I try to explain to them about using a high quality shampoo/conditioner then they may not need the extra products . My colorist isn’t a fan but tells me that if I insist on Pantene that I should wash my hair every so often with a clarifying shampoo or baking soda to get the protein/waxy coating off so that my hair doesn’t get too dried out over time. IS PANTENE GOOD FOR MENS HAIR BECAUSE I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT. I use the Rose Water Conditioner Pantene Rose Water Sulfate Free Conditioner with it too and my hair feels extremely gross and stringy. I agree with Sydney, you do save a TON of money using professional products. My hair is thin and colored so it’s brittle. I’ve also never heard of “overfilling” with protein causing hair to become frizzier. Pantene also sells a boxed set with both for $12.99. And what Pantene products do you suggest? The loreal everpure line is almost identical to purology. What I like to look for on the bottle is that it says: I fuss with my hair much, much less. Can I use a Pantene conditioner with my sulfate-free shampoo? Some people love Pantene other people hate it it, but the facts are the facts. And the “research” has been conducted by yours truly “Maker!”. The pH is about 6. Hello, I’ve just recently bought Pantene but haven’t used it yet. I do not use conditioner in the shower because I always feel it weighs my hair down but I do use the Pantene detangler…… Works great! This sulfate free conditioner restores silky softness with a nourishing formula that includes a blend of pro vitamin B5, antioxidants, and rose water. She is just one out of many that I have noticed this problem. Well spoken, Deb. There is a reason that professional hair products cost more. Watch. If it works for you great. You say not to blindly follow stylist recommendation but why should we blindly listen to you. Silicone free pantene is horrible I had lots of hair and I might say too much and I used pantene now I am bald your product is horrible and you will have to answer to God. You can take a blade of a pair of scissors, scrape down hair that has had repeated washings with this product and literally scrape the buildup off. This is not a forum for religious discussions so in future comments I’d appreciate if you can stay on topic. I have long hair and do not look good in short hair! If you want silky hair that smells like a cupids armpit use pantene. It is amazing the difference it has made for her. Just stating a fact. Please reply quick i’m scared that my hair might damage all the way and i might loose it all. what i think can end up happening over time is your hair becomes overfilled with the b-5 and expands which can create frizzy unruly hair . Also, many results, positive or negative, are the result of long term use of a product. Once per week, I use the Shielo intensive Hair Mask and it has not only repaired my damage hair (which use to always tangle) but has also give them a smooth silky shine. The blatant boosterism on this site has really opened my eyes – to the fact that these days, Pantene is all sizzle and no meat. There would’ve been an investigation in the company, and they would’ve been bankrupt long ago. I bought it and was blown away. I am very picky took care of my long hair( love for locks) I have been working on getting my healthy hair back don’t know why but my hair won’t grow right it keeps breaking. I went to cosmetology school. It does not cause baldness. I twist my hair up and clip it to the top of my head at night, but it’s not a perfect fix. Professional products typically have better ingredients. In between the 20 years I have spent lots of money on salon brands to keep finding myself going back to Pantene. Its easy to remember the name. Perry and I appreciate your words of support. Made with Rose water from the petals and buds of rosa gallica that thrives in the Middle East. I have spent SO much. Each test ran between 2 weeks to a month and involved hundreds of women across the US and in some cases the UK, so it’s not like only a few panelists used the product only once or twice. The hair strands start to look like a stringy gelatinous mess, instead of normal hair. If you’d care to explain EXACTLY which ingredients Pantene uses and how they are cheaper, less pure, and harsher than salon brand ingredients we’d be glad to continue the discussion. Rather then focusing on brand name it’s better to focus on the ingredient label. I’ve used it all these years with a few forays out to other salon products, I’ve used Wen, Redkin, Paul Mitchel, etc., and I come back to Pantene. Thanks for your comment. I have very thick, nearly black wavy hair. My hair got worse and worse with these other products. You must know this??? My hair was always my best feature, in my opinion. Pantene's NutrientBlends Miracle Moisture Boost Conditioner With Rose Water provides hydration and nourishment to tame frizz and give hair a silky finish. I love it ! My grandma and I have used that for a good 3 years thinking damn the stuff is good. I enjoy Your input so very much. I have to say this but Pantene and I are not friends. I am a trained cosmetologist. Most alarmingly, the hair on the crown of my head was clearly thinning significantly. paraben free I also have very thick hair, and some shampoos do mat it down, so maybe pantene works better for thin hair. They both are viewing it from different perspectives. If you’re using styling tools good shampoo and conditioner really isn’t enough. Lol! I’ve had many trims but never solves the problem. I have been using Pantene moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and have loved it but recently tried Pantene Smooth and Sleek and love it even more. Cost more because people will pay more if it sounds good, People pay more because they will pay more for a product from a “professional “. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist who works behind the chair for years. I have used every variety of the shampoos/conditioners and loved all of them. All of this happened when I was using Pantene. My daughter has the same trouble with her hair. I have almost straight and little dry hairs and my hairstyle is, i use make my hair stand from both the sides. I’m sure our readers really appreciate your input. I’ve never used salon brands. So what’s the Ph of the Pantene shampoos? Phew, that was long. If you was your hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner while in the bath tub, I encourage you to look at the wax that is floating on the top of the water after the suds settle. Kristin said that she had a degree in applied science, not just a few courses. That’s right. The amount of training for hairdressing and cosmetology is significantly less than for a research chemist. Some professional products work better than others but none will work if you don’t allow them enough time and use them properly. That doesn’t establish a cause and effect relationship. Thanks for being a fan of the Beauty Brains! Thanks for the kind words, Stephanie. However, I think that to say that drugstore is just as good as salon would be false. I don’t think it is an either or. She said it will take a very long time for my hair to regain it’s health. Not every product is going to work for everyone. PEG free I think instead of the back an forth working together maybe products could be recommended to help. We all have different hair textures. All these years telling clients don’t use it, because that’s what I’ve been told, and I felt like wow this must be the best product I’ve ever used. Celebrity Cosmetics: Jennifer Aniston uses Caudalie skin care. If your hair is falling out to an excess (scalp shows) and is not growing – go see your doctor. . YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! There are some salon brands that work nicely an some drugstore brands. Many uber high end products left my hair coated, frizzy fried. Or one which is chemically going to function the same in the formula , but may have been changed due to viscosity, fragrance, availability at time of production, color, etc. No more buildup, my hair felt so clean, and there was no smelly scalp. However, I’ve been using the Pantene Restoratives shampoo and conditioner for a few months now, and I find my hair less frizzy, more manageable, smoother, and softer. Nourishing formula helps seal … I’m surprised no one has stated something that is so obvious to me. Also, people may love the way their hair feels with Pantene, BUT they are using harsher chemicals to get that nice soft feeling. Use what you like. I will make a suggestion though for those who get build-up. However, it’s NOT true that SLS produces nitrosamine. Once every week or two I use a clarifying shampoo, and it removes any build up others may have deposited on my hair. Same here, handfuls of fall out when using the Pantene conditioner… I believe someone warned about this Pantene a few years ago, I’d forgotten and bought some thinking it would be good . Because, as you noted, the situation is more complicated than just what shampoo/conditioner you use. Hi Sharon. Trying to pass off press promotion as truth is despicable. I had never experienced such a unique product and the results were insane. Limit ONE coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. I had also heard Pantene was “bad” for my hair, after using it for most of my life. Description Pantene NutrientBlends Miracle Moisture Boost Rose Water Conditioner is just what you need to deliver soothing hydration for thirsty hair. Overall, I didn’t enjoy or see any good results from this haircare product. Again, may not be the best shampoo out there, but not everyone can spend gobs of money on the salon quality shampoos – And even so, much like myself, maybe you have a poor diet that’s causing your hair to be brittle, or maybe some other health issue. And, FYI, taking classes in Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, and Electricity does give you helpful background information but it does not provide the same level of insight and breadth of expertise as actually spending decades formulating hair care products. 222 reviews. ... Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner, 28.9 fl oz Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner, 28.9 ... 36 $7.00. So why do stylists say that Pantene coats the hair with plastic, or make it fall out? It it has taken a few treatment’s to get it back to as healthy as it was prior to using Pantene. Until one day it occurred to me that the only thing I’d been doing differently over the past months was exclusively using Pantene shampoo (I’ve never needed conditioner). js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Because that’s what they’re told by the sales representatives for the salon companies. Never again! I tried Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff a couple of days ago and I could not believe the results. Since all hair follicles go through growth and shedding phases (from my forensics class, though I’m sure a forensic scientist would remember the technical terms and subtleties better), I’m not all that concerned since that can be determined by genetics. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 91 reviews. Don’t pass on Pantene because of stylist anti-hype. And the truth is, it’s just not true! Just because it’s on the shelf does not make it safe. My stylist said he’s only seen hair like it on one other person. I read your comment! My hair speaks for itself. I don’t know why you are so invested in a particular brand of shampoo, but the fact is that over the years Pantene has just exploded like a cancer. She was saddened and relieved at the same time because she was experiencing the same thing with her hair. I think that the real reason why hairdressers do not recommend it is because if you use it you won’t need your hair done as much!!!!!! Hi Rosie. Truth is, look at the first 5 ingredients, and once you reach the preservation system or fragrance, it’s all below the 1% percentage of the formulary, and is basically there for label appeal. Why be so “Nippy”? It works great for 2 hours then the flaking would come back with a vengeance. “We all agree?” Then how do you account for the fact that Pantene is one of the best selling shampoo/conditioners in the US? My stylist got me nervous because she told me that Pantene is horrible and urged me to try something else…not happening! While I can feel some build on on my hair, it isn’t knotting as much and it feels smoother. There are plenty of salon professional brands that I also wouldn’t recommend. Lol data…data collected by self-serving companies out to muse money with their cancer causing and untested ingredients. I want to use Pantene as it does not contain silicones but it does have plenty of fatty alcohols. Because it has some immediate short-term benefits which add up over time to damage instead of help. There ya go. My curls have become unmanagable, frizzy, and so consistently breaking I nearly cut all my hair off again due to how frustrating it had been. But I think it’s not all that bad. Since I was a child I’ve had huge problems with static in my hair. I’d you’re not sure about am ingredient research what it does to your hair. You won’t lose your hair because of Pantene. I was hesitant to buy it bc it was $36 per big bottle…but it was fully worth it. You don’t “learn how certain chemicals and ingredients will react in your hair”. She even noticed my hair felt waxy. During the day the back and sides tangle…I’m breaking hair off every time I have to comb the tangles out! My hair just… falls out. I probably wouldn’t recommend Pantene to anyone, and I do think that professional products typically work better. I use mane n tail it is very good has a nice lather.has natural herbs and oils and leavea your hairs naturals oils there i use it most often.. (I’ve tried serums, conditioning, etc.) Which ain’t long compared to eternity… BOTH IN PANTENE…………There are several “red flag” ingredients in shampoos: Sulfates, either sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Go to natural products if chemicals are your issue (I love coconut oil for moisture, but doesn’t always tame my frizzies). You are so honest and RIGHT!! Please help. Get a hair pick. I will trust the research & Development teams any day Just saying. When I use other name brand products they just never seem to do the job. The problem with dimethicone is it’s water insoluble so it’s very difficult to wash out. I never used Pantene but most of the time when I noticed the problems in my clients hair and ask them what they are using, it’s often Pantene. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Yeah, that’s right – just after I switched to Pantene. First off, it leaves my hair soft and smelling great, which is nice. I think people need to stop being rude. My hair is natural blond and I’ve grown it long. Anyhow, just wanted to thank the Randy Schueller for providing help to consumers. So, let the haters hate. They don’t carry it because they can’t make a profit off of Pantene. It’s expensive, but it’s the best dry shampoo and texture spray I’ve ever used. Actually I used pantene shampoo years ago and after my hair fell out I had a bald spot and had to cover it. Pantene Shampoo is really very nice product. I’ve never commented on this post before. Well the nicer my hair looks the less I’m going to heat style it into looking nice. It’s ingredients aren’t good. You and Your Team ARE so kind to share Your Scientific Research to save all of us the frantic search or scare hair tactics used to sway our purchases. Lets just simplify the facts. I do notice that it is fine for people with naturally straight hair. I don’t be know what to do. After her suggestion I stopped using it and the past few years I’ve tried sooo many different shampoos and conditioners and NONE of them were good for my hair. Would you happen to have any suggestions on what to buy? The stylists in chain salons do fewer chemical services and more haircuts, so they use far fewer chemicals in chain salons. @Rose: It’s that you chose to equate the name of a chemical with its safety. But my hair grew out very damaged. Note: I did use the Pantene Rose Water sulfate-free conditioner throughout the week for a co-wash, and I liked the results. It was nice, but I noticed my hair still wasn’t the way it was when I first starting using Pantene. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Then I cave and go back to Pantene and my hair feels so clean and full of body. P&G sells $50 Billion worth of their products every year. I think it’s because of dying the roots, the weather and straightening I did. I would buy purely from natural stores if I could afford to. Pantene. As someone who has used almost every brand out there, I get much better results with professional lines. (That’s one of the The Beauty Brains Basic Beliefs.) Depending on how quickly you go through a product, you will be spending as much as you would on a more concentrated, professional product. It absorbs oils, allows me to add exactly how much texture I want to my blowout, and smells incredble. My ends have definitely been in better shape since I started conditioning closer to daily and applying henna monthly. medianet_versionId = "111299"; I’m sorry you have the impression that we’re sponsored by Pantene. It has never let me down and my hair is incredibly healthy and soft. I’d usually flip-flop between some combination of Herbal Essences, Pantene and Garnier. I have mini travel size bottles of Pantene that I sometimes use to change things up (Smooth and Sleek), or toss in a bag for an overnight, but have never had good results in using any of the ‘new’ Pantene products on a daily basis. There are a lot of drug store brands that work well. If you want the best shampoo/conditioner for your hair at the cheapest price, use Loreal Everpure from any department store or grocery store. Here is my take. I wont be using any of their products again. I’m not sure if they changed their ingredients but after showering my hair looks oily. Water soluble silicones are best. 896. Im new to Pantene and just love it! As someone else previously said, I think it depends on the person. bottle). That means exactly nothing. You won’t find fragrance like that in any drug store brand hair product. (It just doesn’t last long, so I don’t do it often, as any bit of moisture in the air, it coverts into conjointed curls and waves, with frizz for days). I stopped using it an sought to find a solution. I also agree that I would love to see peer reviewed studies measuring conditioner buildup of drug store vs salon brands but I’m not aware of any. medianet_height = "90"; The truth is, Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner formulas are believed to be among the best in the industry by those of us in the cosmetic science side of the business. it’s really very bad shampoo .when I use this shampoo my hair fall out …pentene is dryer shampoo plzzz don’t use it .it’s really very bad . I’m certain that my hair is of such strange/poor/dry quality because of my diet being poor for so long. Everytime I go to get a haircut the stylist has to thin it out ALOT but this last time I went she noticed it super thin and greasey and I had little bumps all over my scalp and asked me if I switched and I told her yes to Pantene. My opinion is that a more natural ingredient list is best. And thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I’m still looking for my perfect shampoo. Then I went back to cost-effective stylists. Type of hair, colored, or not dry or oily, allergies, goals of what you are expecting. Salons that do not retail can not stay open. The people who are using these professional products and saying they dont work are probably using them like they use Pantene, because pantene isnt as thick and concentrated as products like All Soft by Redkin for example, pantene runs out of the nozzle quick and clients will tend to fill their whole palm with shampoo and conditioner. It is important but it isn’t a very differentiating factor because almost all shampoos are in the range 5 to 7. Why doesn’t it? Many so called Clean Beauty NO Sulfide products left my beautiful hair so tangled and matted you would have thought i had been in some type of hair crash test course. I’d love to hear how you explain away all that data. Keep up the good work guys, and know that I appreciate your blog. })(); Sophie Says: I’ve heard a lot of things about Pantene Pro-V’s shampoo and conditioners. Thanks for voicing your opinion so eloquently, Pankaj. collection, one Step Nourishing Mask and trial/travel size. Nothing feels as good as Pantene. that alone will make or break your hair /skin/nails. I put hats on to go out it’s like she killed my hair she said she thinned it she took the cutter an shaved my hair, not off but took strands an shaved my sides. I am an African-American woman with relaxed hair. He doesn’t care if I straighten my hair and so my incentives was diwn to straighten it. I lose a lot of hair in the shower, but I used to lose it around the house when I shampooed every day. I’m thinking that the fighters for this over the counter GARBAGE, have lined pockets. They made my hair so dry and weight down and it looked it felt terrible! I am on my final year of my Biomolecular Sciences degree. The shampoo has ingredients that help preserve my color and protect my hair from harmful UV rays that cause fading. It contains no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, and definitely no dyes nor mineral oil. Again excited to try something new but not really sure why……. Absolutely. Keep up the good work! Thank You for sharing Your knowledge with the beauty world. You’re certainly entitled to believe what ever you want. 209. I bought the Pantene Volume shampoo and conditioner…It obviously stripped my hair of anything i had on it…My hair is just about impossible to brush out after showering..Never again will I use this horrible product…14.00 down the drain…What a waste!!! To answer whether or not to use Pantene for curly hair depends on your needs. Well to begin with, your actual strands of hair are basically dead. No rudeness is intended. We naturally lose about 100 hairs a day just through normal hair shedding. Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free conditioner provides instant relief for dry hair by replenishing hair inside and out with a blend of moisturizing nutrients. In my professional experience, I have noticed zero difference in my client’s hair using salon brands vs. Drug store brands. I didn’t notice anything special bout them. Tonight I didn’t use Pantene and there is no hair fall out! Believe me, we have no reason to recommend Pantene. Those chain stylists that show passion AND a real desire to continue their education in this field are the individuals that I would most certainly grant a chance to. They have a fabulous faint rose fragrance. I guess it depends on the type of hair and scalp an individual has. After reading all your comments up above, I can’t seem to disagree with the fact that even you are biased. One product can behave differently when applied to seperate individuals. Not to worry, salon products are fine too they just aren’t better. Just remember – Pantene is one of the top selling products so of course when you ask people what they’re using many will say Pantene. I tried all I could find of Pantene’s to manage the frizz and curls… and everything works for a couple hours, then it just frizzes back out. I’d use one brand for a while and then switch off to another brand for a while. I always end up going right back to my trusty Pantene. Karen: It’s true that some find sulfates like SLS and SLES too harsh. Its time to move on. I just want to know, is it true that pantene is bad for your hair. I appreciate this blog’s level-headed approach. I have this one section in the back of my hair that I have been trying to grow out for over a year and its still not that long, the stylist said it could be a dry patch. I concentrate on the scalp for shampoo. When I use Pantene – it does just that. Probably not. It takes heavy sulfates to get dimethicone out of hair and heavy sulfates strip hair of natural moisture. The ingredients are really much more important. My cousin is a hair stylist and uses Pantene herself and doesn’t agree with the bad things that other hair stylist say about Pantene. You can have horrible damage happening to your hair but use a chemical that makes it feel soft and shiny. They get greasy. The world is driven by greed and lies but at the end of the day my hair and my Rottweiler smell like cupids armpits and shine like optic fibres. It’s also a mixture of curly and wavy, and my split ends are usually a mess a week after I cut my hair, easily. Silicones are typically good for this. It was super rich and concentrated and you only used a dab. Pantene. Throw the brushes away. I just switched back to V05 yesterday and no more tingling and only about 50 hairs fell out after washing instead of 500. I am constantly brushing my shoulders off to remove the fallen flakes out of my hair. NO MORE STATIC. The truth is that our industry stays afloat only with product sales. $6.99. R+Co is not the most expensive professional line. It’s all about rotation of products. This soothing conditioner's nutrient-infused formula combines a Pro-V blend of pro vitamin B5, antioxidants and rose extract to gently condition and help revive dry hair without stripping it. Perhaps…for some individuals, this product really did effect them in a negative way. If that’s not “serious” enough for you then I’m curious which sources of information you do find acceptable. – There are no regulations in the beauty industry. First let me say after reading the responses this is what I think. NEVER SHAMPOO YOUR ENDS AND NEVER CONDITION YOUR SCALP!! For you to say that cosmetologist a are inexperienced with formulas is not just incorrect, it is flat out defamation. After trying about 8 different ones i finally found one that worked! Her hair was gorgeous so I didn’t ask what she was using because whatever it was it was working. Free shipping. Just washed it today and omg how much I’ve missed it! I tried Tresse Me an that made my hair fall out. I used pantene for almost 20 years.. 18 of those years were amazing and I LOVED pantene.. but then they started changing their formula and my curly hair (type 3A) became super duper dry and just gross looking.. after a few years with their new formula I gave up and switched to a natural product and though my hair isn’t as soft and and beautiful as it was before they changed the formula.. it’s way better than it was. Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner. Also before all that I got my hair colored as a gift for my Birthday and as soon as the product was on my hair for about 2 min my head felt like my head was on fire While most stylists are very talented at cutting and styling hair, they’re not very talented at interpreting cosmetic formulations. My hair looks great and I will never change. My personal experience with Pantene has been awful. Sophie Says: I’ve heard a lot of things about Pantene Pro-V’s shampoo and conditioners. But her hair looked great! Shampoo: What to Look For, What to Avoid | Ecology Center However, I have had nothing but a positive experience with this brand in the 25+ years I have been using it. I also lose a ton of hair every time I wash or brush it – but you’d never be able to tell, because there’s still so much left, always! I started using a little in the top of my head so that it doesn’t frizz as much and I feel as if it clogs the pores on my scalp. After all I want to look clean & not homeless. I’m complimented on my hair every day of my life. So i did a bit of research and it could be the heat i use on my hair OR it can be that the pantene shampoo and conditioner is too strong for my hair and causing crazy split ends. It all comes down to personal preference and that’s the freedom of choice. Sorry, I said in the comment before that you said pantene shampoos and conditioners are meant to be used together, but I think it was from Pantene’s press release they send to you. But I agree with finding a formula that doesn’t make your scalp itch or leave too heavy of a fragrance. Did I know that Pantene had a “reputation” for issues? oz. I felt the difference and didn’t like it. (None, thankfully.) Well I stopped using painter for 8 years. Looks very interesting! The stuff costs pennies to make; the big expense is advertising to try to con you into thinking the products are exclusive and somehow better. In most cases you can mix shampoos and conditioners of different brands and they will work just fine. I am baffled by the ignorance of this article. If you want to use pantene, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a month. There is nothing wrong with Pantene. Pantene pH is between 5 – 6. I feel that almost 90% of people out there have been using grocery store shampoo products their whole life and none of these people have hair loss.

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