• Presents with fever, tachycardia, hypotension, abdominal tenderness, • Alcoholism → ↑ risk Rodney on Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6; USMLE wanderer on Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 7; Grace on Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6; Proudly … Search for: Search. • Unexplained syncope without prodrome suggests arrhythmia as the cause, 5) Bronchitis Appetite is usually suppressed (via hypothalamus) and BMR is increased → ↑ lipolysis, hypotriglyceridemia. 52 y/o tripped and fell on knee. Chlamydial pneumonia. • Recurrence of tumor → obstruction → difficult to maintain an endotracheal airway, • Tracheostomy would be below the lesion → maintain airway, 27) Radionuclide scan with thallium and dipyridamole Form 3: Link Here. Need a little help preparing for your shelf exam? STUDY. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Related. • Hypocalcemia → ↑ PTH secretion → ↑ ALP, 37) Cholecystitis Jordan Abrams. • Pharmacologic stress test (dipyridamole thallium scanning - DTS); dilates coronary arteries without increasing HR or BP, 28) Cyclo-oxygenase inhibition with increased norepinephrine release, • Indomethacin is an NSAID that inhibits PGE2 synthesis via COX inhibition, • Increased arterial tension is the natural way that the PDA closes, 29) Ruptured diaphragm (A) Hypothyroidism (B) Infantile psoriasis (C) Milk allergy (D) Parental neglect (E) Pyloric stenosis 7. • Hyperventilation → ↓ CO2 → vasoconstriction and ↓ ICP (CO2 is a potent vasodilator in the brain), 21) Herpes simplex conjunctivitis Family Medicine; Search. Download UWorld USMLE, NBME, Toronto Notes and USMLE Step 1 2017 in PDF ( 4 in 1) This NBME Clinical Mastery Series consists of the following CMS Forms: Internal Medicine : Form 1 Link Here. Jordan Abrams. Surgery: Form 2: Link Here. Test. STEP PACKAGES. Free 120 NBME 24 NBME 23 NBME 22 NBME 21 NBME 20 NBME 19 NBME 18 NBME 17 NBME 16 NBME 15 NBME 13 ⋅ Step 2 CK Free 120 Step 2 CK Form 6 Step 2 CK Form 7 Step 2 CK Form 8 home login register ⋅ contact ⋅ leaderboard links news ⋅ membership tags alerts tutors ⋅ scores score predictor • UOsm > 600 after deprivation = functional ADH (suggests primary polydipsia), 3) Amikacin rahul0774 PLUS. Items on this examination were written and reviewed by national test committees. Gravity. jinalibby. • Basophilia and Metamyelocytes < myelocytes = CML Answer to the Previous Question-Answer is A -The nutrients of concern in the diet of vegetarians include vitamin B(12), vitamin D, ω-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, and zinc. • Tx: surgical uncoiling and possible oophoropexy to fixate ovary (prevent recurrence), • Drainage is contraindicated as it increases risk of spread/seeding, • Whipple triad: low blood glucose, sxs of hypoglycemia, resolution of sxs with normalization of blood glucose, Found a mistake or have a suggestion? Family Medicine: Form 1: Form 1. Surgery: Form 2: Link Here. NBME Explanations. 3) Loss of bicarbonate from the gastrointestinal tract • Pilonidal abscess should be drained surgically, • Raynaud's + GI dysmotility and reflux are consistent with scleroderma, • Blood is inflammatory to synovium → mild elevation in ESR (would be higher in a septic knee), 46) Osteonecrosis The NBME Medicine Shelf exam assess a student’s mastery and practical application of general medicine knowledge on adult patients. • Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) → testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, tall, female hair distribution, developmental delay, • Aka prinzmetal or vasospastic angina → recurrent episodes of angina at rest, 24) Abdominal paracentesis Family Medicine is a module that is required by nearly every program that participates in NBME testing. • Post-op HTN associated with cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome - manipulation of the carotid artery/sinuses lead to baroreceptor dysfunction, 15) Massive hemothorax • Drainage of pancreatic fluid can cause metabolic acidosis form loss of bicarbonate, • Acute abdominal pain in LLQ, fever, leukocytosis = acute diverticulitis, • Hematoma may obstruct duodenal lumen → double bubble sign, • Diagnosis may be delayed as the retroperitoneal location prevents peritonitis, • Adequate end-organ perfusion is best indicated by urine output of 0.5-1 mL/kg/h; average adult male weighs ~70kg (70 x 0.5 = 35 mL/h), • HR, mental status, and cap refill may be affected by underlying disease processes (less reliable markers), 7) Pharyngoesophageal (Zenker) diverticulum, • Presents with dysphagia, obstruction, halitosis, and aspiration (leading to multiple episodes of pneumonia), • Dysphagia to solids, age >50, chronic smoker/drinker = concern for esophageal cancer, • Definitive diagnosis of esophageal cancer = esophageal endoscopy with biopsy, • Subsequent CT scan can be used for staging or if endoscopy is unrevealing, 9) Laparotomy • IgM anti-HBc may be the sole maker of infection during the window period, 10) Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) First Aid step 2 : I just brazed through the first Aid review. Ceftriaxone therapy is started. • Choledochal cyst (cystic dilation of biliary tree) Log in / Sign up. Below is a complete list of all forms available this year for the USMLE NBME self-assessment and practice exams for USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 offered by the NBME and some guidance on using them in your study preparation. Form 3: Link Here. Study hundreds of NBME-style Family Medicine questions to test knowledge and build comprehension; Delve into daily updated content written by a team of 50+ physicians; Utilize our supportive features and interactive analysis to help pinpoint knowledge gaps; Get Started. NBME Family Med Form 1. NBME Step 2 Free 120; NBME Psych Form 1; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 7 ; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 8; Recent Comments. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for the arrested growth? Log in / Sign up. NBME Explanations Posted on March 8, 2020. Created by. ADVANCED CLINICAL EXAMINATIONS. Start studying NBME MED 1 and 2 - NBME MASTERY. Learn. • D5W + half NS → iatrogenic hypervolemic hyponatremia, • If asx, tx with fluid restriction (+/- salt tablets) Form 2: Link Here. Recent Posts. • Stasis of venous blood → ↑ temp → damage to sperm, 49) Exploratory operation * NBME Medicine Form 4 #845865 : kennychan - 11/25/17 17:58 : A 62-year-old man is admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. NBME Family Med Form 2. • Steroids → ↑ risk of avascular necrosis, 47) Monospot Family Medicine shelf NBME. Emergency Medicine. • Atherosclerosis, lactic acidosis and leukocytosis = acute mesenteric ischemia, • Celiotomy (laparotomy) is needed to resect dead bowel, • High-riding prostate + blood at urethral meatus = urethral injury, • Suspected urethral injury should be evaluated with retrograde urethrogram, • IV pyelogram is useful for suspected ureter injuries; Cystoscopy is useful for, suspected bladder injuries (should rule out urethral injury first, as cystoscope must go through urethra and could exacerbate existing injuries), 47) Cancel the operation Search for: Search. • ESRD → uremic pruritis → scratching & excoriations • Torsion of ovarian cyst • Closely groups cluster = dermatomal distribution, • Immediately after an MI, the myocardium is stunned and won’t contract, • Stunned myocardium wont push out blood → atria pushing blood into an already filled ventricle → S3, 30) Oral administration of an H2-receptor blocking agent, • Upright positioning alleviating symptoms → GERD, • There is an association between MVP and anxiety (possibly → tachypnea), so all patients should be reassured about the benign nature of the condition, 32) Pancreatitis Flashcards. It is not designed to give the candidate a score or provide information about how a candidate might actually perform on the examination. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Case Files because I find their questions to be subpar. • Ronchi (low pitch = upper airway) are bronchiole airway sounds, • CAP would have CXR findings of consolidation/infiltrate, • Systolic murmur peaking in late systole = crescendo-decrescendo murmur = Aortic Stenosis (causing slow-rising, sustained carotid pulse), • Rheumatic valve disease = MR w/ holosystolic murmur at apex, • VSD → holosystolic murmur w/ thrill at LSB, 7) Measurement of serum creatinine concentration, • This patient already has signs of end-organ damage (HTN retinopathy) → screen other organs as well, • Serum creatinine indicates renal functioning, 8) Decreased synaptic activity of cholinesterase, 9) Administration of hepatitis B vaccine Family Medicine NBME. Rodney on Step 2 … • Raising the cutoff point increases false negatives (decreases sensitivity) and decreases false positives (increases specificity), 14) Oxybutynin share email twitter ⋅ join discord whatsapp Free 120 NBME 24 NBME 23 NBME 22 NBME 21 NBME 20 NBME 19 NBME 18 NBME 17 NBME 16 NBME 15 NBME 13 ⋅ Step 2 CK Free 120 Step 2 CK Form 6 Step 2 CK Form 7 Step 2 CK Form 8 home login register ⋅ contact ⋅ leaderboard links news ⋅ membership tags alerts tutors ⋅ scores score predictor. PLAY. • Most common primary lung cancer; more common in women and nonsmokers, 22) Karyotype analysis Which NBME Practice Exam Forms Should You Take for Your USMLE Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Clerkship. 110 2 hours, 45 minutes . • Traumatic disruption of hemidiaphragm → gas occupying the lower third of the left hemithorax, 30) Ceftriaxone and vancomycin therapy • Cachectic (weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue) is mediated by cytokines TNF, IFN-Ɣ. Target your studies using diagnostic feedback highlighting areas of strength and weakness. Categories Family Medicine Forms Post navigation. We offer a portfolio of products that include assessment tools for every stage of the medical school journey, high-quality licensing exams, and a range of products and services for health professionals and educators. Comprehensive Self-Assessments. • Hypercalcemia → confusion; tx with fluids and calcitonin (short term) and bisphosphonates (long term), • Acidosis, Electrolyte derangements (hyperkalemia), Intoxication (eg, ethylene glycol), Overload (of volume), Uremia, 28) Varicella-zoster virus • If altered mental status, 3% saline to slowly bring levels up, 50) Clindamycin • Teenager with sore throat, exudative pharyngitis and splenomegaly, • The acidosis in renal failure impairs the alkaline environment needed for bone mineralization, 49) Fluid restriction Recent Posts. • Light’s criteria - fluid is exudative if ≥ 1 of the following is met: • Pleural effusion protein/serum protein ratio > 0.5 Pediatrics Prior to publication, test forms are reviewed by a panel of course directors from this discipline. STUDY. Need a little help preparing for your shelf exam? FM NBME Shelf Review, April 2018 Studying: • I highly recommend a combination of readings and questions o Readings: Step-Up to Family Medicine: Outline format, easy to get through in 4 weeks, written by the UC DFCM specifically to do well on the FM Clerkship and shelf exam. See What AMBOSS Has to Offer . Terms in this set (200) Question is the Image. • Acute painless monocular vision loss with pallor of optic disc = CRAO, • Retinal vein occlusion → retinal hemorrhage and venous engorgement, 23) Thyroidectomy Updated: Feb 25. What I want to know is how to determine my percentile from the aforementioned scores I mentioned because my school uses percentiles to calculate grades. • Heavy bleeding → ↓ Fe → Iron deficient anemia → ↓ MCV, 40) Assess the patients decision making capacity I scored an average of 25 or 26 in CMS forms. Updated: Nov 16, 2019. • U/S is best non-invasive test; ERCP for definitive diagnosis Learn. Form 4: Link Here. • Crossmatching error - the patient is having an acute hemolytic reaction, most likely due to ABO incompatibility, 14) Hypertension HEALTH SYSTEMS SCIENCE. Form 3: Link Here. • Alcoholism → ↑ aspiration of oral anaerobes (which are higher in number in patients with poor dentition) → foul-smelling pneumonia with air-fluid levels, Found a mistake or have a suggestion? NBME Answers & Explanations — Updated daily . Match. Previous Post Previous NBME Pediatrics Form 3. • Muscarinic antagonist that reduces bladder spasms and urge urinary incontinence (overactive bladder), 15) Abnormality of antiprotenase resulting in destruction of alveolar supporting structures, • Panacinar emphysema (alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency) → lower lobe destruction, • Centracinar emphysema (smoking induced) → upper lobe destruction, • ↑ CO with normal PCWP and LVEDV = distributive shock (most likely septicemia based on vitals and WBC), • Inflammatory response → vasodilation → vascular content seeps into extravascular space → inability of oxygen to pass through → ↓ PO2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. For the family medicine rotation, however, I found the text to be quite good. Does … Match. Neurology ... Uworld USMLE Step 2 CK Self-Assessments Form 1+2 (PDFs) UWorld Internal Medicine Board Review ABIM Qbank (PDFs) Uworld USMLE Step 2 CK 2018 Qbank (PDFs) Uworld Family Medicine Board Review ABFM 2018 Qbank (PDFs) Uworld USMLE Step 1 2018 Qbank (PDFs) USMLERx for USMLE Step 1 2017 Qbank (Testbanks) Neuroscience Pretest Self … Again if you’re looking for something simple, to the point, and relatively short, Case Files is a great addition. Uworld step 3 : I did Cardiovascular system , Psychiatry and Biostatistics questions from u world short subscription. New Launch of Test Pirates Downloads with NBME answers and explanations. Health Systems Science . During the later years of Medical School, clinical clerkship exams (or shelf exams) are given by the NBME to ascertain readiness. Form 3: Link Here. Submit errata here, NBME Surgery Form 2 - Answers & Explanations. The Family Medicine Practice Exam is primarily designed to assist the candidate in navigating through the examination, and it is provided to facilitate the actual testing experience. • Focal patch of autonomously functioning thyroid tissue = “hot nodule”, • Confirmatory study for carpal tunnel syndrome (shows slowing in median nerve at wrist). NBME Family Medicine Shelf Exam Prep and Readiness. NBME provides a variety of web-based self-assessments to US and international medical students and graduates through MyNBME. Jan 13, 2019; 5 min read; NBME Surgery Form 2 - Answers & Explanations . • ACEi are protective against diabetic glomerulonephropathy, 2) Idiopathic central diabetes insipidus Form 2: Link Here. ), • Medial joint line tenderness with effusion = Meniscal; pain when getting up from a, • Medial joint line tenderness without effusion = MCL. Recent Posts. Leukocytes 10k, ESR 40, x-ray shows DJD but no fracture. Question is the Image. • “string sign” on barium x-ray = thin luminal contrast, usually in terminal ileum from spasm and eventual fibrosis, • Age >50 with lower GI bleed → colonoscopy, • In all anorectal problems, cancer has to be ruled out first; once diagnosis has been confirmed, internal hemorrhoids are tx with rubber-band ligation, whereas external hemorrhoids require surgery, 18) Surgical excision of the cyst Elite Medical Prep can help with personalized 1-on-1 tutoring. NBME. pain worsened last 4 days, ROM now limited by pain. He also takes a thiazide diuretic for hypertension, glyburide for type 2 diabetes mellitus, and acetaminophen for osteoarthritis. • Large (>4 cm) cystadenomas should be resected, • Post-thrombotic syndrome = development of chronic venous insufficiency following DVT, 13) Repeat typing and crossmatching of the transfused blood • GCS <8 → Intubate * NBME Family Medicine Form 2 #852325 : kennychan - 06/20/18 21:17 : A 57 year-old woman comes the physician for a routine health maintenance examination. gained 1 kg (2.2 lb) and has become more responsive. • This patient has a spontaneous, de novo, mutation (parents do no have it), • The AR form is lethal very early on in life - this patient has the AD form, 43) Surgical drainage • Oxygenation is adequate (do not need to increase FiO2), • Cholangiography/imaging was not performed, suggesting a retained stone in bile duct, • No weight loss/painless jaundice rule out pancreatic cancer, • “hidden injury” - asymptomatic until hematoma contained by the adventitia expands, • 1st rib break, presence of wide mediastinum, severe deceleration injury should all raise suspicion, 36) Secondary hyperparathyroidism She does not exercise. 1) Enalapril Spell. Created by. NBME Step 2 Free 120; NBME Psych Form 1; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 7; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 8; Recent Comments. 17) Empyema NBME® subject examinations provide medical schools with a tool for measuring examinees' understanding of the clinical sciences. Which NBME Practice Exam Forms Should You Take for Your USMLE Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Clerkship. • U/S is cheaper than arteriography Evaluate your readiness to take the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge, and Step 3. • Patients with HIV should be screened for TB (regardless of CD4 count), • If screening is positive → CXR to determine if latent or active, 12) Duplex ultrasonography of the carotid arteries Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Related. Family Medicine is infamous for being really difficult. • Arteriography can cause embolization and risk another stroke, • CT with no abnormalities → no need for MRI, 13) Decreased sensitivity, Increased specificity • Risk factors: female, fat (BMI >30), fertile, forty, • MVP syndrome is associated with nonspecific sxs (palpitations, dyspnea, dizziness, panic/anxiety attacks, numbness/tingling, etc. • 50-100% increase in UOsm w/ DDAVP = Central DI • Tx: surgical excision to relieve obstruction and biliary-enteric anastomosis, • Excision helps prevent malignant transformation (cholangiocarcinoma), • Patient was down, laying on the floor for 48 hours (likely volume depleted), • She hasn’t moved → muscle breakdown and rhabdo → lactic acidosis → compensatory hyperventilation, 20) Intubation and hyperventilation Categories Family Medicine Forms Post navigation. Form 4: Link Here. Write. • “ropy mass” = “bag of worms” Case Files Family Medicine. No fever. Nephrology . • Esters (no ‘i’ before “caine” such as procaine and chloroprocaine) are short acting (tetracaine is a long-acting exception), • Fournier’s gangrene = extensive tissue necrosis/infection of perineum in diabetics, 26) Tracheostomy Spell. physical exam- warm and small effusion A RF assay B technetium bone scan C MRI D Tap it E Biopsy 62 y/o woman 3 month SOB, 3 … Family Medicine: Form 1: Form 1. Please remember to read the following rules carefully before contributing: Read the Comment Rules and Policies found here. Mar 9, 2019; 6 min read; NBME Pediatrics Form 2 - Answers & Explanations . • Pleural effusion LDH/serum LDH ratio > 0.6 Rodney on Step 2 … • Upper lip, pearly surface, telangiectasia = basal cell carcinoma, 42) Prednisone therapy and temporal artery biopsy immediately • Suspected spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients with cirrhosis that develop fever and change in mental status, • Suspected SBP → perform paracentesis → initiate empiric therapy with 3rd generation cephalosporin, • Deficiency → ↓ alopecia, pustular skin rash, hypogonadism, impaired wound healing, impaired taste, immune dysfunction, 26) Packed red blood cells Attempt to finish the text in the first 2-2.5 weeks of the rotation. • Follicular neoplasm with prior history of head/neck radiation - definitive treatment is total thyroidectomy, 24) Bupivacaine • Acute onset pain, conjunctival injection, vesicular lesions, visual blurring, discharge = HSV keratitis, 22) Central retinal artery occlusion 100 2 … Write. • This is a contraindication for surgery, 36) Intravenous furosemide I also did new CMS forms online in NBME in medicine , psychiatry , OBG GYN and surgery. • Diuretics should be given to stop this patient from drowning in their own fluid, • Linear vesicles 1 day after = allergic contact dermatitis (type IV HSR), • Sporotrichosis takes days-weeks for a papule to form before spreading along lymphatic channel, 38) Measurement of serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) concentration, • Heavy menstrual bleeding, weight gain, ↑ cholesterol, and myopathy are consistent with hypothyroidism, 39) Decreased mean red cell volume It is a particularly intensive and difficult exam that covers a broad range of medical information. • Pleural effusion LDH > 2/3 the upper limit of normal for serum LDH, • Empyema has pH < 7.2 (uncomplicated parapneumonic effusion has pH > 7.2), • Not uncomplicated because gram-positive diplococci, 18) Felty Syndrome She drinks one glass of wine daily. • No basophilia and Metamyelocytes > myelocytes = leukemoid reaction, 11) PPD skin test Search for: Search. NBME Step 2 Free 120; NBME Psych Form 1; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 6; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 7 ; Step 2 CK (CCSSA) Form 8; Recent Comments. Next Post Next NBME Family Med Form 1. NBME Family Med Form 2. • Anti-smith antibodies = SLE, 21) Adenocarcinoma of the lung Flashcards. • Saponification → hypocalcemia, 33) Intravenous 0.9% saline • Primary spontaneous pneumothorax, 45) Exploratory celiotomy 1) Add donepezil to current regimen • Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (eg, donepezil, rivastigmine) may provide moderate symptom relief and temporarily improve functioning of Alzheimer’s dementia; however, long-term disease course remains unaltered. Gravity. Hello r/NBME, This post will contain the answers to the SHELF - Family Medicine 2 Exam for educational discussion purposes. Check out our full NBME Shelf and USMLE Step packages! 1) Enalapril • ACEi are protective against diabetic glomerulonephropathy. NBME Family Med Form 1. NBME helps health professionals across the care continuum enhance and demonstrate their knowledge—both in school and while practicing. Test. Terms in this set (125) Child 3-16 weeks old presents with cough for the past 2 weeks, tachypneic, diffuse crackles, wheezes, may have conjunctivitis, chest film shows hyperinflation and diffuse interstitial patchy infiltrates. 1) Toxic thyroid adenoma • Most common cause of nipple discharge (serous or bloody), • Mammillary duct ectasia = mass + green/brown discharge, 33) Reintubation and mechanical ventilation Self-assessments help students practice for their upcoming exam and gain a familiarity with NBME-style questions. • Aminoglycosides are nephrotoxic, 4) Ambulatory ECG monitoring NBME Family Medicine Form 2 - Answers & Explanations. NBME Family Medicine Form 2 - Answers & Explanations 1) Add donepezil to current regimen • Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (eg, donepezil, rivastigmine) may provide moderate symptom relief and temporarily improve functioning of Alzheimer’s dementia; how • Elevated PCO2 = hypoventilation Family Medicine; Search. • Low glucose = exudative, 42) 50% for each child, since PKD is autosomal dominant She smoked one pack of cigarttes daily for 20 years but stopped 10 years ago. I took an NBME self assessment for my 3rd year clerkship to see where I am before my real deal shelf; I got a score of 17 on the "Self-Assessment Score," which is approximated as a 62 for the "Approximate Subject Examination Score." • Requires immediate prednisone therapy to prevent blindness and bx to confirm dx, 43) Apocrine glands PLAY. Form 4: Link Here. 40) Increased serum tumor necrosis factor concentration • Kidney normally clears leptin; ESRD → ↑ leptin → anorexia, 20) Prednisone therapy Internal Medicine. Updated: Nov 16, 2019. Family Medicine Modular ... 110 2 hours, 45 minutes; Obstetrics and 110Gynecology 2 hours, 45 minutes Pediatrics; 110 2 hours, 45 minutes; Psychiatry; 110 2 hours, 45 minutes; Surgery; 110 2 hours, 45 minutes. Next Post Next NBME Medicine Form 6. • EMG rules out other things such as polyneuropathy, plexopathy, radiculopathy, etc. • Hypotension + flat neck veins + absent breath sounds after knife wound = hemothorax, 16) Crohn disease 41) Basal cell carcinoma • perforated bowel → free air under diaphragm → laparotomy, 10) Cholecystoduodenal fistula with an impacted gallstone, • Multiple dilated loops of small bowel = obstruction, • Gas within small bowel lumen and liver suggests communication (fistula) between enteric and biliary tracts, • Stone leaves through fistula to cause sxs, 11) Distal pancreatectomy It is typically taken during the third year of medical school, after the medicine clerkship. Submit errata here, NBME Medicine Form 2 - Answers & Explanations. Elite Medical Prep can help with personalized 1-on-1 tutoring. NBME . Below is a complete list of all forms available this year for the USMLE NBME self-assessment and practice exams for USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 offered by the NBME and some guidance on using them in your study preparation. She has no history of serious illness and takes no medications. • Rheumatoid arthritis + neutropenia + splenomegaly, 19) Renal Failure NBME Medicine Form 2 - Answers & Explanations. • No spleen → susceptible to encapsulated organisms, 31) Collapse of the right middle lobe of the lung from decreased inspiratory effort, • Hasn’t been out of bed yet, POD#1, egophany (consolidated or collapsed) → atelectasis, 32) Intraductal papilloma • Short-term tx of hypercalcemia = normal saline hydration + calcitonin, • Restoring intravascular volume promotes urinary calcium excretion, • Long-term tx of hypercalcemia = bisphosphonates, • This anti-cholinergic is first line treatment in COPD exacerbation, 35) MI within the past 6 months Nephrology. Previous Post Previous NBME Family Med Form 2. • Amides (“i” before “caine" such as bup”i”vacaine) are intermediate/long acting 100 2 hours, 30 minutes. This NBME Clinical Mastery Series consists of the following CMS Forms: Internal Medicine : Form 1 Link Here. • Hematocrit of 18% ≈ Hemoglobin of 6, 27) Intravenous administration of 0.9% saline IL-1, and IL-6. • If a patient is having delusions, it would be practitioner malfeasance to let them leave AMA, 41) Glucose concentration approximately equal to serum glucose concentration, • Cardiac insufficiency → transudate More info may be found here. • JVD, bilateral crackles → pulmonary congestion/edema • Hidradenitis Suppurativa = inflammation of apocrine sweat glands, 44) Observation • Respect the patients decision and determine rationale for refusal, 48) Varicocele

nbme family medicine form 2

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