As one of the nation's largest stocking refractory distributors, we are proud to offer our online refractory catalog. Visor Refractory is run by a technically qualified team of engineers with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Refractory. Refractory bricks manufacturers. Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available! We use cookies on our website to give you a better experience, improve performance, for analytics, and to show you relevant tailored adverts. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. One line produces. RS Refractory Kiln company is a professional fire bricks for sale manufacturer and supplier in China. Additionally, Seneca 60P a Burned High Alumina Brick is primarily used within kilns. Refractory Fire Bricks for sale in RS Refractory Company, a kind of high temperature shaped refractory materials, are made of fire clay or other refractory raw materials through firing for all kinds of furnaces and kilns application such as blast furnace, hot blast stove, rotary kiln and electrical kiln with great features of high temperature resistance, bulk density stability, chemical slag erosion and mechanical … Clean away the impurities before production because the bauxite has been keep in the open air for long time. Binding clay: soft clay 190mesh. Therefore, composition is the basis of refractory bricks characteristics, and composition and quantity directly determine the performance of firebrick. Rescal 70D is one of our most popular High Alumina Brick used for multiple industries. Its main ingredients: Al2O3≥34%, Fe2O3<1.0%, K2O<0.3%. Pyrophyllite fines: 325mesh. 2SiO2) as the main crystal phase and containing ... Corundum Brick is a kind of refractory product with corundum as the main crystal phase and contains over 90% aluminium ... Checker Brick is a kind of heat carrier with features of good volume stability, excellent high temperature load creep property, ... Refractory Anchor Brick, also called suspended brick and anchoring parts, is new type of refractory brick for industrial furnace top ... Chrome Corundum Brick for sale in RS under strict quality control, one kind of new top-grade refractory materials with high ... Fire Clay Bricks for Sale in Rongsheng Factory is a kind of clay products with 30~40% Al2O3 content. Get factory pricing. With Many Years Export Experience of Refractory Fire Bricks, Refractory Fire Bricks can be divided into burnt brick, unfired brick, fused cast brick and. For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries. After 20 years’ development, Rongsheng has become a comprehensive enterprise producing refractory in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical industry,glass, non-ferrous metals,etc. Its main ingredients: Al2O3≥18%, Fe2O3<0.5%, K2O<0.3%. Visor Refractory is a professionally managed organization is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of qualitative “Refractory Products” with the aid of an experienced team and robust infrastructural. Put calcined bauxite into crushing system and select with 3.0mm screen cloth. Rescal 70D is also utilized due to its high purity alumina, bauxite, and/or mullite calcines. Insulation Refractory Bricks, also called insulating fire bricks, is a kind of hot-sale refractory fire bricks and also a kind ... Mullite Insulation Brick is a kind of quality refractory insulation materials for resisting high temperature with features of light weight, ... Insulating Fire Brick for Sale in Rongsheng is a kind of quality thermal insulation materials for application in all kinds ... Soft Fire Brick for Sale in Rongsheng is known as a kind of quality insulating fire bricks.

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