This talk will provide a quick overview of the challenges and opportunities in user interface design and implementation, also called Human-Computer Interaction. Our solutions remove friction to help maximize developer productivity, reduce time to market, and improve customer satisfaction. For paper manual, there’s no other way than that we have to print and distribute all paper manuals again. 10 of the top 10 UX design heuristics is provide user assistance at appropriate times in the interaction, making sure that such information is easy to search, focused on the user's task, lists concrete steps to be carried out, and not too large. It contains a short essay (Cockton 2008a) on the Whiteside et al. If you have any problems logging into CCR, please call HCI Informatics Help Desk at … By User Documentation and Online Help. Usability Heuristic 10: Help and Documentation Summary: No. Its repetitive appearance in such specific situations (write letter, draw table…) regardless of the fact that user had used to switch it off in that same situation before is of reasons why it was hated and neglected. Cancer Clinical Research Key Features allows programs at the University of Utah/Huntsman Cancer Institute are designed to facilitate translational research through closely linked clinical and … Over the previous years, data violations quadrupled for VEVRAA and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Press ENTER or CLICK the OK button. Chapter 11: User support from Dix, Finlay, Abowd and Beale (2004). Assume your user has no experience but will recognize a cup, a kettle, a spoon, etc. Minimal use of bezels, gradients, and drop shadows keep the interface light and airy, while ensuring that content is … Test Drive labs give anyone without a support contract an easy, no-cost way to evaluate NetApp products. hciX is the name of a Bluetooth device installed in the system. Technical Documentation. Your interface is brilliant, he has no difficulty doing new learned tasks. arrow_forward, NetApp uses cookies and similar technologies to improve and customize your online experience. Hands-On Labs are available to customers with an active support contract for any NetApp product. HPE Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI offer a choice of ready-to-go validated solution configurations, based on specific HPE ProLiant Servers and components which are tested, optimized, and validated with Windows Server Datacenter’s Storage Spaces Direct to deliver reliable solid performance and high availability for HCI. What is the Usability Engineering Process, and how can it help improve user interfaces? • On-line documentation – paper documentation is made available on computer. This tutorial has been intended for the users willing to take the human computer interactions as a next level of study in their … Economic: it will reduce significantly the cost of printing as well as distribution. Our industry-leading solutions are built so you can protect and secure your sensitive company data. arrow_forward, Search documentation Interface Design Guidelines. Assuming that a user first time interacts with your interface, it is a common sense that they will be eager for self-discovering the contained features. “The technical ability of HCi’s staff and their ability to recommend appropriate solutions to our documentation needs is obviously a reason for choosing HCi.” [ Tyndall User Services Manager] “I am pleased to provide an endorsement for HCi concerning the various work at FLORAfoods relating to our quality system and documentation … Posted by OsloYoung. arrow_forward, NetApp TechCommTV NetApp ® HCI is an enterprise-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure design that combines storage, compute, networking, and hypervisor—and adds capabilities that span public and private clouds. While ultimately it is the degree to which a particular document matches the requirements of its targeted audience that determ… HCL Domino Documentation. Take a Test Drive, NetApp HCI Installation and Deployment Overview, Hardware Installation and Setup Instructions, NetApp HCI with Mellanox SN2010 Switch Quick Cabling Guide, NetApp HCI Two-Node Storage Cluster Technical Overview, NetApp HCI Networking Quick Planning Guide, NetApp HCI Knowledgebase articles (login required), NetApp HCI Support Center (login required). More readable than Online Help: Reading on a paper is good for your eyes and you can focus more on a paper than a monitor. NetApp is the proven leader when it comes to modernizing and simplifying your storage environment. arrow_forward, @NetAppDoc Speed application development, improve software quality, reduce business risk, and shrink costs. Swartz, L. (2003, June 12). Available Commands. NetApp HCI delivers an agile, scalable, easy-to-manage … Join Circa as we discuss documentation and recordkeeping best practices for outreach … Change ). Get complete control over your data with simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility. From this type, many sub-types of user help are emerging so far. In this article we list various criteria that you can use to appraise the effectiveness or quality of documentation. If you're interested in learning more about what Azure Stack HCI is, make sure you check out the official documentation, before coming back to continue your evaluation experience. By closing this banner or by browsing this site, you agree and accept the use of cookies. The importance of delivering meaningful and efficient user documentation should be considered as a key to successful HCI design. tooltips • On-line tutorials – user works through basics of application in a test environment. Take the wheel with NetApp’s Cloud Services to simplify your cloud management landscape. Azure Sentinel Put cloud-native SIEM and intelligent security analytics to work to help protect your enterprise Azure Stack Build and run innovative hybrid applications across cloud boundaries Security Center Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads This is a breach in security practices and also compromises patient's data. The importance of delivering meaningful and efficient user documentation should be considered as a key to successful HCI design. – can be useful but are often in flexible. Azure Stack HCI is in Public Preview. How does the user handle that? It also throws a light on the current tools and practices and the future aspects of HCI designing. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 2. Human computer interaction. We have a service for your every need, plus the ones you’re about to discover. Try the NetApp HCI Hands-On Lab, Considering NetApp HCI, and not yet a NetApp customer? For example, version 7.0 contains all the updates for 7.0.x releases. Handling Errors, Help & Documentation John Stasko Spring 2007 This material has been developed by Georgia Tech HCI faculty, and continues to evolve. Independent of the user’s working device platform as well as user’s system configuration. The application will start. Human-Computer Interaction, third edition. That is because small devices have such small displays that the manual page is too big to be covered. Human-Computer Interaction 11 : User Documentation and Online Help. The vSAN documents in HTML reflect the latest vSAN update release of each major vSphere version. SAP HANA Cloud Platform, integration service. All our documentation comes in PDF format, which you can access by selecting the Download PDF icon on any page in the HTML You also provide your own opinions or comments which makes the post more interesting. Provide a powerful, consistent end-user computer (EUC) experience—regardless of team size, location, complexity. Searching: This is really the exclusive advantage of Online Help. But it will be the life-saver when users get stuck in your program (unidentified error, unexpected behavior, or complexity somewhere in your UI). Using the other type, it will narrow the working area of display and user has to switch between windows sometimes. NetApp AI solutions remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and the cloud to enable more efficient data collection. No need to wander about the room to find the manual booklet. Quick and easy accessing. Challenges can be joyous and satisfying, but when it comes to learning … user support system in HCI 1. Type your HCI password in the Password: field. Content typically fills the entire screen, while translucency and blurring often hint at more. Azure Kubernetes Service is now in preview on Azure Stack HCI, making it quicker to get started hosting Linux and Windows … Test System Recommendation from SAP ICC. Coherent: With hyperlinks as well as bookmarks (TOC), help topics of the same category are grouped together; also this provides a quick way for cross-referencing. DO NOT check the Remember my password box. Azure Stack HCI is hyperconverged infrastructure host from Microsoft – now delivered as an Azure service. Does your partner's manual give you sufficient instruction to make the cup of coffee? User Documentation and Online Help: A Quick Look,, Computational Tools for Creativity and Exploration. If hciX is not given,hciconfig prints name and basic information about all the Bluetooth devices installed in the system. In summary, in a common sense, and as what we usually feel, Clippy – or the Microsoft Help Agent had taken control of the user but not guided the user as well as been controlled by the user. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Use IoT and edge computing to improve operations, gather analytics and help optimize your business model with HCI edge inferencing. Apart from this it contains various tools shipped with BlueZ itself. With a hybrid cloud infrastructure, NetApp HCI delivers a user experience that transcends location, where a private cloud essentially becomes another resource just like the public clouds. Why should companies employ people trained in user interface design? Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI is an on-premises implementation of the popular Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrator, which automates running containerized applications at scale. The controller shall notify the host of the RSSI value with a periodically generated event (based on the RSSI_sampling_period).The measured link RSSI shall be the absolute receiver signal strength value in dBm for the BR/EDR connection. We have read a thesis about analyzing the social as well as physiological reason that disqualifies Clippy. Build your business on the best of cloud and on-premise together with Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Audience. Provided that your created user interface (UI) is user-friendly enough that it follows strict guidelines, principles and standards, to what degree you are ascertained that your UI reaches usability goals is still questionable. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Please see the HCL Domino documentation, where you can find information on how to install, configure, and manage Domino servers. ( Log Out /  Use the menu on the left side to find the topic you are interested in, or Schedule a Training. Documentation and Help; The above mentioned ten principles of Nielsen serve as a checklist in evaluating and explaining problems for the heuristic evaluator while auditing an interface or a product. By continuing to browse this website you agree to the use of cookies. Fast navigating: the navigation bar (back, forward) as well as hyperlinks provide a quick way for user to go back and forth between help pages. We use cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, improve performance, analyze traffic, and to personalize content. HCI Remixed (Erickson and McDonald 2008) is an excellent collection of short essays on classic HCI books and papers, plus other writing that has influenced leading HCI researchers. Easily extend your infrastructure with up-to-date Azure hybrid services. Documentation can be “re-purposed” as support materials during and after training, including reference materials, help systems, knowledge base articles. hciconfig is used to configure Bluetooth devices. Good if user concurrently learns from the guide and practices on the display. Run Windows and Linux virtual machines on-premises on a host platform that is IT friendly. Training materials such as recorded demonstrations and tutorial videos can be published within online help to become part of a “documentation set”. This involves with trial and error technique. Cisco HyperFlex Systems Documentation Roadmap This document describes the various user documentation available for Cisco HX Data Platform and Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series System . User can navigate the help contents right at the time he encounters system issues. (1988) classic, and many more of interest. This type of user documentation is dated back much further than the other type – Online Help. This section will describe which commands are provided by the bluez snap.. Commands. Welcome to CCR help documentation. The NetApp HCI architecture is designed for private clouds and can scale to 40 storage nodes and 64 compute nodes, so you can scale at the ratio and rate that the application needs … Contents • User Support System • RequirementsOf User support System • ApproachesTo User Support System • AdoptiveHealth System • Design For User Support System 4. Basic information is interface type, BD address, ACL MTU, SCO MTU, flags (up, init, running, raw, pag… Otherwise, we come up with the idea of analyzing good and bad points from real examples and how they conform to textbook guidelines, which is a really wonderful learning experience. But boom! 0. Fluid motion and a crisp, beautiful interface help people understand and interact with content while never competing with it. Advantages: Help, diagnosis and recovery from errors. Contributors include Gregory Abowd, Al Badre, Jim Foley, Elizabeth Mynatt, Jeff Pierce, Colin Potts, Chris Shaw, John Stasko, and Bruce Walker. The OFCCP continues to focus heavily on documentation and record keeping in the hiring process during compliance reviews. 12.1 Write a manual page for making a cup of coffee. Yes, this world is not perfect really. This tutorial provides the basic knowledge on human computer interface and designing. Updated: updating an online manual is much quicker and more reliable than a paper one. NetApp HCI delivers an agile, scalable, easy-to-manage solution with guaranteed application performance, mature integrated replication, always-on efficiency, data protection, and high availability services. For that example, what we are trying to illustrate is, documentation is read passively by users to a certain degree (for intermediate and power user). Use vSAN Documentation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. To find a document online, click one of the links in this roadmap to access the landing page for all Cisco releases of that document. Good documentation will generally have certain basic characteristics or attributes that ensures its effectiveness as a means of communicating information to the reader. Presenter’s Usman Mukhtar 125/046 Shahbaz Khan 141/030 3. HCI Documentation; NetApp HCI documentation resources NetApp HCI. Swap your manual with a partner. Standarization and improvements in user interfaces have made computer applications easier to use, but using new interfaces is still a challenge. A Quick Look on Variety 1/ Ordinary Paper User’s Manual. Some more important HCI design guidelines are … • Context sensitive help – help request interpreted according to context in which it occurs. ( Log Out /  Good to be small devices’ manual. e.g. Reading the whole chunk of text from the textbook and pasting it to our blog post is not a very good idea. We'll refer to the docs in various places in the guide, to help you build your knowledge of Azure Stack HCI. Multimedia-integrated: The combination of traditional help text with video tutorials, graphics, diagrams and illustrations can help increase user’s pace of learning and discovering. To learn more, please refer to our recently updated. Please check the official SAP help pages for details on SAP HCI for process integration and how to manage and build HCI Adapters. Help and Documentation. Or in another word, Clippy acted as an intelligent social persona but it did not have the ability to learn, and user might find it slack. Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery, Current NetApp customer? This type has existed right since the introduction of display. What we always do when reading a paper manual is: looking at the Index then turning to the desired page, which is much slower than typing a keyword and then clicking on the desired link. NetApp® HCI is an enterprise-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure design that combines storage, compute, networking, and hypervisor—and adds capabilities that span public and private clouds. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-239864-8. This type of user documentation is dated back much further than the other type – Online Help. I liked almost all of your blog posts – you have an interesting style & comprehensively cover the topic. Retrieved from Why people hate Paperclip: labels, apperance, behaviour and social response to user interface agents:, Tutorial 2 Qn 5: An Expert Review Method – Consistency Inspections, Guest Lecture (Week 9): Stepping into Kinect and Augmented Reality from EON Reality SG perspective. ( Log Out /  In the HCI Document Library you’ll find resource materials for HCI products and solutions, including Quick Start Guides, manuals, collateral and more.. HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions offer healthcare providers a flexible, scalable and cost-effective suite of digital interactive products to support more informed fiscal and … HCI Developer Edition: Make use of If hciX is given but no command is given, itprints basic information on device hciXonly. Create a free website or blog at ( Log Out /  HCI surfaced in the 1980s with the advent of personal computing, just as machines such as the Apple Macintosh, IBM PC 5150 and Commodore 64 started turning up in homes and offices in society-changing numbers. In response to a HCI_VS_MSFT_Monitor_Rssi command, the controller shall generate … We have heard about the poor infamous Clippy – an animate help agent featured in Microsoft Office from 97 to 2003. The purpose of the bluez snap is to provide the BlueZ Bluetooth stack. An unexpected or unidentified error comes out, or a complexity somewhere appears in your interface.

help and documentation in hci

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