Their dorsal color is brown to black frequently with many gold … Northern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon electromorphus) Hictoric Records Provided by HERPNET Carnegie Museum of Natural History Academy of Natural Sciences | Natural History Museum in Philadelphia California Academy of Sciences - San Francisco Museum Pennsylvania Herp Identification is an educational tool for the public on the reptiles and amphibians found though out Pennsylvania. It includes photos, range maps, and descriptions. Because it wasn't a worm at all, it was a salamander; specifically a Northern Ravine Salamander. Ravine Salamanders : Southern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon richmondi) *Northern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon electromorphus) Ravine salamanders are elongate and slender with short legs and a long tail that accounts for about 50% of the total length. This guide should help you with identification. Indiana is home to 23 species of salamanders. Many may look similar in appearance while others may look nothing like a salamander. The project also aims to create knowledge to Pennsylvania residents not only through the internet, but also through interaction with the public, with the help of volunteers in the field to communicate … The northern ravine salamander is a member of the lungless salamander family (Plethodontidae). They prefer moist slopes of wooded ravines where they can be found hiding beneath rocks and logs. Amphibians ID Guide: Salamanders. Ravine salamanders (Plethodon richmondi) get to be about 3 to 4 1/2 inches long and occur in much of southern and eastern Ohio.

northern ravine salamander

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