Howell, 'The Good' - King of Wales b. Abt 882 d. 950: John and Susan Howell's Family History Pages She was born Abt. From inside the book . It could also have arisen as a locational name from a town named "Howell" in Lincolnshire, a name derived from the Old English given name "Huna" (from "hun", meaning "bear cub") and "well", meaning "stream" or "spring". Howell Family History: A Biography of David Howell (1739-1827), Revolutionary War Soldier of Bound Brook, New Jersey, and of His Descendants, Especially Those who Settled in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and California with Notes on Allied Families. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion click here for the profile for, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, Major Richard Howell writes Benedict Arnold, Letter from Richard Howell to Col. Israel Shreve 5-Oct-1778, - Free and Secure family Genealogy, Dr. Lewis Howell Surgeon for the 2nd New Jersey Battalion (1754-1778). ADVERTISEMENT BY ANCESTRY.COM. Moody & Howell Family History W elcome to our Moody & Howell Family History Web page. There is a Howell family that begins with David Howell (1657 … Biography of Robert Boyte Crawford Howell of TN. Marriage and family of James Edward Howell … He, however, displayed such valor and did such execution with his pole-axe on this occasion that the prince created him a knight and “allowed a mess of meat to be served before his axe or partisan forever in perpetual memory of his good service,” which mess, after it had appeared before the knight, was carried away and bestowed upon the poor, and the said mess had eight yeoman attendants, who were afterwards called yeomen of the crown, found at the King’s charge, with eight pence a day standing wages, which ceremony and stipend continued after the death of “Sir Howel of the battle-axe” until the time of Queen Elizabeth. It was derived from the Old Welsh personal name "Hywel", which meant "eminent" or "prominent". Howell Family History (Source: Ancient Faces Family Treasures) Howell Photographs (Source: DeadFred: The Original Online Genealogy Photo Archive) Vital Records . 14-Day Free Trial. Genealogical and Biographical Memorials of the Reading, Howell, Yerkes , Watts, Latham, and Elkins families, Publisher: Lippincott Howell the first, Howell the second, Howell the Great (who bore up so stoutly against Aetius the famous Roman General) and Howell the Fourth, that were all Kings of Armorica, or the lesser Britany, which continued a Kingdom till the Year 874, at which time the T1tle was chang’d to a Duchy, but Sovereign of itself till it was reduced to the French Crown by Francis the first. There are 1000 items in this collection. About this time Edward Howell emigrated with his family to America,|| locating first at Lynn, Massachusetts, where he held five hundred acres. The following family tree information on the descendants of the Howell Family is compiled from many sources: Census forms, books published on local history of Trenton, NJ, family interviews, family legends, marriage, birth and death certificates and personal knowledge. He is one of the patentees named (1758) in the charter incorporating the town of Newark. He was consecrated in August, 1644, and was the last bishop consecrated in England for sixteen years. He told his mournful story at Nannau, and an incision was made in the tree, when the skeleton of the murdered chieftain was disclosed grasping in the right hand a rusty sword. Howell Family History. —Traditions vary as to the part borne by Howel in the terrible insurrection of Owain Glyndwr, his cousin, but agree that he was an adherent of the House of Lancaster, and that meeting Glyndwr and his attendant Madog in the park at Nannau, he was by them slain in 1401, and his body deposited in the trunk of the above-mentioned oak, where it remained forty years. Not far from the manor-house stood until 1813 the famous oak called “Derwen Ceubren yr Ellyll” (” the demon’s hollow tree”), an object of superstitious fear and interest to the peasantry throughout Merionethshire. Notes: Binding and decorations designed by E.S. What people are saying - Write a review. Howell is a surname (family name or last name) originating from Wales. || His style was humorous and gossiping, and contained frequent allusion to facts elucidative of the history of the times. found in NE Ohio. Howell Name Meaning. He was graduated B.A. He was, perhaps, the first Englishman who made literature a means of livelihood. Howells family history, genealogy, and family tree. —William Howell,* of Wedon, in the parish of Waygate, gent, made his will 30 November, 1557, and named as devisees his wife Anne, and children John, Henry, Jacob, Isabell, Jane, Cecill, Agnes, Anne, Joane, and Alice; the poor of Wingrove, Hardwick, Wedon, Aylesbury, Whitechurch, and March. Major Richard Howell was a son of Ebenezer Howell by his wife Sarah Bond, and grandson of Reynold and Mary Howell, of Newark, Delaware. Howells Name Meaning. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. Thomas Alfred Howell was born on August 24, 1838 in Gates County, North Carolina. English: habitational name from Howell in Lincolnshire, so named from an Old English hugol ‘mound’, ‘hillock’ or hune ‘hoarhound’. The inscription on his well-preserved monument in the Triforium gallery, descriptive of his chequered life, reads thus: “Jacobus Howell Cambro-Britannus, Regius Historiographus, (in Anglia primus) qui post varias peregrinationes, tandem naturae cursum peregit, satur annorum & famae, domi forisque huc usque erraticus, hic fixus 1666.”* Digitizing sponsor: Google GET STARTED. A descendant of Collwyn ap Tangno,¶ the founder of the fifth noble tribe of North Wales, he inherited the martial genius of his sires, and fought with the Black Prince at Poictiers, and is by Welsh tradition improperly made the actual captor of the French King. 14-Day Free Trial. He became secretary to Scrope, Earl of Sunderland, sat in parliament for Richmond, Yorkshire, was one of the clerks of the privy council under James I. and Charles I., and subsequently the secretary to Robert. The Howell family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Other US Census data for HOWELL These set 
forth that Howel, observing that “the Welsh were perverting the laws,” summoned. They have many themed programs during the season to choose from and we found we visited several times during the year and had a great time each time … The altered code ‡ was then promulgated by Howel, and a curse pronounced upon all who should not obey its mandates, after which he, with the Archbishop of St Davids, the bishops of St Asaph and Bangor, and others, specially appointed, made a pilgrimage to Rome, where the laws were laid before the pope, who also gave them his sanction. Howell extracts from "Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware," by Paul Heinegg. Howell Family. A note on the Howell families: there were at least three separate Howell families who show up in early New Jersey records. There is a Howell family that begins with David Howell (1657-1684) and wife Mary Herick. Wales is a land of soft- spoken, music-loving poets, a people famous for their bards, Eisteddfods (Music Festivals) and their choral groups. About 646 HOWELLSs. Binding and decorations designed by E.S. Howel, Prince of Caerleon-upon-Uske, in Monmouthshire, whose arms they bore, —gules three towers, triple-towered, ar. 1600 in England/Wales, and died in VA. From the Southern Family of Howell - Genealogy of the Southern Line of the Family of Howell, from the original progenitor of the line in America, John Howell, VA Colonist by Clark Howell … Waiters, 1983 - 388 pages. Contents. The Tudor royalty were also descended from the Howells. Sidney, Earl of Leicester, ambassador extraordinary from Charles I. to the King of Denmark. ?, and died Abt. —Howel Sele, a descendant of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, Prince of Powis, founder of the third royal tribe of Wales, was another Howel who made war the chief occupation of life., 1767 in PA? Two Latin manuscripts, one of the twelfth century at 
Peniarth, the other of the thirteenth century at the British Museum, and a Welsh 
manuscript of the North Welsh Code, also at Peniarth, contain in their prefaces a 
full account of the circumstances under which the laws were framed. Family Bible of Howell Family. Among the many Welsh warriors of the Howel name whose triumphs and defeats ring down the ages, Sir Howel y Fwyall is one whom fact and fiction alike delight to honor. His episcopate was brief and unfortunate. Similar surnames: Howell, Bowell, Powell, Howes, Howen, Rowles, Cowell, Hovell, Mowell. Recorded Howell family history begins with Geffrei Hoel (an alternate spelling), who lived in Devonshire around 1100. Wood, in his “Athenæ Oxonienses,” gives a list of fifty or more of his publications. Wheatley. Welcome to The Fire Pits at Howells. His portrait and coat of arms were removed from their ancient home, Ystumllyn, to Broom Hall by Rowland Jones, Esq’, who purchased the former estate in 1837. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). We do not "own" the data on our ancestors that is found in the public domain, i.e., birth, census, marriage, death records and other published documents. Howell genealogy includes Varina Banks Howell Davis, the first lady of the Confederacy, and Leonard Howell, the founder of Rastafarianism. The citizens of Bristol undertook the education of his children, in grateful memory of their worthy father. Reynold Howell purchased a plantation near Newark in 1724, and probably emigrated from Wales shortly before that date. Howell Family History (Source: Ancient Faces Family Treasures) Howell Photographs (Source: DeadFred: The Original Online Genealogy Photo Archive) Vital Records . Such claim would seem to be an error. —His younger brother, James Howell, the quaint and delightful author of “Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ,” “Londinopolis,” “Dodona’s Grove,” and numerous other works, was born circa 1594. GET STARTED - Howell Name Meaning. Early Origins of the Howell family The surname Howell was first found in Monmouthshire (Welsh: Sir Fynwy), where they held a family seat from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. The antiquity of his family name was a matter of considerable interest to him, and in this connection he wrote, about 1654, to his cousin, Howell Gwyn, Esq’, of Wales, thus: —“And now that I am upon British Observations, I will tell you something of this name Howell, which is your first and my second name; passing lately by the Cloysters of the Abbey at Westminster, I step’d up to the Library that Archbishop Williams erected there, and I lighted upon a French Historian, Bertrane a Argentre Lord of Forges, who was President of the Court of Parliament in Renes, the chief Town of little Britany in France, call’d Armorica, which is a pure Welsh word, and signifies a Country bordering upon the Sea, as that doth, and was first coloniz’d by the Britains of this Island, in the reign of Theodosius the Emperor, An. Book from the collections of: University of Wisconsin – Madison This surname is in the top 162,000 names in the US Census from 2010. 1767, and died October 26, 1867 in Monroe County Ohio. Lieutenant William Howell, another son, was the father of Varina, widow of Jefferson Davis, president of the Southern Confederacy. * Howel succeeded his father circa 909, and, though subject to the lady of the Mercians, Æthelflæd, and her husband, Æthelred, as well as their successor, Edward the elder, Noté /5. He was buried in his cathedral, under a flat stone marked with the single word “Expergiscar,” at once his epitaph and elegy. He is one of the patentees named (1758) in the charter incorporating the town of Newark. Descendants of Henry Howell and Jane O(Collins?) PLEASE READ. 9 July, 1612; B.D. History of Howell Surname. He is described by his cotemporaries as having a charm of manner, a seductive eloquence, and a rare insight into state affairs, as well as those of his own office. He was afterwards made historiographer royal, and was the first in England to bear that title. Language: English Are your HOWELLS ancestors on WikiTree yet? —“Henry Howell, gent, was buried ye 7th day of July, 1625,”‡ and at his death his son Edward Howell became possessed of the manor of Westbury, which, on 8 June, 1639, he, then “of Grewelltorpe, in the county of York,§ gent,” conveyed to Richard Francis, of Marsh Gibbon, for the consideration of sixteen hundred pounds. Society & Culture Website. Major Richard Howell was a son of Ebenezer Howell by his wife Sarah Bond, and grandson of Reynold and Mary Howell, of Newark, Delaware. — The Welsh traditional judgment on Howel, who died A.d. 950, was that he was “the chief and glory of the Britons,” that he loved peace, feared God, and governed conscientiously. —A bill of complaint by John Howell, of Wedon, 1573,† sets forth “that his father, also of Wedon, deceased, purchased the manor of Westbury in Marsh Gibbon, in the same county,” and that the same is now in the custody of his brother, Henry Howell. 1825. He took refuge at Oxford, and was shortly afterwards released by Charles I. to succeed Dr. Westfield, deceased, in the important bishopric of Bristol, just recovered to the royal cause. It is possible that Thomas Howell, of Gloucester county, New Jersey, was of this family. As a writer he was most voluminous, and embodied in his letters much interesting information gained from travel. This was about 16% of all the recorded Howell's in the UK. and D.C. 8 July, 1630. Welsh: from the personal name Hywel ‘eminent’, popular since the Middle Ages in particular in honor of the great 10th-century law-giving Welsh king. After the Romans vacated the British Isles at the end of the 3rd. Welsh: from Howell, with English patronymic -s. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. WikiTree is a community of genealogists … Howell Birth Records, California (Source: … After considerable travel in various countries on the continent and the acquirement of several languages, he obtained distinction. Howell Family History & Genealogy History & Origin 83 Photos 58.4k+ Bios Family Tree Comments Followers 83 photos and 58,476 biographies with the Howell last name. E.G. Collection: americana A HOWELL makes up 37.98 of every 100k people in the population. Biography of Henry Howell (Source: USGenWeb Arkansas Archives) John Howell was born Bef. of NC & TN. Though by many regarded as a puritan preacher, Dr. Howell was early marked by the parliamentary party as a subject of attack, was driven by it from his London rectory, and subsequently sequestered for non-residence and expelled from West Horsley. Year: 1898 Dr. Lewis Howell, a brother of Major Howell, was a surgeon in the Revolutionary army, and died of fever on the day of the battle of Monmouth; and Richard Lewis Howell, a son of Major Howell, was captain in the United States army, and the father of Rear-Admiral John Cumming Howell, a distinguished officer in the United States navy. The family papers of banker Joseph Toy Howell, Sr. (1853-1929), his wife, Amanda Lindsay Howell, and son, Joseph Toy Howell, Jr. and father, Robert Boyte Crawford Howell, were given to the Manuscript Section by Joseph Toy Howell, Jr. In the family record section of this bible under marriages it reads in cursive hand writing JACOB HOWELL MARRIED TO MARY ANN ACKLEN MAY THE 2 ND 1828 ISAAC BAUSERMAN MARRIED TO CATHARINE JANE HOWEL JUNE THE 20 1847 … It originates in a dynasty of kings in Wales and Brittany in the 9th and 10th century, and three Welsh royal houses of that time onwards. 20 February, 1608; M.A. 0 Ratings 0 Want to read; 0 Currently reading; 0 Have read; This edition published in 1983 by E.G. - Howell Family History. GET STARTED. History and genealogy had their representative in Howel Swrdwal, who flourished between 1430 and 1460, and who wrote a chronicle of Wales and a genealogy from Adam to Edward I., both in Latin. The remains were removed and interred in the neighboring abbey of Cymmer, and masses were sung for the repose of the troubled soul of the Lancastrian Howel Sele. Current research is trying to prove those roots Wiltshire Family History Society. Dr. Lewis Howell, a brother of Major Howell, was a surgeon … County of Wiltshire. He married ANNIE Abt. Howell is a Welsh name. He married Honor Bromfield, of Chalcroft, Hampshire, by whom he had two daughters and six sons. Howell family history a biography of David Howell (1739-1827), revolutionary war soldier of Bound Brook, New Jersey, and of his descendants, especially those who settled in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and California with notes on allied families by Elaine Goularte Waiters. Howells Family History. Related surnames: HOWELL (12531) HILLS (3114) HALLS (390) HOWEL (67) HOELL (46) HULLS (45) HOLLES (45) HILS (35) HOLS (26) HOWL (29). The Howell Family from Potterne, Devizes, Wiltshire, England could potentially have roots in North Wales – Howell is, after all, a Welsh name. The hollow oak is also the subject of a fine engraving, from a sketch by Sir R. Colt Hoare, Bart, made on the day the venerable tree fell, 13 July, 1813. The Howell Family History ... Howell, David & Hilton, Susannah (b.c.1774) m. in Montgomery Co. in 1789 M:60-70 (63) F:50-60 (c.55) 1:15-20 1:15-20 1:20-30 #1A Howell, David N. Son of David, Sr. Howell, David & Carter, M:30-40 (38) F:30-40 (32) Nancy m. in MTG 25 May, 1820 2:Under 5 1:5-10 1:5-10 #2A Howell, David A. Martha died in 1910. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Bishop Howell was among the chief sufferers. Martha married Joseph G. Holland (1831-1912) and mothered one son, William Joseph Moor Holland. —Military science was, however, not the only profession adopted by the Howells. Touching the Castle of good King Howell hard by you, and other ancient places of that name, you know them better than I, but the best Tide which England hath to Wales is by that Castle, as a great Antiquary told me.”, —After many vicissitudes, James Howell died at London in November, 1666, and was buried in the Temple Church. (34: 1674-1837) Elisha Howell … HOWELLS Genealogy. Holloway. Choose from our regular Fires sitting 6 people or our large fire sitting groups of 10. Other US Census data for HOWELL Enjoy a socially distanced personal fire pit with your friends and family. Their son Daniel Howell (c.1680-1732) and wife Mary Prout lived in Trenton and had nine children, none of whom seem to have established themselves in Hunterdon County, although I … The Tudor royalty were also descended from the Howells. Biography of Thomas Howell of England and NJ. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Howell genealogy includes Varina Banks Howell Davis, the first lady of the Confederacy, and Leonard Howell, the founder of Rastafarianism. Of these, John Howell, of Philadelphia, had numerous descendants, prominent among whom were Isaac Howell, one of the signers of the Continental bills of credit; Colonel Jacob S. Howell, clerk of the Pennsylvania board of war in 1776, and receiver-general of clothing of the Pennsylvania militia in 1778; Arthur Howell, an eminent Quaker preacher, who died in Philadelphia in 1816; and Colonel Joshua B. Howell, who commanded with distinction the eighty-fifth Pennsylvania volunteers in the late civil war, and fell in battle, 14 September, 1864, aged fifty-five years. HE HOWELLS of Wales and of the west of England are surrounded in the Cymric annals by legends as varied as those which compose the Nibelungenlied or the Arthurian circle. William Howell makes no mention in his will of a son, and is believed not to have had male issue. 900 et seq.) 388K; Historical Documents164K; Birth, Marriage, and Deaths8K; Military Records8K; Immigration … Howell Birth Records, California (Source: California Birth Records, 1905-1995) AR . Elaine Goularte Waiters. A HOWELL makes up 37.98 of every 100k people in the population. —The Howells of Westbury, in Marsh Gibbon, county Bucks, descended from. login . * Crawford . Howel Dda, or Howel the Good, stands out as the most famous of the early Welsh kings, and he is described in William of Malmesbury’s Chronicle as “King of all the Welsh.” The son of Cadell, the son of Rhodri the Great, his pedigree was traced by a tenth century genealogist to Cunedda, thence to Ann, cousin of the Blessed Virgin. Over a decade later, on 27 Oct 1782,a warrant (Grant 3510 Mecklenburg NC) issued to Charles Hart identifies adjoining landowners as David Caigle and “Burdick Howell.”Located a little further north, Charles Hart’s land was situated on both sides of Rocky River just above the lands of Joseph Howell. Howell Family History For most people, just about every aspect of their life has been influenced in some way by their ancestors. —William Howell, of Castlebight, Wales, is another of the early Pennsylvania colonists. He, however, removed to Southampton, Long Island, in 1640, of which he was one of the founders, and was a member of the governor’s council of Connecticut from 1647 until 1653.¶ His son Major John Howel, prominent in the civil as well as in the military affairs of Long Island, was baptized at Marsh Gibbon, county Bucks, 20 November, 1624, and died at Southampton, 3 November, 1696, where his tombstone in the old graveyard bears the above-described arms, as is shown in the illustration below. Recorded Howell family history begins with Geffrei Hoel (an alternate spelling), who lived in Devonshire around 1100. 0 0 0 View Tree. After the death of Glyndwr, Madog fulfilled the dying commands of his warrior master, that the mystery attending the disappearance of Howel should be unveiled. Enjoy a 2 hour personal fire pit with the option to add a roasting kit! From the beautiful Welsh mountain ranges comes the distinguished surname of Howell. Howell Family History. This is the main page for information about all of the ancestors and descendants identified to date in our research into the family histories of William Moody of Pennsylvania and Ohio (1771 - 1828) and David Howell of New Jersey (1739 - 1827). —The church also had its adherents, and one descendant of Howel Dda, of the, Howel name, the Right Reverend Thomas Howell, D.D., wore the episcopal vestment He was the eldest son of the Reverend Thomas Howell, vicar of Llangammarch, Brecknockshire, and of Abernant in Carmarthenshire, and was born at Bryn, in the parish of Llangammarch, in 1588, and at the age of sixteen was admitted a scholar of Jesus College, Oxford, of which he subsequently became fellow. Howell Birth Records Find the origins, meaning of the Howells name, photos, and more. 350 Howell folks, all kin to me. Howell. He was lord of Nannau in Merionethshire, now famous for the extent of its park, its height above the sea, and the beauty of its forest-trees. 2010 US Census data for HOWELL. He gave a legacy to the high altar of Hardwick church and to the ornaments and bells of the same church.

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