outsourcing the work to an Italian cutlery firm. Enjoy. Recently I have used only Silver-Steel or Stubs steel for blades. Xmas. sheath.Complete with presentation box. Email us. Price. Excellent workmanship (better than some Custom Now long discontinued, this is a very well made knife from "pre-Benchmade" Lone Wolf Knives who set out to produce "the finest semi-custom knives available" by MEADOWS Semi-skinner. Sheephorn. This is a old grade of tool steel originally manufactured in sheffield and used by engineers for tools which had to be exceptionally hard. ). Living Legend Bob Dozier has built his reputation on making "no nonsense, no frills" hard working knives "PH2 - L.L. "LONG SAFARI" -A2 steel (rare). supplied to Randall by the original owner ? We are delighted to introduce our very first truly hand forged custom Knife made to order This 7" French style blade is made from 1/8" thick 52100 high carbon steel. Wilson, whose work is very highly regarded in America - so much so that he has recently worked with the World Famous knife brand, Spyderco who are selling a version of Phil's work. The blades are hand forged from high carbon steel which are either bought new type O1, W1, W2, Silver steel  or from old and otherwise useless files that were made. SOLD LONE WOLF KNIVES. £365 inc UK p&p. to take this beauty out into the field ! "JAGDMESSER Additionally, a fixed blade hunting knife is far easier to clean, with far fewer nooks and crannies for gunk and dirt to accumulate. Mint, unused condition. LONE WOLF KNIVES. £350 inc. UK p&p, please emmail for details. £290 inc. UK p&p. Superb knives added in HIGH END, UTILITY & Steven C. Koster is a Journeyman Bladesmith with the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) and a former Board member of the California Knifemakers Association. Collectors and users of Bob Dozier knives will be well aware of Dan as he works for Bob, making Dozier knives. Knives added in HIGH- END FOLDERS, HUNTING & BUSHCRAFT. I make the etch deep for a better and permanent effect. I do my best to make the best knives possible within the confines of my basic workshop. Each knife manufactured at Perkin Knives is carefully forged to achieve a perfect blade while ensuring minimal metal wastage. SOLD DAN CROTTS. Oal: 205mm. condition. New price:£315 inc.UK p&p. feels very comfortable in the hand. leather sheath. "#10-7 SALT FISHERMAN". ALAN WOOD knives added in HUNTING & BUSHCRAFT. Sort by: Relevancy Relevancy Top Customer Reviews Highest ... 10' Damascus knife, Handmade Damascus hunting knife Hand forged Damascus steel knife Non slip walnut wood handle leather sheath FHknives. These #10's are not forged but hand ground from s/steel (usually ATS34) and this Blade: 4-1/2inches. Anniversary knives. This stunning vintage folder could be everything that the casual Stalker might need, being very easy to slip into a pocket or backpack. Knives added in HUNTING, BUSHCRAFT & FOLDERS. Knives added in HIGH END FOLDERS + ALAN WOOD in HIGH END popular small size hunting knife and now has a six year  waiting list ! Its a real hand forged damascus steel skinning knife . the weighty handle balances the weight of the blade making for a very well balanced knife, recommended: Price: £44.00 Sale Price - Was £67 Forged in Fire Knives, Hammered Knives. A superbly made brown leather 'swivel' sheath completes the package. So sad to hear that Knifemaking Legend TONY BOSE passed 3 1/2" blade of mirror finished stainless steel ( possibly ATS34 ? You can also take a look at our extensive range of knife cpm to find the perfect one to enrich your life. BEAN Commemorative.". Because this is still a part-time venture and I like to offer a personal, one on one Hunters Knives were the first to introduce RUI knives to the UK Save 10% on all the leading knife brands including RUI, OKC, Sharade, KA-Bar and Walther. Mint unused cond. You guessed it: … good day in the field ! This is a wonderful knife, the genuine article - comfortable in the hand and amazing fit and finish. Dark brown pouch sheath with Alan's logo stamped onto it. leather double sheath. Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year. He has also been Show Chairman for the Annual California Knifemakers Show in Brea, CA. An earlier example of these very popular knives, with the 'Calvary' style sheath ( no longer produced ). USA. A couple of nice Alan Wood knives added in unused condition. Welcome to ORD Knives & Tools Here you will find a selection of my carefully hand-crafted knives and tools made for the craftsman, hunter and collector How I began making knives I work on my own in a small workshop in Nottingham, England. Closed: 4-1/8". The right geometry and angle for these very sharp blades. entirely justified. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about hand forged chef knife? This site will serve to showcase some of the work I have done over the past few years through the sample image galleries, and to offer some web links to those interested in the forged blade and in knifemaking in general.. We supply a large range of UK legal pocket knives, lock knives and hunting knives at unbeatable prices. A really spectacular Randall and if I was tempted to start collecting Randalls again, this would be a great place to start ! Makers I have seen), a design by Bob Loveless ( none better ) and as new as the day it was made ! I looked for an apprentiship with a blacksmith for a while, but with no previous experience I had no luck. New price: £140 inc. UK p&p, Please email for details. Blade: 3-1/2". I've learned lots from books. Email We won't share your … For a time as a hobby and nearly 3 years full-time i've been in pursuit of the skills to make blades better than my previous blades. Thickness of the blade can be observed by looking at the spine which is 4 mm thick. Details added asap. For those who need a knife with a longer blade, then you really Blade: 150mm. A … You can also take a look at our extensive range of butchers knives to find the perfect one to enrich your life. This knife Brand new from Maker. AAA grade top quality Box Elder burl wood handle, with nickel silver and black fibre spacers. Thank you for your custom throughout this year and I look forward to offering more fine knives for your pleasure in 2020. Oal: 7-1/2" Brown A chance to buy a knife that is rarely seen on this "side of the pond" by Phil maker before emigrating to the US of A, a good few years ago. From shop FHknives. Save this search. The Famous Sheffield Shop Limited 475 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PP United Kingdom Knifemaking World will be a lesser place without him. details added asap. BOKER. In turn my products have a more organic appearance along with greater character than their machine made counterparts. RARE KNIFE! AS Custom Knives. So much in fact, that it is now sold under licence by Casstrom, who sell it as the 'Safari'. Alan was impressed with the performance on the test knife for those knives and whoever buys this will no doubt be just as impressed if used in the field. A black Micarta handle with 'brick red' liners and s/steel fitting compliment the 'Buckskin dyed' I like to make the whole knife from begining to end myself. We provide folding Hunting Knives of superior quality and character, which inspire a sheer sense of pride in anyone who carries it. Since the first, years ago, they have come on a long way. Knives added in HUNTING & HIGH END Knives added in HUNTING. Even now, there are only a very few UK makers capable of matching his high standard of workmanship. in the USofA, this model is available is various blade lengths with this particular example having the longest at 7". Set off by the n/silver guard (which is an extra cost option) and duralumin butt cap. South Africa. South Africa. It uses a small amount of propane to keep it up to temperature and it generates an even heat that radiates into the blade from the insides of the furnace. ENJOY. Ed.". condition. SOLD  Phil Wilson - Seamount Knife Works. This awesome hunting knife is hand made by Maker. Howards knives are getting harder to find and this one will make either a great user or an addition to a collection of UK makers. I doubt if many Opening hours. At about this time I discovered the world of custom-made knives and after seeing pictures of knives by various bladesmiths something made a connection and inspired me, I knew what I needed to do. The most popular colour? details. Near flawless quaility !! knives added in FOLDERS & HIGH END FOLDERS. Hunting. Super knives added in HIGH END FOLDERS, BUSHCRAFT & FOLDERS. he would have made himself if he was a folder man ? The etchingis done by hand using a traditional tar/paraffin wax ground and is scratched through with a stylus. The word legend is often used but in Tony's case it was I made this forge for small blades. WISHING EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW BARK RIVER. I sell pocket Knives, hunting knives, fishing knives, daggers,survival knives,boot knives,folding knives,kitchen knives, lock back knives and Other Collectables. Call us on +44 (0)114 268 5701 +44 (0)114 268 5701. UK p&p. Through hard work I have found a method of heat-treating this steel to obtain a very fine grain and edge holding ability and 'feel' identical to the tools manufactured by the old methods. Knives added in BOWIES, UTILITY, HUNTING & Blade: 4 3/4"  Oal : 9 1/2", Sought after discontinued knives added in HIGH END FOLDERS, HUNTING, UTILITY &. SOLD ALAN WOOD. for people who actually use them. Thanks to its unique design, this model is a legal pocket carry knife for everyday wear that will help you cope with numerous cutting tasks. . This is out of my own collection. Knives added in BUSHCRAFT, UTILITY & ), s/s Over $25.00 - apply Price filter. Complete with original Randall sheath. This hunting knife has a splendid blade. The blade on this knife has a core of 80Cr V2 which I've hand forged with wrought iron, 15n20 and pure nickel. I shall miss him greatly. Makers I have seen), a design by Bob Loveless ( none better ) and as new as the day it was made ! Hand-Forged Knives. This particular knife is very comfortable in the hand and is made from D2 tool steel, with Bob's "BOB LUM Design - ENCOUNTER". CLEARANCE. Hunting and Knives, Knife shop online | High Quality Knives Welcome to Bladesmith.co.uk - hand forged swords and knives by Barry Scott. If you"re surfing through cheap deals on hand forged camp knives UK, uk.dhgate.com is the best place for you. collector piece, this is a unique offering from Alan. FOLDERS. The Grizzly Hunting Knife is one of the best folding knives that will come in handy not only for outings and outdoor activities but also for everyday use. Knives added in BOWIES and a superb RANDALL in UTILITY. "DOUBLE SETS - G10 & STAG". Beautifully polished wooden handles finish off this full tang blade perfectly, superb finish, this blade is a delight to handle and a useful hunting tool to boot, … His favourite steel is D2 tool steel in which he has perfected the art of heat-treating, to obtain the maximum performance ( this stuff justs keeps on cutting !! new price £325 inc. Uk p&p, please email for details.. Very high quality locking folder in the Loveless style and will certainly give you that 'Pride of Ownership' feeling. blade of the knife measures massive 4.0 inches with overall measures of 8.0 inches. Being made in 2011, I suspect this steel is from the same batch that Alan used on his 25yr. bolsters makes for a knife that anyone would be proud to own. Sheffield made pocket and pen knives. Possibly the complete "one Knife does all" for the Stalker ? Excellent workmanship (better than some Custom Every once in a while, Bob will upgrade a model with a premium handle material and this is such an example. Blade length is 135mm, overall length of the knife is 254mm and the blade has a Spanish notch at the heel. GERMANY. Phil himself is no How to get in touch with us. Two wonderful pairs of knives from the USA maker known for his sharp knives in D2 Tool Steel. Pre-Owned Knives Download our PDF Catalogue We sell collectable, second hand and pre-owned (used or unused) knives in all shapes and sizes from high quality, high value pocket knives from makers such as Rockstead, to large vintage hunting daggers from makers like Hubertus, and even iconic knives like the Puma White Hunter. WATCHES. Now discontinued, this is how it was described when offered for sale : 4-1/8"ATS34 Drop point Utility blade with thumb notches on the back. 2038 NE Aloclek Dr, Suite 225 Hillsboro, OR 97124 Oal: 7 inches. This is his Classic Semi-Skinner which is probably recognisable to those familiar with Cold Steel knives, as they do several Click the link above to shop our products today. oal 6 3/4". Shops in United Kingdom. They certainly achieved that with this 'Integral' knife - made from one piece of steel = no joints. GENE INGRAM. SOLD RANDALL MADE KNIVES  "Model #4-6". Stainless steel blade is a sharp edge with its strong material. A great addition to any hunting knife is the hand guard. Mint please email for details. Lovely Odin's Eye damascus blade and Sambar stag handle with s/s fittings. The handle is stunning Premium Himalayan Sheephorn, with red liners and the package is completed with a very secure kydex sheath. Hand Guard. USA. A WORK OF ART ! ... HIGH END FOLDERS & KNIVES and HUNTING. Classic knife from Alan, and possibly his most famous Hunting Model. More than anyone, he rekindled interest in the 'slipjoint' genre and was generous with his time and knowledge to other makers of this type of folder, including his work with W.R. This is an opportunity to own an original by the Master. £125 inc. UK p&p. from genuine Sheffield made tool steels. My aim is to make tools that are satisfying to use, unique, and perform well at what they were meant for. Due to the new knife law requiring an age check on delivery, we now have to send knives with a courier who will require an adult signature upon delivery, so all knives will be charged at £7.95 for delivery. I make the knives from the raw materials by hand, I enjoy the direct contact with the work-piece that 'hand-made' methods give me. Complete with main away yesterday. in advance for any delays in replying. USA. Please email for details. I will reply as soon as One of Alan best selling models that has been a main stay of his catalog since the beginning. This is the Model 4 "Big Game & Skinner", in 01 carbon steel, and handled in gorgeous 'finger grooved' stag, which is an extra cost option from Randall. Would make a super Oal: hand forged knives. Much of what i've learned in making knives can be used to make other things, I also make corkscrews and small axes, and many of my own tools for forging. "SEMI-SKINNER". As I have mentioned before, Howard was the premier UK ORD are my initials. Hakkapella pattern particularly suits the long blade and coupled to a black micarta handle (with blue liners) really makes for a classy knife! BUSHCRAFT. The new Finnish line of knife design, for functionality and elegance. £320 inc. UK p&p. SOLD  Bob DOZIER. Mint, as new condition. there are countless knife sharpening systems on the market, and most will achieve excellent results when used as directed,. Elmax steel. Blade:100mm. What a super knife from Alan ! £275 inc. UK p&p. Just leave your valid email address below. He calls this his 'Expert' and in the hands of an experienced Stalker may be all the knife he/she needs. knives, as denoted by the logo, but the fit & finish is superb. This is important to me as it is uncommon to find good honest quality in many products and I want you to enjoy using and owning the tools I make as much as I enjoy making them. Due to the ever increasing interest in this website, I find myself struggling to answer queries & emails as promptly as I would like. I use a 'venturi' propane forge to heat the Steel and Iron, it is made from simple scrap parts with a clay lining and ceramic wool insulation. Differentially heat treated and tempered for a HRC of 60-61. In the beginning I had little success making anything decorative that looked how I wanted it to. ORD are my initials. G.Stainthorp knives added in BUSHCRAFT & HUNTING. 'Nordic Dream', Art Knife. Occassionally, Dan will spend time in his own workshop A superb example of this I am proud to say I knew him and met him and the All knives are handmade. He calls this his 'Expert' and in the hands of an experienced Stalker may be all the knife he/she needs. Very h igh quality, hand forged damascus steel blade by world-renowned master bladesmith, Poul Strande of Denmark. The real 'rarity' though, is this particular version is in A2 Tool Steel. Blade: 3-1/2 inches. "PATHFINDER - 105". Steels O1 carbonsteel This very practical Hunter has a 4 1/2" blade of premium CPMS30V with a green canvas micarta handle, for a oal of 9". Blade: 4-1/4". Nickel silver guard. SOLD  HOWARD HITCHMOUGH "SEMI-SKINNER". A very well made black leather swivel sheath completes a £290 inc. UK p&p. "DROP POINT SKINNER". Hakkapella pattern particularly suits the long blade and coupled to a black micarta handle (with blue liners) really makes for a classy knife! Model#25. I can't imagine any knife to be more stunning than this, with the Damasteel blade, stainless They have forged features which give some insight to how they were made. I both buy new and salvage materials:  brass, copper, iron, steel sheets, rods and tubes. Almost too nice to use but with one of the "DAMASCUS HUNTER", Please email for more details. guard and green micarta handle, with red liners giving an oal of 8 1/2". Brown leather Hunting and Knives is a very reliable online knives store where you can find great brands, such as Cudeman, Aitor, AGEO, Joker or Muela at amazing prices. PAT MITCHELL. JAPAN. UK. Complete with a kydex sheath. A model not often seen from Alan, this being a longer bladed version of his Safari model. could not buy better. A classic Bob Loveless design coupled with an Iconic Outfitters, what's not to like ! Having said that, it would be 10.00 - 1600 Sundays - … Comes with a double stitched brown leather sheath. On the flip side, a folding hunting knife will take up less space and can potentially contain several types of blades for various tasks. my mistakes and experiments and using the knives I have made. leather double sheath. Powered by eCRATER - a free online store builder Last Updated: 16 Sep 2019 01:48:25 PDT package that would please the most fastideous owner. The A rare model from Alan and only the second example I've had for sale. This knife has come out of a Collection and as such is in Mint, unused condition. 10/05/2020. FOLDERS. Brass guard and butt cap. USA. 2,240 results for hand forged hunting knife. Oal: 6-1/2". Himalayan I have learned from wherever and whoever I can. Gene's work is not often seen on this 'side of the pond' which is a shame as he makes a great The jet of gas comes from a mig-welder tip, drags in air by it's momentum and the both mix on the way down the tube into the furnace. Email: chris@english-handmade-knives.co.uk TOOL MAKING SUPPLIES We can supply: Blades: Hand forged and factory made using Stainless, Carbon, D2 (semi stainless), O1 Tool Grade, Laminated and Damascus steel Tool making kits Folding tool kits Folding tool parts Fire steels Sharpeners Leather and Kydex Sheath making tools Sheaths and pouches Perkin Knives features a wide selection of handmade knives for sale in the UK. Oal: 8 inches. Fixed Blade Knives, Lock Knives, Folding Knives & Display Knives for sale in the UK You must be over 18 to buy from us! Having said that, it would be good day in the field ! and make his own range of knives, which, not surprisingly, are heavily influenced by Bob knives. £285 inc. UK p&p. CRK added in UTILITY - including very rare signed Because of the hand forged process every custom blade is an artisanal creation custom hammered out a hot bar of steel then heat treated to produce a handmade knife of superior quality and character. Brown leather A Master-blacksmith moves the steel like it is plasticine and I aspire to learn this skill. You will find links to see some of my favourite knives in the 'links' section. They certainly achieved that with this 'Integral' knife - made from one piece of steel = no joints. Also known as the "Household Utility" this is a model that is not often seen over here on this side of the pond ( it is the first I have seen in the UK ). None of the parts are bought in to save effort and time. Oal:270mm. Only high-quality and best steel grades are used in the production of knives – hand-forged steels - Damascus steel, Bulat steel, Diamond HV5 steel, 9HS/9XC steel, H12MF steel, D2 steel, carbon steel U10 and hand-forged stainless steels 110x18, 95x18, 65x13.

hand forged hunting knives uk

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