The Andean Condor is considered the largest bird of prey with an enormous wingspan of 3 meters (9.8 feet) and weight up to 15 kgs (33.1 lbs.). Also read difference between black jaguar and black panther. In terms of body length, the California Condor (4.5 feet) slightly nudges out the Andean Condor (four feet). Widely considered by many to be the largest of all birds, the Andean condor has a wingspan of 3.3m. Its wings may stretch nearly 10 feet from tip to tip. The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) is a South American bird that belongs to the New World vulture family Cathartidae, and is the only living member of the genus Vultur. Although it’s numbers are dwindling in the country, the Andean Condor is actually the national animal of Colombia. Andean condor size comparison: The overall length can range between 3 feet 3 inches to 4 feet 3 inches. The females may weigh anywhere from 8-11kg (17-24lb). The association between the number of resightings and sex and age categories was determined using a chi‐square independence test. California and Andean Condors are, respectively, the largest flying birds in North and South America. Andean Condor minimum population size and corresponding population structure were derived from the number of individually identified Condors at all feeding stations. The California condor is the largest flying bird in North America. Specifically they feed on carrion which is the remains of dead animals. California condor size comparison: The length of the California condor is 43 to 55 inches. The wingspan of an Andean condor is up to 320cm (126in). The Andean Condor, however, wins when it comes to weight (33 pounds) and wingspan (10.5 feet) — nearly as long as a compact car. Diet. They primarily live in mountainous regions where there is an abundant amount of wind to help their massive body in flight. The Andean Condor is considered a vulture, so they mostly feed on large carrion. Andean Condor. While it may have smaller wingspan than the albatross or the pelican, the condor still is considered the biggest due to its weight with the males in the species reaching upto 15 kilograms. for condors innorth-western Patagonia, toestimate thesize of the local population, and to describe the use of the roosts by season and age classes. Andean Condors are carnivores. Males generally weigh in the region of 11-15kg (24-33lb). The estimates are a reference for future studies requiring data on population size and trends of the Andean condor and other large scavengers.

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