Beautiful, informative post. Growing blueberries in containers is so easy and effective that you might want to try it even if you have enough in-ground garden space for this antioxidant-rich fruit. It's a fungus that infects first the branch of the plant and then the blossoms. The buds are on them now, do you think I should trim them again now before I fertilize this month? Otherwise, thanks for your tips. God created the system and we keep fighting it to save some labor time or for profits. They have to go. In your third to last paragraph before “why we mulch,” you say “After we’ve WENT through . Thank you for the good information. I love the verse you have included and am going to paint it on the orchard shed side wall. Was wondering if you live near orange or Beaumont Texas and if you hire out to trim trees, Can I plant blueberry plant in a wiskey barrel. The bush may also become unruly and an undesirable shape for harvesting berries. In your case, where they haven't been pruned, you might to do a top pruning just below the height you want. Pruning an Older Blueberry Bush. Thank you for enlightening me with the proper pruning of Blueberries. But what about the two dwarfs I am keeping in pots. Great video. The plant's need for acidic soil limits its ability to flourish in some parts of the state, though, and its vulnerability to injury from standing water makes growing it in clay soil a challenge. Avoid making embarrassing mistakes on Zoom! Thank you. ‘Top Hat ’: Bred by the ... How to Prune Blueberry Bushes. Being new to growing blueberries, I have searched to find out what I should do to my blueberry bushes. In fact, our soil is about a 5.5 on the ph scale and it's not quite acidic enough for the blueberries. In this case, 91% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Use a sharp pair of shears to snip off about ¼ of the old branches. But waiting until spring allows me to assess the winter damage and take care of it then, instead of pruning twice. They're growing but not growing really well I am not getting any fruit from them. No need to skip everything for a year, but just start different plots on different years and you can cycle through the plots that are rested every 7th year. P.S. Modern agriculture is the worst thing to ever happen to mankind. The most common blueberry bushes are highbush and southern highbush, which can grow from 6 to 8 feet tall. Blueberries have a shallow root system compared to most fruit plants to begin with. They’re one of my favorite spring flowers. Focus on SOIL LIFE by application of good compost and mulch only once a year, then add some mid to late winter pruning, and keep them moist and see what happens before you enter a lifetime cycle of chemical fertilizers and sprays and amendments. She gave me a quick pruning lesson and I'm passing it along to you guys, cuz us homesteading peeps have to stick together. Perhaps you could give me some advice. Can you advise me on how to prune? I put a good layer of coffee grounds around the base of my blueberry bushes each year, making sure to mix it up so it doesn't grow mold. Weed between the rows and water frequently. Mainly, I am unsure how to do it correctly most of the time and don’t want to kill my plants. grow from 12 to 36 inches tall, rather than the 5 to 6 feet of the full-sized versions. Of course I took it for granted. Keep these things in mind: You can have confidence in knowing that not everyone will prune the exact same way (even the experts). Blueberries have a very fresh taste when picked straight off the bush. Peat moss is an excellent way to help acidify your soil! Indiana ranks 12th in commercial blueberry production in the United States, so it's clear that blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) Don't keep any dead canes or crossed canes––take those out first, then stand back and look to see where you want to prune next. Just wanted to say that if someone has older bushes, they need to take out a couple old main trunks AND leave the new shoots coming up, as those are the future of the bush! Do you prune when there’s still snow on the plants? Getting them disentangled from the blackberries is going to be enough of a project for this spring I think, but I’ll give them a good haircut next winter! My blueberry bushes are two years old. 1st year the bush produced ok. Leave the ones that have grown taller, though you may prune them back some in the next step. That means dont till it, don’t work it, dont prune it, don’t touch it other than you may eat of what might happen to grow there and share what is produced with poor folks. I got the gist of the basic pruning fruit trees, but it is always good to learn more tricks of the trade from professionals like yourself. Growing blueberries in the home garden can be quite enjoyable. The best time to prune blueberry bushes is late winter while they're still dorant. A neighbor's lawn service ran over the blueberry bush I planted a month ago with a weed wacker. Prune mature blueberry bushes more lightly after they reach 8 to 10 years of age, as the larger root system is able to support more wood. I am in Alberta Canada and have 2 1/2 months of growing season before frost. Hello. Susan, I need them so Keep an coming. Will my blueberry bushes be okay if I pruned them in early spring? Suggested uses. Are the pine trees keeping your peach trees in the shade? I’m “renovating” some 30 year old bushes. I loved your article on pruning blueberries. Will be looking at your pins for ideas. To learn more from our Food Systems Expert co-author, like what time of the growing season is best to prune your blueberry bushes, keep reading! Prune only dead, damaged or diseased wood during the first three years. Is there a way to make them sweeter?Thank you for telling me how to prune. They are about three ft in height but I have no idea how old they are.

how to prune top hat blueberry

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