Poplar Wood Vs. (WOODnetWORK Forum) The problem with white birch is getting it with no dark heartwood, since the tree grows with a dark center. Birch, being a diffuse porous wood, blotches badly under stain - much more than either hard or soft maple. Maple Wood. It's an investment, but as a … Curling and wavy grain patterns are more unusual but not unheard of. Quick and easy to install. Because of plywood's durability, it's used for a wide range of building projects. about plywood (8) Composite (4) Laminate (3) Lumber (4) News (1) Plywood (18) plywood projects (6) plywood uses (5) 14711 Artesia Blvd. Heartwood ranges from dark brown to green to black. Birch is sturdy hardwood that is plentiful in the Northeast United States and Canada. The burning is due to the density difference and not the sugar content. 1-800-732-1697 | Contact Us | Blog. I am building all new cabinets in my kitchen and I have 5 3/4 sheets of birch plywood to use which will be enough plywood to do the job. We have white cabinets made with birch plywood and maple faceframes, doors and drawer fronts. Maple wood is more expensive and versatile than birch wood. Plywood Veneer ... tight, and dense. One is birch and one is maple. Hard and soft maple can be separated easily using 10x magnification by observing the ray width. One other difference between maple and birch is that the maples tend to have a conspicuous ray fleck on radial surfaces. Which is about double that of regular hardwood plywood. I'm having trouble distinguishing clear coated birch ply from clear coated maple ply. What are the differences between maple and birch? January 11, 2007, KnowledgeBase: Lumber & Plywood: Wood Identification. The wood is also used frequently as a veneer for cabinets and floors. Finishing varies among the species mentioned. The cost of an average set of kitchen cabinets made with birch plywood is considerably less than that of maple cabinets with a comparable amount of maple plywood. Significantly more dense and stronger than birch, maple is also … In general, faux cherry will generally look better using birch. Bottom line: Get a copy of Hoadley's book, because it will not only aid in identification, but give you a good description of the characteristics of each species. (Typically walnut, maple, birch, and oak plywood have outer veneer layers that are only 1/30” or 1/32” which is about 3/4mm). This is why birch plywood veneer in select white or red colors has to almost always be rotary cut, with the resulting unnatural wild grain pattern. African Blackwood African Mahogany Afrormosia Afzelia Burl Amazon Rosewood Amboyna Burl American Chestnut Angelim Pedra Anigre Aspen Bark Pocket Maple Basswood Birch Birdseye Maple Black & White Ebony Black Palm Bloodwood Bocote Bolivian Rosewood Brazilian Ebony Brown Ebony Brown Mallee Burl Bubinga Buckeye Burl Butternut Camatillo Canarywood Chakte Viga … Availability – Maple trees are fairly fast growers that thrive in nearly all parts of the United States, helping to make the … Appleply is an American-made version made from birch and alder. When choosing between two different species of hardwood for cabinets, take into consideration appearance, durability, cost and availability. Anderson Plywood has Walnut Euro Ply and White Oak Rift Cut Euro Ply in stock as well. It is often used as a substitute for maple because it has a similar grain pattern. Question Under stain, however, the differences are much more pronounced. Paint grade maple should be cheaper than stain grade maple and I would think cheaper than alder. August 8, 2008, KnowledgeBase: Finishing: General Wood Finishing. Learn About our Maple UV Pre-finished Plywood. Try Our Free Cabinet Installation Quote Request Tool. Has anyone got a better word than crisp they'll lend me? Great Resistance; Wide Availability; Impermeable Surface; Great Resistance: Being stronger and denser than birch wood, maple wood resists dents, dings, scratches, and cracks easily. Birch Vs. Beech for Cabinets. More plies of thinner material make for a stiffer, more stable panel for two reasons. Maple's sugar content is dramatically higher than birch's, and as such it will be more prone to burn marks when routing or cutting than birch. Birch wood is a very easy hardwood to stain and finish. P: (619) 336-6090 F: (619) 477-5690 M-F: 7:30 AM … So, which maple and which birch do you want to compare? thick. Birch drawers will receive Birch veneer plywood bottoms and Hard Maple drawers will receive Maple veneer plywood bottoms. So the finishing schedule needs to account for this tendency much more than if you're working in the maple family. Like birch wood, maple is a North American hardwood that grows abundantly along the Eastern Seaboard. Nearly white sapwood, sometimes with a reddish tinge and light tannish heartwood. While you sometimes can find good appearence "B" grade plywood, in general it is intended to be painted. Plus, it retains its organic beauty for years together, which makes … Birch, being a diffuse porous wood, blotches badly under stain - much more than either hard or soft maple. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, A comparison of the finishing characteristics of Hard Maple and White Birch. … I mean if you want the nicer grain maple is the way to go and since it is softer probably also easier to cut and causes less tooth wear on saw blades but overall that cost would get factored out by the cheaper price overall for birch. Are there some key differences I can look at? Birch Plywood Birch plywood is one of the most popular varieties of plywood on the market. If you get "real" plywood at a hardwood retailer, it matters a bit more. maple vs birch I have done my own research and have come to the conclusion that Baltic birch is a stronger harder and cheaper wood. All the woods mentioned are diffuse porous. Birch lumber isn't avalible in my area. Compare the Cost of Birch vs. However, since color reproduction on computer monitors is notoriously inaccurate, I'd suggest that those will be useful only to look at typical grain patterns. Baltic birch is 11 layers of solid birch - not soft wood cores with birch veneers applied like you get at home depot. Forum Responses Birch kitchen cabinets are inexpensive and allow homeowners with limited budgets to enjoy the beauty and strength of hardwood cabinetry in their kitchens. Let's say the coating is polyurethane. Baltic birch plywood, specifically, is unique amongst the most durable of plywoods because of its all-birch core. Susceptible to insect assault resulting in brown streaks called worm track and sometimes incorrectly sugar streaks. All material used is of Standard Grade and will consist of natural colors of the species selected. Birches can be separated from maple with 10x magnification as the pores in the birches are much larger in diameter than the width of the rays, while in maple they are approximately equal to the width of the rays. 3131 Hoover Avenue National City, CA 91950. Maple also seems to be a little harder than birch. It is one of the most popular wood varieties for kitchen cabinets, mostly because of its price and appearance. The birch is usually a little darker and a little gnarlier in the grain. Variants: 1/8" # 1018 1/4" # 1019 1/2" # 1075 3/4" # 1065 1" # 1064 We carry Import Birch Plywood in a variety of grades and sizes, including 3/4″, 1/2″, 1/4″ thickness. Birch Plywood vs. Baltic Birch; Categories. Maple is significantly harder, but because it has no wood grain to distract imperfections it shows dents more. We have soft maple and hard maple. Additionally the outer ply (face veneer) is also 1.5mm thick. Cart : 0 items. Maple vs Birch: The Grain OK all you smart people out there. Forum Responses Botanical Name: Acer Saccharum Common Names: Hard maple, Rock maple, Sweet maple, and Black maple Maple Cabinets Birch Cabinets Overview. Birch plywood has excellent strength, stiffness and resistance. It is constructed using carefully selected Euro Birch veneer to create a premium decorative panel. You won't get this in the big boxes where they will on have lesser appearence grade "B" faced birch plywood. Mineral, color and grain variation is allowed and some finger joints may be visible (on top/bottom edge only). Manufactures have turned the label on these three woods 90 degrees so that you are hitting on the flat of the bat (stronger) not on the growth rings (weaker). Natural birch veneer means that the white and red colors can both be present in the veneer, which, unless the veneer is stained darkly, can look bad unless a lot of color variation is wanted. It is much easier to work with than maple and it takes stain more readily. Appearance: Straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. P: (714) 523-1721 F: (714) 523-7894 M-F: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Will Call Hrs: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Typically sold as white maple due to its broadly defined uniform light color. This gives it much greater stiffness and stability. Question My Account: Log In. So the finishing schedule needs to account for this tendency much more than if … (Cabinetmaking Forum) Baltic birch plywood, with 13 layers in a nominal 3/4″ thickness, was the first such product available for this use. Exceptional wear, fade and stain resistance. Natural birch veneer is usually painted. From contributor W: Hard maple does indeed burnish or burn under a knife when the wood does not move fast enough. What I want to know is what lumber can I use to make the legs on the 4 corners of my island that will match the grain of birch? If you are painting, maple or birch will work the best. American made 3/4" Hard Maple plywood is Good 2 Sides (G2S), grade A-1, is rotary cut, and has a 7-ply veneer core. Maple vs Birch: The Color 11/16 in. Finishing differences are due to density differences. They both are a pain in the butt to stain, requiring similar steps to avoid blotchiness. Occasionally you can get away with substituting one for the other, but most times you can tell the difference. Maple/Walnut/White Oak plywood with multi-layer core does not require edgebanding (can leave edge exposed) The information below is specifically for Maply Euro Ply. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Made into plywood, the two species look similar. Particles. Maple plywood. Birch wood is commonly used for plywood because of its strength and inexpensive cost. The first essential resource is Bruce Hoadley's book entitled Wood Identification. Euro Birch multi-ply plywood Designers and joiners alike love this product for its face quality, and fine multi-ply edge grain detail. Does one stain up differently than the other? Tropical plywood - Made from mixed species of tropical wood. oak, poplure and grade A pine is all I can find. We have yellow birch and the other birches (mainly white birch). Also available in UV pre-finished. It is possible to make a decorative or light-riding board out of birch, but maple will be lighter, stronger and last a LOT longer. This is my video on the number one finish to use on birch plywood to keep its original colour. Our drawer boxes and roll out trays are also made of birch. Here are tips on telling them apart. The key is to get good "A" faced birch. As a result, it is able to mimic many popular wood types such as cherry and mahogany. You will see more birch and beech bats coming into the market soon. Physical Properties: Heavy, hard, strong, and stiff with moderate shock … Under stain, however, the differences are much more pronounced. When you compare birch and maple plywood, the only significant difference is aesthetics and cost. A fast Google search (wood species photos) will turn up a number of links that will include photos. Moderate price – A mid-priced hardwood, maple is typically less expensive than oak, cherry, and walnut, but more expensive than birch, hickory, and alder. Home Product Finder Advanced Search Contact Us. The hardwood is generally made of ash, maple, oak and mahogany. Which one is which? This plywood is available in a Veneer Core as well as Certified or Non-certified core. These are two doors made by Bertch Marketplace. La Mirada, CA 90638. 8 ft. (L) x 4 ft. (W). Note that the various birches cannot be separated from each other, even under magnification. Oak is not a whole lot harder than birch but has the wood grain which helps as I said to distract your eyes from imperfections. PLYWOOD - MAPLE Botanical Name: Acer Saccharum Common Names: Hard maple, Rock maple, Sweet maple, and Black maple Sources: Grows throughout eastern North America. One question to ask on woodworking or home improvement projects is what species of wood to use. From Professor Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor: While the grain varies on both can you see the one on the left has a crisper look to it? Growth rings are light and at times imperceptible. Ultimately with white birch, it pays to think dye instead of stain. The ultimate 6 minute guide to buying the right material for your next project. Home > Lumber & Plywood > Hardwood Plywood > Maple Plywood > 3/4" Maple Cabinet Grade Plywood (7-ply, 48-1/2" x 96-1/2" sheet size, G2S) Mouldings … so why use maple? This sees Euro Birch Betula pendula used primarily in high-end architectural applications. Birch is a fairly soft wood, maple is harder. Maple, birch and beech are close grain wood unlike ash and do not flake like ash bats do.

maple vs birch plywood

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