Some people find that the introductory practical philosophy course, which is intended to be of real value in its own right, satisfies their interest. People are therefore asked to make a generous donation, which does not cause any hardship but which recognises their own value and commitment to the practice. Enrol Strengthen your attention span and mindfulness. I am not this constant, restless activity. The technique is given in a single session during a simple traditional ceremony. The next online Introductory Course in Practical Philosophy for Spring 2021 now open. This aim is pursued primarily by offering courses in practical philosophy. The new schedule of classes begins the week of January 11th. The Ego. The Three Forces or Energies. The first term fee … Elevate your everyday with Philosophy Works, the School of Practical Philosophy’s introductory course. (You can unsubscribe anytime). It is from him and his predecessors that the method of meditation comes, together with guidance on its practice. Each school year I try to take a new approach and have a renewed focus on my work as an educator. The method of mantra meditation is given through the School of Meditation, with whom the Practical Philosophy School has a long-standing relationship. I am not these negative feelings and ideas.” Through meditation, everyday work and activities become more balanced. Make sense of a rapidly changing world with tools to help you live life more consciously and with greater happiness. The School of Economic Science has included mantra meditation in its Practical Philosophy programme since the 1960s and has initiated thousands of students into the practice. Meditation is both universal and very old. These activities illustrate how philosophy can be inspiring in practice in all areas of life. The School provides on-going support for meditating students through regular Tutorials, Study Days and Retreats. No further payment is ever required, and individual life-long guidance and support is provided free of charge. Stoicism is a school that focuses … The Foundation Courses are each 5 weeks in extent and cover a range of subjects useful to philosophical development. Live Online Introductory Course in Practical Philosophy . The Practical Philosophy Course helps to put these in perspective by learning to live in the present. The Practice of The Exercise. The rest unfolds naturally. Although there is freedom to choose your own path through these courses, members are generally encouraged to move between courses as a group with a … As with learning a musical instrument, deepening and refining the practice is a life-long process. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from A WordPress site. The introduction to meditation is marked by a simple, dignified ceremony. About the School. It is practised for two short periods a day sitting on a chair in one’s own home or other quiet place. While goals are always important, I believe a class “mantra” is even more important. Re: School of Philosophy. The energy available for work increases and one notices an ability to stay connected to the work at hand. Terms used in the course. Increase your self-reliance. The School of Practical Philosophy is a centre for spiritual, practical knowledge and inquiry. Front Page ad on I.Times. Moments of calm accumulate, bringing comfort and satisfaction. I have no other connection with them. About Us The School of Practical Philosophy in Toronto was established in 1976 to serve the needs of those who want to live wisely and have a positive influence on society. The School of Practical Philosophy, Gauteng is a centre for spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry. In meditation, the activities of the mind and body are brought under observation, and then allowed to fall away as the attention is directed to the sound of the mantra. The aim of philosophy is to set people free; free from pressure, free from worry; free to grow, free to be yourself.The introductory philosophy course, entitled ‘Wisdom’, is currently available as a live online class. The introduction to meditation lasts about one and a half hours. If not, get in touch by email at this address: or use our contact page Find the time your mind can’t currently find. The School aims to help individuals lead a fuller, richer and more useful life and to evolve the spiritual aspect of their being in accordance with natural laws. Meditation fosters detachment, which allows one to gradually see that “I am not these busy thoughts. Others want to continue their studies. While practical philosophy plays the major part in the School's work, other optional groups have been formed at different points to study economics, Plato, Sanskrit, calligraphy and dance. Foundation Courses. These allow the members to explore more deeply aspects of themselves and the world around them. Meditation – as part of practical philosophy. Join our Introductory Practical Philosophy Onsite or Online Course and find out how philosophy and mindfulness can help your day-to-day life. Refine the power of reason. It aims to help individuals lead a fuller, richer and more useful life and to evolve the spiritual aspect of their being in accordance with natural laws.

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