“The Swaledale was quite popular in the mid-1980s, ... females pure and soon established a network of repeat buyers throughout Northern and Southern Ireland for ewe lambs and draft ewes, and later an increasing number of pedigree rams too. Hill Cheviots were shown in first class condition. Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. Ideally an easy lambing breed with get up and go as well. 35-120 mo old Wanted 10 White Faced Woodland, Swaledale Store, Breeding Ewes llanfairpwll, Gwynedd. This site uses cookies More info No problemMore info No problem Hexham Mart Breeding Sheep Prize Show and Sale 29/9/16 Read More A top class show entry of draft Swaledale Ewes, Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs & Herdwick Ewes & Shearlings drew much praise from the judges Mr A Brown, Asby Hall, Mr B Harvey, Waxham Hall and referee Mr J Tully, Burncroft. held their Annual Border Cheviot Ewe Sale together with Draft Swaledale and Blackface Ewes at their Longtown Mart on Wednesday 1st October 2003, when they had forward a catalogue entry of 7,237.. Some of the Swaledale draft ewes for Cockermouth draft ewe sale tomorrow (mon 5th of October). A & I Duncan Millar Remony Aberfeldy Perthshire . Traditionally, draft Swaledale ewes are bought-in to breed Mule lambs. Bluefaced Leicester, Border Leicester, Teeswater. A fantastic show of eight pairs of Herdwick females were forward to the judge Mr S Jackson, Nook Farm. North West Auctions held a sale of almost 3,000 draft ewes at Kendal on Friday. Three crop Woodland ewes to £95 Gall Farm. Official website of the North Country Cheviot Sheep Society. A much enhanced trade across the UK sheep sector was again reflected in an overall selling average for 2,364 head of £116.34, up a solid £29.65 on the 2019 average of £86.39. On Monday 5 th October Mitchells held the Annual Show and Sale of Swaledale Draft Ewes, Shearlings and Gimmer Lambs. Download this stock image: Swaledale ewes in pens at a draft sale, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, UK. Draft ewes, gimmers … Ewe lambs were also in demand and topped at £102 for Blackfaces from Wanwood Hill who also sold a pen at £80, others £70 Mouldy Hills, £68 Satchells, £67 Sorbie; Swaledale … Title: J36 Annual Show & Sale of Draft Ewes, Gimmer Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs - Friday 25th September, Author: North West Auctions, Name: J36 Annual Show & Sale of Draft Ewes… About 15 Swaledale shearling tups are offered for sale at Hawes and Kirkby Stephen each year with a number of draft ewes and ewe lambs also sold both privately and at local ewe sales. Draft ewes Male lambs Crossed with Longwool Rams -e.g. Asby Hall’s draft ewe buying policy. HILL Replacement ewes retained for breeding. Sheep of all ages are sold. 4.7K likes. Friday 22nd September 2017 Sale to commence 10am at J36 Rural Auction Centre North West Auctions. Hardy Hill Ewes - e.g. This included a combined sale of Swaledale and Rough Fell breeding sheep whih were held together for the first time. 5,546 Breeding Ewes, Shearlings & Gimmer Lambs. However, during 2001 and the foot and mouth epidemic, in order to become more self-sufficient the Hewitsons bred their own flock replacements and three quarters of the 180 Swaledales on Low Moor are currently home-bred. Crisp was bought at Kirkby Stephen in 2005 for £18,000 and has left many good females in the Haltcliffe flock. There is profit in sheep if done right. Included in the sale was a part dispersal from Eskdale Forestry Ltd., Clerk Hill, Eskdalemuir, selling stock ewes to £82, gimmers to £75, ewe lambs to £50. The great annual show and sale of 6000 Swaledale, Rough Fell and other hill bred draft ewes at J36 Rural Auction Centre, Kendal was held on Friday 28th September. Swaledale ewes averaged £120, which was a record average in the market and up by £28 on the year. Breeding Rams: Bluefaced Leicester £500, £350, £250 (x2) Pikestone Farm, Texel £400, £320, £300, £250 Westfield Farm, £380, £350 Toft House. Draft Woodlands wanted or swales. 25 Shearlings - October in Perth, Stirling, Dalmally and Lanark. Draft ewes sold to £110 and £107 Side, £100 Archbank. The North Country Cheviot is an extremely versatile sheep and has much to offer the sheep farmer wishing to produce top quality lambs. • Originate from harsh hill areas.

swaledale draft ewes

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