Replace the toilet and reinstall the moldings. You’ll save half the cost or more by installing the vinyl yourself. Trim if needed, reroll half of the piece and spread the glue (Photo 14). This is because more surface area is being covered at once, much like installing a carpet. Turn off any underfloor heating. Installation procedures and adhesives differ for each type of vinyl flooring, and vary from one manufacturer to another, so be sure to get instructions for the type of flooring you choose. Before installing over top of your previous vinyl flooring, you should follow the tips below. If bubbles remain after you’ve finished the rolling, be patient; they’ll probably disappear overnight. 1. Saw off the bottom of the door jambs and moldings. Inlay vinyl is made by scattering a pattern of vinyl chips on a backing and melting them together. Tear It Up! The next thing to do was to install the flooring! It is extremely durable and can look like anything, from stone to wood and other natural materials. Transfer the shape of the bathroom floor to the underlayment by aligning the blade of the framing square with the reference line and drawing a line along the outside edge. Learn how to install vinyl plank flooring with our easy step-by-step guide and video. Sheet vinyl is commonly known as vinyl on a roll, cushion flooring and domestic vinyl. Nail down any old, loose flooring with ring-shank nails. If they don’t, slit the bubbles with a utility knife, flatten them out, and seal the slits with special seam sealer. Measure the distance from the wall to the center of the pipe. Failure to do so could void the product warranty. If your new floor requires a seam and if you're applying over an old floor, offset the new seam at least 6 inches from the old one. When all sheets are taped together, remove the template in one piece. Press the vinyl tight to the floor with a rolling pin. Unless otherwise directed by local code, 1/4-inch BC plywood makes a good underlayment. Use a circular saw and jigsaw to cut out the plywood. Rotovinyl is available with either a felt or a vinyl backing. At Flooring Hut we pride our company on providing a wide range of fantastic sheet vinyl flooring products, great value-for-money prices, and outstanding customer service. These steps tell you how to fit sheet vinyl if you plan to cut it before you place it. We decided to go with vinyl flooring to keep weight down. The adhesive needs this time to dry and bond. For installation on level, smooth floor or subfloor. You may have to provide ventilation or use an approved respirator. We had success with peel-and-stick tiles in our first RV but wanted to try something new. Installing a sheet vinyl floor is a manageable DIY project. Lay your cut vinyl in the room in position, allowing the edges to curl up against the wall. Before you cut the underlayment, let it acclimate to the humidity in your house for a day or two. Vinyl flooring is available in 6- and 12-ft. widths. Compare the flexibility of different floors by bending a corner of the sample. New flooring doesn't get easier than this. Draw the pipe's diameter on your template at the end of the line you just drew. Lay Vinyl Flooring. For bathrooms, you’ll need to consider toilets, tubs, and sinks, so things may not be as seamless as you think unless you hire a pro. There are two ways to measure and fit vinyl. Learn the foolproof “pattern” method for installing a vinyl floor in your bathroom, with expert tips for avoiding common installation pitfalls. In some cases, vinyl can be glued directly to old vinyl, ceramic tile and wood floors, but special fillers and glue-down procedures are needed. Then tape the paper template to the underlayment. Then lay it in place and trim the excess. underlayment down with 7/8-in. Match the proper adhesive to your type of floor. If you have to join pieces of the flooring with a seam, first match up the patterns on the two pieces and temporarily tape them together. Sheet vinyl flooring is an extremely popular option for homeowners, especially in areas that tend to be moist, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Even if you’re going over the old flooring with 1/4-in. Then arrange the plywood sheets to the approximate shape of your floor and tape them together with duct tape before you tape down the pattern (Photo 7). INSTALLATION IN AREAS OF HIGH HEAT OR DIRECT SUNLIGHT . Photos 7 & 9 show how to mark and staple down the new underlayment. To hold the paper in place, cut triangular holes and tape over them. The open time will allow the adhesive to achieve its best hold. Slide the template around the pipe. Putting it over a concrete floor is the simplest way to install vinyl -- in most cases, you need only sweep and vacuum the concrete. The Most Common Mistake. Vinyl plank’s are usually a thin type of flooring that are bendy in nature. notches) to spread the adhesive evenly over the floor. How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring Estimate How Much Sheet Vinyl Flooring You'll Need. In most cases, the additional height won’t hurt anything, and at worst you may have to trim off the bottom of the doors, add an extension to the toilet flange or install a reducing threshold at the doorway.

installing sheet vinyl flooring

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