Merch: Patreon: Send me your true (or can be fiction) stories/creepy pastas for a chance at having it read on a podcast. Instagram: Leaving Home by Kevin MacLeod ** Merch: When I was approached about being in Afflicted, I had already written several essays about my fight for survival, but having it told visually was appealing to me. Lori Vallow’s Police BodyCam Footage: You may change your settings at any time. ** Link: Intro: "Disciples" - Captain Murphy ** Instagram: ** He grew into a sexual sadist...and no one had a clue. Website:  Thumbnail: Shincheonji gathering **Want to Support? **Want to Support? Patreon: Which takes the most liberties? Anchor: Use code "ELISSA" for 20% off "Hunt a Killer". "Virtutes Instrumenti" by Kevin MacLeod ( Instagram: License:, Joseph Duncan III Website: Use code "ELISSA" for 20% off "Hunt a Killer". Her afflictions were supported by her mother and younger 14-year-old sister Alice. Garned Music by Kevin MacLeod Reprinted with the kind permission of Jamison Hill. Merch:, Born into privilege, gifted with exceptional intelligence and trained to be a doctor, George gave into the decadence of his times....and maybe an urge to kill? Music from Instagram: Moorsland by Kevin MacLeod Link: Merch: Instagram: Instagram: Leave me a VM:  License:, He made it big during the MySpace days with his big hair, big music...and appetite for very young girls. **Daily Posts** **Want to Support? *Transcripts are coming! ** Patreon: Patreon: The second red flag came when the film crew was filming my mom at a local restaurant and a stranger asked a producer what the series was about. Patreon: **Want to Support? ** Instagram: Anchor: Instagram: Anchor: Seen through the eyes of her child, a disturbed mother delivers unthinkable, violent abuse, justifying her actions with her twisted religious beliefs. Merch: Music from Merch: Merch: Nonetheless, through a combination of deceptive questioning and clever editing techniques, the producers created a false reality for her and me in that scene. Link: Leave me a VM:  **Merch** Licence: CC BY (, Amelia, born in the 19th century, had all the makings of an upper middle class childhood, but suffered loss after loss. Irregular by Kevin MacLeod **Want to Sponsor? Thumbnail: The Sullivanians Merch: *Transcripts are coming! “It was not going to be a reality show — rather, it would use footage from our story to help experts and scientists explain chronic illnesses like mold toxicity and chemical sensitivity that my partner Jill suffers from.” Th… **Want to Support? Imagine if, in my memoir, I quoted my mom in a scene that she wasn’t actually part of or even just twisted her words around. People with mental health conditions deserve empathy and care and the treatment they need, just like those of us with chronic physical illnesses deserve those things. Leave me a VM:  Patreon: Instagram: License:, Robert came from good, hard-working parents where there was no evidence of abuse or neglect. "Virtutes" by Kevin MacLeod ( Irregular by Kevin MacLeod License:, Updates on the three cases we've been following: Onision,  Lori Vallow and Dahvie Vanity (click the +Message) Patreon: In fact, we’d end up losing money because of the footprint the production company left on our property and lives. If you follow me on Twitter then you know why. Website: I hope you enjoy! Afflicted is a documentary following the lives and treatments of people “diagnosed” with illnesses not recognized by science. Website: Thumbnail: Diane Downs There were some truly memorable moments to my story, glimpses into my life that I’m so grateful to have documented and to be able to revisit in the future. Too bad he was also a baby farmer and abuser. **Want to Support? Anchor: License:, #truestory #truecrime I hope you enjoy! Use code "ELISSA" for 20% off "Hunt a Killer". But based on the footage I saw the film crew capture compared with the footage that actually appeared in the finished product, it’s fair to say that there was a coordinated plan between the post-production team and the field producers who oversaw filming. DNA evidence points toward a man who had been toward the top of the suspect list. **Want to Support? Moorland by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: CC BY (, The story behind the 1980 film, "The Shining", is a novel written by Stephen King. **  "Virtutes" by Kevin MacLeod ( What do you think? He went on to create a 'cult', where he told his followers things out of this world. The story behind the 1992 film, "Bram Stoker's Dracula", is based on the true story of Vlad the Impaler, a man on a mission to protect his home land. License: CC BY (, John Alexander Lawson aka Pazuzu was a troubled kid from the start, but his very serious mental illnesses, coupled with his mother's lack of attention, made him be a terrifying adult who murdered. License:, Ed Edwards was born an illegitimate child, raised in many different environments and never able to form a true bond with any adults charged with his upbringing. This is our first "Murder in the News" segment for 2/14/2019. ** Merch: **Merch** Music from Licence: CC BY (, From the beginning, Arthur was trouble and everyone around him could sense it... ** He then apprentices under a practicing Exorcist who shows him how to perform the Rite. To leave a voice message, go to this site: Patreon: Anchor:  Instagram: Music from "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (, Edward likened himself to a 15th century warloard...and torturous pedophile. Instagram: "Hitman" "Virtues" "Stay the Course" "Lightless Dawn" "Sad Trio"  by Kevin MacLeod ( Merch: On June 8, 1692, the 18-year-old Elizabeth allegedly showed signs of affliction by witchcraft. ** Instagram: Conversely, it could also be seen as a documentary illustrating the risks and harms of alternative medicine. **Want to Support? Half Mystery by Kevin MacLeod **Website** I am planning out a HUGE October extravaganza and you can contribute! Music from Jeffree Star's interview with Chris Hansen: Merch: The story behind the 1979 film, "The Amityville Horror", is based on the true story (according to George and Kathy Lutz) of their nightmare ordeal after purchasing a house that had, only a year before, been the site of the brutal murder of an entire family. Good Luck! His crimes were truly horrific, but we all believe he had at least a spark of light within him. I was searching for Law and Order to watch and came across on the home page for the films a film being recommended called, 'The Afflicted' which had film festival awards and a picture of a closeup of someone's mouth screaming. **Want to Support? (click the +Message) This is the life story of Pinhead. Merch: That is essentially what the producers tried to do with Afflicted, except it didn’t work. The Kings Speech. **Want to Sponsor? Even if those feelings are anger, remorse, and disgust, the movie has still gripped your attention and caused an emotion. Link: "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( Link: License:, The West Memphis Three **Want to Support? **Want to Support? Music from Music from ** ** Website: Link: Patreon:   Instagram: Anchor: Website: Trust me, there is nothing I won’t try if there’s even a remote chance that it could make me better. Music from Merch: **Want to Support? Thumbnail: Scott Caruthers Instagram:  But here’s the thing, nobody who has watched Afflicted knows any of this because the producers left it all out. The American ME and CFS Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Website: "Revival" "Virtutes" by Kevin MacLeod ( What could go wrong... My mom can’t remember the question the producers asked in order to create that sound bite, but she probably wasn’t even talking about me, she was using the second-person, likely to describe a general scenario that other, less supported ME/CFS patients in similar situations endure. Instagram: Website: I don't know how many I'll be able to put out this month, but I'm hoping for at least double my usual uploads. "Dragon and Toast" by Kevin MacLeod ( Anchor: Link: "THE AFFLICTED" is an intense thriller based on a truly disturbing and dark story. Happy October, Murder Fam! Anchor: **Merch** Hart, Michele Grey Hartsoe. "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( The Afflicted (also known as Another American Crime) is a 2011 American horror crime film written and directed by Jason Stoddard and starring Kane Hodder and Leslie Easterbrook. Merch: As a writer I know the power of good storytelling, but I also know the importance of telling an accurate and truthful narrative. Website: Merch: The data is collected anonymously, stored by Google and used by us to create reports about website usage. Merch: They are truly astonishing to read. Patreon: Anchor: I am hoping to start a tradition for the podcast/videos where every October, we have a full and fun month of stories. **Daily Posts** Link: License: CC BY (, Two boys born into less than ideal situations grow up to be some of the most sadistic killing duos the United States has seen. John of God Video w/ Surgeries: Once I was accepted by the casting department I was given the task of getting a professional psychiatric evaluation, which was tricky considering I was too physically debilitated to travel to a psychologist’s office. Thumbnail: Darlie Routier Anchor: Website: Merch: Patreon: License:, Did Diane Downs try to murder her children? Carl's "Autobiography": License: CC BY (, Roch despised having to go door to door with his father, spreading the word of the Fundamentalist Catholic church his father was a member of. **Want to Support? Merch: Thunderbird by Kevin MacLeod Website: Anchor: Which film is the most true? Anchor: Merch: Pilar’s story: “How I became the most hated character in Afflicted. Instagram: **Want to Support? Why did she go on to murder? License:, Ariel Castro clearly had serious abandonment issues from childhood, but is that any excuse? Merch: Music from David Parker Ray's crimes are the stuff of nightmares. Patreon:  Merch: Thumbnail: Megan Huntsman killing Website: Patreon: "Dark Standoff" " "Immersed" "Leaving Home" by Kevin MacLeod ( In the spring of 2017 I was contacted by a casting producer for DocShop Productions, the production company working on Afflicted. After the show first aired I talked to the executive producers of Afflicted and they said it was important for them to show both sides of the argument about whether some chronic illnesses are created in the mind. "Lost in the Forest" "Sincerely"  by Kevin MacLeod ( I’ve done both of those things, many times, and yet I’m still as sick as I am. Source Material: Little Red Riding Hood | The Brothers Grimm, Little Red Riding Hood | The Brothers Grimm   License: CC BY (, A man born into a very wealthy family, having everything anyone could want, loses his mother and possibly becomes a murderer? **  Anchor: Leaving Home by Kevin MacLeod Tranquility Base by Kevin MacLeod "Revival" "Virtutes" by Kevin MacLeod ( And I’ll be the first to admit that I have serious memory/cognitive issues, depression, and anxiety, but these are not causes of my illness. Anchor: Website: Devastating loss as a small child and a near-death experience. Licence: CC BY (, Born into violence and abuse, trained by older siblings and even the police, Glen Rogers led the life that anyone would have been able to predict. After all, the casting producer knew how sick I was, he knew it was painful for me to talk and to look at a screen, but he seemed to have no problem putting me through the physical torture. **Want to Support? Patreon: Intro: "Disciples" - Captain Murphy Conversely, it could also be seen as a documentary illustrating the risks and harms of alternative medicine. Instagram: Anchor: Good Luck! Thumbnail: Lori Vallow in Court "Dewdrop Fantasy" by Kevin MacLeod ( Link: Patreon: Anchor: **Want to Support? Website: Anchor: Merch: Anchor: This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. ** Link: The pathology is not at all related. Intro: "Disciples" - Captain Murphy "Virtutes" by Kevin MacLeod ( ** Website: Apparently, more than a week after it came out, some of them still haven’t seen the series. But considering what he endured in his very early life, it's no wonder he became as dangerous and callous as he did. Instagram: **Want to Support? On August 10th Netflix released Afflicted, a seven-episode series in which I appear with six other chronically ill patients. Website: **Want to Support? "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( Link: Leaving Home by Kevin MacLeod Has the mystery of who was actually Jack the Ripper been solved? But, why become a serial killer? Instagram: Music from Happy October, Murder Fam! ** Symmetry by Kevin MacLeod Link: Based on a *True* True Story? Instagram: Patreon: **Want to Sponsor? It’s impossible for me to know what happened to my story, and the series as a whole, during the editing process. "Dreams Become Real" by Kevin MacLeod ( The car accident I was in didn’t cause ME/CFS or Lyme, but sure, the emotional trauma and stress may have weakened my immune system to the point that viruses took over my body. **Daily Posts** Instagram: Book Review: Toxic by Dr. Neil Nathan Is a Must-Read! "Leaving Home" "Hitman" "Virtues"  by Kevin MacLeod ( "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( Thumbnail: West Memphis Three License: CC BY (, Born to an abusive and criminal father, as a teenager, she joins a cult, becoming a high priestess and becomes a serial killer. **Merch** Anchor: ** "Peace of Mind" by Kevin MacLeod ( ** Website: ** He was an ornery child, but quickly developed into a liar and a thief, until he was sent to a reform school and taught just how intensely and unspeakably cruel humanity can actually be. Anchor: Website:  People on reality TV shows usually get paid for the entertainment they provide, but none of us did. This is Part 1 of a two part series. Afflicted, The You never know what's happening next door. Merch: Thumbnail: The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) Leave me a comment on Instagram @serial_killing or on YouTube under "Serial Killing : A Podcast" and let me know your ideas. Music from Anchor: "Lightless Dawn" by Kevin MacLeod ( A A A PRINT (18) votes, average: 4.67 out of 5. **Daily Posts** But with help of my mom and a local doctor, we figured it out. With no real indications of having a troubling childhood, was he then born to kill? ** To leave a voice message, go to this site: Jamison Hill tells the true story behind "Afflicted" By Jamison Hill • • August 21, 2018. In one scene he is heard saying: “This is an incredibly well adjusted young man. Website: They are, however, definitely byproducts of being sick. Link: License:, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a woman of means during the Spanish-controlled high society of New Orleans...was was also a potential serial killer. **Want to Support? Tranquility by Kevin MacLeod This is the life story of Jason Voorhees. (click the +Message) This is the life story of Michael Myers. Website: It is modeled after Craigslist, a popular …, May is the month for acknowledging the Millions Missing – the millions of ME/CFS patients who, through the years, have suffered …, By Erica Verrillo Erica Verrillo is President of the American ME and CFS Society (AMMES)  When I was a child, …, “Through the financial help from AMMES I’ve been given the invaluable gift of time. Instagram: Anchor: Thumbnail: The Amityville Horror (1979) The Afflicted is one of those films again which I regret watching. Website: ** Half Mystery by Kevin MacLeod Link: Thanks for reading! The first red flag, which I should have seen but didn’t, was when one of the producers had me remove my midline IV — a foot long vein-dwelling catheter in my arm. Link: You wouldn’t treat a cancer patient with a mental illness protocol and vice versa, so neither should you treat ME/CFS or Lyme as you would a mental illness. **Want to Support? **Want to Sponsor? Merch: **Daily Posts** Happy October, Murder Fam! The producer told me that if I made it on the series I, along with several other people, would be filmed living with a chronic illness and through a “compassionate lens.”. Thumbnail: Jessica Dishon Anchor: Patreon: Anchor: Leave me a VM: Website: Merch: I have debated about writing this blog post because in being honest about my experiences with Afflicted, I felt that might diminish my story and the stories of my fellow participants. ** Instagram: Upon being turned, a human inflicted with the virus dies before returning to life as one of the afflicted, stripped of their mortality; a person who is already dead can also be brought back to life via the virus's effects.As a result, the afflicted have very pal… To leave a voice message, go to this site: Peter Woodcock was a sadistic serial killer who committed most of his murders when he was just a teenager. Are you in pain?” to which I nodded my head, and then unsympathetically, he continued asking me questions. Music from Instagram: Anchor: Ten Terrifying-But-True Horror Stories Reported in the News From fatal exorcisms to unexplained deaths and devil worship—these are some real life … It is loosely based on the crimes of Theresa Knorr. Now that Afflicted has come out, it’s apparent that he wasn’t entirely joking. Music from I periodically asked a few of the producers about it and they could never tell me anything useful. "Long Note Four" by Kevin MacLeod ( Patreon: But above all else I feel like this is an unjust outcome that needs to be brought to the public’s attention. "Peace of Mind" by Kevin MacLeod ( **  Patreon: **Want to Support? AFFLICTED is a clever take on vampire mythology that utilises clever camerawork, stunning locations and neat effects to create a thrilling ride through Europe. Patreon: When describing one person’s affliction, the on-screen caption states “she believes she suffers from”, which immediately forces the viewer to question the afflicted’s story. This is not an emotional problem.”. I do hope you enjoy my reading of "The Juniper Tree" by the Brothers Grimm. Anchor: Link: I confronted the producer and he said he was joking, that it’s just something he says to scare people off when filming in public places (that alone is a red flag). Ideally, psychiatrists like Dr. Richard Friedman should never have been interviewed. "Stay the Course" "Crusade Heavy Industry" "Leaving Home" "Hitman" "Virtues"  by Kevin MacLeod ( This site is not intended as a substitute for medical care. ** Anchor: Not when I see other sick people suffering at the hands of a film that was supposed to do right by us. ** **Want to Sponsor? I told one of the producers that because she herself had a chronic illness, she should be ashamed of how her crew misled the people in the series. Website: We use Google Analytics for this purpose. In fact, I still regularly take Ativan because it does help. Instagram: Anchor: ** Website: Colby Ryan (he has recorded a video pleading with his mother to return home.) Instagram: Patreon: Link: Instagram: A cruel and uncaring father and a wholesome, doting mother, mixed with teenage impotence that he was teased about. Half Mystery by Kevin MacLeod Link:  License: Megan seemed to come from humble, yet stable beginnings. At the end of October, we will have a vote for which story was the best and the winner will receive a Serial Killing t-shirt! **Want to Support? Instagram: ** On August 10th Netflix released Afflicted, a seven-episode series in which I appear with six other chronically ill patients.

the afflicted real story

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