innovation Group - released the publication “Palm Oil Innovations: Labour Rights” which defines concrete steps to ensure the management of worker exploitation issues in the palm oil sector.As a POIG member, Ferrero welcomes the release of this document, which represents the first publication on the innovations to break the link between palm oil production and the destruction of forests and peatlands, the exploitation of communities and workers, and climate change.This document was guided by the “Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production Principles and Implementation Guidance”, a document developed by a wide platform of representatives of civil society, which indicates how to ensure that the rights of workers are respected. Ferrero, in addition to being identified as the only company to be able to trace nearly 100% of its palm oil back to the plantations, was recognized as one of the leading companies with a strong responsible sourcing and industry reform strategy. 2015 – December – Ferrero shares its Palm Oil Charter Verification Protocol with suppliers and NGOs 3. Ferrero buys Nestle chocolate brands including Butterfinger The Butterfinger brand is one of Nestle’s US products Ferrero has secured for $3.5bn. Ferrero has therefore ordered the termination, with immediate effect, of any relationship with the subcontractor Prolegis in Romania. In addition to its namesake foil-wrapped truffles, Ferrero Rocher also makes Nutella and Tic Tacs. Based on a collaborative approach, the company aims at promoting best practices and fostering long-term relationships with suppliers through engagement. Reasonable production targets, working hours, and leave entitlements are established.4. Ferrero will take over more than 20 iconic Nestle brands including the likes of Butterfinger, BabyRuth, 100Grand, Raisinets and Wonka. The UTZ program enhances farmers’ knowledge of good agricultural practices, improves working con-ditions and ensure they care for their children and the environment.

ferrero buys nestle

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