The ammonia bound by PLT reduces environmental emissions and increases the nutrient value of poultry manure. Our rates take into effect all of thesevariables. And manure treatment with Stalosan F significantly decreases the fly population. Complete the form below for product inquiries or general questions. The ammonia purge during this time will have significant impact on the performance of the birds causing a loss of weight and feed conversion. From a bird performance aspect, it is critical that the ammonia purge caused by pre-heating take place prior to PLT® application and bird placement to increase the longevity of ammonia control well into the brooding period. pH is the measure of the concentration of the hydrogen ions in solution. Stalosan powder gives you the convenience of easy application and the peace of mind knowing your birds are at minimal risk for common health compromises. This can be done anytime during the grow-out. Let us help you develop BMPs for Precision Litter Management™ to address core environmental and health challenges. Poultry Litter Conditioners. Evaluation of Stalosan F in farrowing accommodations. Unfortunately, just as ammonia purged in the brood chamber at pre-placement, the ammonia will purge off the off chamber floor once the floor reaches 80-85 degrees. Stalosan F can be used in all kinds of poultry raised for meat, including broiler chickens, turkeys, and ducks. This will cause more fuel usage and it will be harder for the birds to maintain body temperature during brooding. We all become desensitized to ammonia fairly quick after starting a poultry operation. Because PLT® and most litter amendments are hygroscopic, meaning they start to activate immediately upon application. This nitrogen is plant available after land application. The greater the concentration of hydrogen ions, the lower the pH. In nesting boxes, Stalosan F protects against pathogens that affect hatching eggs. Remember, it is OK to re-apply PLT® in wet areas during the flock to reduce ammonia damage to the paws. Stalosan F also plays an important role in your birds’ environment as a litter conditioner. PLT® is backed by an expert team with decades of live production experience who understand the role litter management plays in animal welfare and performance. One vision, three sons, five parishes, and five crops. The most corrosive substance in the poultry house is ammonia. It kills a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and flies. This is the heavy duty low profile model and uses a floor chain to empty the tank. PLT® improves paw quality. The TUFFASS FM4 is a heavy duty poultry litter conditioner specially designed for use for turkey litter.. TUFFASS litter conditions are the only machine designed from scratch to process poultry litter successfully. Valuable Poultry Manure. Just because you don’t smell it doesn’t mean you don’t have damaging amounts of ammonia at bird level. 30354 Tracy Road Crumbling, turning and aerating the litter keeps it healthy, productive, and reduces smell and harmful gasses. / 1,000 sq. See our video showing how to use Stalosan F in your poultry operation. Jones-Hamilton Co. PLT® is the only litter amendment that can be safely applied or reapplied after birds are present in the house. Page 1 of 8. Walbridge, OH 43465 No. The extra moisture will cause the PLT® to activate too quickly, decreasing the longevity of ammonia control. Compared to other acid salts, Sodium Bisulfate is one of the lowest cost and safest available. PLT® binds the ammonia in the house converting it into ammonium sulfate. By applying PLT® one (1) hour prior to move down, it will drastically reduce ammonia challenge, help birds migrate faster, and minimize vaccination stress thus increasing your bottom line. It’s also an effective litter conditioner in free-range and floor management systems. Game birds are also susceptible to many diseases, and Stalosan F effectively kills the pathogens that cause them. By turning volatile ammonia into stable ammonium sulfate, the value of the poultry manure increases. PLT ® – More Than Ammonia Control. Whatever your poultry operation, you can count on the safety of Stalosan F to keep your animal housing areas pathogen-free and your birds healthy. The activity of PLT® can and will be directly impacted by the relative humidity percentage (RH %) in the house. When the house is preheating, the ammonia purge will start and will peak at around 85 degrees. Ammonia in the damp areas of the litter is corrosive to the skin and causes Foot Pad Dermatitis development. Our range of poultry litter conditioners have been used in Europe for over a decade to maintain healthy litter for chickens, turkeys and ducks. Effect of Stalosan F on improvement of animal welfare. On the other hand, if the RH % is above 70%, the opposite will happen. The main ingredient in PLT® is also classified as a feed additive. If the cloud is heavy and dense, you will loose significant amounts of longevity of PLT®. When heat is applied to the litter to prepare for bird placement, the increased temperature drives ammonia from the floor into the air.

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