Spotted Pardalote nesting. A pair of Spotted Pardalotes excavating a tunnel in a mound of soil for a nest. Nest boxes provide the opportunity to restore the availability of nest hollows in conjunction with protection and expansion of forests. We’ve got you covered with the Forty Spotted Pardalote Nesting Box! With a nest box … Do you have problems with Pardalote’s nesting near the home? Nature is a wonderful sight around the home, the trouble is when they’re in the home! The male has a bright yellow breast, the female a cream breast. Pardalotes, Birds Paul Whitington September 10, 2016 Spotted Pardalote, Pardalotus punctatus, Pardalotus. Pardalote Nesting Box $ 40.75 inc GST This nest box provides an ideal alternative to a natural hollow for Striated Pardalotes and may also be used by Forty-spotted Pardalotes (in SE Tasmania), where such … Forty Spotted Pardalote Nesting Box. Spotted Pardalotes (Pardalotus punctatus) are found on the block … The entrance is also located at one end of the nest so the birds can create their nest … The Pardalote or small bird nest box is designed for small birds that require hollows for a nest. The entrance tube is in place so predators such as Ravens cannot get at the nestlings.

spotted pardalote nest box

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