Postoperative analgesia in children-comparative study between caudal Bupivacaine and bupivacaine and Tramadol. with no statistically significant difference. Vol 28(12 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1155-5645 Online ISSN: 1460-9592 Impact Factor: 2.311. Revisión De 56,358 Casos En El Hospital General Del Centro Médico La Raza, Pediatric anesthesia morbidity and mortality in the perioperative period, Pakistan Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan, Utility of the Mallampati classification for predicting intubation in pediatric patients, Difficult tracheal intubation: A retrospective study, of Anesthesiology, University of Puerto Rico-School of Medicine, San Juan Puerto Rico, Department of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Timing of identification among children with an autism spectrum disorder: findings from a population-based surveillance study, University of Texas M.D. 2.393 Q1. SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 0.194 ℹ … Citation Impact 1.695 - 2-year Impact Factor 1.922 - 5-year Impact Factor 0.871 - SNIP (Source-Normalized Impact per Paper) 0.71 - SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) Usage 746,054 Downloads 678 Altmetric Mentions were enrolled. Pediatric anesthesiology name itself indicates it is used induce anesthesia in children’s. Fang, L.C. Best Abstracts - Runner-up Session 1 (euroanesthesia congress 2011). Arch Bronconeumol 2004; An update on anesthesia for thoracoscopic surgery. 170. "NINDEX-Notebook, Manual de Usuario", Controles S.A y Dr. D. Cibils, 28 de abril de 2011, © The Author [2012]. Cuba, Cardiocentro Pediatrico William Soler. Conclusions: The NINDEX index ended up being reliable and safe, allowing precocious detection of anesthetic awakening. Recent advances in pediatric surgery make it mandatory that anesthesiologists, pediatricians and surgeons carefully assess the anesthetic agents and technics which will be most effective in infants and children. No serious AEs were reported. A. Parameswari, M. Vakamudi, V. Raghupathy and R. Siddhartha. Cuba, Hosapital Leoplodito Martinez. (+)ketamine in paediatric anaesthesia. The metabolite 1 hydroxy midazolam was rapidly formed, with a Cmax of 20.7 ng/ml reached at approximately 50 min; the mean t1/2 for 1-hydroxy midazolam was 19.9 min. Policlinico di Monza (Monza, ITALY); NGO EMERGENCY Board of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Sandro Contini – Dept. In: Miller RD, ed. Impact Factor: 2.311. He was extubated one day later and placed on nasal canula after an unsuccessful CPAP trial. Beltsevich, D. et al – Pheochromocytoma surgery: epidemiologic peculiarities in children – World Journal of Surgery, vol 28; 2004. Download Product Flyer is to download PDF in new tab. Pediatric anesthesia has become an increasingly important aspect of anesthesiology generally and of pediatric surgery specifically. Publisher: Wiley Product Type: Journal Author/Editor: A. Davidson ISSN: 1155-5645 Specialty: Anesthesiology Pediatrics Language: English Update Frequency: Monthly Coverage: January 2001 - Present Pdf Coverage: January 2004 - Present. : Features and management of children's oesophageal corrosive lesions in sierra leone. (2003, Nov), [cited June 29, 2010]; 97 (5):1294–1297. In our study we achieved a T4/T1 > 0.9 in less time (71 vs 115 seconds) than Tufanogullari et al. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 2004; Anaesthetic management of total craniopagus twins for magnetic resonance imaging and cerebral angiography. Journals Journal. Lansford, Michelle. Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2020) “Anesthesia for thymectomy in children with myasthenia gravis” Review Article. Anesthesiology Pediatric: Management of postoperative pain in pediatric surgery. Of the greater than 150 conditions associated with cleft palate, Pierre Robin is amongst the most well-known. Objectives: The aim of current study is to compare the efficacy and safety of reversal with sugammadex versus neostigmine, in paediatric patients with deep blockade (No TOF and < 2PTC responses) induced by rocuronium. of Surgical Sciences, University of Parma, S. Contini MD, C. Scarpignato MD, DSc, FACG, A. Rossi MD, PhD, G. Strada MD. Anesthesia is what has allowed anesthesiologists to continuously improve the vital task of rendering patients unconscious for surgery, making it safer than ever. © John Wiley & Sons Ltd. LATEST ISSUE >. All rights reserved. Data Processing A NINDEX chart of values is built during the following moments of every control: Results: Table number 1 shows the average and standard NINDEX detours at every considered instant and figure 1 shows the corresponding graphic showing in grey the NINDEX range recommended for pediatric patients.1. Similar pharmacokinetic values have been previously reported for oromucosal midazolam in healthy adults (Cmax 55.9 ng/ml; Tmax 30 min; t1/2 143 min).4 Two nausea-related AEs were considered to be related to the study medication. Colombian Society of Pediatric Surgery. Pediatric Anesthesia. 4640. Pirotte T, Veyckemans F. Ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation in infants and children: a novel approach. Following preoxygenation, slow IV induction with lidocaine and propofol was performed to maintain spontaneous ventilation. W.Q. Anderson Cancer Center, Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia Guidelines for the Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting, Respiratory complications associated with tracheal intubation and extubation, Best Practice & Research Clinical Anesthesiology, The prevention of postoperative stridor and laryngospasm with topical lidocaine, The efficacy of a sub-hypnotic dose of propofol in preventing laryngospasm following tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in children, Magnesium as part of balanced general anesthesia with propofol, remifentanil and mivacorium: a double-blind, randomized prospective study in 50 patients, Bronchodilating effect of intravenous magnesium sulfate in bronchial asthma, Intravenous magnesium sulfate treatment for acute asthma in the emergency department: A systemic review of the literature, Phil Tsai Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Laryngeal mask airway versus bag-mask ventilation or endotracheal intubation for neonatal resuscitation, Fibreoptic assessment of paediatric sized laryngeal mask airways, Resident of Anesthesiology, Mofid Pediatric Hospital, Tehran, Iran, Anesthesiologist, Mofid Pediatric Hospital, Tehran, Iran, Anesthesiologist and Director of the Pediatric Intensive, Resident of Psychiatry, Tehran University of Medical, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Deparment of Anesthesiology, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Parental Desire for Perioperative Information and Informed Consent: A Two-Phase Study, An Intervention to Decrease Uncertainty and Distress Among Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed With Diabetes, Use of a Preanesthetic Video for Facilitation of Parental Education and Anxiolysis Before Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery, RSMU, Moscow, Russia RSMU, Moscow, Russia RSMU, Moscow, Russia Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russia, Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Los Andes, Epileptiform electroencephalogram during mask induction of anesthesia with Sevoflurane, Sevoflurane mask induction of anesthesia is associated with epileptiforme EEG in children, Epileptiform EEG during Sevoflurane mask induction: effect of delaying the Honest of hyperventilation, Anesthetic induction of children with high concentrations of Sevoflurane, (Article in japanese, only english abstract), Department Children's Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. Skills Develop the ability to choose appropriately between endotracheal intubation, laryngeal mask airway, or facemask ventilation for any pediatric surgical procedures. h; weak positive correlations between AUC and age (r2 = 0.55) and weight (r2 = 0.48) were observed. Time at extubation, sugammadex (2.07±0.5)min, neostigmine (14.19±2.7)min, p < 0.05. Group II: CONTROL.- Reversal from deep blockade (PTC > 2-3) with the conventional reverse treatment, neostigmine 0.05 mg/kg and atropine 0.025 mg/kg. In group II, 3 cases lasted > 20 minutes, 3 cases of bradycardia (HR decreased > 20%). Methods: Multicenter clinical trial, safety-assessor blinded study, phase III, prospective, randomized, parallel group, compared with conventional treatment, in dosage indication “out of technical label”. University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago, Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, The prevalence of phantom sensation and pain in pediatric amputees, Phantom limb pain and chemotherapy in pediatric amputees, New concepts in acute and extended postoperative pain management in children, Continuous sciatic block for leg and foot surgery in 160 children. University Hospital, St.'Naum Ohridski" Skopje, Clinic for orthopaedic surgery, Medical Faculty, University “St. This is a dummy description. British Journal of Anaesthesia 2010; Department of Anesthesiology & Resuscitology, Ehime University Hospital, Cardiac catheterization laboratory: Catheterization, interventional cardiology, and ablation techniques for children. Journal Impact Factor (JIF), Pediatric Anesthesia Specialty Impact Factor (Ped IF) and Pain Specialty Impact Factor (Pain IF) Figure 3: Figure 3. The Journal Impact 2019 of Paediatric Anaesthesia is 2.160, which is just updated in 2020. Available from, Cardiocentro Pediatrico William Soler. 2010, Corrosive oesophageal stricture in children: outcomes after timely or delayed dilatation, Hospital General Universitario Alicante. Because children’s anesthesia needs are so different, the pediatric anesthesiologists at Children’s are specially trained and experienced to tailor anesthesia and pain management for children and teens whose bodies are still growing. TTE at 10 days demonstrated fenestrated atrial septum with 2 small ASDs and globally depressed LV function. Kohane, D. et al - Case 16-2005: A Nine-Year-Old Girl with Headaches and Hypertension – The New England Journal of Medicine, vol 352;21; 2005. – Pehochromocytoma special considerations in children – Urologic Clinics of North America, vol 27, issue 3; 2000. We define response to treatment, as the fast recovery of neuromuscular function (T4/T1 > 0.9). Request permission to reuse content from this site. Anesthesiology Impact Factor, IF, number of article, detailed information and journal factor. 2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.31 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group) Reminfentanilo is used at 0,5 mg/kg/h during the entire procedure. Patient was transported from NICU with nasaopharyngeal airway and O2 saturation of 98% on room air. Instructions-For-Authors Untitled Document Revised 3/4/2020: Revision highlights: Updated PDF Download a PDF version of the Author Instructions. Spain, Complejo Hospitalario Universitario Albacete. Huang, J.Y. Hosokawa Koji, et al. It is uncommon, occurring in 1/30,000 births and does not appear to be hereditary. Rev. Cyril and Methodij”, Skopje, Macedonia Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical Faculty, University “St. Hospital Universitario Virgen De La Arrixaca, Hospital Universitario Santa Maria Del Rosell, Use of sugammadex to reverse rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade, Reversal of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade with sugammadex in paediatric and adult surgical patients. Anesthesiologist, Training in Pediatric Anesthesia, Coordinator Postgraduate Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, University Andrés Barreiro Resident II Anesthesiology and Resuscitation. Anesthesiology, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Outcomes of spinal fusion in children with congenital heart disease, PICU Nursing Manager, Mofid Pediatric Hospital, Resident of Psychiatry, Tehran University of Medical Anesthesiologist and Director of the Pediatric Intensive Resident of Anesthesiology, Mofid Pediatric Hospital, Tehran, Iran, Residente 3° año Hospital de Niños Víctor J. Vilela. Children with acute and chronic painful disorders are taken pediatric anesthesiologist to treat pain disorders. Anticipating a difficult intubation is imperative to preclude unforeseen morbidity. At present, there are not enough clinical trials using sugammadex in paediatric population. Copyright © 2000-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., or related companies. Vol 62- N° 2, Abril 2010; pág. Conclusion: Airway management in a patient with cleft palate can be a challenge. Karadjian A. UDA Hospital Pereira Rossell. Department of Anaesthesia Port Moresby Hospital. Introduction: Cleft lip and palate are the most common craniofacial anomalies, occurring in 1/800 births. 2005. Ann Thorac Surg. References. In all patients neuromuscular function was monitored by acceleromiography (TOF-Watch (R)). BDSharma PGIMS, Rohtak, India, Optimal condition for LMA insertion can be determined by Trapezius squeezing test in children, Anaesthetic depth defined using multiple noxious stimuli during isoflurane/ oxygen anesthesia, Plasma levels of thiopental necessary for anesthesia: Anesthesiology, Anesthesiologist, Coordinator Postgraduate Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Universidad Surcolombiana, Neiva, Colombia Student Xth Semester, Medicine Program, Analgesics for the treatment of pain in children, Postoperative Pain Management in Children. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. Hack, H. et al – The perioperative management of children with phaeochromocytoma – Paediatric Anaesthesia, vol 10; 2000, Director of Emergency Dept. It evolves within a cyclic adjustment process, which results in consecutive NINDEX versions developed over groups of data which are being more complete every day. 2019 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics): 5/32 (Anesthesiology) Online ISSN: 1365-2044. Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Houston, Texas, Airway anesthesia for awake fiberoptic intubation in management of pediatric difficult airways, An evaluation of the retromolar space for oral tracheal tube placement for maxillofacial surgery in children, The effectiveness and safety of spinal anesthesia in the pyloromyotomy procedure, Impact of spinal anesthesia for open pyloromyotomy on operating room time, Spinal anesthesia in a child with Brachmann-de Lange (Cornelia de Lange) syndrome, The Safety and efficacy of Spinal Anesthesia for surgery in infants: The Vermont Infant Spinal Registry, Hospital de Niños Luis Calvo Mackenna, Santiago, Chile. Mayabeque. Pediatric anesthesiology is a subspecialty of anesthesiology that deals with the high-risk pediatric population. Seely AJ, Ivanovic J, Threader J, Al-Hussaini A, Al-Shehab D, Ramsay T, Gilbert S, Maziak DE, Shamji FM, Sundaresan RS. Patients were randomized included in two groups of 15 patients each one. 2001; Pt. Impact factor: 5.739. Systematic classification of morbidity and mortality after thoracic surgery. Anesthesia and Medical Practice Journal is a peer reviewed open access international scientific journal, which publishes research articles, review articles, case reports, editorials, letter to editor and short communications, etc. 5 2010. 1417. Is the rapid sequence induction possible with 0.6 mg/kg rocuronium in pediatric patient? 95 no. While this could be due to differences in the amount of pediatric anesthesiologist clinical trials or related basic science compared to pain research, other differences in emphasis in studies could also be a factor. Each monthly issue features peer-reviewed articles reporting on the latest advances in drugs, preoperative preparation, patient monitoring, pain management, pathophysiology, and many other timely topics. Results: The groups were similar in terms of demographic (age, weight), surgical (length of surgery), and relaxing effects (rocuronium onset, maximum blockade, etc.) Rosario. Simple to use and requires no expensive supplies. For Permissions, please email:, Copyright © 2020 The British Journal of Anaesthesia Ltd. Santa Fe. Coagulation considerations for infants and children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass, Thromboelastometry-guided administration of fibrinogen concentrate for the treatment of excessive intraoperative bleeding in thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm surgery, The relationship among thromboelastrography, hemostatic variables, and bleeding after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery in children, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Monastir University Hospital, Dalens BJ. This method is used for the pain treatment and pain management in children’s. Conclusions: Sugammadex 4 mg/kg reverses effective and safety deep neuromuscular blockade induced by rocuronium in paediatric patients over 2 years, undergoing elective surgery. Reasons to Publish with Anesthesiology The highest ranking (Impact Factor: 7.067) among anesthesiology journals Enhanced publication services: Average time to first decision <4 weeks No page charges Rapid publish-ahead … Servicio de Cirugía Torácica. A cleft palate and thick, short tongue were visualized (fig). . A Randomized Trial of Ultrasound Image–based Skin Surface Marking versus Real-time Ultrasound-guided Internal Jugular Vein Catheterization in Infants. View on Wiley Online Library. Pun. Discussion: At present, there are not trials using sugammadex at high doses in deep blockade, in paediatric population. Acta, Laryngeal mask airway insertion in paediatric anaesthesia: comparison between the reverse and standard techniques, Optimal conditions for Laryngeal Mask Airway insertion in children can be determined by the trapezius squeezing test, Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia, Spain. Methods A prospective observational study is done without specific therapeutic intervention in 32 pediatric patients from an average age of 7±3 years old submitted to othorhinolaryngologic and general surgery with TIVA based on propofol and remifentanilo. Pediatric Anesthesiology. BDSharma PGIMS, Rohtak, India Pt. The first and second versions of the NINDEX algorithm were developed based on adult patient registries. Madrid. Paediatric anaesthesia, 2003, Hospital de S. João, EPE, Porto, Portugal, Instituto Português de Oncologia, Porto, Portugal, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg L Krajinovic University of Erlangen-Nuremberg C Schneider University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg J Schüttler University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Anesthesiology, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Anesthetic Surgery, Robin Sequence: From Diagnosis to Development of an Effective Management Plan, Difficult laryngoscopy in cleft lip and palate surgery, Airway Management in cleft lip and palate surgery. Anesth Analg, Epinephrine impairs lipid resuscitation from bupivacaine overdose: a threshold effect. La Habana. There were no reports of oromucosal irritation throughout the study period. Making surgery as comfortable and stress-free as possible for kids is one of our top priorities at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. Rae Frances Bell. Each year research scientists have noticed a rise in … COVID-19 Discipline-Specific Online Teaching Resources, Peer Review & Editorial Office Management, The Editor's Role: Development & Innovation, People In Research: Interviews & Inspiration. Once the oropharynx was cleared of copious secretions, intubation proceeded using a fiberoptic laryngoscope and 3.0 ETT. The NINDEX-Notebook monitor is used with 3.0.14 software version and with ECG electrodes of SWAROMED trade name positioned according to developer̀s instructions. Size of internal jugular vs subclavian vein in small infants: an observational, anatomical evaluation with ultrasound. Group I achieved complete reversal (Time at T4/T1 > 0.9: 1.11±0.3 min. Spain, L. Beylacq, The I-gel a single-use supraglottic airway device with a non-inflatable cuff and an esophageal vent: an observational study in children. © Association of Anaesthetists. 6.80. ), p < 0.05. The Journal Impact Quartile of Paediatric Anaesthesia is Q1 . Pediatric Anesthesia's mission is to advance the science and clinical practice of paediatric anaesthesia, pain management and peri-operative medicine through dissemination of research, education and quality improvement. Scientific Indexing Services ID: 5109 Journal of Anesthesia & Clinical Care is an international peer reviewed online multidisciplinary Journal with ISSN: 2378-8879.Anesthesia is one of the milestones in medicine which benefits patients with painless treatment and impossible to perform surgery without anesthesia application. The anesthetic induction is done with a propofol BOLO, followed by three stages of propofol infusion (according to the length of the surgery) in average 11, 8 and 6 mg/kg/h doses. Case History Term twenty-one day old male with RS and SS was scheduled to undergo nissen fundoplication. Greater than 50% of infants with RS have an associated syndrome, of which more than 40 have been described. Sugammadex (Bridion(R), is the only antagonist able to encapsulate and fully eliminate the muscle relaxant to avoid residual effects and respiratory complications. No other journal can match Anesthesia & Analgesia for its original and significant contributions to the anesthesiology field. Download Product Flyer is to download PDF in new tab. Pulmonary crackles and a murmur were auscultated. Gemelos onfalópagos con síndrome de transfusión Gemelo-gemelar. Victoria, Australia Department of Anaesthesia Port Moresby Hospital, Department of Anaesthesia Port Moresby Hospital, Effects of different doses of oral ketamine for premedication of children, Oral ketamine or midazolam or low dose combination for premedication in children, Oral ketamine premedication in children (placebo controlled double-blind study), Oral ketamine preanaesthetic medication in children, Oral ketamine for premedication in Children, Hospital Nacional Gervasio Posadas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, The first successful separation of conjoined twins (1689), 3 Ebensperger A., et al. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the incidence of emesis in the PACU in pediatric patients undergoing eye exams of minimal stimulation under anesthesia. España. Ludwig, A. et al - Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pheochromocytoma in children - The American Journal of Surgery, vol 194, 2007. Jiang, J.H. 2010 Sep; Valoración del riesgo quirúrgico en cirugía de tórax. Nonopioid additives to local anaesthetics for caudal blockade in children: a systematic review, Efficacy and safety of caudal clonidine for pediatric anaesthesia: A quantitative systematic review of randomised controlled trials. The Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research is an academic journal – hosted by OMICS International – a pioneer in open access publishing–and is listed among the top 10 journals in anesthesia. There appears to be an increased incidence of cardiac defects. The distribution and elimination half-lives (t1/2) of midazolam were 26.7 and 203.7 min, respectively. It is associated with facial, ocular, auditory, and articular abnormalities. Dept Anaesthesia, Frankston Hospital, Frankston. Anesthesia aims to take away the pain and discomfort of surgery and make it easier for the procedure to get done, but these benefits must be weighed against the risks of anesthesia itself. Airways handling in the polytraumatized children. lessons from a 175 consecutive patients. When a child presents to an anesthesiologist with RS, this challenge is compounded by the multiple congenital oral anomalies. This is a dummy description. Introduction: Muscle relaxants have a long duration with the posibility of residual muscle relaxing and ventilatory problems after surgery. Main outcome variable was time from begining of administration of sugammadex or neostigmine to reach a T4/T1 > 0.9. This clearly exemplifies the difference in impact factors for obstetrics and pediatric anesthesiologist specialty articles as compared to anesthesiologist pain studies. Universidad De La República. White, M; Stoddart, P. Pediatric Anesthesia 2004; Cátedra de Anestesiología- Facultad de Medicina – UDELAR- Uruguay, Servicio de Trasplante Hepático Hospital Garrahan, Surgical treatment of hepatic tumors in children:lessons learned from liver transplantation, Residente 3° año del Servicio de Anestesia, Analgesia y Reanimación del Hospital Escuela Eva Perón (HEEP). 2003. The manuscripts must to be submitted via an editorial manager form. C. Breschan, et al. Neonate was extubated in the OR after full consciousness was regained and he was transported to the NICU with blow-by oxygen. Caudal bupivacaine-tramadol combination for postoperative analgesia in paediatric herniorrhaphy, Epidural tramadol for postoperative pain relief. Pham, T. et al – Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma in children: a review of medical and surgical management at a tertiary care center – Pediatrics; vol 118, nº3; 2006.

pediatric anesthesia impact factor

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