I guess this is a little troll-like trying to stir the pot again. Also, I see some other people on the boards who are urban gardeners, as am I. Gee Ida, we were just about to make some great break-through on mimosa invasiveness, and here you are trying to quash all the enthusiasm. I will try to take some pictures shortly of it and add them on here, but the next few days call for rain. My whole street is lined with sweetgums on a 6' tree lawn. I am not ignoring any facts. Its August not much blooming, but a few tree's have lovely Autumn flowers, and of course, gourds and a pumpkin will soon be available.....Mix up your need for a plant with these ideas. Maybe another eZine reader can offer some input here. Yes, they are overused. Thats funny he brought up a Sycamore/Plane tree. The first hole is a straight away slightly downhill par four with fairway bunkers right. In Florida some Zone 9 areas can support these trees. No one can make it but you! $("#"+thisid).attr('style',''); A few thoughts....Thought 1: Do shake on the base, columns and peak. Pithecellobium cinereum Benth. }); I think they are zone 7 or higher hardy. The point is Brandon, 1 cold winter DOES sometimes kill a species in a region where it is marginal. And the gutter cleaning sector. If this species does well and flowers there, but is not invasive, what is wrong with planting it or even promoting it? Unit of Measure Quantity. e.preventDefault(); The mimosa tree, a beautiful ornamental plant with pink, soft, and silky fragrant flowers, gets its name from the Greek word ‘mimos’, which means ‘mimic’. I live in N.E. Fall Foliage Color. I have it in a sunny window but I am wondering if it needs to be in a cold place and go dormant. The bark is light brown, nearly smooth, and generally thin with lens shaped areas along the stem. Some of the people on here I'm sure would raise up in arms. I now live in N. Florida where it is a completely different world. That said: You are making great progress. I bet the roofer and painter industries like the idea of a tree with 40-ft spread a foot from the house. Albizia julibrissin. The same furor raises when a bradford pear is brought up. Follow. 1. Nature Hills Nursery in Omaha Nebraska claims the mimosa tree “acts as a natural de-wormer for woodland creatures.” People do not call it "Ghetto palm". The … Joanna Werch Takes: According to Wikipedia and eHow, Mimosa tenuiflora is a perennial evergreen or shrub native to South and Central … When you live in the city, you do have limited choices. Chamber Bitter, Phyllanthus urinaria ssp. I have lived in N.E. While certainly not an ideal location, it is doable. $("form.frog_reply_form").submit(function(e) { Second, after the flowers fade, the tree grows hundreds of 6-inch long, bean-like, brown seedpods … Their golden yellow blossoms occur in terminal clusters called racemes on the tips of branches. I knew it was not good for our zone 5b, but I saw one in someone elses yard growing up and was still there to this day and is beautiful! And its low-maintenance needs don't hurt its popularity either. Ohio. All one should do is be aware of what your area considers an invasive species and act accordingly. Storage is best when the things you need are close at hand, where you use them. Not ideal in the living room, but at least you can quickly move it if guests come over. www.mimosagardendesign.com. Although originally from China, mimosa trees have been naturalized throughout numerous areas in the southern United States. I could not have used a better phrase to try to pursuade someone not to plant this. I decided that planting it there would not be prudent. Maybe she gets a little over excited, but don't well all. I think yours is responding to the change in light and temperatures since you brought it indoors. Do you know of any hardy Crape Myrtles that would grow in this area of Maine, zone 5-6? Do shakes as above. The butterflies pretty much stick to the Mimosa and the Butterfly Bushes. She didn't live in a ghetto or a crack house nor was she a renter or uncaring homeowner. If you keep it small/bush-like, it shouldn't hurt the foundation, so if you REALLY want to keep it, that's the way to go. Then the third year the new growth incased the 6 inches of dead and split into 3 different branches right above the 6 foot mark. If you apply the factual data to the USDA's formula, you come up with a solid zone 6 for much, if not most, of the area. Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) is a small deciduous tree with puffy pink flowers and a fast growth rate. A lot of people have mentioned MILT, but I don't like them........If you must have a plant, just buy some flowers at a local market that are in season, then when they fade away, wait a week or two and buy another bunch and enjoy. It's just factual information. As for keeping the dirty laundry in the living room - organization system or no - that just doesn't seem like a plan. So china in the kitchen or dining room, music near the stereo, laundry where you take off your clothes. Oh, and people in Brazil call it “Jurema” or “Jurema Preta”. Then, water with a slow trickling hose for about 1 to 2 … Hi: I was wondering if you Might be able to help me. Aside from maybe "Ghetto Palm". var mySplit = thisid.split("-"); when I see a mimosa, I think: unmaintained property. I've killed a mimosa and it definitely died on the first try.I almost misread the above chart to think the poster was talking about black locust. I have learned so much from other gardeners on this website and continue to learn more everyday! They're actually easy to grow in a tub, oh, you were asking how large the tub I have is, well, it's about 2 feet wide at the top..(it's a round tub) and tapers down about 2 feet to the bottom..approximately. I would take a photo to your local fire department and ask about the code, i.e., distance from fire box and proper materials for a fireplace. Yellow. Our suppliers are people of those places. function Frog_Reply(pid) { They have their place. Yea you are right it is the first place I get frost anytime of the year. Growing oak seedling inside...please help. Does your Mimosa in a tub get brought in during the winter I bet? In full bloom, it's a magnificent sight that friends, family and neighbors are sure to admire. } Could you hang clean clothes waiting for ironing in the hall closet? $("#"+thisid).hide(); Yes. If you can't fold clothes right away, then maybe sort them into a basket for each bedroom, until you can get to the task. The characteristics that iforgotitsonevermind seems to associate with seeing Mimosa in the southeast are associated with seeing Ailanthus up north... crack houses, renters, home owners who don't care, etc. Yes, I do have mimosas in my yard: 2 of the hardier, 'ernest wilson' and one regular type, which gets lots of die-back each winter. I previously lived in Geauga County, due east of Cleveland, about 30 miles away. When people ask me the best way to get rid of a mimosa, I tell them to make it the focal point of their landscape and it will be gone momentarily. So who knows with our wacky weather up here. Next to abandoned crack houses where they sprout up and there's nobody with gallons of garlon to control them with. That is why there are regional councils that monitor invasive potential.....even down to as small an area as a specific county. Pink. I didn't want to stir the pot either but I hate when people get attacked for something. Unlike more particular ornamentals, the mimosa only needs a minimal amount of care.

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