Kraig Adams is a film maker, adventurer and minimalist. He talks about what it’s like in NYC right now in quarantine and how we can still connect with our neighbors by visiting each other’s islands in animal crossing or petting dogs from 6 feet away. Eoin caught up with Kraig in the latest episode of the podcast to chat about his adventures… Kraig Adams is a minimalist New York YouTuber who creates cinematic silent hiking videos. After making few hiking videos, trying to come up with ideas for new trails, I figured I'll just make a video of what I have here, so I'll walk … 2,098 Likes, 34 Comments - Kraig Adams (@kraigadams) on Instagram: “If you run into me while hiking I’ll probably be wearing some combination of these layers. His YouTube channel has exploded in the last couple of years with people flocking to see his incredible and inspiring videos of hiking trails from all over the world. Hiking is an adventurous middle step towards the next phase of my life, owning a home. Just…” When I first watched his Hornstrandir (Iceland) documentary, I was instantly… Running 26.22 miles during peak Fall colors early November in New York City Olender: Awesome Kraig!NYC looks pretty! Checkout our podcast with Kraig here Kraig Adams has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few years with his stunning documentaries of his hikes around the world. He's a photographer working on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon but recently bought and renovated a schoolhouse in Upstate, NY. Kraig Adams makes beautiful and soothing documentaries about his hiking alone on scenic trails, like this 70-mile hike on the Sawtooth Loop Trail in … His simple style immerses viewers into the incredible beauty of the trails he hikes. Today I chat on the phone with my hometown friend Andrew Lipovsky.

kraig adams hiking

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