Fraxinus. Send by email Printer-friendly version. Height after 10 years over 6m. The galls dry out and persist on the tree into winter. Dès 1960, les pépinières CHAUVIRE ont initié la culture des arbres tiges de calibre de plus en plus gros. A compact, upright version of the Manna Ash with large panicles of white flowers in May. Autumn Purple is the trademarked name for the cultivar 'Junginger'. Rounded Shape. Has Deciduous foliage. It is a male cultivar bearing no fruits. lustració. Plantes 100% françaises ! Diseases The most serious problem is Ash decline or dieback which has a variety of causes, some poorly understood. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' (Frêne blanc) ARBR-Fraxinus-americana-Autumn-Purple-Frêne-blanc. White Ash 'Autumn Purple' Fraxinus americana. FRAK-si-nus a-mer-ih-KAY-na. Height 15 - 18 m. The fresh green, odd-pinnate leaves, with usually 7 leaflets, become 30 - 40 cm big. Développement : Arbre de grande taille allant de 15 à 20 m de haut. Variété : Le frêne blanc Autumn Purple ou Fraxinus americana Autumn Purple est une variété de frêne produisant un superbe feuillage découpé, prenant une jolie teinte rouge orangé à l'automne. Très belle coloration automnale rouge pourpre foncé. Les éléments ont été supprimés de votre liste d'envies. Autumn Purple White Ash will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 50 feet. The glossy dark green foliage turns a deep purple to mahogany in fall. Cultivar plus compact, plus dense avec des feuillles plus petites que le type tombant assez tardivement. Great Plant Picks is an educational program of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, recommending outstanding plants for gardeners living west of the Cascade Mountains from Eugene, Oregon, USA to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' Ash. Nom commun : Frêne blanc. FRAXINUS americana 'Autumn Applause' Frêne 'Autumn Applause' cliquer pour agrandir. Fraxinus americana, or White Ash, is a deciduous tree, native to North Carolina and found throughout the state except for the lower coastal region (it does not tolerate exposure to salt air). Superb dark purple autumn colour. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' - purple-red fall color, male, 45' tall by 60' wide, yielding a spreading form with glossy Summer and Autumn foliage Fraxinus americana 'Rosehill' - relatively poor yellowish bronzy red fall color, seedless, 50' tall by 30' wide, noteworthy for its tolerance to poor soils that are distinctly alkaline in pH Category: Trees. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' Ash. See all Fraxinus. Autumn Purple® Ash Fraxinus americana ‘Junginger ’ Zone: 4 Height: 45’ Spread: 40’ Shape: Rounded Foliage: Green, heavily textured Fall Color: Reddish-purple Fruit: Seedless The standard of comparison for White Ash. More About Fraxinus americana Autumn Purple® ('Junginger') Pyramidal when young, maturing to an oval to rounded crown; Dark green, pinnate, compound leaves emerge later in the spring; One of the first trees to develop fall colour; Outstanding fall colour of rich maroon-purple with interior colours of orange, red and gold; Interesting Notes: White ash is a valuable, timber tree. Oregon State Univ. Botanical Name: Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' … The veins are striking and the autumn colour is red purple to deep purple. Fraxinus americana Autumn Purple ™ Fraxinus americana Autumn Purple ™ Scientific Name: Fraxinus L. (Oleaceae) americana L. Autumn Purple ™ Nursery Availability 1 - 22 of 22. Ajouter à la sélection. Vista de l'arbre. Inconspicuous green flowers are borne in spring. This is a special selection that turns a marvellous range of colours, from green in summer, to reddish-purple then deep mahogany-purple, making it a spectacular and different tree for autumn display. 40 to 50 ft. Arbre formant une colonne large. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' (syn. 10 m x 6 m. Scion. caduc. Sélectionner ? Hauteur 15 - 18 m. Ses feuilles imparipennées d'un vert tendre, comportant généralement 7 folioles, Les produits ont été ajoutés à votre liste d'envies. Fulles. Types de plantes. Fraxinus americana 'Junginger' (Autumn Purple™) Autumn Purple™ white ash A male seedless form, 'Autumn Purple' is a pyramidal-rounded selection that exhibits red to reddish-purple fall color. F. americana 'Junginger') is an American selection with a wide ovoid crown and a striking autumn colour. Mature height. Growth Rate: 36 Inches per Year. Fraxinus americana 'Autumn Purple' Frêne blanc 'Autumn Purple' synonyme Fraxinus americana 'Junginger' Télécharger le PDF. Add To Favorite Plants View Favorites List. The purple ash tree (Fraxinus americana ‘Autumn Purple’) is actually a white ash tree that has purple leaves in fall.Its attractive autumn foliage makes it a popular street and shade tree.

fraxinus americana 'autumn purple

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