Yet some people can go to school all their lives and still not be good at what they went to school for. My boyfriend wants to hold off on our engagement and get to know each other better—what does it mean? The counselors who have helped me have earned their licenses through hard work, achievement, and knowledge. In this system, this is how a case of sexual abuse would play out. I feel you either have it or not. Can I Open a Counseling Practice without a License? Maybe you’re triggered that you spent years in schooling and are in huge debt? I agree with you that oversight and accountability are good, worthwhile, and even necessary things to help assure competence and protect the innocent. I was recently laid off from a job with the state. It is what drew me to the field. I hope you are able to reply to this. The test is as much business as ethics and knowledge. I only ask if this is perhaps an inferior complex because one would assume Psychologist’s having all that time in school plus license to practise might have worked on transcendence. THIS is what enables the informed consent process to provide for the need of faith-based services or purely professional services (which happen to be delivered by Christians… which is another conversation in and of itself). And it doesn’t take a degree to catalyze someone else’s own self-healing journey. They are studying and working on knowing and applying God’s word to their marriage and lives. Informed consent is the answer I think. And finally, to “get licensed by a state board” is to put yourself under the legal, ethical, and professional control of a secular agency that does not recognize God’s word as ultimate truth or as a basis for counsel. I know a lot of MD’s who struggle with explaining diagnostic stuff. “Yes, Jeff, I like what you do and will pay you more than other Peers for what you do as long as you are supervised by a licensed clinician.” Really? Amazing. When it comes down to it, we all can have the capacity to help each other heal! Massachusetts law states that licensed mental health counselors, licensed psychologists and others can practice psychotherapy, but it is unlawful for anyone who is not a licensed psychologist to hold herself out to be a psychologist. I argue that it is not possible. Being licensed just lets the patients know that person passed a state test. In doing so, they protect their ministries and provide reliable services for their counselees. Lastly in the end you get to decide which route you want to go and you will be and are in my prayers. This includes addressing childhood trauma, possibly triggering old emotions/experiences and assisting client with resolving those issues. There must be serious institutional changes that take place if there is to be a future for Christian counseling as a vibrant and effective ministry of the Church. Rather, psychotherapy is defined by secular psychology, has its origins in secular Freudian psychoanalysis, and is currently secular in practice. Nor does it mean a person without your kind of license is causing it. If a counselor is transparent up front regarding what they believe, how they practice, what their ethical and moral principles are, and what their education and background is—if they give a free, full, and open disclosure, in other words, it is the choice of the individual seeking counseling whom they will and will not work with. If action needs to be taken against a therapist, you should take real legal action. I believe that what happens is that pride and greed gets in the way and we take on more that we can handle. I would love to know if you have made any progress on being able to practice and how you achieved it. They did not believe in any mental healthy diagnosis, were opposed to medication. when you counsel from that perspective, there is a distinct separation from state-licensed counselors who, usually, cannot share their faith with clients. There are many who provide pastoral care who are not ordained clergy. The Catholic Church needs to keep the certification process separate from the state. I have searched and found that as long as I do not Claim to be L.P.C or anything else for that matter, just a “counselor”, then I am ok. James, happy you stopped by. I talk about this on my site: I ask that you not discount how much compassion, education, experience, and love a Life Coach can have for their clients and the joy they experience when they have helped others. This means that you are free to open a private practice in your area of counseling. For one to be truly helpful to someone who is struggling emotionally, he or she must be talented, trained, teachable, and trustworthy. Check out “Leaving Depression Behind: An Interactive, Choose Your Path Book” written by AJ Centore and Taylor Bennett.". Even the term “mental illness” is suspect because it borrows terminology from the medical field as if the soul were exactly like the body and can become “sick” or “wounded.” There are no scientific grounds for applying the medical model to the soul. Is it ethical for a LPC to perform biblical marriage counseling but then claim he is “not practicing under his license “ so therefore “it did not occur”, Sorry for the late reply MaryAnn. Sounds more bitter than professional, maybe a self check on your own thoughts and answering before you are quick to throw an insult may help. That’s it. If you have any questions, 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love a Counseling Franchise, 6 Places Where Counselors Should Spend Money To Make Money, Always Do Something Special for Your Clients, Counseling Community Forum and Discussion Board, Counselor Marketing – Blogs, SEO, Organic Advertising, Counseling Practice 5 and 10 Years from Now. Most licensure boards, however, impose these common prerequisites: a master's degree in counseling or a related field from an accredited school; completion of a program that fulfills the requisite practicum and internship hours; a passing score on the National Counselor Examination (NCE) and the state's jurisprudence exam; and completion of state-mandated postgraduate clinical hours. I wish I could say more, but of course, this is a public forum, and an unsecured site. If so, why are they emotional? I still struggle with dissociation, and sometimes when I seek help (whether from a therapist or spiritual director), it is made even worse. It is the application of that truth I haven’t been able to grasp until a professional Cognitive Behavioral Therapist explained negative core beliefs and in prayer I was able to uncover many of them. Yet, this form of regulation is occurring in the opposite fashion. This is not to say that denoms and churches shouldn’t have oversight, but to say that the world of licensing Christian counselors is rather murky with very little definition at this point. Experience has taught you much. I prefer to be treated by my neighbor who had also had cancer, than going to a doctor who is specialize in the field. I really do more consulting per the local counseling agencies. But let there be no mistake—secular counseling is NOT Christian. In opposition to Holiday Inn’s ads, you wouldn’t want just anybody doing professional work on you. But I always come back to the same place—I cannot and will not compromise my Christian beliefs in order to become licensed and practice in a secular setting. All struggles boiled down to the sins of the person seeking counsel. I’m not sure about your local laws, but it seems such claims might very well might cross the line in your state. I also have a major pet peeve with mis-diagnosis, and even quick diagnosis. You do not need letters behind your name to use your gifts to help others. Licensing boards are generally a combination of Enforcers of Orthodoxy, an Old Boy’s Club, and a means of driving up licensee income by restricting the number of practitioners. (1) A person may not: (a) Attempt to obtain or obtain a license or license renewal by bribery or fraudulent representation. It was my intention to become a therapist when I started school but when I found out that after getting two degrees in Psychology with a concentration on chemical dependency, I found out in this state that one couldn’t even apply to test for licensure until almost 2 years post-Masters degree. What if it was 10 times more difficult to become a Counselor? I am also certified in NLP and soon to be certified in CBT, I will start school soon to become a Hypnotherapist and am in the process of working out a way to get certified in somatic experiencing, created by Dr. Peter Lavine. At the very least they have been trained via textbooks and practical experience, and have proven a willingness to learn. Right? The Evangelical Church has taken a different path, which the Catholic Church should consider. A simple clarity check could go a long way here it seems to me. I really feel led to not, but I just don’t know. My email is The upside for educated, licensed practitioners is being able to provide evidenced based interventions such as CBT, EMDR, etc. First, the ACA (American Counseling Association) officially discourages intern-level providers to work in private practice settings, even under close supervision. Just saying. Having control over your hours and your rates allows you to practice your profession on your own terms. This is was posted below from a licensed mental health professional: Do you support them name calling? Also, ask if the counselor has been trained in Christian counseling, and if the counselor has any form of certification in Christian counseling. All these “under-title degree” people are there to devalue our career and they will NEVER be able to treat you in the, the same line of expertise and knowledge that can ONLY be acquired throughout graduate school. I agree with my colleague, Mr. Nelson. There are many license therapist who are terrible. – can’t believe the nastiness of some of the comments on here. As mentioned, state authorities are restricting the belief systems of Christian counselors, which is a violation of their religious rights. Warning: Your Employees are Quitting! A simple DUI will ruin other peoples’ lives too. This ambiguity must be clarified by making clear divisions between the counseling jurisdictions of state and church. If so, why are they emotional? If the state agrees with a secular belief system as it pertains to counseling, it cannot at the same time agree with and support a belief system rooted in God. How many laws have been enacted with wonderful intentions and then perverted to the purposes of the liar. Like I said, only way to explain it is a God Given Gift. ( Log Out /  Psychiatric diagnosis competency? Understand that if the counselor is licensed by the state, then the counselor meets the state’s requirements for practicing psychotherapy. Government mandates to insurance companies regarding who and what will be covered have exacerbated problems with medical care as well, with no proof of benefit to the citizenry. Each system provides a theory, or explanation, for how a person achieves and maintains mental health. I don’t diagnose or label or delve back into past histories. But I would hate to see the many seasoned, unlicensed counselors lose their ability to ply their trade. The notion that man heals himself without God, as psychotherapy proclaims, is anti-Christian. The material was well taught by dedicated and sincere professors, but there was no spiritual content at all. The state initially claimed Dr. Edgington was illegally practicing psychotherapy without a state license. fyi, I did a film documentary entitled: MAKING MERCHANDISE OF MEN’S SOULS, PART I PSYCHOTHERAPY VS. SCRIPTURE. I have talked to regular folks who have a better sense at counseling than many professionals. If a life coach can help a person get through major obstacles and over blocks in their lives by setting goals and doing worksheets, well that is one less miserable in the world. So, you coming from the UK and want to practice without getting the proper school training I think is absolutely crazy, regardless of your experience done in the UK. This does not describe most (maybe 1) pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists, Christian or non-christian, that I have met and/or worked with. Thank you again. I admire your career so please don’t bash those groups of helping individuals who truly do it for honorable reasons. 1. No license or degree or certification or title in any area can promise that the person holding it is highly qualified or highly skilled in what he or she does—or even that they aren’t capable of doing harm. Prepare your Clients for These 9 Issues — or Else! Patients don’t always understand their diagnosis- WHICH IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PROFESSIONAL! After secular training and testing, Christian counselors often continue to receive training and guidance at the intern and supervised levels by secular institutions teaching secular belief systems. I lived my adult life pretty much blocking out everything from my childhood, teenage, and early adult years. Why did they forget? A license doesn’t mean the person isn’t causing harm. ALL counseling was solely based on the Bible and every struggle was considered sin. You can hang a shingle and call yourself a “counselor” without a license or degree. Be humble and be kind, people. However, if you don’t have the education and degree required to have the license then you are free to practice as a counselor, family practice or family therapist! Catholic priests As a result, they may return to this anti-Christian belief system when faced with adversity again. Not only do some states require licenses in some professions while other states do not, but the severity of the criminal penalties for practicing without a license differs as well. Often what those rely on lived experience know is only what helped them. Wisdom cannot be licensed, but experience can be. Maybe I will end up with some blending of the two. First, the state has obliged Christian counselors into an implicit agreement in which potential counselors are not fully aware of the agreement made. real therapist on July 10, 2019 at 2:54 pm Acknowledge that this is outside your jurisdiction. If You Hate Networking (and Marketing), Try “Colliding” Instead, Growing your Private Practice: From Negativity to Cash Flow, How to Use Social Media to Promote a Counseling Practice, Marketing and Promoting Your Counseling Practice in 2016, Promoting Social Justice in the Mental Health Profession, Stress Management and Rest for the Entrepreneur, What it Takes to Succeed in Private Practice (A Tale of Two Counselors), When Building a Counseling Practice, Brand Extensions are Not the Answer, Why “Quid Pro Quo” Will Help your Counseling Practice Grow, 3 Tips for New Entrepreneurs in Healthcare, 4 Benefits to Online Counseling from the Client’s Point of View, 5 Reasons Why Counseling Needs a Franchise (And Why Counselors are Ready for it!). They all diagnose and intervene per their view of what is wrong and what needs to change (thoughts, behaviors. While, as a marketing plan, this is inadequate (and does much to explain their struggling practices), it’s a start. If, knowing those things, individuals desire their counsel, that’s a win-win. What does one do at that point; how does the non-professional even find anyone decent (Biblical or not?) Many states have broad exemptions for unlicensed therapists, both religious and otherwise. Are You a Valuable Counselor / Therapist? Louie- This area is something of a quagmire right now with secular groups engaging in turf wars with those who do spiritual counseling. Finally, the state restricts the separation of Christian counseling from regulation through the state’s alliance with insurance companies. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The change was not approved or was withdrawn but was later brought up again and withdrawn (I think they realize that they can overstep their powers and have their accrediting privilege revoked should they have messed with the constitution). Next, ask your counselor where they were educated. We will have to fight to stay free of the state. Christian counselors need to recognize their religious freedom to counsel as proclaimed by the Gospel. Similarly, science is not equipped to validate or invalidate the system of beliefs held by Christians. in one state should be able to practice in another without having to take more classes its ludicrous. If I were giving advice, I would tell those individuals to be honest and open about their worldview and belief system, be clear to all counselees about the framework from which they counsel, and be completely frank about their basis in God’s word as the final arbiter in matters of truth. This god is jealous, angry, vengeful, biased, and can easily be shown to be malevolent, unjust and not omnipotent or omniscient using Scripture. Effective 2012, applicants for licensure will be required to have graduated from a counseling program accredited by CACREP. I remember that APA wanted to remove “footnote 3” which enabled faith-based accredited programs to discriminate on the basis of faith. An advantage of requiring a license (of some sort) is that then there is some form of accountability. Potential Catholic Christian counselors/clients She went back to reflext on her time and social network as a coach and observed that there was a deep level of narcissism involved in the field – the idea that one’s personal experience alone is significant and meaningful enough that it has imparted wisdom that extends beyond the self, without doing any professional learning. He even resorted to claiming that I had a God complex due to my father abandoning me and that I was projecting. As for the 30-minute lessons, of course much of what has changed my approach to life has been offered to me in 30 minutes or less. NOBODY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE WILL EVER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL! I am in CA where there are tons of laws for licensed counselors. This is a great reply to those using aggressive language. Some have title acts that control the use of the word, others have practice acts that control the activities of a counselor (as well as the title). Over the last 10 to 15 years there has been a movement in the mental health fields to uplift and validate this profession. If many of us have to comply with rules, so should everyone else! Is like saying…. 5:18 “the laborer deserves to get paid.” Also Luke 10:7 Jesus Himself says: “the laborer deserves to get paid,” to the 70 He sent out to cure the sick and proclaim that the Kingdom of God has come near to you.”. The system is all about making money over really helping individuals. He provides a good bit of counseling to those within our church, however, depending on the specifics of the situation, he may potentially be just one part of a team.

practicing counseling without a license

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