... Scaly Leg Mites. An early symptom of Scaly Leg Mites is the flaking of scales off there legs and feet. To start an article on foot problems we may face, specific ailments are always the big three, Scaly Mite, Bumblefoot and Gout. One such infestation is the Scaly Leg. I am almost positive this is scaly leg mites that have gone untreated since at least June (probably longer). The tiny mite lives in the floors of chicken coops that are damp or just in the ground. Have you ever seen a chicken strutting with feet that are just gnarly and nasty looking? This is an infestation caused by Knemidocoptes Mutants, a small parasitic mite. These mites are killed by suffocation. The next day, you just apply the A&D ointment without the gasoline. The gasoline kills off the mites. Why Do My Chickens Have Scaly Feet? It’s like Vaseline, but you can use petroleum jelly instead. Now I'm panicked and I feel terrible. It is recommended that you’d use this as a last resort if you’d want your chickens free of any medication from its body and eggs. Gail Damerow indicates an oral dosage of Ivermectin of 5-7 drops for bantam birds, 1/4 cc for larger birds in The Chicken Health Handbook. Hi all, I’ve had problems with scaly legs mites for a while. It’s still better if you’ve got an assistant though. How quickly should I expect the gas method to show results after treatment? Although these mites can infect wattles and also ceres in parrots, this help sheet will confine its comments to poultry scaly leg mite. Symptoms and Potential ... baby oil or paraffin oil) on the feet and legs, which will suffocate the mites and soften the crusts for easy removal. She has had a 3-month history of thick crusty scabs on both legs and feet, approximately 0.5cm thick. There are farmers who apply this daily. Soon they start laying their eggs. In severe cases of scaly leg mite, oral or injectable forms of Ivermectin may be prescribed by a veterinarian. The treatment starts with dipping the legs into the gasoline and letting it air dry on the first day. One of the things I’ve noticed is several people’s birds have scaly leg mites (SLM). Where is the Spur? Occasionally, a hen will grow spurs. Thankfully, these are not the specie of mites that pass on to humans. Using an old toothbrush, gently scrub the afflicted hen's legs and feet with white vinegar, garlic juice or Neem Oil. The damage caused by the mites predisposes chickens to secondary bacterial infections. Soak your chickens’ legs and feet in a warm soapy bath to soften and loosen any dead scales. However, a chicken with scaly leg mites will have thick, crusted feet that look more like the skin of a very warty crocodile. Often it may seem a mystery. If there are blisters on the feet, they will need to be treated. However, a chicken with scaly leg mites will have thick, crusted feet that look more like the skin of a very warty crocodile. These solutions have been applied by other chicken growers and have seen their effectiveness. 4) wipe off linseed oil and slather affected area with petroleum jelly. Different species of mites affect different species of birds. Smothered in the petroleum jelly, they won’t be able to breathe, leading to suffocation and death. Today I caught the chicken (not easy, they all hate to be picked up) and I brought her to the house. Question: I have seen a backyard chicken, a laying hen, approximately 5 years old. Scaly leg mites are parasites that lodge and reproduce underneath the scales on chickens' legs. It’s not enough to treat the chicken legs and feet of the Scaly Leg Mites. Tiny microscopic mites that burrow into the unfeathered areas such as above the beak and eye areas are known as scaly face mites. Would love your thoughts, please comment. They’re known in the scientific community as Knemidocoptes mutants. Scaly legs on chickens are caused by a parasitic mite (Knemidocoptes mutans) that burrow under the scales on the chicken's legs.

scaly chicken feet

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