True confession time. Several years ago my husband brought home a jar of waffle and dinges spekuloos spread (his was way before you could find it on every grocery shelf) that a friend bought for him. Thank you for sharing! Yum! if you use cane based sugar… Hi, I’ve tried your recipe and it worked perfectly, despite I used margarine and soy milk instead as dairy doesn’t agree with me. I really need to start using my waffle-maker more! Anyway, LOVE your blog and LOVE your cookbook (actually found your cookbook before your blog- was browsing in Powell’s…). A lot of work…to mix the dough with a spoon (didn’t have the machine). They are very addictive! Oooh. From another commenter is sounds like there is a difference between Belgian and Swedish pearl sugar? Your recipes have never failed me– or should I say I have never failed your recipes… Until now. FYI, 1 1/3 cups of nibbed sugar turned out be exactly one pack of 250gr Hagelzucker. These came out as described – crunchy on the outside, stretchy on the inside. I seem to have created a Gauffre Quebecois — I thought the pearl sugar was a garnish and realized too late it was integral to the dough. Despite feeling like I must be doing something wrong a few times, they turned out great! Mix together the melted butter, eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla extract in a medium bowl. I like to measure baby belly progress at the B&H counter; last time, I couldn’t sit at the counter in the last month because the stools are fixed and I didn’t have enough room anymore, which gave us all a laugh. :) The first is that once I became a book author myself, I ceded some of my freedom to pass shade on booksellers. Thank you so much, Jill! If using Active Dry Yeast, gently mix with a spatula and set aside to bloom the yeast for ~5-10 minutes. Hi! Made with yeast, these waffles are golden brown outside and chewy on the inside. Yes. Looks delicious! Now I can finally use the rest of my sugar! First off, what speed do you usually have your mixer on when you are mixing in the butter? You know that phenomenon where you learn about something you’ve never heard of before, and then you hear about it again and again? I have an older waffle iron where the wells are shallower and have far more of them than the Belgian style makers. Do you think I’ll still have success? I was delighted with how these came out today. .. Do you think that brickle or toffee bits would work instead of the pearl sugar or would they not dissolve enough while cooking? I have to admit I didn’t have the time this morning to wait for the rising time, so I used the recipe that requires less rising time. And I will have to try your recipe! I love that they’re bitesized too – makes for perfect work snacks :). Try the croquettes crevettes. I learned the hard way that I can’t keep a low enough flame on the stove (melt #1) and turning the oven to Convect Bake at 200F leads to melt #2. 2 sticks unsalted butter, melted (about 1 cup), plus more for brushing. I will make these this weekend and dream of years past. If you’re making the full batch with the express intent of freezing them, you might want to cook them to half-a-shade lighter, so that when they’re reheated in a 200 degree oven, they won’t get too dark. Without the pearl sugar, it’s just a brioche waffle, and not very sweet (the sugar is kept very low in the dough in anticipation of the sweetness the pearl sugar adds). I finally like my waffle iron!! We have a Belgian friend who gave us a great cookbook called Everybody Eats Well in Belgium–and it’s true. Help me, O Swami! Make pearl sugar: David Lebovitz — a man with such an impassioned following that the day he linked to a recent recipe on this site, two different parents came up to me at kindergarten drop-off to ask if I really knew him — gave me a great tip this week: crush sugar cubes into coarse bits to create makeshift pearl sugar. Thanks! Ohhhh my goodness, yes. Liege waffles are totally different to Belgian waffles which are topped with various toppings. Yes, ideally, they would be piping hot for each guest, fresh from a line of waffle irons, but that is just not feasible. To serve: You can serve these any number of ways: with ice cream or whipped cream, Nutella and/or sliced fruit but I adore them plain and always warm. but one or the other? Loved it. I am finding myself in a similar position to Serena’s. Everytime I try something new in the kitchen, my family knows it is a smitten kitchen recipe, these days. Our kid is the furry variety, but to our dog my wife is mommy. Waffles tasted exactly how I ate them in Liege, the recipe was clear and easy to follow. It translates to little bites of slightly crunchy, slightly caramelized sugary heaven. Will report back – I really hope this recipe works out as I looove liege waffles. These waffles should always be eaten warm. However, Cynthia says that the Swedish worked just fine for her. @Elke: yes! Thanks!!!! I am pretty impressed that you would try this even with an easy to clean waffler- but it sounds like any trouble is worth it! As a Belgian (and long time fan of your blog, fyi) I just want to say I’m PROFOUNDLY grateful that you make the distinction between your Belgian waffles and my Belgian waffles. That is, before putting it in the refrigerator overnight? A few of these waffles, paper-wrapped snd tied with pretty ribbon, make a wonderful gift . If you already have Swedish or can get it more easily, try it and report back! P.S. Psst. They are the reason you need to make your own pearl sugar. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, add the milk, water, and yeast. Ts and ps appreciated – I need these to work! Do you think it will work to let the dough rise in the fridge for two nights? But there will be some compromise in texture; it may seem less layered inside. Now, I spend way more time in the kitchen than is necessary for a household of 1, but I have to admit… I have such a sense of accomplishment right now!! Great idea. I just made my first batch. I may try it next time with 3 eggs and only 3 cups of flour. I let the second batch go for a while on Keep Warm and it looked like it was going to be just fine, so I’ll leave the oven on for an hour or so, turn it off, and leave the sugar in the cooling oven overnight. 3/4 cup warm milk. Made them for my son’s birthday breakfast yesterday and had them again today. It’s best to let it warm and soften a bit; this usually takes up to an hour, but you might be okay at 30 minutes. I reduced the sugar to 25% and they came out prefect: hard on the outside, chewy on the inside, and with pops of sugar. Of course, I’ll probably just use my stand mixer next time. These waffles are usually on the firm side when they’re cold, but they should be eaten warm. (See a’s comment.) ★☆ Never having had fresh waffles before these were mind blowing. Sigh. Can this recipe be doubled or tripled for a brunch party? When there’s a “here’s where you can buy this” link, I always try to list non-Amazon stores that also sell items whenever I can get my hands on the information, to make it easier for people who wish to shop locally without telling anyone what to do. I’m new to the sourdough thing but have tasted liege waffles made with sourdough starter and they were to die for. Wondering what waffle iron you use– and would you recommend it? Longer than that and the pearls will dissolve. OR, reheat the waffle maker 2 hours later and do the same. I’ve tried the sugar cube trick, but the texture is wrong, as is the Swedish variety, hail sugar seems too hard. The first ones I made were on 2.5/6 for like 5-6 minutes and the pearl sugar didn’t burn but it also didn’t have time under heat to soften. Waffles  puff up. I also made my usual “stand by out of the box” Stonewall Kitchen waffles (since I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough of these) and as much as I have liked those before – they totally sucked in comparison! This sugar is meant to maintain its chunky structure when it is used in baking and cooking. The waffles look yummy, and I hope to make them someday (on my great-grandma’s circa 1890 German cast iron waffle iron! The rich, brioche-like dough, laced with half-melted chunks of pearl sugar, stands out on its flavor and unique texture alone. I need to buy ASAP so I can make these next week! It also comes with a set of plain plates to make croque-monsieurs :). The perfect Mother’s Day recipe!! I found Lars Pearl sugar at Whole foods and I’m excited to try this recipe for Mother’s day. Bless you! Any thoughts on using that for your yeast? The results were something like externally caramelized hockey pucks (well, slight exaggeration). -lindsay. So, based on that, I have two notes on this recipe even though I haven’t tried it yet: at the shop we never did a room-temp rise; we just mixed up the dough, kneaded in the pearl sugar, divided it into balls, and refrigerated them overnight. Once the dough is doubled, uncover and punch it to deflate the air out of it. Any ideas? Go to Antwerp and Liège. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And never miss them. I spent two years living in Lille and so went to Belgium often: best waffle-time of my life. I love love love this! They really are wonderful with absolutely nothing on them, too. Très délicieux! After you’ve had a bier, wander into the square and have a Liege Wafel from the wafel guy there. I put it on babka, muffins, french toast and pancakes. Serve them with powdered sugar, fresh fruits, whipped cream, honey or maple syrup. Haha. Several waffle sessions later, we settled on our own homegrown recipe for simpler Belgian waffles. Fabulous, even cold. I used to work at a Liege waffle stand in Columbus, OH, and the waffles were indeed magical; there was nothing like eating one hot from the iron with a dusting of totally-unnecessary powdered sugar. I made these this weekend, and they were delicious. I’d think so but the main thing is when it comes out, it might need to finish rising. Yeeeesss a waffle iron with removable plates! Liège waffles are divine! This recipe looks stunning and I”m definitely going to give it a shot (as soon as my sugar comes in). That why you find some bits of sugar in your Liege waffles. Mine turned out disappointing. I used my bread machine’s dough cycle to make the dough, and it worked perfectly. In terms of the pearl sugar, it was mainly the texture of the unmelted sugar that didn’t work: there was a lot of it and it was too crunchy. I have little doubt that they’d make something transcendent, but if the process is so involved — say, the 90 minutes at room temperature then more mixing then another 4 hours, followed by 30 minutes, followed by an overnight in the fridge and another 90 on a counter of a well-respected and excellent recipe — that it results in no homemade liège waffles in your life, it has still on some level failed us. Ideally, it will come out in Fall 2016. I’d do a lot of flattening, dropping in a chunk of butter, folding the dough over it, and kneading it that way. I took an uncharacteristically (for me) Zen approach to adding the butter and then letting water do its slow magic to melt the burned sugar off the waffle iron (no removable plates on mine). The second time I made it I actually froze the dough after letting it rise for two hours. Cooking time depends on your waffle maker. Do you think I can do two room temperature rises in the same day instead of the overnight fridge rise? As the quarantine has done to so many recipes, this one suffered a few tweaks (coconut-almondmilk instead of whole; almond extract instead of vanilla), but the result was still as if a slab of brioche and a fresh croissant had a caramelized baby. And with wet towel in the hot iron worked beautifully at cleanup time. I just put a dollop of dough in the center of my regular waffle maker so I ended up with roughly 3 inch circles. Just make sure to spray iron with a non-stick spray before cooking to prevent waffles from sticking. Can’t wait to make these, awesome! I’ve tinkered with and tried so many versions with nothing to show but disappointment and flaccid waffles (the real deal is one of the world’s greatest food inventions in my opinion). ;), Well, these have been on my culinary feat bucket list for approximately forever… But I finally did it!! Found the pearl sugar for $5 at Whole Foods. Everything I’ve read about the gas line tinkering and the total callousness of the landlord when people died and half a block has been leveled… is just infuriating.

liege waffles without pearl sugar

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