Here is a list of Mr. Resetti Dialogues: Mr. Resetti Dialogues in Animal Crossing Mr. Resetti Dialogues in Wild World Mr. Resetti Dialogues in City Folk Mr. Resetti Dialogues in New Leaf Mr. Resetti Dialogues in Super Smash Bros. Brawl When the sirens go off in HQ, I gotta start diggin'. Yeah, my brother Sonny can be a … [Select anything from "Really sorry!" How's a mole supposed to remember this garbage? I'm just followin' orders. Uh, show you.... Aw, forget it! Dead ringer, right? ")]Ah, whatever...You're all mouth and no heart, you know that?You're laughin' at me right now, aren't ya?Yeah, I see. Now.... * Mr. Resetti chooses two random characters from the fight for this line. You ain't gotta say a thing. I'm gonna be poppin' up now an' again, so you'd better be ready for your daily dose of mole! What was next, again?Aw, forget it!I ain't recitin' that stupid line again!I give up!Let's get down to business, whaddaya say?You an' me gotta talk a bit here.I gotta let you in on why I've come to visit.You followin' me, bright eyes?When you quit playin' last...How'd you do it?You do anythin' unusual, maybe?Like...I dunno, you turned off the power without savin'?Anythin' like that?Huh? Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Mr. Resetti Trophy - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Bold text is used instead of large text. This page has all the dialogues for Mr. Resetti in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It’s Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. Good!Now SCRAM! That's good news for you, 'cause it means I'm outta here. The name's Don. His job is to make sure that all players save continuously throughout gameplay. I can do whatever I want! NO!Say it again!You ready? Grr! Screen Rant Recommended for you Join this here brawl? Some of 'em are pretty fancy, but.... What I don't wanna see is any scrappin' 'bout who won and who lost, ya hear? I got places to be, ya know? Good!Now SCRAM! After that, it is possibly never spoken. Mole elbow over here! Uh...  Yeah...OK, if that's how you really feel...Guess it'll have to do at this point.I got nothin' left over here, so I'm gonna cut you some slack.We're clear here, ain't we, [name]?You're gonna save before you quit, right?Don't be pullin' my chain here.You follow the rules an' finish your game, then you go back to your life.You go do whatever it is you do out there in your world...all right?Don't you let me down!I don't wanna talk about this no more.Hey, hold it, one last thing.Chew your food, and stop talking with your mouth full, you little piggy!We clear? Is that the best you can do? (Note: I find it highly unlikely that this character already has an offical thread here, so I'm making one. WAHHHHH! I'm like you say.... conscience of Animal Crossing. Jump to navigation Jump to search. WAHHHHH! Resetti having coffee at The Roost in New Leaf. Resetti (リセットさん, Mr. Reset/Risetto-san), also known as Mr. Resetti, is a mole that appears in all the Animal Crossing series games. Hey! I will check, but for now, I'm making this thread). (the player must put a space after the period. Go ahead and vote here: Support. AARGH!Why don'tcha just toilet-paper my cave while you're at it, you little punk!Don't you kids ever LISTEN?You wouldn't believe what I gotta do to stay healthy.Lately I've been tryin' to make yogurt from scratch!You hear me? What's that? OK, right, anyway, nice to meetcha and all that jazz. At long last he makes his appearance! )"I'm a loser. 10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind - Duration: 6:31. They're items that call up who knows what. You wanna know what it is I'm doin' here? Don't believe me? You don't stretch right, you could twist an ankle or twang a hamstring or somethin'. !You know what? ""I'm so dumb! Now.... Ooh.... World's gettin' dark.... ....Gotta stop spinnin'.... Whew. WAAAHHH! We clear? Here goes! "O" and "K"!You're pushin' the wrong buttons, kid.The big, red, angry buttons.You ain't takin' this seriously.Worse, you ain't takin' ME seriously!Kids today, no clue what you're thinkin'.You got alien brains or somethin'. I ain't cryin'. foto of Mr. Resetti for fans of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You quit without savin'?I KNEW it!Don't tell me, I'll tell YOU, pal!THAT'S the reason!THAT'S why I'm here!If you're gonna turn the power off, you gotta save first!C'mon, use your head!Didn't old man Nook do his routine on how you can save in the attic?If that's too much work, you even got START right there...lazy bones!Just shuttin' down is the same as resettin', and you know what that means!Yeah! Feel my fur! It's like crust on bread, you know what I mean? I got dirt clods in places they don't belong, understand? Screen Rant Recommended for you Well? I'm gonna run my yap this much, I gotta buy me some of them throat lozenges. Proceed further at your Own risk; actual consequences could result, like loss of character, character assets, and other game data. ""Resetti rules!""Save! Skip navigation Sign in. At long last he makes his appearance! H-hey! 10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind - Duration: 6:31. I'm in the way? AAAAAARGH!! Listen, punk, bein' able to hop and jump all over the place ain't all it's cracked up to be. I got no problem with you showin' off your moves. I think you're gonna like this, so sit back and relax. If you have any questions, corrections, additions, suggestions, or comments, please contact me at Ya break the rules, ya gotta deal with the mole in charge here. Another assist trophy has been announced for Super Smash Bros Brawl.It's Mr Resetti of the Animal Crossing franchise, and he looks angry. Like a nice, shiny new pick. Stayin' up late's for punks! in the location where this paragraph is later inserted during play; it appears to be in unused option of some sort. Mr. Resetti makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an Assist Trophy, where he simply sits where he was released and lectures the players with long monologues that can last for over a minute before leaving with his signature "SCRAM!". Stop whinin' already! [Select anything less than "Really sorry!" Mr. Resetti appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where a blurb amasses the screen while ranting through a long lecture. It's about time for me to get tunnelin'. Yeah? YOU!Hold it right there, punk!What did you do? ""I'm so sorry. Yeah!You're enjoyin' this! Search. So, lemme introduce myself. If there is only one player due to a glitch, he will use his own name for the second character. For the dialogues in Animal Crossing: Wild World, see below. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki < Mr. Resetti. Uh-uh.I ain't buyin' it, punk.I know you got somethin'.What? And, uh, I ain't one to toot my own horn or nothin', but I'm a big deal. Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Mr. Resetti - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Check! OK?HOW you say the words is as important as the words themselves, [name].So you gotta show me you know HOW to say the words!ONE MORE TIME! Listen, straight off, I know my little brother can be a real pain. Wet mole. It don't matter if you're resettin' anything, OK? Rage-filled mole? It will not appear more than once unless the save is deleted. Neutral, right? This is gonna get ugly! I'm gonna hit the tunnels. The name's Don. Well, that's where I'm from. I'm Resetti's older brother. I'm eatin' dinner? (Type what is between the quotes with exact capitalization and punctuation.). !YOU AGAIN?! Whack me with a hammer, swing for the fences with one of them bats, it don't matter. How was that? Here goes!If the player typed correctly the second or later time: ...You really mean it?You ain't just playin' with me? ""Never again! The dialogue shown below is only spoken once after the 1st reset. I ain't NEVER forgivin' you for this! is a fictional character in the Animal Crossing series. (the player must put a space after the period. They're, uh, real expressive. SAVE!" You ain't gonna get nowhere bumpin' into me. But that ain't what happens when I'm on the job, get me? Waitin' to see who shows up will get that ticker pumpin', believe you me. You ain't heard a word I said, that it? Rather than Mr. Resetti appearing at the player's house, he will instead appear right after Isabelle loads the town. Now.... * Mr. Resetti chooses a random character from the fight and says a relevant quote. IT'S SO BRIGHT IT HURTS MY BRAIN! Most of these dialogues will automatically continue without pressing the A button. Stop gettin' so worked up. ?STOPMESSIN'WITH ME!What's it gonna take to get it through your thick skull?If you're gonna quit, you gotta SAVE first!Use your head, punk!It's even written in the manual!HAAH...  HAAAH...HAAAAAAH......You hate me, don't you?I mean, you just hate me more than anythin', right?More than laundry, traffic jams, an' bad breath all rolled together, Right?You hate me so much you can't stand it, huh?That's why you keep doin' this over an' over, right?You're tryin' to do me in....Hey, FINE BY ME!At least I know how you really feel, punk.Lemme tell you, though, you ain't the only one with feelin's here. That's a good thing. First Reset Dialogue (The first time the player restarts the game without saving, for whatever reason, Mr. Resetti will appear.Rather than Mr. Resetti appearing at the player's house, he will instead appear right after Isabelle loads the town, emerging from a blue hatch in the floor. It's in my contract. AAAAAAARGH!What? Listen, straight off, I know my little brother can be a real pain. RESETTI DON'T CRY! Smell 'em!All you gotta do is be honest.Gimme some genuine emotion, know what I mean?You go for melodrama, you're gonna get the wrath of Resetti, you hear me?All right, let's do this.Tell me, and tell me true...After all this, how sorry are you? I been trained.It just means I gotta lose the kid gloves an' get serious.I may even hit the gym and go a few rounds with my cousin, Vicious Vole Vinnie.See if you wanna keep resettin' after I bounce a couple mole elbows off ya!For the time bein', though, you get to tell me how sorry you are.Testin', testin', 1, 2, 3!All right, no feedback.We're good to go.Now I'm gonna give you an apology, an' you're gonna repeat it back to me.You get it wrong, I know you ain't serious, and you get to say it again!Uh, lemme see...Yeah, that's a good one!You ready? Deep breath. Huh?OK. That really startled me bad! A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: City Folk Resetti's Dialog This is version B created by Liquefy on January 28, 2009. By not ever saying "I wanted to reset", this marks the first time to where the player can avoid being lectured or yelled at by Resetti … "This is MY game. Huh?...That is IT!You done it now, punk!You made the list!That's right!You been LISTED!You WILL learn to save before you turn the power off.That's a promise!You got yourself on the bad side of a bad mole on a bad day, punk!You're gonna regret this for the rest of your life, you resettin' cheater!Oh, yeah, one last thing...When you take a bath, try usin' some soap, stinky!We clear? Th-there he is!!! Hey, you...! Huh?Tell me what you did!What am I talkin' about? See, I gotta show all you punks 'bout self-control. I'm talkin' here! When a player did not save their game, Mr. Resetti may appear. ""I'm dirt. "All right, set me up with a little "you-know-what" and I'll hit the tunnel.C'mon...  You know. Two minutes of Mr. Resetti during a Brawl. "Apologies" are a buncha words strung together, right?Follow me?We use 'em to tell others that we wish we hadn't done whatever it is we did. All that yellin' got me dizzy. It’s Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. I saw that, kid!You rolled your eyes at me!You DO think this is a joke!Haaaah...Y'know, I been with the Reset Intervention Bureau since the family took over.I gotta say, though, I ain't NEVER had to deal with a nutjob like you.It's OK. I'm the most popular--. Take a bath, will ya? "Look, I hear ya, pal, loud an' clear, but we got rules here.They ain't negotiable.Did I explain that slow enough for you? What's the big idea treatin' me like an item, huh? What's in your head?You think I wouldn't notice?You think I'd let it slide?NOT LIKELY, PUNK!SAVE before you turn the power off! I WANT IT! What's that? ""I'm a cheater. It's gettin' ripe in here! Where's it written that moles gotta stay underground? I'm gettin' old, ya know? Throat hurts, too! Lemme tell ya about Assist Trophies, all right? This is Super Smash somethin' or other, ain't it? )"So sorry! Version A was created on January 19, 2009. Right?There's no way you don't know. Plate's on the floor, fork's in the ceilin'. twitchin'! Mr. Resetti, full name Sonny Resetti, (also known in Japan as Mr. Mr. Resetti would bother the player about how "resetting" the game is bad. At long last he makes his appearance! I was wondering if we should include all of Resetti's dialogue in text. After every 4 resets, it always starts from this dialogue as shown below. How To Get In The Resetti Reset Center In Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Read Description Below) - Duration: 3:22. I got your number, punk.Know somethin'?I've had it with you.I'm tired of wastin' my time.I'm gonna go watch some TV.One of my favorite movies is on:  "A Few Good Moles. Got a few tips from this pygmy shrew voted class clown at tunnelin' school. 2. 6) Legal Animal Crossing, Mr. Resetti, Don Resetti, GameCube and all that belong to Nintendo. After the first speech, these speeches may appear at random. "But no one reset anything! He has a weapon (pickaxe) an thus his moveset practically writes itself, possibly with burrowing attacks as well. There are many people who would like to see Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series in Brawl. Comin' out here is just somethin' I gotta do, get me? Deep down, he's a nice enough guy. I'm the star of the show, twerp! Blah blah dee blah." Name's Resetti. Whoa, what's the deal with all that noise?! BAM! You got potatoes in your ears, punk? Resetti has two Trophies in Brawl, one with him in the ground, and one with his feet shown. The no-resettin' policy enforcer, ya follow? ""My apologies. "SAY IT! I'm supposed to be takin' it easy. I'm SUPPOSED to be here. This works out all right, I might pack up my pick and hit the comedy circuit! At long last he makes his appearance! Look, I don't wanna be here. 'Course not. You know, where I talk like somebody else, get me? It’s Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. Oooh, look out! SAVE!What don't you understand? Photo of Mr. Resetti for fans of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Thanks for and it repeats from above. At long last he makes his appearance! I gotta tell ya, it ain't easy on me, neither. Claws? You're nothin' to me.Nothin' but a thoughtless punk.I dunno, maybe you're slow.Or maybe you don't know how to express yourself.Pay attention. Yeah.Well, wipe it off, ingrate!You're lucky I ain't MORE mad, you dirty resetter!Ah, whatever.All this tunnelin' and barkin's got me beat.I'm done with you, kid.I'm cuttin' you loose.But you gotta promise me, when you're don playin'...You'll SAVE before you turn the power off! I could help, but I don't. Don Resetti will appear this time instead of Mr. Resetti. Heh, even though Mr. Resetti doesn't play that big of a role in Animal Crossing, he's still one of my favorite characters. So, lemme introduce myself. Quiet down, will ya? Comedy hour's done, but you got front-row seats to a prime-time horror fest! Species He also appears when Yu and Alfonso are seen digging holes looking for fossils. The game's speech data also contains "I'd eat 'em for breakfast!" Eighth dialogue . Bye-bye!No big deal, huh?Maybe it was just a minute of your life.What do I know, right?Well, I'll TELL you what this mole knows:  you gotta treasure life.Every second!And don't even talk to me about other games, neither.This ain't another game.This is Animal Crossing: Wild World.We...encourage you NOT to do stuff like that.Hey, I know what you're thinkin'. Photo of Mr. Resetti for fans of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The order in which they're listed here is the order they appear in the game's data. Ain't enough air around here. Here goes!If you typed incorrectly: ...WHAT WAS THAT?!No! From Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki, Most of the time, it's some good egg who's gonna help you lay down the law. I don't get 'em hung up quick, it's wrinkle city. He's ball of pure, unbridled rage. Yeah? He appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee. At long last he makes his appearance! 3.1 Attacked several times; Forget it. Gone. Point is, I ain't got a choice. H-hey! Because Animal Crossing had not yet been released outside of Japan at the time of Melee's release, Mr. Resetti's first appearance is listed on his trophy as "Future Release". What a rip-off! His large text boxes obscure a large section of the upper pla… As aforementioned, he appears when the GameCube resets or is turned off w… Hear me?That's the way it is, right?It's takin' whatever comes your way, the good AND the bad, that gives life     flavor.It's all that stuff rolled together that makes life worth livin'.Turnin' the power off 'cause you didn't get an item you really, really wanted?Or tryin' to backtrack and avoid some kinda sticky situation?That's PATHETIC!C'mon, [name].Stop playin' like that.Stop LIVIN' like that!I mean, grow up, will ya?You're better than this...You know anybody who's got a perfect life? What you just said?DON'T FORGET IT!Seriously, no more, OK?This better be the last time, I mean it!Oh, hold on, one last thing.Brush your teeth once in a while.And don't forget to floss, too, moss-mouth!We clear? I mean, come ON! If you have any questions, corrections, additions, suggestions, or comments, please contact me at On the plus side, it would add info, but it may make the article needlessly long. We clear?An' today's the day I put a stop to this.You listenin', you little monster?Until you can convince me you're truly an' sincerely sorry, I ain't goin' home!You an' me are gonna go round an' round an' round!First, you're gonna show me how sorry you are, and I'd better FEEL it!I don't want no smirks, eye-rolls, or nothin' like that.I want remorse, punk!Oh, an' don't try lyin'.I can smell lies! Don Resetti will appear this time instead of Mr. Resetti. I'm Resetti's big brother. My.... My....back.... Oh, boy.... Musta pinched....a nerve.... My chiropractor warned me not to get too worked up.... All this diggin' got my entire spine outta whack. #AnimalCrossing #Resetti. It don't matter what I'm doin', I gotta drop it an' go. 2019-07-22T09:45:31Z Comment by ESU_56. In all four games, he would appear whenever the player walked out their house after they turned the power off without saving. 1 First speech; 2 Random speeches; 3 Situational. This lists the speeches said by Mr. Resetti in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I would tear this place right UP! Guess I ain't got what it takes to keep up with you. The last dialogue may make Resetti very mad. Here you can post and comment on any of the monologues we find Mr. Resetti saying in the various videos. From the eighth encounter on, one of the following dialogues will be randomly selected. Dirt nap there! The first time Mr. Resetti appears, he will say this speech. Whoa, what's the deal with all that noise?! VampireLord1024 15,706 views [Character 1].... [Character 2].... You'd be runnin' home to Mama!*. SAAAAAVE!...You got that?Oh, and before I forget, one last thing...Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom!We clear? When a player did not save their game, Mr. Resetti may appear. Ya can't see the screen? All that punchin' and kickin' has gotta be hard on a body. Happy mole...You hear me? Mr. Resetti, full name Sonny Resetti (also known in Japan as Mr. Reset (リセットさん, Risetto-san)), is a fictional character from the Animal Crossing series of video games by Nintendo.His first appearance was in the Nintendo 64 game Dōbutsu no Mori, released in Europe and North America on the GameCube as Animal Crossing.Mr. Double-check! To start it off, here's what he says in this one. He's the only character from Animal Crossing who has a violent, fighting edge to him. * Mr. Resetti chooses two random characters from the fight for this line. He wouldn't stop annoying the player until the player apologized. It's unsettlin'! Dialogue . You SERIOUS? From Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki, Whew! I’m just going to come out and say it: when Mr. Resetti appears, all he does is lecture you. Mr. Resetti, full name Sonny Resetti (also known in Japan as Mr. Reset (リセットさん, Risetto-san)), is a fictional character from the Animal Crossing series of video games by Nintendo.His first appearance was in the Nintendo 64 game Dōbutsu no Mori, released in Europe and North America on the GameCube as Animal Crossing.Mr. HUH? Huh? 1 Reset Dialogues 2 Last Offense #61 3 Early Spring 4 Late Spring After the eighth reset dialogue, the last three dialogues - 6th, 7th, and 8th - will repeat in order. Fifth Dialog . Well, I've been workin' on a little somethin' to show ya. I'm talkin' to YOU! DIRT!" Oh, umm, anyway, I oughta say it's nice to meet you! Cut it off, leave it on, who really cares, am I right? It’s Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing. His speech will then continue, starting over the interrupted paragraph. Let's cut to the chase. Go ahead and vote here: Support. Huh?Don't you play dumb with me!Don't you DARE!Before you turn the power off, SAVE!You gotta SAVE!I KNOW you knew that!Don't even lie to me!When you power down without following procedure...Know what happens?I get lights and sirens playin' and electric mambo at HQ!KINDA HARD TO MISS!Gotta relax. ""No cheating! I think it would help. It's all I ever hear, I swear: "Resetti's an utter maniac." Get some shut-eye, will ya? 'Cause nothin's perfect.So I'll say it one more time and hope you REALLY hear me this time...Mistakes and disappointment make the sweet things in life that much sweeter.You gotta take everythin' life throws atcha.Roll with the punches, hear me?Deal with the consequences of your actions, 'cause life ain't no video game.You feel that irony, punk?Aw, for the luvva dirt...What's with the face, punk?You think I need that look?You got that how-long's-this-guy-gonna-keep-yappin'-at-me face. (If Mr. Resetti is saying the 4th Dialog, the player must say what Mr. Resetti says. You're marked for LIFE! I got dirt and'....dirt.... Well, I get to tell YOU what's what, right? If I could move around on my own? But when duty calls, I gotta answer. 1. This was minimally tested to the 12th Reset. I KNOW you know!No tip whatsoever? Mr. Resetti/Dialogue. Version A was created on January 19, 2009. Check! You're a real piece of work, you know that, kid?What is it you're tryin' to do to me here?Don't you know I got high blood pressure and chronic tunnel toe?My doc tells me I gotta take it easy, try not to get too worked up.Do I LOOK not worked up? I'm like one of them countries that don't fight in wars. My name's Don. "Yeah, so uh, hello there.Lemme introduce myself.Name's Resetti. I was wondering if we should include all of Resetti's dialogue in text. I didn't hear whatcha said there....You did?

mr resetti brawl dialogue

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