City forestry departments across North America planted Norways for decades because the species, known by the Latin name Acer platanoides, tolerates concrete, soil compaction, pollution, salt and other indignities of urban life. Forests Ontario, for whom I consult, offers the Tree Bee competition; grade-school contestants face off in, among other tests, a tree-identification showdown. At our home in Toronto, we inherited Norway maples in the yard; while we enjoy the shade, the trees’ insatiable roots have killed any grass that was there, and our vegetable garden struggles under the Norways’ dense canopy. Not sure? © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved. Norway maple leaves are usually broader than they are long, while sugar maple leaves are generally longer than wide. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. A problem soon arises, however, because if trees are free of bugs, birds find little to eat – and flee the neighbourhood. Get the Opinion newsletter. The Norway maple leaf bottom is straighter but it goes down at an angle. We hope to have this fixed soon. The multicoloured, many-pointed leaf that designers created for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 resembled, you guessed it, a Norway maple leaf. Break a Sugar Maple petiole and sap is clear. 13 beautiful species of maple trees how to identify maple sycamore and sweetgum leaves sycamore maple acer pseudoplat 3 ways to identify a sycamore tree wikihow. Whats people lookup in this blog: Sycamore Tree Leaf Vs Maple Follow topics and authors relevant to your reading interests. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. Combine that with plummeting levels of ecological literacy in recent decades, and it’s no wonder many people can’t tell a Norway maple from a sugar maple, let alone which is which. Planners favoured the Norways in part because caterpillars shun their waxy leaves. But graphic designers are not helping matters. Dalhousie University have sought to banish the tree from its campus; the City of Montreal has targeted Norway maples for removal on Mount Royal; in New York, Central Park Conservancy gardeners pull up seedlings when they spot them. Much too late, planners discovered the troubling truth: the Norway maple is an aggressive invader. The 5 lobed leaves are dark green in summer. The bud at the end of a branch on Norway maple is sort-of 'sceptre' like. Norway maple is sometimes confused with our native sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and so here are a few distinguishing characteristics that can be used to tell the two apart. The three lobes of a sugar maple’s leaf are separated by smooth, U-shaped valleys – think U as in sUgar. As we approach Canada Day, it is time to say: enough is enough. Both have leaves with 5 pointed lobes, but if you look closely the very tip of the leaves, that of the sugar maple is rounded while that of the Norway maple is finely pointed. Mr. Davies received funding from Google’s Sidewalk Labs to develop a travelling gallery of native tree saplings, to teach tree literacy. Monocultures are inherently unstable. The leaf of Canada’s national tree, the sugar maple (which graces our flag) features three wider lobes (or main points) each with a few irregular wavy teeth, plus two one-point lobes near the stem. Studies on Montreal’s Mount Royal, where sugar maples have long dominated, show that three of every four new seedlings is a Norway maple. Of course you can collect the sap in the late winter/early spring. Black Maple is necessarily the same tree as Sugar Maple. red maple. How can we teach Canadians to recognize and celebrate our native trees? The leaf of Canada’s national tree, the sugar maple (which graces our flag) features three wider lobes (or main points) each with a few irregular wavy teeth, plus two one-point lobes near the stem. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. The base of the sugar maple leaf is more curving then Noway maple. platanoides)saplings would show less leaf damage than sugar maple (Acer . Sign up today. striped maple: low elevation mountain forests: Acer platanoides. The bigger Norway maple leaf sports seven lobes. Canada Post has featured Norway maple leaves on its stamps. A difference in leaf damage would indicate a possible competitive edge of the Norway … Eric Davies, a PhD candidate in forestry at the University of Toronto, has warned for years of the perils of Norway maples. Forgive Canada’s graphic designers for the blunder of depicting a Norway maple on a cereal box or a beer case: Most of these people probably live in cities. If it sweet then it is sugar maple. Break a Norway maple leaf petiole (stem) and the sap is white. In many cities, Norway maple trees are a far more common sight than sugar maples; they are the most common street tree in Toronto, for example. Click below to sign up for updates on our activities, topical tree news and planting tips! Studies show that native insects, birds and mammals do not thrive in Norway maple forests, which become green deserts. Norway Maple is a tolerant and adaptable shade tree. Moosehead, a lager brewed in Saint John, trumpets on its beer cases: “Founded in 1867, we were born with Canada,” below a drawing of what can only be a Norway maple leaf. saccharum) saplings in the same area. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be up to 40 m (131 ft) high. The Norway Maple’s terminal bud and associated stem is larger than the Sugar Maple’s. The tipping point for me came at breakfast the other morning, when I noticed that Post Foods Canada Inc., on its Shredded Wheat cereal box, boasts, “Prepared in Canada” – next to a rendering of a red Norway maple leaf. Once in a while there are slight brown flecks which are more common in soft maple varieties. This is probably why it is the most popularly planted boulevard tree in North America. Check out our previous email Newsletters. Let’s recall that Canada’s First Nations taught the early Europeans to tap the sugar maple, Acer saccharum, for syrup. Doug Tallamy, a professor of entomology at the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, discovered that chickadee nestlings, for example, eat at least 6,000 caterpillars, all foraged within 50 metres of their nest, before they fledge. In a crowning indignity, the leaves of green Norway maples do not turn red in the fall; typically they develop black spots before they turn yellow and fall off. It got me thinking and observing. Leaves are slightly broader than those of sugar maple. Maroon colored scales overlap and form a rounded end on the Norway Maple’s terminal bud. … Norway Maple is frequent in urban areas where it is planted as a street tree or invasive in vacant lots. (Perhaps he was feeling a tad defensive; the newspaper he wrote in, the National Post, uses a Norway maple leaf in its logo.) Chickadees living among non-native trees find fewer of the caterpillars that their babies like to eat, and produce fewer young or do not reproduce at all. One can see the appeal. The leaf margins tell the main story: sugar maples have smooth edges while red maples are toothed or serrated. Norway maple. In its shade, other species, such as native oaks, pines or maples, cannot establish themselves or grow. The tree likes Sun to half-shade,brown leaf margins indicate a lack of water. If the sap is clear, it’s a sugar maple; if the sap is milky, it’s a Norway maple. The sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum) grows abundantly in the northeastern part of North America: the northeastern United States (including as far south as Tennessee) and the southeastern portion of Canada.Sugar maples produce strong timber and yield maple syrup, and both commodities contribute considerably to the economy of the region. Keep your Opinions sharp and informed. If you are confused and cannot decide whether to plant Sugar Maple or Norway Maple here are These artists simply can’t contain themselves, maybe because a leaf with more spiky points sticking out of it looks more dramatic than a leaf with fewer points. They can draw inspiration from our many indigenous maples: silver maple, red maple, striped maple, bigleaf maple. Many times I cannot tell. Maple Leaves Forever, 160 Thermos Road, Toronto, ON M1L 4W2. Although Google has abandoned its Toronto Quayside development project, Mr. Davies says his gallery will go ahead. Read our, I'm a print subscriber, link to my account, Read more about following topics and authors. I have had several nice Norway maple … Look around you, and you’ll notice the Norway maple has opened another front in this conflict: taking root as the default image on countless products of companies which, inadvertently it seems, adopt the usurper as a symbol of their Canadian bona fides. Acer nigrum black maple: moist riverbottoms: Acer pensylvanicum. Note: Norway Maple will sucker with age. If you have a known sugar or Norway maple leaf for comparison, you’ll also see that the leaves of a Norway maple are broader compared to their height than those of sugar maple. It only differs because it usually does not grow in the same range. We will only email you 3 - 4 times year. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to, To view this site properly, enable cookies in your browser. The leaves are lobed and the flowers are yellow. It's also not a good idea to plant it under power lines. But the Norway maple does not symbolize diversity: it conquers ecosystems, developing an impenetrable monoculture. There are about 128 species of maple trees in the Acer plant genus. Also, Norway maple leaves have more lobes, typically five to seven, compared with the sugar maple’s three to five, and the indented portion between the lobes of sugar maple will be more rounded. Years ago, one newspaper columnist suggested that, as a nation of immigrants, we ought to embrace the Norway maple, an imported tree species, as a national symbol. Leaf or needle arrangement, size, shape, and texture. Norway Maple Thank you for your patience. The red maple’s lobes, meanwhile, are … Based on the results of a study in a New Jersey natural area, there is concern that in forests managed for native vegetation, Norway Maple will reproduce more vigorously than the native Sugar Maple, and therefore, may out compete Sugar Maple and native, understory herbs and shrubs as well. The newer sugar maples (Autumn Blaze, Glory, etc.) Virginia Lohr, Professor, E-mail: Please just stop using Norway maples as a symbol of Canada. Break a Sugar Maple petiole and sap is clear. Sugar maples, meanwhile, play well with others; a mixed, biodiverse forest is a healthy place. Snap a petiole (leaf stem) in half. The black maple is a large, deciduous tree 60 to 80 ft in height with a dense, rounded crown and a straight trunk up to 4 ft in diameter. The Sugar Maple is botanically called Acer saccharum . DISCLAIMER: Maple Leaves Forever and its support staff are not responsible for the use, misuse, or damage caused by application or misapplication of information mentioned anywhere on our website or application materials. The yolks in the sugar maple are brown-grey and pointed. In another post, someone asked about a maple. planted in urban areas: Acer rubrum. Vine maple leaf; Sugar maple leaf; Silver maple leaf; Bigleaf maple leaf; Crimson king maple leaf; Norway maple leaf; Box elder maple leaf April (2) March (5) January (1) 2011 (22) November (1) October (2) May (7) April (9) March (3) If you break off a leaf from both trees during growing season the Norway maple will give a white milky sap. The two most common maples are the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and the red maple (Acer rubrum).Other popular varieties of maple trees for gardens are the Amur Maple (Acer ginnala), Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum), and the Hedge Maple tree (Acer campestre).The most famous product from maple trees is the sweet maple … I have noticed a lot of yellow foliage on sugar maples this year. Mr. Tallamy noted that while Norway maples provide a yard with a quick-growing source of foliage, they do not harbour much food for other wildlife. The Sugar Maple’s smaller and more numerous brown scales shingle its firm conical tip which feels sharply pointed when pressed with a finger. It can range form yellow-green to a … "remove":"add"](select.closed),dom.control.setAttribute("aria-expanded",o)}function onToggleClicked(){var l=!isPanelOpen();setPanelState(l)}function onWindowScroll(){window.requestAnimationFrame(function() {var l=isPanelOpen(),n=0===(document.body.scrollTop||document.documentElement.scrollTop);n||l||!allowExpand?n&&l&&(allowExpand=!0,setPanelState(!1)):(allowExpand=!1,setPanelState(!0))});}pencilInit(".js-sub-pencil",!1); // via darwin-bg var slideIndex = 0; carousel(); function carousel() { var i; var x = document.getElementsByClassName("subs_valueprop"); for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { x[i].style.display = "none"; } slideIndex++; if (slideIndex> x.length) { slideIndex = 1; } x[slideIndex - 1].style.display = "block"; setTimeout(carousel, 2500); } //, An easy chocolate fudge recipe without refined sugar or dairy, U.S. toilet-paper makers get failing grade from environmental group for using fibre from old-growth Canadian forests, Federal government investing $5-million in national wildfire research, Firefighters may get help from rain as they battle Quebec’s out-of-control Lac-St-Jean forest fire, Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. Leaf: Bud: Seed: 1: Acer campestre Hedge maple: 2: Acer circinatum ... Norway maple: 11: Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' 12: Acer pseudoplatanus ... Acer rubrum Red maple: 14: Acer saccharinum Silver maple: 15: Acer saccharum Sugar maple: Return to Hort 231 or to Plant List 4. The sugar maple is most easily identified by clear sap in the leaf petiole (the Norway maple has white sap), brown, sharp-tipped buds (the Norway maple has blunt, green or reddish-purple buds), and shaggy bark on older trees (the Norway maple bark has small grooves). That means: Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. Only Norway maple trees ooze a white milky latex when you snap off a leaf. All of this might seem a nerdy, academic discussion. Canada’s central bank has plenty of company. Fall color is not reliable. Hypothesis: Norway maple (Acer . Sugar Maple. Norway maple and red maple are easy to distinguish at any time of year. Every gardener wants to keep bugs at bay. Many maple trees live in the forests that line the valley and bluff of the Illinois River. The tree takes over forests, spreading thick leaves that open first and fall last. The Norway maple is a hardy tree that thrives much better than our domestic sugar maple in harsh urban conditions. They are mainly confused due to being common and often occurring in … Simple leaves in pairs (opposite); 3 to 6 inches long. Contact: | 1 (888) 223-9181 (toll-free voicemail) Collect, quantify, and analyze leaf damage of the two plants. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter . We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. That ecological bully does not represent the best part of our nature. Distinguishing tip: Break a Norway maple leaf petiole (stem) and the sap is white. Sugar Maple is the best of all the woodcuts. at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy. But it’s slow going. But consider the havoc that invasive species in general – such as dog-strangling vines, garlic mustard plants and the Norway maple in particular – are wreaking in our ravines and forests. Peter Kuitenbrouwer is a journalist and holds a master’s degree in forest conservation from the University of Toronto. If you look at them side by side, Norway maple (Acer platanoides) has shallower sinuses between the leaf lobes, whereas in Sugar maple (Acer saccharum) they are deeper and more pronounced. 351 King Street East, Suite 1600, Toronto, ON Canada, M5A 0N1, Just $1.99 per week for the first 24 weeks, var select={root:".js-sub-pencil",control:".js-sub-pencil-control",open:"o-sub-pencil--open",closed:"o-sub-pencil--closed"},dom={},allowExpand=!0;function pencilInit(o){var e=arguments.length>1&&void 0!==arguments[1]&&arguments[1];select.root=o,dom.root=document.querySelector(select.root),dom.root&&(dom.control=document.querySelector(select.control),dom.control.addEventListener("click",onToggleClicked),setPanelState(e),window.addEventListener("scroll",onWindowScroll),dom.root.removeAttribute("hidden"))}function isPanelOpen(){return dom.root.classList.contains(}function setPanelState(o){dom.root.classList[o?"add":"remove"](,dom.root.classList[o? It’s as though the U.S. Treasury slipped up and printed King George III on the dollar bill, instead of George Washington, because they wore similar hair. Norway Maple vs Red Maple. Smaller companies such as Ontario Aluminum and Glass paint Norway leaves on their trucks; even historic logos for Canadian National Railways and the hallowed Toronto Maple Leafs feature what look suspiciously like Norway maples.

norway maple leaf vs sugar maple leaf

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