If you can afford then it’s better to buy 6 or 8gb. like your Anti-Virus program if you choose to not use Windows Defender. No it is NOT enough. Now there is 3 GB of RAM. Keep in mind your background tasks at hand; a 32-bit Windows™ 10 OS will take up 1GB of RAM and a 64-bit OS will occupy 2GB at all times [1]. I have 4 gb ram with 64 bit for windows 10. You don’t believe me, you can try 4GB and you will remember my words. Is 4 gb ram is enough or not for using ms ms office backages. 2gb RAM for a Windows OS is a scam. Like word ,excel exc power point etc..my new brought laptop show not responding messages while using these programs , but the new brand's technicians advice me to upgrade ram. This isn't a desktop question, but I figured this community would be savvy enough to help. They seem to have 4gb as a minimum with tablets. That said, the 2GB of RAM is a major bottleneck. Windows 10, for example, consumes around 2GB of RAM before you even open an application. a 2GB RAM computer is enough to get most work smoothly done in a Windows 10 PC including Adobe Photoshop. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro that I'm trying to revive for use as a primary note taking device. Working on a 4gb laptop is like using a 2gb mobile phone. But it's at least at the same level, certainly not worse. I expected it to be much worse, honestly, after an old (circa 2007) desktop with a higher-clocked Pentium D and 2GB RAM. . It was a downright scandal than MS would have a 2gb RAM Surface 3 option because you can just barely run Windows and Chrome will 100% your RAM usage with just a few tabs. If a Windows 10 PC equips a 2GB of RAM, you can use it to do much more things like playing games, editing video and images, smoothly opening and browsing more tabs in browser, etc. Nowadays PC's come with plenty of RAM and that is never, ever, used it is just a selling point . 4gb ram is enough for us to use office 365. for your reference: You need 4GB. According to Windows the minimum RAM for a 32 bit Windows 10 PC is of 1GB while for a 64 bit Windows 10 PC the minimum required RAM is 2GB. RAM prices have been trending down lately due to falling demand and slower device sales. 4GB minimum. . hi ward, yes, 4gb ram is sufficient for office 365 on windows systems. Let’s look at both the systems one by one: 32 bit: My CPU (Core 2 Duo E7300 2.6 GHz) supports 64-bit. Honestly, 8GB pf RAM is plenty, you will never need more than that. I can have Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign running on 8GB of RAM and I never, even, come close to topping that out . It's usable. What they fail to tell you is the OTHER programs that have to run at the same time as the OS. Optimizing Windows 10 for 2GB RAM? actually, for windows systems, the system requirement for memory is 2gb. The Web Browser your Streaming Videos with will take up at least 1GB of RAM. . . It's a 10" tablet with Z3735F, a 1280x800 display, 32GB of built-in storage and 2GB of RAM, Windows 10. I have something called DEXP 10XW. If your laptop has a 64-bit OS with only 4GB of memory, you’ll lose almost half of your available storage space right off the bat. Troubleshooting. Unfortunately, I have zero options to upgrade this PC too much further without needing to build a completely new PC. NO. and with a 32 Bit system 4GB is the Maximum you can have. However, this may be theoretically correct but for practical purposes, 1 GB or 2 GB ram is not sufficient enough. I wonder if Windows 10 x64 could run, on the Fall Creators Update at the very least. It will work for sure but slowly. I will give Chinese some credit here.

is 2gb ram enough for windows 10

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