Planting sites were mulched with shredded bark mulch. A 4 strand wire fence was built around the whole planting to try to limit damage from kids on their bicycles who had established a path through the planting site. Plant with the top bud just above ground level and make sure the soil doesn't dry out. You could go for a misting system and/or use an air pump to aerate the water while the cuttings are soaking. Stressed trees are commonly attacked by borers. CULTURE: Cottonwood is easy to grow in almost any soil. Soak the ground with a sprinkler or hose for at least 15 minutes before planting. Cottonwood and Willow Pole Planting Suggested Methodologies for Cottonwood Pole, Willow Whip, and Longstem Plantings This guide describes techniques for harvesting, storing, and planting various types of plant materials, including dormant cottonwood pole cuttings, willow … It isn't necessary but will give faster rooting. Well suited along streams, riverbanks, swamps and in lowland, rain gardens and rural areas. PROBLEMS: Cottonwood is short lived, has a destructive root system and the cottony seed from the female plant is a nuisance and damaging to electrical appliances. After planting, cuttings were trimmed to a height of about 6 to 12 inches above grade. Cotton seeds like moist soil when they are first planted. The root system is susceptible to cotton root rot and other root diseases. Dampen the soil before planting. Plus, watering the soil will help pack it down a little; cotton also prefers a firm sowing bed. Water the area thoroughly to make sure the soil is damp. This giant may grow 24+" annually, once established. Eastern Cottonwood Populus deltoides If you want to achieve quick shade in a large open space, Eastern Cottonwood is a fine choice.

planting cottonwood seeds

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