Simply opening the safe is what you need to do in order to proceed with the quest, which directs you to Doc Friday who is currently relaxing in the Short Stick Saloon, go there. By 2161 bounty hunting became a common law-enforcement practice throughout the wasteland.One in particular, Chris Avellone, has become the most feared bounty hunter across the wastes, hunting down transgressors for profit and thrill with his entourage.He gained such a reputation that by 2241 he is remembered by those even hundreds of miles away in Northern New California. The door to the next room is guarded by two guards which you can easily get by, there is however two of the same notes on the desks with the food and water. If you have less than 60, you can call him a coward for having "twelve extra gunmen" to fight one courier, he'll call it tough shit though and say that there is no such thing as a fair fight, engaging in combat as normal. Meant to be a play on the phrase killing time, as in you have time to spare, and the fact that its time for you to, well, kill people. Break his neck so you don't have to deal with him during the fight. Read the note and suddenly a mother deathclaw named Yami will appear, you have to be extremely lucky if you want to kill her being that she has a whopping 1000 HP, your best bet of survival is to stand on the stone and shoot her from there. The NCR is offering a bounty of 10,000 caps for the capture or termination of "Red Bear" a known criminal and raider of dangerous repute. You can direct him to the Old Mormon Fort where the Followers of the Apocalypse can give him food and shelter, he'll do so. Fallout: New Vegas - New Vegas Bounties Mod. You can accept the deal, or refuse, which limits your options. Credits: An Empire of Dirt by Tamadrum - Now that all the programs necessary to mod New Vegas are installed, it is time to set them up for installing mods and running New Vegas ... Someguy added in options to kill or capture criminals with bounties on their head. Kill everyone and get the note from Flagg's safe in his quarters. To collect the bounty, submit Red Bear or proof of his death to Captain Larry Scull at the Boulder City Jail. The nearby captives fates can be decided, you can free them which will gain you 50 karma individually, killing them will lose you 100 karma individually, selling them will lose you 50 karma and will gain you 100 caps individually. No prior interaction with McCarran is required for the Colonel to mention that the Fiends of New Vegasare causing a lot of trouble for the NCR, and this can occur by simply trying all the speech paths possible when talking to Hsu, as long as the player is not an enemy of the NCR. New Vegas Bounties II is the sequel the popular New Vegas Bounties I, and picks up immediately after the uncertain ending of the first episode. He is wanted for murder, theft, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes against the state and humanity. Reaching your destination, you'll find a young man named Matt Jackson, who is grieving over the graves of his family after he went into westside to get supplies, only to find that they have been murdered by Red Bear. This unmarked quest is "obtained" from Colonel Hsu, the leader of the NCR's main base, Camp McCarran. You need to take their head and return it f… He is wanted for murder, theft, kidnapping, rape, and other crimes against the state and humanity. With a Speech skill of 100, you can talk him down that you only want Red Bear and that he'll die if he and his men face you. Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS; drippy126: Aug 24, 2015: 15: 4:40:26 Computer: Walkthrough. With a Speech of 80, you can convince Red Bear to turn himself him, he'll question why he would want to do so. Major Dhatri has been running into some problems with the raider gang known as the Fiends, who are terrorizing the area outside Camp McCarran. Tell him to give up Red Bear's location and in turn you'll forgive him, he'll do so and it'll grant you good karma. As such, you are no longer obligated to follow a linear questline, but may pursue dozens of bounties in any order. However they're not voiced, so be sure to turn your subtitles on. Taunt him by saying only a coward hides behind captives, or simply refuse his deal and decide to kill him, this will encourage him to blow up the captives and his outlaws will open fire on you and even some running at you with blades, kill Red Bear but watch out for his knife skills The Comanchero, take his finger once he's dead. Fallout 3 mods -- TTW is a New Vegas mod, so mods loaded in FO3 will have no effect, and unconverted mods for FO3 will not work Fallout New California - Is not, cannot, and never will be compatible with TTW no matter what anyone says and that includes patches made by smart asses. Ethan reveals that Red Bear has a special arrangement with some Vipers, one of his henchmen; Slade, has become the ring leader of the Vipers, Ethan believes that if you find Slade, you'll find some valuable information on Red Bear. Description. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FalloutMods community. You can also talk him down with a Speech skill of 25, where you can lie and tell him you just want to speak to Slade, he'll believe you and walk off. Someguy2000 Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Tell him it's not your problem and that he is on his own, he leaves but not before signaling to you Red Bear's location, at Mt. If you have less than 80 Speech, he'll instantly reject the idea, claiming he'd rather cut out his own heart than turn himself in. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Once Hancho is dead, take the holotape off his corpse titled Move your ass and even have a read of his note titled Killing (PC Name). Fallout New Vegas bounties 2! In lieu of mind-boggling puzzles or "go collect x or y resource"-type quests, you will be confronted with dangerous opponents who are designed to frustrate and kill you. ... "ILO - New Vegas Bounties II.esp", and "ILO - YUP Patch.esp" to the Optional ESPs box. There will be various sentry bots and guards in the room, including a range officer, and an enforcer with a minigun named Drake. Read the poster outside the Goodsprings General Store, as soon as you've finished reading it, a man named Ethan will pop up behind you, noticing you reading the poster and asks if you will be going after Red Bear, as he himself has been trying to track Red Bear for over a decade as he killed his family and captured his niece; Polly, Ethan himself has given up trying to find him overall, but still wants to locate Polly as she is the only family he has left, he asks of you find her, in return he'll give you 100 caps. New Vegas Bounties III This is sorta important to me, a lot of the inspiration and development for Sandy came from this mod series, fighting cannibals, bootleggers, war criminals, and all other kinds of outlaws shaped her through my first complete play through of New Vegas. Work this one out for yourself. By OutandBack, January 29, 2017 in Video and Stream Notifications. New Vegas Bounties I is the first installment in a planned series for Fallout: New Vegas. Up the stairs is the guard's quarters as well as another NCO whom you'll have to kill. The bunker is full of guards in combat armor with various rifles and pistols, so how you want to proceed in the bunker is up to you. Dreadlord Phallus And The Quest for The Immersive MacGuffin, They have killed many NCR troopers from the camp; those they did not kill, they left traumatized. [FNV] New Vegas Bounties II - "A Time To Kill" can't find target New Vegas I've followed the waypoint to a vacant piece of pavement north of the New Vegas Medical Clinic and there is nothing there, so I've been doing other bounty quests. Lie to Ethan and simply tell him that Polly is dead, Ethan is relieved to finally have some closure and thanks you for looking into her fate, and even thanks you further more for bringing Red Bear to justice, he gives you a unique pistol named Pro Patria and leaves off for parts unknown. Visits 13,806 (5 today) Last Update 6 years ago. They will stay there because they're dumb. Going up the steps you will see the man himself, Norman Meston coming at you with a ballistic fist, take him down and take the key off his corpse, which you can use to unlock a safe in his room that contains the Shadow Company Ledger and 250 bottle caps. Once you beat him, take his finger and submit it off. If you plan to fight on, then the best course of action is make sure that the robots in the room are deactivated, to do this, if you take a left upon first entering, there will be a locked door that will require a lockpicking skill of 75 to open, upon entry there will be a securitron and a guard, take them out and you will see a terminal that will require a science skill of 75 to hack, if you managed to hack it, there will be an option to shut down all robots in the area or simply turn off their targeting system, making the fight much easier. With the quest complete and the note about Polly's fate in hand, go to the Prospector Saloon and meet with Ethan, tell him that you've uncovered information on Polly, he'll be worried, and what you decide to tell him will affect his fate: If you ended the quest with killing Red Bear or accepting his deal, the Coyote will write up a news report about the incident, and it'll appear in the Short Stick Saloon and will differ if you convinced him to write up reports in your favour. From then on out, he'll remain in the Old Mormon Fort in a Follower Doctor Coat, if you try to interact with him, he'll tell you that you were right and that he has made a good life with the followers, and ultimately thanks you. The ledger details a shipment that Red Bear has recently made with the Jackals that will be taking place at north of the Highway Patrol Station. and The Judge is dead?. Head to the Shadow Company Bunker that is south east of the REPCONN Headquarters, there is a hostile guard on top of the bunker, kill him and take his key. You get 25 points of karma for this. Ultimately you can kill him and take the note titled. Without a firm to provide sponsorship, you must strike out as a solo contractor for the NCR. Questioning his proposition, Red Bear reveals that he has had enough with the life of crime and wants to retire and settle down, however due to him being a heavily wanted criminal that makes it impossible, luckily for him though, during the Jackal raid from before one of them shot him in the hand which caused one of his fingers to amputate, because of this, he's decided to give you the finger so you can turn it in and get the reward, whilst he can live a life elsewhere and practically disappear from the face of the earth with everybody thinking that he is dead. Before continuing on, there is a Command Terminal in Meston's office that will require a science skill of 100 to hack, if you manage to get it open, it contains memorandas that are worth taking a look at, especially if you want to find the Legion's Gold, there are also dossiers on you, Red Bear, Charlie Halfcocked and Arthur Ribben. The thrilling adventure to find and kill Mongol Kid what will happen? However if you don't want to be threatening, you can calm him and ask him whom of his family was killed, it was his father and two brothers, the family does not believe in fighting so Red Bear effortlessly killed them, after giving your opinion of being a pacifist, Matt asks you what he should do next, you have several options that will determine his fate: Heading down the road to Mt. He usually stays close to the First Recon Tent though, so start there. He can later be found in Zapp's Neon Signs, having joined the Fiends, now hostile. FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS BOUNTIES III #9 : Revenge of the NO! With a Speech skill of 60 you can convince Mather to fight you by himself alone, making the fight much easier. ... and getting shot in the head should probably kill you. New Vegas Bounties I. New Vegas - New Vegas Bounties. He looks quite different from the general NCR trooper NPC. He is extremely dangerous and should only be pursued by armed professionals. You can even ask him about Marko, which he'll only guess that he is in the south raiding settlements. Choosing the join the order will require you to go to a chamber and kill a heavily drugged captive, kill her and recieve bad karma. At its core, New Vegas Bounties is an action mod; extreme violence and profanity are ubiquitous. The jail isn't there, and there is no dlc type pop up. You can simply refuse the deal, to his displeasure and attacks you out of revenge for the Judge. Back to Red Bear; you can several ways to get the info on Red Bear: It should be noted that if you kill Aaron Flagg, the next time you come back to The Cloister after the quest is finished, the place will be infested with Cazadors. At its core, New Vegas Bounties is an action mod; extreme violence and profanity are ubiquitous. After killing her, a deathclaw alpha male named Yama will appear and he has 1500 HP, you have to be a fucking badass in order to kill him. With a Speech of 20, you can convince Red Bear to fight you one on one, he'll accept and gives you the option of how you want to fight, knives or fists (it is highly recommended you choose fists, the mod's readme file even recommends that you choose to fight with fists) or you can even change your mind, pick one and engage in combat with Red Bear, he'll place all your items in your inventory in a nearby locker which you can reobtain by taking a key off of his corpse, he gives you some leather armor to even the fight. Talk to him and offer your services as a bounty hunter. Al has been known to have a very good karma rating, as he tends to choose the "good" options in the game. If you have less than 20 Speech, Red Bear will turn down this idea. Loaded for Bear is a main quest in New Vegas Bounties II. My is working perfectly fine, and I know I installed it correctly, but it isn't loading in so to say. When I click OK, it just keeps coming back. Dillon escapes, so Mather warns you to watch out for him next time (even if you killed him earlier). Doc suggests you speak to Dent, who is currently in the Saloon, he has made previous dealings with the Shadow Company that may help you. Tell him that he, Dillon and Red Bear can all go fuck themselves, to his pleasure, they all turn hostile, which you will have to kill them. At this point you have several options to get out of the situation: In the event that they have been killed take the holotape titled Meeting off of Mathis' corpse. In retaliation of this insult, Mather summons four mongrels to attack, making the fight a bit harder. Fallout and Fallout 2. You lose 25 points of karma for this, however he considers this and decides to head for Red Rock Canyon, but not before you asking him of Red Bear's location, to which he tells you that he went to Mt. I suggest you keep your armor to at least 50%+ condition.

new vegas bounties 2 a time to kill

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