Thus, by default it only includes software that is essential to most Linux users, including file browsers (EFM), a web browser (Midori) and a terminal emulator (Terminology). For older hardware, Ubuntu does best with Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu MATE flavors and Mint users also have Mint MATE edition available. Email. ... 8 Ubuntu Flavors Compared: Kubuntu vs. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs. MATE vs. Budgie vs. Altiris: Linux - Newbie: 4: 03-27-2013 02:21 PM [SOLVED] Lubuntu vs Mint LXDE vs Quelitu: JohnSmith11: Linux - Newbie: 4: 05-30-2011 08:24 AM Ubuntu Vs Linux Mint. As mentioned by 273 here above, however, it is WAY more stripped down than XFCE, so you have to progressively add what you need once you realize you need it. Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux. The philosophy for the distribution is to provide a minimal base system so that users can populate it with the software they want. Core i7 3610QM processor with 8 cores, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, ... Ubuntu 12.10 vs Kubuntu 12.10 vs Xubuntu 12.10 vs Lubuntu … So choose wisely. In this article, we will compare both the distros and find out why Mint is a better option to use. Mint is actually based off Ubuntu, but the two have grown apart quite a bit. For Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Lubuntu I recommend going with 12.04. As others said, the best way is to just try each one out. It‘s one of the most stable Linux Distros. Depending on your needs, you can choose Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Workflow is much faster and easy to use in Mint. Mint is highly recommended for both users coming from Windows, as well as users coming from Ubuntu, but unhappy with Ubuntu's recent, rather dramatic interface changes. ... (KDE), Lubuntu (LXDE), Xubuntu (Xfce) and Ubuntu MATE. Linux Mint feels more familiar to Windows users than Ubuntu. My desk beast is running Mint. ; We would go with LXDE. [SOLVED] Tried to install lubuntu over mint - managed to wipe everything! I think lubuntu and Cinnamon would be faster than Ubuntu and Cinnamon. Mint follows their own numbering scheme. Mint, as well as Ubuntu, are two of the most popular Linux distros which offer a high degree of usability to its users. We’ll explain everything you need to know on Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu, so you can determine which option is worth your time and money. Ubuntu vs Mint: Which one is better? This is done on request by someone who watched my Linux Mint 19 MATE Review video from three months ago. I created a live USB using Linux Mint Image writer and installed Peppermint on my Asus K55VM. I can see you’re very confused about what’s what right now. Specifications of my HP PC are: ... Linux Mint is Ubuntu derivative and complete with all applications and codecs installed and works like a charm out of the box. I think I’ve provided enough information to help you decide which Ubuntu you should choose to install. I honestly like lubuntu way better. In essence, both distros are very good, with proper support and updates, a well-designed interface, etc. Everything is laggy. It doesn't matter which version of Linux Mint you install. Mint provides an updated interface with a look and feel similar to Gnome 2, with an application menu reminiscent of the Windows 7 Start Menu, with categorization and search. Xubuntu is based upon XFCE desktop environment while Lubuntu is based upon LXDE desktop environment. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so they are quite similar to begin with. Linux Mint explicitly states they have no stance on maintaining free software only. That is a long-term support release and will give you more time to get use to them. Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu have quite similar requirements. Ubuntu vs Linux Mint: Introduction. In every version, there's a single panel at the bottom with a menu, quick launch icons, and system tray icons. Just to add, Google Chrome is not supported on 32-bit Linux. At the end of 2014, however, they returned to a point number naming scheme with the 17 LTS release, which is currently in its 17.1 iteration, and 17.2 is planned for June 2015 (it will be called Rafaela). This means you'll use a reliable, stable distro vs something that is not offered with LTS benefits. lol So, I’ll parse this out a bit to help, and add a little bit extra info to help show how this all works. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu. Quick overview – Linux Mint Cinnamon vs Ubuntu (18.04+) If you’re too lazy to go through our detailed comparison, check the table below for a quick overview. Ubuntu vs. Linux mint Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu System Requirements. If you’re trying to decide between popular operating systems for your computer, look no further! The winner is the one which gets best visibility on Google. Studio vs. Kylin. It is a miser with resources, with a more modern look. This will probably be a fairly short post, because most of the detail is in the video. I'll go with lubuntu+cinnemon for the time being. Not only do they use Ubuntu, Mint also relies on Ubuntu Long Term Releases (LTS). Let’s take a look at each one and decide which might be the best option for you. However, the distributions have since diverged, and the choice between the two may not be clear. Recommended Post: Linux Mint vs Ubuntu: 15 Facts To Know Before Choosing The Best One In a Linux system, it’s more reliable and secure than Windows and Mac OS. Linux Mint is a good choice, but is based on Ubuntu and so has the same problems. Both are the lightweight operating systems. 1| User Interface. It is a Linux system, that uses the minimal desktop LXDE/LXQT, and a selection of light applications. The final conclusion and answer to Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu is that we have no winner. Ubuntu Vs. Linux Mint 1. Randy Fry: “If you want to a better experience than Lubuntu there is a respin called LXLE.You can get it at Savvie33: Linux - Laptop and Netbook: 19: 07-16-2015 11:33 AM: Ubuntu/Lubuntu 12.10 or Linux Mint 14 XFCE for an older computer? Published on July 1, 2019 By: Harold G. Lubuntu and Xubuntu are basically the distributions for the Ubuntu. I'm running lxle (or pretty lubuntu, as I call it), and plain lubuntu before that on my older laptop. Many arguments can be made for using Linux Mint and not Ubuntu, and there are counterarguments for installing Ubuntu. Lubuntu vs Mint - Type 2 keywords and click on the 'Fight !' I’ve used & loved Lubuntu ever since first trying the brand new 12.04. ... You can also choose to make use of Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Mate. Hi everyone, This post is about Linux Mint MATE and XFCE, specifically about which is faster and uses less RAM. Linux Mint is an example of this. PROBLEM: Linux Mint vs Lubuntu for an old laptop?. Have you made up your mind about which Ubuntu to install? Lubuntu was founded by Mario Behling and has been grown for many years by Julien Lavergne. System used Asus K55VM laptop with 2.3 Ghz 3rd Gen. Ubuntu uses the year and month of the release as a version number. With that said, I would trust Linux Mint a little better than Ubuntu when it comes to privacy but not by much. Because of this, Lubuntu has very low hardware requirements. Ubuntu. However, they're both designed to be an easy, usable experience for beginners—they just take different approaches to it. Installed 20.04 on a machine at work & thought I was losing my mind… I could not for the life of me figure out how to simply add a … Mark Shuttleworth, leader of the Ubuntu project, wanted to create a Linux distribution that could compete visually and stylistically with Apple. So my question is relating to which between the two is more "barebones" in that sense. Until 2007, Linux Mint had point releases (2.0, 3.0…) – it switched to major release numbers in 2008 with Linux Mint 5 LTS codenamed Elyssa. Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu System Requirements. Linux Mint and Ubuntu both have similar system requirements – as Mint is based on top of Ubuntu, and both are based on Debian, both distros have similar resource usage – however, the differences in the desktop environment can cause a significant performance deficit. Both of them have a great community and are easy to use. Go here to see the post associated with that video. It is up to you to decide what you will use them for. SOLUTION 1: LXDE is definitely lighter and faster than XFCE and you especially notice the difference on older or more limited hardware. For new computers, whichever way you go, you’re going to be fine. Ubuntu 12.10 vs Kubuntu 12.10 vs Xubuntu 12.10 vs Lubuntu 12.10 ; As mentioned in my previous post, tonight I tested all the Ubuntu sisters on my PC from pen drive. But there are also official variants, known as “flavors”. Ayrton Zorin strikes again with the new version of Zorin OS 6 Lite, based on Lubuntu 11.10 core and now comes with LXDE environment. Both Linux distributions are relatively easy to use. The GUI is simple, clean, things are relatively easy to do, and light on the system. If your system supports 32-bit or if it has less than 2 GB of RAM, install 32-bit Ubuntu MATE or Lubuntu. 1. Debian. Ubuntu Gnome offers a contemporary design which comes with eye-catching visual effects while Linux Mint is more reserved and may be seen as less visually appealing. Mint 14 is the latest version. I tried just going with Linux Mint 14; but, their installer is not working well. This release includes a new and refined Software Center, as well as other known tools like Zorin Look Changer, Zorin Internet Browser Manager, Zorin OS Lite Extra Software and other programs from earlier versions in Zorin OS. Tags: Linux. That's probably a lot of info, and that's just an overview. Xubuntu Vs Lubuntu Most of these two distros are put in the same brackets because there is a lot of commonness between them. I vote lubuntu. > What is the difference between Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and Cinnamon? sysadmin. Earlier I mentioned that Linux Mint uses Ubuntu for its base. Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system with a clean and easy-to-use user interface. The first version or initial version, Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was released one 20 October 2004 (15 years ago). button. Linux Mint was originally built on Ubuntu. That’s why, around the world, starting from the beginners to IT expert make their choices to use Linux than any other system. Feels like the same thing since Mint was sort of made as a less heavy, more robust more elegant version of Ubuntu. Yes, I am aware neither Lubuntu nor Peppermint are "true barebones" vs Arch or Gentoo, but they are definitely lighter and have less packages than say Ubuntu or Mint. Linux Mint comes in Cinnamon and MATE flavours, there are also KDE and Xfce versions. If you do get lxle, be aware that it comes with lots of excess programs that you probably don't need.

lubuntu vs mint

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