I’m hoping for a successful VBAC this time, so I’ve been reading a lot on preparing my uterus and body, and hopefully having an easier delivery. What does the science say? Click here. I am a first time mom. I really want to keep using RRLT but want to understand all aspects of it’s effects. Anyway, going into labor at 35 weeks was scary, but oh my goodness was that labor AMAZING! I’m 35 weeks now and I just started drinking RRL tea. I bought the Natures Way RRL Capsules (450mg) Do you think it was a waste of money or do you think it will work just as well as the actual tea? I did have complications and hemorrhaging after, but my doctor only sees a case like mine once every couple of years and believes that I will be just fine for my next baby. Get started with red raspberry leaf tea with these brands. Do you have links to prove the safety of Comfrey? As a reminder, this information is not medical advice. Listening to this podcast is an Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activity. And the mechanism for how this occurred is not yet understood. I just started sipping on the labor tea this morning and I have also been going on along walks this whole week. I will get that and start drinking right away! But later that evening i started feeling somewhat of a cramp. Bamford et al. you are definitely right about the body feels. I lost 2 babies from a weak cervix. All my friends did. How effective is it to prevent a cesarean birth?Have there been any randomized trials on the use of red raspberry leaf for pregnancy or labor induction? speculated that raspberry leaf extract may benefit the course of labor by producing more coordinated uterine contractions causing a more regular rhythm of contractions. She swore that it made all of the difference in her natural labors. Thousands are admitted in the ER for caffeine overdose every year. Thanks! They only bring slight relief. I also drank the tea for a few weeks postpartum and had a great recovery. 🙂. I drank Traditional Non GMO Rrlt in tea bags and Bedtime in tea bags. Religiously. Is that the same amount you would get if you were to drink the tea instead of the capsules? I am saying this to say it probably had nothing to do with the tea. I’m a nurse (a very crunchy one) so I was fully aware of how long first labors typically last. Finally, one of the earliest studies on this topic was an in vitro study by Burn and Withell in 1941. Baby girl was born after only a 4.5 hour labor which is pretty crazy for a first baby! It should be the Frontier Co-op Organic RRL. Would you recommend taking a Break after a certain amount of days? I have a high risk of uterine rupture due to a previous classical cesarean birth (1 in 10). I have the same concerns. Will I get the same benefits from the reD raspberry leaf capsules? This means that the studies were carried out on live animals. Mama Natural Birth Course. Thanks for the fantastic resource you’ve made for Mamas! Haha. I wanted to try the Labor Day brew (I’ve been drinking RRLT since 28 weeks) but heard that it can cause postpartum bleeding. I’m a 33 week mother from Asia and I’m always told by my doctors that to follow your body’s signals, no matter it’s pelvis exercise, daily diet or any other code of conducts, always believe your body and uterus can tell what’s best for you and your baby, I’m so sorry about your first baby loss 🙁 I have a very similar story. I started to drink 1 cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea every day around 4 months pregnancy up to 8 months. I was already about 10 days passed due. London: Faber, 1991. They also tested whether exposure to red raspberry leaf could affect the ability of oxytocin to induce contractions. I’m 36 weeks and have been taking the RRL capsules since my second trimester. I want to wait one more week. Couldn’t hurt, might make your induction quicker. Thank you! 1st pregnancy – I drank a pregnancy tea blend that contained red raspberry leaf starting in the 2nd trimester. Good luck! I stopped during late second trimester. I was fortunate to not go over my due date, in fact Bub was a few days early.

red raspberry leaf tea pregnancy studies

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