Enjoy 🙂, i didnt know about the chingri frying time…it will be useful to me….thnxxx 🙂, Your email address will not be published. Chingri Bhapa is steamed prawns in mustard sauce, which is also one of the popular dishes made during Durga Puja and is loved by all the Bongs in the world. microwave cooking cook the mixture in a covered microwave proof container for 5 minutes.  If you have  those luscious Golda Chingris (Lobsters ) , give them 2 mins on each sides. Steamed prawns are ready to serve. Microwave Steamed Fish in a Bengali Mustard Sauce( Bhapa Mach) It’s like your relationship goals. To this add the rest of the water, coconut cream and lemon juice. Ingredients Medium size Prawns 15- 20 pieces Turmeric Powder 1/2 … As I told you before, you can use shrimps or lobsters, instead of prawns. More Posto Fun You can purchase all these ingredients from my Amazon Storefront by clicking this link. There are so many fish curry recipes in Bengali cuisine which calls for 'mustard' / sorshe, this particular item is a jewel. This Bhapa Posto (Steamed or baked Posto) was traditionally steamed in a small steam bowl along with the rice or later in a steel tiffin box placed inside the pressure cooker. Instead, if you have leftover cooked shrimp, use it in a shrimp salad or serve over pasta or in a green salad. This microwave recipe takes just 7 minutes to cook. I took one more short cut step, saving the pre-heating time, directly put the dish into the Micro-oven. Anything more than two minutes for medium sized prawns in direct heat will overcook them, and make them hard. Transfer the paste in a microwave bowl and microwave uncovered on high (I have a 1200 Watts microwave)  for 8 mins. Take out the prawns from the water and dry them properly. Poppy Seeds – optional. Mix all the paste together well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Perfect for busy weeknight dinners. Fold in the prawns. Serve with plain rice. This Indian prawn recipe of shorshe bhapa chingri is gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free. Do not grind it for any longer than this, or they will turn rancid and make your gravy bitter. It will splutter !! Microwave on … How about I share my daily kitchen escapades with you so that you can plan your meals efficiently. Bhapa chingri is a quintessential mouthwatering Bengali recipe which is unbelievably easy to make. Same applies for the fish varieties. Serve. Keep for a standing time for 15 minutes. Microwave for 5 minutes. The cooking in a microwave basically involves steaming, which means the food gets cooked in its own steam. It is that easy. In fact, it is a matter of a couple of minutes only! Take a frying pan and heat up two table spoons of mustard oil. Take them out and add the prawns, and the coconut milk. Sandesh is a popular sweet of Orissa and West Bengal. You just have to adjust the cooking time as per the size of the seafood used here. Take out carefully, and add shrimp, all in one layer. Today’s recipe is an improvised version of the traditional dish. Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawn . Fresh flavor of mustard oil and green chilies goes so well with shrimp. Preparation Time: 5 – 7 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes on low flame Equipment used: One mixing bowl, one stainless steel tiffin box, one vessel for boiling water, mixer grinder. With no such effort this dish can be prepared within your comfort zone. Perfect for busy weeknight dinners. This recipe is very similar to another very popular recipe i.e Ilish Bhapa (recipe here). Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawn . When ready to cook, put the mixture in a microwave safe bowl with lid. Per The Kitchn, reheating any kind of seafood in a microwave puts your fish at risk for overcooking, and the smell won't be too pleasant either. This does not affect the price offered by Amazon. In this recipe, basically raw chingri mach or prawn has to be marinated in a shorshe-posto-narkel paste with kacha sorsher tel … To make bhapa doi, combine the condensed milk , curds and cornflour in a bowl and whisk well till no lumps remain. Some recipe calls for poppy seed paste but I like it this way. Me and my hubby are foodies with a limited appetite. Microwave Bhapa Chingri Recipe – Indian Prawn Curry, Remove the weight valve or whistle of the cooker, Coconut Recipes, Fish Recipes, Prawn Recipes, Seafood Recipes. I have used this recipe for the gravy to make Bhapa Ilish and Bhapa Rui, both of which are super popular among my family and the blog readers. This recipe hardly needs 5 minutes of preparation and another 5 minutes of cooking, so with 15 minutes, you have a hearty and delicious prawn curry recipe ready. This dish is commonly known as “Bhapa Chingri” in colloquial Bengali where “Bhapa” means “Steamed”. Fry them for not more than 1 min 30 sec for medium size prawns (1 min each side for large prawns and 2 min each side for jumbo prawns) Make a paste of mustard, poppy seeds, chili and turmeric; Microwave the paste on max settings (1.2 kW in my case) for 8 mins; Add prawns and coconut milk to the paste; Cover and microwave for 2 mins Add the prawns to it and give everything a mix. Other prawn recipes are available here. Now marinate the prawn and whole green chilies with this mixed paste. With some steamed rice this 'sorshe chingri bhapa' tastes best. Prawns cook very fast. Soak the ingredients for the paste in 1/4 cup of water for about 30 -45 minutes. Grind the mustard, green chili, poppy seeds and grated coconut with salt (Salt is added to avid the bitter taste of the mustard seeds) to make a thick paste (This paste is called “shorshe bata = mustard paste). Just replace the Ilish/Hilsa fish with Chingri/Shrimp. An alternate would be White Sesame Seeds/Melon Seeds. Cooking it in the microwave is the most modern you can get. At best, making a mug cake. Drizzle some Mustard oil on top. How to make Bhapa Chingri – Bengali Prawn Curry – Ingredients list. Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawns in Mustard Sauce is a super easy recipe. Â. Steamed Shrimp in the yogurt-mustard sauce is quite popular on the west side of Bengal. Most of the households have a Microwave Oven, which is sadly used as a food warmer. It has a mouth-melting texture and serving it cold helps to make it more delicious. This prawn curry recipe of bhapa chingri is best served with plain rice and a wedge of lemon.  Cover the bowl, and transfer the mixture into the oven for 2 more minutes.  But don’t keep the prawns for more than 1 minute 30 secs. For bhapa doi. Prawns are not considered as a fish but it has its own glory when it comes on our plate.so many different dishes can be made with prawns. This prawn curry in mustard gravy is a wonderfully versatile recipe.  Transfer them in a bowl and sprinkle one table spoon of turmeric powder and and half a tablespoon of salt on them. There are so many fish curry recipes in Bengali cuisine which calls for 'mustard' / sorshe, this particular item is a jewel. Add some more mustard oil at the top and add 2 slitted green chilli.  Mix them such that each of them get coated. Bhapa means steamed. Chingri bhapa is an authentic recipe of Bengali cuisine mainly prepared with the prawn. This is important. It is made up of lesser no.of ingredients and scrumptious to eat. You can try the base gravy of this recipe for bhapa chingri to cook shrimps, prawns, as well as, lobsters. In a mixing bowl, add this paste. Cover the microwave safe bowl with the help of a cling film. You can steam the prawns in a stainless steel utensil inside boiling water. If you have large pieces, make sure you fry them for  1 minute on each side. The Fantastic Festive Foods Of The Durga Pujo - SodaMonk, Arabian Chicken Mandi – A Gem from Yemen – Flavor Tantra, Marinade them with salt and turmeric powder, Fry them for not more than 1 min 30 sec for medium size prawns (1 min each side for large prawns and 2 min each side for jumbo prawns), Make a paste of mustard, poppy seeds, chili and turmeric, Microwave the paste on max settings (1.2 kW in my case) for 8 mins. I think this is what Ashwini meant, when she left a comment about Bhapa Paneer she had at her friends place. Also, read about my travel stories & book reviews here.  An obvious exception is when they are supposed to be crispy and deep-fried. Cover with a lid and cook for 4 minutes. If your prawns don’t almost melt in your mouth they are overcooked. You can also check out the recipe of Shorshe Bhapa Chingri video in our youtube channel – Poke a couple of holes through the wrap to allow the steam to escape. A microwave oven can be used to prepare some quick meals, without you reaching out to your stovetop. This will take just a … In fact, you can also try fleshy white fishes like cod, carp, barramundi, tilapia and hilsa. Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawn . IF YOU ARE NOT USING A MICROWAVE OVEN, place the prawns-and-mustard mixture in a covered steel container (such as a water-tight tiffin box). Bhapa Chingri/Bhapa Ilish is a signature bengali dish of prawns or ilish in mustard sauce, steamed to perfection, with a liberal dousing of mustard oil. Remove from microwave, stir everything and again cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the shrimps are cooked through, are pink and curled. Before I launch into this recipe here is one observation that I have to share. Bhapa Chingri; Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawn. Remove the clingfilm wrap. You can make this with fish fillet or paneer also. This is one of those very well documented but lesser practiced facts. Add water as necessary. Let’s see what are the ingredients that we need for this bhapa chingri recipe. There are few Amzon affiliated links in this site. To add some richness, I have used some coconut cream which also brings down the pungency of mustard seeds paste. Cover the dish with a clingfilm wrap. Alternate Recipes: The same recipe can be applied to Paneer and is called Bhapa Paneer. On every purchase, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost from you. Tag me on Instagram @priyankabhattacharya.sa or Facebook @hashdiaries and I will share it further. Bhapa Chingri is the Bengali way of steam cooking of prawns in mustard gravy. Bhapa means steamed. To cook Bhapa Ilish we put straight the dish into an oven. Add some more mustard oil at the top and add 2 slitted green chilli. It doesn’t take them much time to cook to perfection. Bring an inch of water to boil in your pressure cooker or boiling pot. Follow until STEP 6. By now we all know that using a microwave oven or cooking in it DOES NOT give us a Cancer! Place the prawns, individually, on a banana leaf Spread the chopped chilli on the prawns and cover it with another leaf. This recipe is very easy to make for all those who think it's a tedious task to make it at home. Almost cheesecake-like in texture, this recipe is very very quick to rustle up, and always ends the meal with a wow! Bhapa Chingri pairs well with steamed rice. Now place the entire package in a pressure cooker and cook for about ten minutes. Serve with plain rice. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. To cook in the microwave, combine everything together as above in a microwave safe bowl. Once it  becomes really hot throw in the prawns. Plan your Bengali Vegetarian Meals with me as I share quick and easy ways of making traditional Bengali dishes. Your email address will not be published. Bhapa Chingri; Bhapa Chingri or Steamed Prawn. You may place a couple of Green Chilies as well. Try this delightful delicacy from the heart of Bengal that will surely titillate your taste buds, giving you a sensuous feeling. Typically, yoghurt is hung for a long time to drain the water out and is then used. Bhapa which means steaming in Bengali & Chingri means prawn. And yet the taste is the same. Top off with mustard oil and a slit green chilli. Take it out and allow it to cool. Bhapa Chingri is cooked in mustard paste with coconut milk and a generous amount of mustard oil and slit chillies. To keep up with our prominent sweet-tooth, I do baking where I try to re-create luxurious dessert recipes using easily available ingredients, at home. I am listing out them here. I would love to hear about it.  (B.t.w for all you non- Bengalis, chingri is the nothing but prawns or shrimps). That doesn’t need the Posto or poppy seeds though I like the gravy a little runny so I use only coconut milk, you can use coconut paste if you like to have thick gravy Now, carefully lower the tiffin box in the water.

prawn bhapa recipe in microwave

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