A nonrigid connector may be preferred in fabrication of fixed partial denture (FPD) with pier abutment. selected abutments , the type of retainers and the material from which the bridge will be constructed .In addition to the increased load placed on FPD by long span restoration ,longer span are less rigid, All F.P.D. retainers are easy and inexpensive to fabricate and they are able to protect the healing site, as they are tooth borne. Each unit of the FPD was loaded separately with a force of 30 psi, perpendicular to the alveolar. [5] In an FPD requiring the restoration of two missing teeth and where an intermediate pier abutment is present with a single The FPD provided 53 years of service to the patient and was finally replaced with a 2-unit porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) FPD. - Treatment is done by removing the FPD and recemenitng. The pontic was of sanitary type, the buccal surface of which was veneered with an indirect composite material. Shields Township . On the second appointment, the completed FPD was tried-in. 17 Impressions 291 18 Working Casts and Dies 325 19 Wax Patterns 343 20 Investing and Casting 363 21 Cementation and Bonding 383 22 Esthetic Considerations 413 23 All-Ceramic Restorations 425 24 Metal-Ceramic Restorations 447 25 Pontics and Edentulous Ridges 471 26 Solder Joints and Other Connectors 493 27 Restoration of Osseointegrated Dental Implants 517 28 Single-Tooth Implant … Wing retainers (or so-called Maryland design surface retain-ers) were always provided with occlusal support. The greatest strain on a cantilevered FPD occurs mesial to the most distal retainer. Meanwhile, the … retainers. Available in PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT format. Slide the top of the control panel onto the Press the [#/Enter] key to confirm the installation of retainer tabs (the slots under the top of the the device and automatically set it up for frame). partial denture (FPD) in the left mandible. If the patient prefers a facing restoration or a three-quarter restoration as retainer, tooth reduction must be extended to dentin. In the case of a posteriorly placed pontic, additional abutments should be included to withstand the strong forces from the masticatory muscles. Extraction had occurred a few months earlier, causing the FPD dislodgement from the supporting teeth. In conventional Fixed partial denture, the failure mode is likely to be complete fracture of the Six FPD designs made of palladium-silver alloy were fabricated: (1) all-rigid connectors, (2) non-rigidconnector at the distal aspect of the canine, (3) non-rigid connector at the mesial aspect of the pier retainer, (4) non-rigid connector at the distal of thepier retainer [1] Variables that may influence the longevity of an FPD and its abutment include occlusion, span length, bone loss, and quality of periodontium. an undetected debonded retainer with decay underneath it. FPD-7024 | Operation and Installation Guide | 1.0 Overview 3. D6121—Implant supported retainer for metal FPD, predominantly base alloys D6123—Implant supported retainer for metal FPD, titanium and titanium alloys D6195—Abutment supported retainer, porcelain fused to titanium and titanium alloys forces at the canine retainer as the first molar is loaded due to flexural forces developed within the FPD.2 Thus, these restorations may result in marginal leakage and caries. It is used in the form of key (tenon) attached to pontic and keyway (mortise) placed within the retainer. MECHANICAL FAILURES 1. Fixed Partial Dentures (FPD) Fixed partial dentures may be indicated for the following: Replacement of missing permanent teeth in which the Retainer/Abutment teeth have a favorable long term prognosis Replacement of one to two missing teeth in a Tooth Bounded Space Individual crowns may also serve as retainers on abutment teeth when replacing a missing tooth or teeth (Figure 2). CONNECTOR FAILURE The connector is that part of the FPD or splint that joins the individual components (retainers and pontics) together. Meeting Room . What are the different design possibilities regarding number of units? If rigid connectors are used in this situation, the pier abutment will act as a fulcrum because of physiologic tooth movement, arch position of the abutment, and the retentive capacity of the retainers. Bending of the FPD due to improper care taken during wax pattern making, Investing and casting procedures. The occlusal forces applied to a fixed partial denture (FPD) are transmitted to the supporting structures through the pontic, connectors, and retainers. c. Direct Retainer - provides retention against dislodging forces. flex slightly when subjected to a load, the longer the span, the greater the flexing. How many teeth will serve as abutments? In preparation of the central incisor, local anesthesia was not necessary. He commented that the impact of any significant changes to the method of service delivery need to be understood. Friday, 3 January 14 Although the amount of retention a direct retainer provides is not readily measured objectively, it does not take much experience to subjectively determine when a direct retainer has too little or too much retention. Comparison of cement and screws as retainers for prostheses 5 95 Comparison of cement and screws as retainers for prostheses Both cement-retained and screw-retained prostheses have been validated in clinical studies, and each type of retention has particular advantages and disadvantages (Table 5-1). d. Indirect Retainer - unit of a Class I or II partial denture that prevents or resists The resulting FPDs can be constructed in a wide variety of designs to include a conventional complete metal or metal-ceramic FPD, a cantilevered FPD, a resin-retained FPD (or “Maryland bridge”), and, more recently, an photoelastic model, using different materials. Historically, screw-retained You simply attempt to dislodge the direct retainer from the tooth occlusally with your finger or a dental instrument. In 1973, Rochette reported on a peculiar splinting system using composite resin as a cementing agent to attach perforated cast metal retainers to the acid-etched enamel of periodontally compromised lower anterior teeth. Otherwise an occlusal force directed at the unprotected area will depress the abutment tooth in its socket while the retainer is held by the FPD and the other abutment. retainers (inlay retained), and (3) wing retainer at palatal side of canine, inlay at distal abutment tooth (hybrid FPD) (Fig.

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