Recipe: Slow-Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs Pork rib recipes can be a touchy subject to the barbecue enthusiast. Forgive me for I am about to use a four-letter word. To the home cook, the perfect rib is falling off of the bone. Stabilize your Big Green Egg between 225 – 250F, then put the ribs on when you see “Sweet Blue.” Smoke for 4.5 hours with the dome closed, and no peeking! 3-1-1 ribs produce consistent results. The Big Green Egg needs to be heated to the proper temperature and then set so it stays at this temperature. Instructions for 2-2-1 baby back ribs smoked on the Big Green Egg ceramic cooker and other smokers. These Baby Back Ribs were Wonderful and full of flavor, well do again! The most critical part of cooking Big Green Egg Baby Back Ribs or other slow and low recipes is the first half hour before the meat goes on. I’m using spare ribs for this recipe, which are not as thick as baby backs and are a more inexpensive rib. Today, I’m eating 3-1-1 ribs on the Big Green Egg. After 4.5 hours of cooking, the ribs should be nearly done. ... everyone was blown away with my first try at the 3-2-1 rib recipe. This is the “lazy method,” after all. Just like belly buttons, everybody has one. I modified the timing a bit to be a 3-1.5-0.5 instead of 3-2-1. Some I soaked the ribs in apple juice overnight and then applied a simple rub over yellow mustard.

slow cooking baby back ribs on big green egg

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