Are there any books which I can refer and get expertise on? The Use of Cow Manure for Fertilizer. Thank you! The common proportion is 40%-50% for chicken manure, 50%-70% for cow dung, 30%-50% for pig manure. In the pond, no chemical fertilization is required. Design : 4-factor factorial experiment in Completely Randomised design. Just please tell me that on the above mentioned small size pond the fish will grow to its desired shape,size and gain its weight. I have recently purchased a 6500 sq meters of Fish Pond land (touching a river) here in Goa. ArcGis was used to produce spatial distribution maps of the cattle steads. The pond can be different sized. Shall I be able to cultivate the Rui, Katla, Mrigal and Tilapia fishes in salt water? It contains about 3 percent nitrogen, 2 percent phosphorus, and 1 percent potassium (3-2-1 NPK). Although you can start for having practical experience. Hence, it can be said that vermicomposting is not only capable to replace chemical fertilizer but also may serve as business opportunity for rural poors. However, there are no documented farming procedures and outputs of integrated-livestock fish culture in Kenya despite enormous potential. Wanted to know can pond be constructed of cement and concrete, cause natural pond main to pani milega hi nahi, we have limited water resources, so can we do commercial fish farming in cement concrete pond, and if yes then how to feed fish and what breed fish to breed. Also please inform me what type of duck breeds is suitable for business scale egg production. thank you sir i am from bijapur karnataka i have around 300acer land full of water upto 10ft so i want to to cultivate fish in that so can you help me. organic farming prospects and constraints 1. I have new construction fish pond n need fish seed. Agro Aims. Hi sir, Thank you! Thank you! The climate of this region is dry, sub-humid to semi-arid. When a cow is slaughtered for a traditional purpose, nothing from the animal goes to waste. Sir, My Name is Mudassir Ahmed I have 1 acre rectangle shape pond and depth is 8 feet. Thanks for the immediate response. Can you suggest what kind of fish i can put in this small tank for homely use. contact no:7709194106 Thank you! but there are so many small fishes in the ponds, can’t quantify. It is crowded with 10000 silver rohu mrigal. Suhas Asekar And we can’t recommend the best fish species for your pond. Thank you for your prompt reply. Hesaraghatta, Banglore-560089 FISH SEEDS CAN BE PROCURED FROM RAJENDRA NAGAR IN HYDERABAD. We can’t suggest any species, because we don’t have any idea about your location. Cow dung were applied at four levels; T1 (control), T2 (5 t ha-1), T3 (10 t ha-1) and T4 (15 t ha-1). It maintains soil health and can improve crop productivity by increasing soil fertility. And there will be no problem if you use the bore well water as an input to the pond and take 1 output from the pond to the near by field. dear sir, Catfish to 5 to 7kg’s? I’m from telangana. The size (measurement) of the pond can be any depending on the type of your land. Thanks! The exact size of my pond is 100×100 foot. Biogas is one of the renewable and, sustainable alternative resources that, by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of such biodegradable, materials as biomass, manure, sewage, municipal waste, green, waste, plant material and crops (NNFCC, 2013). I plan to cultivate 20000pcs a mix of rui, katla, mrigal, supchandi in this pond. Yes, it is possible to grow fish in artificial pond. Later you can expand your business. Hi sir, as per your suggestion we have already started fish farming as per your recommendations, it was running well enough till date with rohu katla and sipranus in the pond, but now facing one problem. Cows dung is a most important source of bio-fertilizer and used in many developing countries for generating energy. Please contact some existing farmers within your area for having more information. Can I construct many above mentioned small size pond equals to an acre to follow up a commercial farm? Sir My pond is 110x100x4 feet. Yes, you can construct earthen pond by digging the land. Your pond is perfect for raising those fish together. To quantify the effect of site quality on biomass and net primary productivity in Sal forest. While not all cow dung contains the same proportion of these minerals, cow dung has about 3% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus, and 1% potassium and the best part is that the beneficial bacteria in cow dung converts these essential nutrients into forms … Some says that 250 kg will be more in 30×30 metre pond. So can I get many small size ponds equals to an acre for commercial farming? We have economic importance of farm animals and some of them are listed below:--Provision of hides and skin for the production of leather bags,shoes,mobile bags ETC…-Animal products are good source of protein like eggs,meats ETC…-The animals faeces serves as a good farm yard manure Like cow dung ETC… Thank you! After use Lime Calcium Carbonate, how many days I need to wait to use the Cow dung? The pond also have to be well drained to remove all water while collecting the fish. Cattle dung is one of the potential causes for environmental pollution if it is not managed properly. sir, The objectives of this research were to evaluate the growth, production and quality characteristics of the hybrid sudangrass and sorghum Samurai-2 variety treated by different doses of liquid bio-slurry. Hi Sir, Crop Protection 19: 847-853. Please calculate the feeding costs by your own. Yes, it is advised to use fertilizer in both natural and concrete pond before stocking fish. And I have bought aeration system kit (resun aco 006 air aquarium pump) does aeration helps to increase water PH level. Adding some lake soil (for example 6 inch to 1 feet) will probably help to hold water. Effective management of a farming operation today requires that records be kept so managers can make informed decisions affecting the profitability of their farms. In our location the major fish species are rohu, katla, migral, common grass carp etc Indian farmers were all organic farmers before the advent of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, mechanization etc BEFORE GREEN REVOLUTION In traditional India only organic farming was practiced. | Fulhage, C.D. We have no contacts in your area right now. So, we can’t help you regarding this. M…8101093675/9091396966 Yes, in such case you can use bentonite powder (as DAP is costly and natural clay is not available in your area). Journal of Crop and Weed 10(1): 64-68. regards. I am planning to make a pond of (70*50) =3500 square feet. Thank you! Fish farming means 'raising fish commercially in tanks, ponds or other enclosures for the purpose of producing food'. Also please suggest a standard shape and size for a fish pond also the materials used to built the pond. You can grow carp fish, catfish or some other most popular fish species. Dear sir Can you please give me the address or contact no iam also from Hyderabad. Advice what is the deep of a 50X50 feet pond. and one more doubt, can we feed the fishes with poultry manure..?? Now upto 25,000 juvenile fish are deposited in the farm at once. Thanks a lot sir for your help. My question is how many fishes(catla,rohu & mrigal) should stock in my pond if each fish weight is 50 grams. And the actual size after 6 months depends on the selected tilapia breed. All content in this area was uploaded by Dr- Abhishek Raj on Jul 10, 2015, IJSR - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, Volume : 3 | Issue : 10 | October 2014 • ISSN No 2277 - 8179, the soil health and enhances the microbial population. A well drained pond is suitable for collecting fish. we are in the process of making 2 ponds of 1 acre each with depth of 1.3 meter. In this finding, it is recommended that the experiment should be repeated at more location and years to confirm the obtained result. After constructing the pond, you have to prepare it for stocking fish. We have no experience of growing pungus fish. Actually, why do you want to use bentonite in your pond and also what type of powder you want to use? I have land for pond estiblishement n natural water source available . And I m planning to stock rohu, catla and mrigal on the above mentioned pond size. So, we can’t suggest you the easiest or best. in your pond for reducing production cost. IS ORGANIC FARMING A NEW CONCEPT Organic farming is not a new concept to our farmers. fertilizer significantly increased the pH value of continuous cropping soil; CM and EM treatments increased to 6.80 and 6.84, respectively, with an increment of 0.34 and 0.38 compared with CK, and a decrement of 0.37 and 0.41 compared with CF, respectively. It showed positive response in, suppression of mycelial growth of plant pathogenic fungi like, sak and Lee, 2002). Thanks for your kind consideration! Which weight gainer and feed would you recommend is the best. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 28(3): 291-299. i am from nepal and planning to cultivate fish farming . A few farms raise specialty livestock types such as ducks, geese, fur-bearing animals, fish, honeybees, and exotic livestock. Thank you! erefore, improper use of cowdung should be stopped and use as organic manure for. directly because the guts of some species possess cellulolytic activity. And coming to my case, i heard that the type of soil in my land dries up the water soon, some say if i load some lake soil into the bottam of the pond, it will hold water, is it true..?? I’m working in an IT company having 4 acres of land in Tamil nadu…having good source of bore water.. i want to cultivate 10000 monosex telapia in bangladesh. Fertilizers are natural or synthetic substances that are used in ponds to increase the production of the natural food organismsto be eaten by the fish. Natural resources, condition, weather and available equipment are the main thing to look before build a pond. Dear Sir, I am having pond of size around one acre and depth around 6 feet. (3) Redundancy analysis results showed that pH value had grea-test influence on fungal community structure of different treatments, followed by total nitrogen, organic matter, carbon/ nitrogen ratio, available nitrogen, available potassium, total carbon and conductivity, while soil moisture and available phosphorus had no significant effects on fungal community structure. 23°C-30°C is considered as the ideal temperature for best growth of carp fish. These were Maigamji, Maska, Sabon Gari, and Tudun Iya. Reduce environmental problems with proper land application of animal manure. Plant height was significantly influenced by open and shade cultivation. 1). You can stock tilapia or any other fast growing carp fish in your pond (such as rui, katla, mrigal, silver carp etc.). While climate-mediated factors have been explored within the context of mosquito ecology (Asigau and Parker, 2018), aquatic habitat degradation by animal-induced eutrophication is less explored. Before discussing about pond management we have to know what is a pond? Thank you! However, the direct contribution of E. fetida to degradation of cellulose was not significant, although its presence increased microbial biomass (C(mic)) and enzyme activity (cellulase and beta-glucosidase). Girth class – What is the total investment in different varieties of fish with feeds and what profits I can see in each 4 month. You can physically remove frogs from your pond by catching them. I am in belaspur (c.g) I want to start fish farming in 2aker pond I want to contact number of babies of rohu fish .I want 25000 babies of rohu fish. Will you please advise me what kind of fish’s to stocks…? I have a few questions related to the project.firstly on what terms should I make a lease .and considering the size of the lake and climate which breed OE combination would get best results .and ideally what should be the stocking density of the fishes. Your fish will grow in small ponds. It is one of the renewable, and sustainable energy resources through dung cakes or biogas which replace the dependence upon charcoal, fuel wood, sil fuel etc. Number of fingerling depends on your desired fish species. And catfish usually take up to 2 years for reaching 5-7 kg. The exact price can vary from time to time and place to place. Tractors do not give cow dung and urine- major agri inputs. Murrel fish AVAILABLE in tons, pickup Location contact me WhatsApp 9962063011, How many fishes can I put in 500 sq ft pond. If you can construct one big pond then it will produce more for you. I have around 20000sq fit pond with dth of 4 fit so how many fingerlings should I have to keep in it and how long will it take to grow 1 kg if all feeding are available in good amount for common,silver, rahi,grass craft. Very good. Thank you! In India cow farming and buffalo farming are the backbone of dairy industry. eagerly waiting for your reply Mix 600 grams dry citric acid with 4 liters of water in a spray bottle or machine and spray the solution directly on the frogs in your pond. If you can provide me this information i will be very helpful to you. Thank you! Dear Alok, For precise professional help to your query please contact . You can contact for precise professional help. | International Energy Agency (IEA) (2011b) T, A. Therefore, improper use of cowdung should be stopped and use as organic manure for maintaining productive and sustainable farming system. The dimension of the pond is around 20ft * 20ft with a depth of around 15 ft. Thank you. On an average, you have to feed your fish with 4%-5% food daily (twice) according to their current body weight. Cow dung is high in organic materials and rich in nutrients. It would be better if it has the facilities of replacing after every two to three months. I have 4 ponds: 2 measuring 10 x 10 m and other 2 measuring 10 x 20 m. I would like to farm catfish and tilapia. John Colaco. Hi Roy, The importance of the cow’s manure. Ok sir can I grow them up to 1kg each We have no books right now. And also will it be possible to cultivate Catfish or Thai Koi along with the 60,000 pieces of Tilapia? which fish is on breeding we don’t know, how do we come to know any what we supposed to now. Curruent Science 79(12): 1716-20. Vermicomposting of cow manur, ammonium-nitrogen to nitrate-nitrogen. 1. After using Cow dung, how many days I need to wait for cultivation the fish. Thank you! Availability of fish breedare ..Rohu Katla, Carp , Gift Tilapia. 2. You can expect 200g-250g after 3-4 months. Dear sir how many fingerlings tilapia fish can I stock in a pond of 10 x 10 meters squre and 4 fit deep till cultivation time in ghana. Thanks. Thanks and Regards 2 meters depth will be ideal for above mentioned carp fishes. Can I get the desired shape and size of the fishes on the above mentioned small size pond or I have to construct a big one? Thank you! Thank you! Patchouli alcohol, major compound were also higher (42.3, 42.9%) under agroforestry system compared with open condition. My plot location 200menter near by local small river. It helps produce the best quality grains, fruits, and vegetables when used as manure. And you can stock up to 25,000-30,000 fish per acre. How long its required for the fishes to attain around 1.5-2kg weight, The manure is directly consumed by fish, and the released nutrients support the growth of mainly photosynthetic organisms (Moav et al., 1977, Little and Edwards, 1999). I am from Maharashtra (dist-solapur). * the dung of the animal can be used as manure to the crops. Determine the area of pond which you can easily maintain. Dairy farming in India is an ‘all season’ business. Hope, raising carp and cat fishes will be profitable for you. You should not cultivate Catfish or Thai Koi with Tilapia fish. As you told depth of water is more so what do you suggest? for which species we will go for and why? highest under shade condition with treatment T2 (100% Vermicompost) compare to open condition at three harvest intervals. Plz let me know the total invest in 2.5 acer pond I have a land in my village Allahabad. Use fresh cow manure as fertilizer and you might get a stinky garden and grass popping up in your flower beds. I’d like to cultivate Rahu,Ctla,Common Carp in that pond. A field experiment of Patchouli was laid out separately under teak based agroforestry system and under open condition with seven treatments. We have not enough idea about using tanks for commercial fish production purpose. First of all, transport the fingerlings from the hatchery very carefully. Now I would like to have some ducks in the pond. don’t breed naturally in the pond. Can dried nd powdered jhinga be used as feed for silvercarp rohu nd mrigal. And then wait for 12-15 days. Mrigal: 3000(The pond is famous in growing catla and rohu, not mrigal) A healthy cow excretes over 4,000-5,000 kg dung, 3,500-4,000 lt urine on an annual basis. That is what , i dont have any contact and same way i could not find proper channel. Say 1000 fish in 6 months cycle. Please contact any expert in your area. 1. Hi Mr Roy, We recommend a combination of Rui, Katla, Mrigal and some other carp fish. Cow dung, an excreta of bovine animal, is a cheap and easily available bioresource on our planet. Or is there any alternative species that we can throw along with rohu and Catla ? You should not rely on natural feeds if you want to produce maximum form your pond. Thank you! You need at least one acre land (43560 square feet) for starting commercially. I read each of your suggestion properly. i want 2 start a fish firm .not in pond but in what type of tank i should cunstucrt what will be the length and breadth and hight ..for fish like atla, rui (rohu), mangur, freshwater prawn and some of your local fish species. According to, ... Further due to importance of neem in social forestry, agroforestry, reforestation and rehabilitation of the wasteland and degraded industrial lands it helps to combat desertification, deforestation and soil erosion and to reduce excessive global temperature . Thank you! Dried this manure and ground into powder, then mixed with other feed in accordance with a certain proportion. Sir i have pond area of 1.5acre and depth 5ft..I wanted to know from you is how much no of pieces of rohu katla and mrigal Ill b able to cultivate for 6-7 months so that ill get fishes of 1kg approx…and how much mortality rate I assume… Could you please advise for same. our location is in anantapur, andhra pradesh . Please contact any local expert. You can view the webpage bellow to learn more about carp fish stocking density. You can also consider stocking Tilapia, climbing perch, catfish etc. And also there are Small insects and flys mosquito lays on side water bodies of every four corners of pond..? It’s a small shet tala. Thanks! suggest me the food ratio accr to weight in future….im planning it to farm only for 6 months,im starting this 26th of march ,2015…please guide me with podsible ways sir….please reply ASAP…. If we go for water areation system how much time areators sytem shall run in pond. Carp fishes like Rui, Katla etc. Cellulolysis occurs as the result of the combined action of fungi and bacteria with different requirements. Hello sir ,I am vivek from krishnagiri (tamilnadu,near to banglore).You are doing great and useful services congratulations for that. | Murphy, J.D, | National Non-Food Crops Centre (2013) "NNFCC Renewable Fuels and Energy Factsheet: Anaerobic Digestion, (1889) Root rot of cotton. If i go for Fish Pond, which is better to go for..??? About 1 week. I have a pond of 12m x 12m x 2m, for family usage, how many fish can it hold? I am from Kerala, I like to know the maximum density of monosex gift fish in a pond..I have 30ft squre shaped pond with 5feet depth (aprox 127 sqm of water).how many seeds is suitable for in a sqm…please help me.. You can stock about 200 monosex tilapia fish in your pond. can you please advise me as to what type of fishes can be reared in my area. p>The need of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K) nutrient in oil palm nursery are usually fulfilled with synthetic chemical fertilizers such as NPK fertilizer. A combination of 1700-2000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in each pond. 3. What i have planned is as follows. Can you pls suggest any other alternative for this. huge demand in market. With 7 hp of pump and 30 feet of well is also available If you want to cultivate fish commercially you have to make a large one. There are a variety of cow dung and cow's urine products, which can be used as fertilizers and pest repellent respectively in agricultural practice. The cow dung is not faeces, but a purifier. Cows dung is a most important source of bio-fertilizer but at, the same time cow’s urine, cow’s horn and a dead body of a cow, can be used for preparing eective bio-fertilizer. Tilapia, catfish and koi are suitable for all location. i am new to this business .i have 10 acer land for a complete project. You can get the same practical training for free today.. We have our associates` fish farms in more than 20 places in Nigeria and we are giving opportunity to few Nigerians to come to our farms to see, learn and ask questions about fish farming business in Nigeria, right on the farm. In every pond, how much Rui, Katla and Mrigel fish can cultivate? But small ponds are not suitable for commercial production purpose. I have 3 acre pond and 7 feet depth. e soil productivity is also related, ) favoured nitrication, resulting in the rapid conversion o, . These organisms includephytoplankton*, zooplankton* and insects (see Chapter 10, ). Hi, i am from odisha. thank you. Animals can play an important role in the provision of energy either in negative way where livestock keeping contributes to deforestation in large parts of forested area or in positively, such as by transforming plant energy into useful work or by providing dung used for fuel through dung cakes or biogas to replace charcoal, fuel wood, firewood etc. Your tank is so deep which is not recommended for farming Rui or Katla fish. | e Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) (2010) Energy Data Directory and Yearbook. Thanks! And give me some guides about my fault. Therefore, applying vermicompost in tomato continuous cropping soil can improve soil nutrient contents and reduce the relative abundance of dominant fungi, relieving the tomato continuous cropping obstacle. Depth. is improper use of cowdung should be stopped, and use as organic manure for maintaining productivity and, and fungal pathogenic disease. Depends on various factors and can vary from place to place. and i want build 250*80*5 ft pond. us, it may be said that soil biology is, the door to maintenance of soil health (Kumari, relevant soil properties and enzyme activities and suggested that, addition of organic matter increased microbial activity/ diversity, and turnover, which subsequently leads to greater enzyme syn, thesis and accumulation in the soil matrix. Tilapia grows rapidly. You can choose carp fish species for your area. As a result, 17.3, 4.3, 20.6, 15.6, 5.4, and 10.2 tonnes of N, P, Ca, Mg and Fe nutrients were lost per year in burning dung and, crop residue. Sir I have pond 100x 100x 5 feet. Keeping Katla fish for 3-4 months will not be profitable for you. How many monosex tilapia I should stock for best growth. i just wanted to know how much time period Tilapia and Catfish will take to grow up and get sold in the market???? 4. You can stock up to 5500 carp fish in your pond. 9434048219, Sir, I have a 5000sq.ft pond with a depth of 4 ft can you kindly tell me how many fish seeds can i put in my pond thanks, Depends on the fish species. Is it correct to go with Rohu, Katla and Mrigal in the ratio of 40:40:20. Can you please tell, what should be the ratio of rohu, katla and mrigal…? Pangasius fish grow faster in commercial feeds. The colour of water is blackish. Two doses of ethephon concentration will be penetrated in the trunk through hole. Whether it make any problems for the final reap. Pls provide me the full information and if any pvt.or government organizations can help me in this near my hometown,also provide me details in this regards. Thank you! We can’t suggest any fish species, you have to choose your desired species. Stock minnow according to the area of your pond. Actually it’s not possible. Pedobiologia 31: 199–209. Beside it, application of cowdung in proper and sustainable way can enhance not only productivity of yield but also minimizing, the chances bacterial and fungal pathogenic disease. Central Institute of Fisheries Education And one hectare of water body needs to just five cattle/buffalos. Best Wishes This fish catch has remained fairly constant over the last decade or so and the most hopeful means of increasing the total amount of fish is from farming. Thank you! Dried this manure and ground into powder, then mixed with other feed in accordance with a certain proportion. Rate of gum exudation in g/tree/day. Phone: +91 080 28466244. In about two weeks i would get the charge of the pond and would set it up as follows. How should I maintain the pond..? It will take about 4-5 months. The amount and quality of milk produced by a dairy cow is largely affected by what it is fed on and how the feeding is done. Sir iam planning to leave 10,000 fingerlings (3 -4 cms) fishes with combination of Katla and Common carp in a ratio of 60:40 Reduce the amount of feed when the temperature goes down. when i will start i shall contact you hopping to get some assistance from you sir,regards. With that amount of cow dung, the families possibly cleaned their houses every day and cow dung was kept in stock for natural manure which was later used in the fields for farming. You can consider Tilapia or Koi fish for 6 month cycle. Hi members, My name is eric from UK ,live at the moment in germany and will be moving shortly to week we are coming over for three months and have started to build . So we can’t clarify whether your project will be successful or not. Disclaimer i have 1 acres of land. But the rich compost that comes from it is the foundation for biodynamic farming. Dear Roy We have been doing R & D for organic cattle for last few years, and ultimately succeeded in producing 100% organic cattle feed and have started a manufacturing unit of feed pellets in Gujarat with LAXMI AGRO FARMING INDUSTRIES. maintaining productive and sustainable farming system. 53, 013.00) followed by in T6 (Rs.52, 396.00) and the BC Ratio was observed as 1:2.35 in T6 followed by T2 (1:2.32) under agroforestry. Hope you understand! How to leave them in water…? Chicken We always suggest to built rectangular pond. So, it will be better if you consult any expert or technician in your area, make a proper plan and work according to the plan. We The Agro Aims planning to set up fish farming. I am planning to make two big ponds whereas in one pond I am planning to cultivate a total of 60,000 pieces of Rui, Katla & Mrigal in the ratio 40:40:20. OK. We will be able to suggest you if you provide all the required information. Could you please recommend a good size for a fish pond and best fish or mix of fish for a climate of 25 to 35 °C? Thank you! With this, micro plants flourished and natural food was available aplenty for the fish. The final harvest of fish by its last owner is being done these days. All rights reserved. Hello Sir! You can’t make much profit from such a small pond. The cattle dung produced in Funtua has great potential for alternative renewable energy source. So you can apply 60-100 kg limestone in each pond. and Aandrade, R.V, in Brazil. Planning to put Rohu and Catla in same proportion is that fine ? The drill machine will be used to make hole in the trunk of tree. Replication - 3 I want to start a small farm business. I have got a very big piece of land and I am planning to do fish farming for commercial use. The average dung produced per cattle per day was 5.4 kg. You can stock about 5000 fish in your pond. You can easily go with this system. In general, undrainable pond is characterized by its diversified spatio-trophicenvironment comprising of various natural fish food organisms (Phytoplankton… By increasing the availability of major nutrients, fertilizers promote the development of planktonic algae, which provide f… Lastly which method of construction should I choose between concrete and plastic pond? You can stock up to 10000 fingerlings in your 20,000 square feet pond. Leave a couple of weeks and introduce 40000 seeds : It decreased sulphate sorption. Measurement of herbaceous biomass using the quadrats of 0.25 m2 at monthly intervals. Beside it, application of cowdung in proper and sustainable way can enhance not only productivity of yield but also minimizing the chances bacterial and fungal pathogenic disease. You can stock about 1500 Rui or Katla or both fish in your pond. This increase is assumed to bring serious implications for serealia grain production, particularly in industrialized countries located in subtropical areas as the main serealia producers (Preston, 2000).

importance of cow dung in fish farming

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